Gene DeWeese Books In Order

Sheriff Frank Decker Books In Order

  1. Murder in the Blood (2002)


  1. Gates of the Universe (1975)
  2. The Carnelian Cat (1975)
  3. The Moonstone Spirit (1975)
  4. Now You See It/Him/Them (1975)
  5. Cave of the Moaning Wind (1976)
  6. The Doll with Opal Eyes (1976)
  7. Charles Fort Never Mentioned Wombats (1977)
  8. Web of Guilt (1977)
  9. Nightmare in Pewter (1978)
  10. Major Corby and the Unidentified Flapping Object (1979)
  11. Hour of the Cat (1980)
  12. The Wanting Factor (1980)
  13. Nightmares from Space (1981)
  14. The Backhoe Gothic (1981)
  15. A Different Darkness (1982)
  16. The Adventures of a Two-Minute Werewolf (1983)
  17. Something Answered (1983)
  18. Black Suits from Outer Space (1985)
  19. The Dandelion Caper (1986)
  20. The Calvin Nullifier (1987)
  21. Whatever Became of Aunt Margaret? (1990)
  22. Three Deaths Of Jeremy Case (2002)
  23. The Cauldron (2015)

Non fiction

  1. Computers in Entertainment and the Arts (1984)

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Gene DeWeese Books Overview

Murder in the Blood

Grave Doubts When local history teacher Lou Cameron disappears, Farrell County sheriff Frank Decker is puzzled by accusations of embezzlement, even if they do come from wealthy and influential Nathaniel Wetherston, whose family has onwed half of Farrell County for a century. Was Cameron who moonlighted as an insurance salesman stealing money from Wetherston’s company? Decker doesn’t think so, especially when Cameron’s car si found submerged with the body of a stranger inside. But two questions trouble Decker: who is the dead man and where is Caermon? The answers lead Decker on a strange and twisted trail back into the Wetherston family history, where a century old murder holds the key to the scandalous secrets lurking in Decker’s backyard as well as a face off with a killer that proves family ties can bind in sinister and shocking ways.

Hour of the Cat

Years before Valerie Hamilton came to Hazleton, Martin Forster’s young bride, Sandra, was terrorized and murdered. The killer was never found, and now the same cruel threats that culminated in Sandra’s murder are being duplicated with Val as the target. But who is making them? And why? At first she is more annoyed than frightened, particularly since the threats are preceded by an obvious if pointless practical joke: A fake notice of Val’s engagement to Forster published in the Hazleton Tribune. But she starts to worry when friends tell her she bears a startling resemblance to Sandra. She even begins to wonder if her decision to move to Hazleton in the first place was entirely her own, or if she had been subtly tricked into it by someone who also saw the resemblance. Someone like Sandra’s killer.

The Adventures of a Two-Minute Werewolf

Fourteen year old Walt, discovering in himself a tendency to turn into a werewolf, puts his talent to constructive use in thwarting the activities of a gang of burglars.

Three Deaths Of Jeremy Case

The first time Jeremy died, his body was mangled almost beyond recognition in an airliner crash on an isolated mountainside. But something found him there, something that had fallen to a lifeless earth billions of years ago. It entered him. It studied him. It repaired him. And, slowly, it began to improve him. The second time Jeremy died, the repair took only minutes. And Jeremy began to realize that, in a way he couldn’t possibly understand, he could repair others, just as he himself had been repaired. An aging aunt, dying of cancer in the farm home where she had raised him. A dog, struck down by a car. A girl he had known in high school, suffering from cystic fibrosis.’Healing,’ others called it.A ‘gift.’But healing even resurrecting others was neither easy nor painless. Nor safe, either for himself or his friends. And it was leading inexorably toward his third and final death

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