Gary Brandner Books In Order

Big Brain Books In Order

  1. The Aardvark Affair (1975)
  2. The Beelzebub Business (1975)
  3. Energy Zero (1976)

Howling Books In Order

  1. The Howling (1978)
  2. The Howling II (1979)
  3. The Howling III (1985)


  1. The Players (1975)
  2. Offshore (1979)
  3. Walkers (1980)
  4. A Rage in Paradise (1981)
  5. Hellborn (1981)
  6. Cat People (1982)
  7. Tribe of the Dead (1984)
  8. The Brain Eaters (1985)
  9. Carrion (1986)
  10. Cameron’s Closet (1986)
  11. Floater (1988)
  12. Doomstalker (1989)
  13. The Boiling Pool (1995)
  14. Mind Grabber (1999)
  15. Rot (1999)
  16. Billy Lives (2012)
  17. The Sterling Standard (2012)


  1. Experiment (1999)

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Gary Brandner Books Overview


McAllister Fain is a likeable charlatan. A fraud. He makes his living telling phony fortunes. Then he discovers an awesome power. He can revive the dead. He is an overnight celebrity. People on all levels beseech him to return their departed loved ones. But there is a terrible catch. The soulless things he resurrects are nothing more than meat: Carrion. As their bodies decay these creatures have only one purpose: Find and destroy the man who brought them back.


The Insiders Clever Alec, Arrogant Roman, Beautiful Lindy. The popular kids at school. They don’t know who they hurt. And they don’t care. The Outsider Frazier, brainy and awkward, the school geek. But he has a special talent the ability to send his mind on long journeys out of his body. Then one night a prank goes hideously wrong. Twenty years later Alec, Roman and Lindy are summoned back to their hometown an invitation they cannot refuse. It is a high school reunion they will never forget…
if any of them lives through it.

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