Gene Edwards Books In Order

Chronicles of the Door Books In Order

  1. The Birth (1986)
  2. The Beginning (1992)
  3. The Escape (1993)
  4. The Triumph (1995)
  5. The Return (1996)


  1. Stories I Love to Tell (2018)

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Gene Edwards Books Overview

The Birth

Read the story of Christ’s birth from a whole new vantage point…
from the viewpoint of Heaven. The Birth is the third in the series. The Chronicles of heaven written by the beloved storyteller Gene Edwards.
The Birth has become the most popular rendering of the Bethlehem story. The drama begins in the eternals. Just before The Birth of John the Baptist, the skies had turned to brass. Michael and Lucifer battle in an unforgettable duel, as Michael rips open the brass to allow the prayers of Elizabeth to ascend to the throne. From that point on, the story never lets up. An edge of your seat saga of the Christmas story like you have never read!
The Birth gives us insight into the deepest mysteries of the Christian faith, a glance into the eternals, and a full revealing of God’s eternal purpose as disclosed in the incarnation of Jesus Christ.

The Beginning

the fall of man…
God’s relationship with his people…
the birth of Christ…
his resurrection. A fresh new telling of an old, old story from the perspective of the angels.
In The Beginning, God creates the heavens…
and the visible realm, including the earth and everything in it. The crowning glory of creation is man and woman, who live and move in both the visible world and the spiritual world, ruling creation in full fellowship with their Creator. Until…
until the Garden is invaded by the succulent, deadly Tree of Knowledge and the allures of the fallen Angel of Light…
until the unthinkable is done…
until the bodies of Adam and Eve shrivel and are blinded to the heavenlies…
and the Door between heaven and earth is closed.

The Escape

The Chronicles of Heaven, a literary epic, continues its story in Exodus. The Escape opens with God calling out to an uncircumcised heathen named Abraham to play his part in the vast tapestry of God’s eternal plan. As The Escape unfolds, Christ is shown to be the very center of all that God is doing. The rock that moves in the wilderness is revealed as Christ. The tree that sweetens bitter water and the Manna in the wilderness are Christ! This symphonic odyssey takes you on a journey not only from Egypt to Cannan, but a journey into the other realm. There you discover heaven’s sight of earth’s events, a scene as vast as eternity. Along the way you find God and angels revealing the riches found in Christ. Be it novel or film or any other media, you have never beheld a story as powerful as the one you will discover in The Chronicles of Heaven. The drama of the Passover, the gripping saga of the wilderness trek and entering the promised land will leave you in sheer wonderment.
All that you behold is seen through Heaven’s eyes. Here is a new way to encounter a revelation of the story. Enter a wonderland that unveils heaven’s hidden mysteries.

The Triumph

You hold in your hands one of the greatest pieces of literature in all Christian history. Never has the crucifixion…
never has the resurrection…
of Christ been so gloriously told.
You will be there as Death and the Lord battle one another for nothing less than creation itself, and hear them engage in the most awesome soliloquies ever spoken. Sin, the mother of Death, comes forth in full personification, giving you the fullest possible view of the nature and horror of sin.
What follows is the greatest depiction of the death of Christ ever set in literary prose. Treading forth, you come to the deeper secrets of the resurrection.
Edwards, the master storyteller, lifts the resurrection into the realm of the invisibles and makes you a visitor into resurrection’s power to end the old creation itself. Resurrection brings forth heavenly creation out of the womb of an empty tomb. No view of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ has ever equaled the astounding dialouge in the The Triumph.

The Return

The Return is an unparalleled rendition of Christ’s return. So awesome in its portrayal that no painting, no writing, no leap of the imagination compares with this supernal presentation of Gene Edwards’s portrait of Christ’s coming.
Until now, all books about Christ’s return have ended with His coming. Never before has any author ventured into the mysteries of what happens after the Lord returns to heaven with the redeemed. The greast glory begins there. You will be present when the elect angels drive the rebellious angels into eternal oblivion. Watch as Lucifer finally falls on his face and confesses that Jesus is Lord. Then, at last, Jesus heaves Death into the fiery pit and Death himself dies. Finally, in the most spectacular finale of all grand finales, Jesus takes to Himself His Bride…
the most beautiful woman ever to be known. The Return is a tapestry of sheer glory that allows you to be there at the end of all things. Do not miss Christ’s return…
and beyond!

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