Gene Shelton Books In Order

Texas Legends Books In Order

  1. Last Gun (1987)
  2. Captain Jack (1991)
  3. Rawhider (1992)
  4. Tascosa Gun (1992)
  5. Brazos Dreamer (1993)

Texas Horse Trading Company Books In Order

  1. Hangtree Pass (1994)
  2. Skull Creek (1994)
  3. Devil’s Deathbed (1995)

Buck and Dobie Books In Order

  1. Unwanted (1996)
  2. How the West Was Lost (1996)

Max Gunn, P.I., Adventure Books In Order

  1. Blood Moon (2019)


  1. Track of the Snake (1979)
  2. Day of the Scorpion (1982)
  3. Manhunter (1997)
  4. Warriors (2018)


  1. Track of the Snake / Day of the Scorpion (1979)

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Gene Shelton Books Overview

Skull Creek

WesternLarge Print EditionDave Willoughby was a Yankee gentleman and Brubs McCallan was a Rebel hellraiser. The only thing they had in common was a price on their heads and an aversion to honest labor. Flat broke and on the run, they had nothing to lose so they started the Texas Horsetrading Company in the hopes of getting rich quick. The only problem was that they had no horses and knew nothing about catching wild mustangs…

How the West Was Lost

Becoming famous after accidentally gunning down the notorious Barker gang, Buck and Dobie would rather run than fight any day, but when they seek marshal positions to find easy income, they land the wildest town in Texas.


From acclaimed author Gene Shelton, a novelized biography of Texas Ranger Frank Hamer, the legendary lawman who took down Bonnie and Clyde, and was the real life embodiment of the American hero.

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