Georgina Devon Books In Order


  1. Lady of the Night (1991)
  2. The Scarlet Lady (1991)
  3. Midnight Lady (1992)
  4. An Uncommon Intrigue (1992)
  5. Untamed Heart (1994)
  6. Scandals (1996)
  7. Betrayal (1999)
  8. The Rake (2000)
  9. The Rebel (2001)
  10. The Rogue’s Seduction (2002)
  11. The Lord and the Mystery Lady (2003)
  12. An Unconventional Widow (2004)
  13. The Rake’s Redemption (2007)
  14. Her Rebel Lord (2007)


  1. A Christmas to Cherish (1992)
  2. Valentine’s Day Treasure (1993)
  3. Romancing the Holidays Volume Two (2002)
  4. Lord Rotham’s Wage / Untamed Heart (2003)
  5. Emma and the Earl / Scandals (2003)
  6. The Rake / The Rebel / The Rogue’s Seduction (2004)
  7. Regency Brides: No. 4 (2004)
  8. Regency Lords & Ladies Collection Vol 15 (2006)
  9. Honour’s Bride / Rebel (2006)
  10. Rapturous Rakes Bundle (2007)
  11. Sparhawk Bride / Rogue’s Seduction (2009)
  12. Enigmatic Rake / Lord and the Mystery Lady (2009)
  13. Wagering Widow / Unconventional Widow (2010)
  14. Regency High Society Volume 4 (2010)
  15. Regency High-Society Volume 6 (2010)


  1. A Mother’s Heart (1992)


  1. The Christmas Gift (2013)

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Georgina Devon Books Overview

Untamed Heart

After the death of her brother, proud and strong willed Liza refuses the assistance of Lord Alaistair St. Simon, the man who had won her brother’s entire inheritance at the gambling tables, and sets out to make her own way in the world.


Jonathan, Marquis of Langston, will not let his brother be duped by an adventuress, the beautiful widow, Samantha Davidson. There’s also his enemy, Huntly not to mention the unsettling effect she has on Jonathan himself.


Lady Pippa LeClaire had to find Philip, her twin, even posing as a boy to search the battlefield of Waterloo. Given the task of nursing Deverell St Simon, she couldn’t reveal herself to him, especially when Deverell was told by the Iron Duke to find Philip, believed to be a traitor. She had to clear her twin’s name, even if it meant losing Dev.

The Rake

When Juliet Smythe Clyde is forced to spend several nights in the Duke of Brabourne’s house unchaperoned her reputation is ruined. And, despite his cynical nature, Brabourne can’t help but feel sorry for her…
So when all his strategies to restore her in society fail, he offers for her hand. But will this proud chit agree to be his wife for the sake of her honor or is he going to have to admit he loves her?

An Unconventional Widow

When Sir Hugo returns home from the battlefields, he is stunned to find Lady Annabell working on his estate. Hugo is conscious that if he lets Annabell continue to stay under his roof her reputation will be torn to shreds. Curiously, the fiercely independent and beautiful widow seems immune to Society’s regard. But she isn’t immune to his touch…

Romancing the Holidays Volume Two

Something old, something new, something cherished, something true In this heart felt collection, ten talented authors bring us together with some of our favorite and some lesser known holidays to create a round of reading that reminds us of the most endearing quality of the human spirit love.

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