Gemma Townley Books In Order

Wild Books In Order

  1. The Importance of Being Married (2008)
  2. A Wild Affair (2009)
  3. An Ideal Wife (2010)


  1. When in Rome… (2004)
  2. Little White Lies (2005)
  3. Learning Curves (2006)
  4. The Hopeless Romantic’s Handbook (2007)

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Gemma Townley Books Overview

The Importance of Being Married

Jessica Wild isn t big on commitment. But after inheriting millions from Grace, a sweet old lady she met in her grandmother’s nursing home, the situation seems to have changed. To put an end to the many questions about her nonexistent love life, Jess had led Grace to believe she had a boyfriend turned fianc turned husband: her glamorous boss, Anthony Milton. But Jess s fantasy to keep Grace happy has backfired Grace has passed away and left her fortune not to Jessica Wild but to Mrs. Jessica Milton.

Having weighed all legal options, Jess comes to the realization that there s only one thing she can do: get Anthony to fall in love with her and pop the question for real. With help from her feisty best friend, Helen, Jess reluctantly learns the art of flirting, seduction, and playing hard to get. But just when it appears that Anthony is about to ask the literal million dollar question, Jess finds herself wondering if it s right to say I do for all the wrong reasons.

The first novel in Gemma Townley s exciting new Wild trilogy, The Importance of Being Married introduces an irresistible heroine caught up in a scheme that could change her life forever.

Gemma Townley writes with such charm and humor that it s impossible not to get swept up in The Importance of Being Married. This sweet, funny novel takes on love and marriage from a whole new angle.
Holly Peterson, author of The Manny

Is it really Just as easy to marry for money ? Gemma Townley provides a how to as well as a hilarious and heartfelt answer. A fast paced, fun read.
Lynn Schnurnberger, co author of The Men I Didn t Marry

Warm, witty, and always entertaining, Gemma Townley leads us on a fun romp that pays homage to Mr. Wilde himself.
Alexandra Potter, author of Me and Mr. Darcy

A Wild Affair

The big day is almost here for Jessica Wild. She’s finally engaged to the perfect man sexy, wonderful Max and is in the middle of planning the perfect wedding. Nothing, absolutely nothing, stands between her and happily ever after. Well, almost nothing. Probably nothing. You see, lately Max has been evasive, even secretive. And when Jessica answers his mobile and hears a sultry woman s voice on the other end, it s the last straw. Leaving nothing to chance, Jessica tracks down the mystery woman and finds her smack in the middle of Max s embrace.

The next thing Jessica knows, she s waking up in the apartment of Max s business rival after a night out that was meant to help her forget her woes. And when a series of even more tumultuous events leads to a life changing discovery, Jessica realizes that things are not what they seem not by a long shot. How could she have ever doubted the only man she s ever wanted? And now that her job, her reputation, and her heart are in jeopardy, is love enough to give her the miracle she so desperately needs?

When in Rome…

When in Rome…o as Audrey Hepburn would do. Failing that, run off with your ex boyfriend, carry suspicious packages through customs, and lie to the person who loves you…

Georgie Beauchamp is totally happy and in love with her wonderful, dependable boyfriend, David. So why does she always daydream about running into her gorgeous ex boyfriend Mike? It can t mean she’s still in love with him especially since the cad dumped her so horribly. As luck would have it, when Georgie s daydream actually comes true, she is dressed in unglamorous sweats and carrying a curtain rod down the street, while Mike is driving an expensive sports car and looking better than Brad Pitt at the Oscars. She longs to have the glamorous life Mike can offer and starts to think that he might want her back in his arms.

But when he invites her for a weekend in Rome, Georgie is torn. David has always said he d take her there for the romantic getaway of a lifetime, but his work keeps him totally tied up. So she must choose: David, all comfort and reliability, or Mike, all flirtation and butterfly stomachs. The decision isn t too hard to make, and faster than she can say Vespa, she s off to Rome with Mike, full of plans to frolic on the Spanish Steps and sip wine in intimate trattorias. But when David shows up unexpectedly, this roman holiday gets a hell of a lot more complicated…

From the Trade Paperback edition.

Little White Lies


Okay, so it isn t that little. It’s kind of a whopper. It s just that when Natalie Raglan ups and quits her job at a Bath advertising firm, breaks up with her loser ish boyfriend, and moves to London! Things don t quite turn out the way she planned. Having made the brave move to the Big City, the lifelong country mouse finds that living chic is still a long way off. Even Cressida, the girl who used to rent her tiny flat, still gets more phone calls and mail there than Nat does. Come to think of it, Cressida Langdon s life looks pretty appealing especially when an invitation to the posh, exclusive Soho House club arrives, addressed to Cressida.

Before she really knows what she s done, Nat has opened Cressida s mail…
and taken up her life. Soon Nat s dating a gorgeous investment banker named Simon, giving reiki healing sessions, wearing wonderful clothes, and partying with the A list at Soho House. But the best part really is Simon. He s everything Nat has ever wanted. The problem is he thinks she s someone else. And as her life and her lies begin to spiral out of control, Nat can t help but wonder: Will she be exposed as a liar and a fake or be saved from ruin by simply claiming good intentions

From the Trade Paperback edition.

Learning Curves

From the dazzling author of Little White Lies and When in Rome…
comes a rollicking new novel of love and lust in the boardroom. Jennifer Bell used to travel the planet with her boyfriend, fighting the good fight for mother Earth. But after the breakup not a good fight, Jen moved back to London to work for another mother: her own. Harriet Bell founded Green Futures, a consulting firm, after splitting up with Jen’s big shot father, who runs a rival and Harriet thinks corrupt company. But Harriet can t expose his crimes without proof. And she wants Jen to find some. Since Jen hasn t seen her dad in more than fifteen years, it s a snap to infiltrate his company…
under an assumed name, of course. Soon she s worming her way into the good graces of the company s managers to find evidence of wrongdoing. What she discovers is that her father s world is a whole lot different from her own filled with Palm Pilots, MBAs, martini lunches, designer suits, and Daniel Peterson, a guy who puts the gorge in gorgeous. Suddenly Jen is torn between Birkenstocks and Jimmy Choos, tree hugging and air kissing. Could it be that her Big Bad Dad isn t the monster her mom made him out to be? Or is Jen simply being seduced by the power of hard deals, hot nights, and wads of cash? Only time will tell preferably from a Cartier watch on the wrist of Daniel Peterson…

The Hopeless Romantic’s Handbook

Knight wanted. Must have shiny armor and own horse, preferably white.

When it comes to romance, are magic, fireworks, and a dashing knight in shining Armani really too much to ask? Apparently so, since Kate Hetherington has yet to find an appropriate mate in all of London. Her lifelong friends and confirmed pragmatists Sally and Tom tease her endlessly about her hopeless romanticism. But Kate knows that she’s right to want her own fairy tale.

After stumbling upon an old tome titled The Hopeless Romantic s Handbook, Kate decides to give its advice a whirl. Incredibly, the book lives up to its money back guarantee, because before Kate can say Cinderella she meets Joe Rogers, a drop dead gorgeous American actor. Frankly, he s perfect and Kate thinks she might have finally found The One. He certainly has the muscles required to sweep her off her feet. But Sal and Tom are less thrilled with Kate s dreamboat. Are they just jealous, or do they know something about love that isn t in Kate s handbook? Kate s pretty sure that finding true love isn t supposed to alienate you from your friends, but what she doesn t know is that her real knight is still waiting for her and he s closer than she ever imagined.

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