Genell Dellin Books In Order

Cherokee Nation Books In Order

  1. Cherokee Dawn (1992)
  2. Cherokee Nights (1991)
  3. Cherokee Sundown (1992)

Comanche Books In Order

  1. Comanche Wind (1993)
  2. Comanche Flame (1994)
  3. Comanche Rain (1995)

Renegades Books In Order

  1. Cole (1999)
  2. Nick (2000)
  3. Rafe (2001)

Cherokee Warriors Books In Order

  1. The Lover (2002)
  2. The Loner (2003)
  3. The Captive (2004)

McMahans of Texas Books In Order

  1. Stranger At the Crossroads (2002)
  2. Midnight Faith (2002)
  3. Long Way Home (2003)

Honey Grove Books In Order

  1. Sweet Tea for Two (2012)


  1. In My Sister’s Shadow (1981)
  2. Sorrel Sunset (1982)
  3. Promises to Come (1983)
  4. Sorrell Sunset (1983)
  5. April Encounter (1984)
  6. Wild Passions (1984)
  7. Red Sky Warrior (1996)
  8. Silver Moon Song (1996)
  9. After the Thunder (2000)
  10. Honey Grove (2011)

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Genell Dellin Books Overview

The Lover

Susanna Copeland needs help, and the man who is right for the job is in a Texas jail cell. But the future of her ranch is at stake, and notorious Cherokee Eagle Jack Sixkiller is the only one who can help drive her cattle north. The trouble is Jack has to pose as her husband for her plan to work and the good looking rebel is enjoying the ruse far too much. And having the rugged, infuriatingly, sexy lover at her side is starting to feel shockingly right to Susanna as well! The last thing Jack wants is to receive orders from some take charge female. Still, there’s something about Susanna’s smile and the sensuous fire she tries to but can’t hide that makes him want more than a sham, ‘marriage.’ The voluptuous lady will share his bed before the long, hard trail to Kansas ends! But how can he ignore this growing feeling of love that accompanies his burning desire…
and threatens his cherished freedom?

The Loner

A proud Cherokee Lighthorseman, Black Fox is determined to hunt down the notorious Cat a brazen thief who robs from the wealthy to give to the poor. But his satisfaction at finally capturing the elusive outlaw turns to shock when he discovers The Cat is a woman in disguise a breathtaking young hellion who stirs his sympathy and his desire, distracting Black Fox from the jobhe has sworn to do. Cathleen O’Sullivan has no love for the law, since it did nothing to punish the villain who destroyed her family. But a bullet wound ended her personal quest for justice, and if she doesn’t escape her rugged Cherokee captor, she’ll surely hang for a crime she did not commit. But the tender care she’s receiving from the sexy lawman and the intense heat his touch inspires makes the wild beauty burn to have Black Fox as a lover, not an enemy…
and to surrender to a fiery passion that could spell disaster for them both.

Stranger At the Crossroads

The McMahans of Texas Book 1 Desperate to escape her grief stricken life after the tragic deaths of her husband and son, veterinarian Darcy Hart headed south to Mexico and landed in the arms of a kindred soul with the bluest eyes in Texas. Reclusive rancher Jackson McMahan didn’t want Darcy’s help, but with a pregnant mare to care for, he needed the feisty female vet more than he cared to admit. Available only in Christian Romance 6 Standing Order.

Honey Grove

When Lilah Briscoe is seriously injured, her granddaughter Meredith feels compelled to save her farm, Honey Grove, despite their troubled past. Help arrives in the form of bad boy Caleb Burkett, who awakens feelings Meri didn’t know she had. Maybe now, Meri will finally find the home she always wanted…

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