Garry Kilworth Books In Order

Angel Books In Order

  1. Angel (1993)
  2. Archangel (1994)

Electric Kid Books In Order

  1. The Electric Kid (1994)
  2. Cybercats (1996)

Navigator Kings Books In Order

  1. The Roof of Voyaging (1996)
  2. The Princely Flower (1997)
  3. Land-of-Mists (1998)

Welkin Weasels Books In Order

  1. Thunder Oak (1997)
  2. Castle Storm (1998)
  3. Windjammer Run (1999)
  4. Gaslight Geezers (2001)
  5. Vampire Voles (2002)
  6. Heastward Ho! (2003)

Fancy Jack Crossman Books In Order

  1. The Devil’s Own (1997)
  2. The Valley of Death (1998)
  3. Soldiers in the Mist (1999)
  4. The Winter Soldiers (2002)
  5. Attack on the Redan (2003)
  6. Brothers of the Blade (2004)
  7. The Rogue Officer (2007)
  8. Kiwi Wars (2008)

Red Pavilions Books In Order

  1. Knight’s Dawn (2001)
  2. Wizard’s Funeral (2002)
  3. Scabbard’s Song (2003)

Knights of Liofwende Books In Order

  1. Spiggot’s Quest (2002)
  2. Mallmoc’s Castle (2003)
  3. Boggart and Fen (2004)

Ensign Early Books In Order

  1. Scarlet Sash (2010)
  2. Dragoons (2011)


  1. In Solitary (1977)
  2. The Night of Kadar (1978)
  3. Split Second (1979)
  4. Gemini God (1981)
  5. A Theatre of Timesmiths (1984)
  6. Tree Messiah (1985)
  7. Witchwater Country (1986)
  8. Spiral Winds (1987)
  9. The Wizard of Woodworld (1987)
  10. Cloudrock (1988)
  11. The Street (1988)
  12. Abandonati (1988)
  13. The Voyage of the Vigilance (1988)
  14. Hunter’s Moon (1989)
  15. The Rain Ghost (1989)
  16. The Foxes of Firstdark (1990)
  17. Midnight’s Sun (1990)
  18. The Third Dragon (1991)
  19. Standing on Shamsan (1991)
  20. The Drowners (1991)
  21. Frost Dancers (1992)
  22. Billy Pink’s Private Detective Agency (1993)
  23. The Phantom Piper (1994)
  24. The Bronte Girls (1995)
  25. House of Tribes (1995)
  26. The Gargoyle (1995)
  27. The Raiders (1996)
  28. A Midsummer’s Nightmare (1996)
  29. The Drummer Boy (1998)
  30. Epix: Heavenly Hosts V Hell United (1998)
  31. The Lantern Fox (1998)
  32. Hey, New Kid! (1999)
  33. Shadow-Hawk (1999)
  34. The Icehouse Boy (2001)
  35. Soldier’s Son (2001)
  36. Nightdancer (2002)
  37. The Silver Claw (2005)
  38. Attica (2006)
  39. Jigsaw (2007)
  40. The Hundred-towered City (2008)
  41. Tennyson’s Ghost? (2013)
  42. The Iron Wire (2014)
  43. Dog People (2014)
  44. The Sometimes Spurious Travels Through Time and Space of James Ovit (2016)


  1. Viccy Rules, Ok / Icehouse Boy (2013)
  2. Garry Kilworth (2014)


  1. Hogfoot Right and Bird-Hands (1984)
  2. The Songbirds of Pain (1984)
  3. In the Hollow of the Deep-Sea Wave (1989)
  4. Dark Hills, Hollow Clocks (1990)
  5. Haunting Christmas Tales (1991)
  6. In the Country of Tattooed Men (1993)
  7. Thirteen More Tales of Horror (1994)
  8. Moby Jack and Other Tall Tales (2005)
  9. Tales from the Fragrant Harbour (2010)
  10. Infinities (2011)
  11. The Fabulous Beast (2013)
  12. The Best Short Stories of Garry Kilworth (2016)
  13. Blood Moon (2021)


  1. The Ragthorn (1991)
  2. Rookie Biker In The Outback (2013)

Chapter Books

  1. Monster School (1999)

Non fiction

  1. On my way to Samarkand (2012)

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Garry Kilworth Books Overview

The Electric Kid

The year is 2061 and Hotwire, a girl, and Blindboy, a boy, live on the city dump, surviving by their wits and their extraordinary talents. When these talents are noticed, they’re kidnapped and pressed into service by the master criminal of the underworld with only their own amazing ingenuity to get them out alive. Online promo.

Thunder Oak

Long before Sylver the weasel was born, the humans all left Welkin. Now life for the weasels under the heavy paw of the vicious stoat rulers is pretty miserable. Sylver sets out to find the humans, following a clue in a place known as Thunder Oak. This is the first of a trilogy.

The Devil’s Own

First of the colourful exploits of ‘Fancy Jack’ Crossman; The Crimean War is notoriously one of the most brutal and bloody conflicts of the nineteenth century. In an uneasy allience with the French, the Turks and the Sardinians, British soldiers faced death both on the battlefield from the fierce Cossacks and off it from cholera. Sergeant Jack Crossman, referred to by his admiring comrades as ‘Fancy Jack’, a tough, shrewd and skilful soldier, is part of the proud 88th regiment, the Connaught Rangers, also known as The Devil’s Own. Within the regiment Crossman is picked out to lead a covert operation, well knowing that his success or failure could determine the outcome of the war. Gary Kilworth is a master of the period, and of writing sharp, page turning military adventure.

The Valley of Death

Sergeant Jack Crossman’s second adventure is set at the notorious Battle of Balaclava, where he is witness to the tragic and hopeless charge of the Light Brigade. Rousing narrative of courage on the field and the horrifying realities of the Crimean campaign are related with verve and meticulous historical detail, in the spirit of the great military adventures.

Soldiers in the Mist

Volume three; After Balaclava and the terrible massacre, morale is low, supplies are scarce, the elements unfriendly and it seems there is a traitor loose in the British forces. Sergeant Jack Crossman is sent on another ‘fox hunt’ to cut off Russian supply routes to the north, and once again risks life and limb the guarantee the success of the British war effort.

The Winter Soldiers

The grim reality of war after ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’ and the cameraderie of professional soldiers come to life in award winning author Garry Douglas Kilworth’s new historical series starring army officer, and occasional espionage agent, ‘Fancy Jack’ Crossman. After the Battle of Inkerman on November 5, 1854, the British Army in the Crimea faces the most terrible ally of the Czar s army the Russian winter. With hopelessly inadequate provisions and clothing, Sergeant Jack Crossman and his band of grumblers and stalwarts of the 88th Connaught Rangers are billeted at Kadikoi village near Balaclava harbor, with instructions to blow up the magazine in the Russian Star Fort. Yet Crossman s true task is to spy on a British general accused of corruption and to bring about his downfall by any means necessary. As Patrick O Brian did for the British Navy, Kilworth vividly portrays the friendship and the courage of old soldiers and the brief, thrilling episodes of combat that will eventually determine the outcome of Great Britain s most grueling war.

Attack on the Redan

The year is 1855 and the port of Sebastopol is still being besieged by the allies but defended vigorously by the Russians. This is of no consequence to Jack Crossman and his hardy band of malcontents as they constantly breach the defences and enter the city to carry out some discreet British business. Russian sharpshooters mysteriously disappear as Crossman and his men strive to make a dent in Russian morale. But these foxhunts serve merely as a warmup to the British Attack on the Redan, a fortification guarding Sebastopol. The British attack, when it does come, is ill planned and ill advised and ends in total disaster and Crossman is forced to bear witness to the wholesale massacre of his fellow soldiers. And then ten days after this hardhitting failure French and Sardinian forces overrun the Russians, and Sebastopol is left to the allies. At last the Crimean War is over and Crossman finds himself posted to India where he will continue his life of espionage and sabotage on a new continent.

Brothers of the Blade

After the final dreadful battle in the mud and cold of the Crimea, there could hardly be a greater contrast ‘Fancy Jack’ Crossman, minus a hand, and newly promoted to Lieutenant, finds himself taking ship for the heat and excitement of India. He is to assist the East India Company Army in gathering intelligence at a time when there are ominous signs of restlessness amongst the native troops. Crossman lands at Bombay, expecting to make his way north to the Punjab region where he will be seconded to the irregular infantry force known as Coke’s Rifles. Accompanying him is Sgt Farrier Jones, a military cartographer. Jones is a highly intelligent man, educated at a village church school. Yet Crossman, himself risen from the ranks, sees nothing of his former self in Jones and believes the sergeant is reaching too high. The two men do not get on. Then Crossman meets the Maharaja of Rajputan who offers him a third companion on his journey to the Punjab, a tall and sullen Rajput, who has no desire to be the bodyguard of a British officer. The unlikely trio undergo several trials and adventures before being swept up in the Indian Mutiny of 1857 and the march to relieve Delhi. Reaching the

The Rogue Officer

The new Fancy Jack Crossman novel The Indian Mutiny has almost run its course. Lieutenant Jack Crossman finds himself plagued by one Captain Deighnton, and the roots of Deighntons animosity appear to run deep. When Jack is abducted following the Battle of Bareilly, and accused in his absence of desertion, he has to fight to clear his name only to find Deighnton waiting for yet another, perhaps final, duel…

Kiwi Wars

A Captain Jack Crossman Adventure Captain Fancy Jack Crossman has been sent to New Zealand, where the Maori Wars are in progress. His remit is to map the bush country and to set up a network of spies. During conflict he finds that the Maori are an honourable people. However, nefarious Europeans are at work, enriching themselves as land agents. Jack realizes just how heinous these crimes are, and he must hunt down and destroy these monstrous elements…

Knight’s Dawn

Set in a world of dark sorcery and strange creatures, where ambition, jealousy and war are rife, Knight’s Dawn begins a magical fantasy epic. On a hillside above a dark and forbidding forest, a wounded knight awakens, his memory gone. All he knows is that he has been in a mighty battle but there has not been a battle in this place for more than a century. Tired, hungry, and alone, the knight must rely on the help of others if he is to survive. He is taken to the magnificent city of Zamerkand, but he will soon find that it is governed by corrupt and unscrupulous officials. With his life increasingly in danger, it seems that the only place the knight can find refuge is outside the city. Rather than risk the evils that lurk beyond its walls, he decides to join the ranks of the mercenary army that calls itself the Red Pavilions. But this is only the beginning of an extraordinary quest to avenge an ancient curse and to discover the truth of his past life.

Wizard’s Funeral

The second book in Kim Hunter’s masterful epic of sorcery and strife.

Scabbard’s Song

Epic tales of dark magic and forgotten kingdoms from a rising new star in fantasy fiction.

The Drowners

Shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal, this story is set in Winchester and tells how a mysterious boy helps each year in the drowning of the fields, which the local farmers rely on for the successful tending of their land. The boy’s age remains untouched by the passing of years.

The Gargoyle

A lonely boy becomes best friends with an ugly stone gargoyle which comes to life when there is a full moon. Together they search for the boy’s long lost mother on a thrilling night adventure that takes them far, far away.

A Midsummer’s Nightmare

In the sequel to The Winter Soldiers, ‘Fancy Jack’ concludes his Crimean tour of duty amid the brutal clash of the British and Russian empires. The year is 1855, the port of Sebastopol is still under siege by the Allies, and the czar’s troops are putting up a vigorous defense. Sergeant Jack Crossman and his hardy band of brothers make forays to harass the enemy in the hills and valleys around the troubled city. Russian sharpshooters disappear mysteriously as Crossman and his men chip away at the enemy’s morale. But these foxhunts serve as a mere prelude to the British attack on the Redan, the massive fortification guarding Sebastopol itself. The British assault is as ill planned as it is ill advised, and it ends in a disaster as severe as the Charge of the Light Brigade. Crossman must witness the wholesale massacre of his fellow soldiers. And then two months after this devastating failure, French and Sardinian forces foil a massive Russian counterattack to relieve their fortress. The Allies’ final attack on the Redan will determine Sebastopol’s fate, and the outcome of the first truly modern war.


A novel with echoes of timeless classics such as The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, The Borrowers, and Alice in Wonderland, Garry Kilworth’s Attica reveals a twilight world of forgotten wonders, and extraordinary adventures all happening just above our heads. Join Jordy, Alex, and Chloe as they cross the portal from our world to a strange and wonderful other place, accessible for just a moment in time through the trap door of the attic in their family home. From hat stand forests, to towering hills of old musical instruments, deserts of old books and a great water tank lake, the vast continent they stumble upon is one of limitless surprises and that’s before they meet the inhabitants: strange clans of small and lumpen people who live in homes constructed from all manner of found things and drive vehicles powered by old sewing machine parts. It is against this remarkable backdrop that the three children will embark on a spellbinding adventure to recover a prized possession, save a life, and somehow find a way back home. A story of courage, loyalty and friendship; of Browsers, Shadow Tangles and Tatterdermalions; of incredible landscapes, ingenious devices, and cunning plot twists, Attica has a richness and depth that will delight readers of all ages.


April 29th: Krantu is a good way off the coast of Sarawak, a Malaysian island. No one lives on Krantu anymore and it ll soon sink into the sea. May 2nd: This is just like when I went on digs. Dad is up to his eyeballs in work. June 4th: He put the edges of the scrolls near to each other. What happened next made me jump backwards, my heart pounding. July 5th: I m not sure what happened. The bright beam of the torch was shining directly into a huge pair of eyes…
Whatever had been caught in my torch beam had crashed through the flimsy wall of the shed and stampeded into the rainforest beyond it. As strange events unfold, Max and those around him are drawn deeper and deeper into danger. Surrounded by spies and pirates, Max makes a terrible discovery a secret that could change the world for ever.

The Hundred-towered City

When a stranger from the past arrives in the middle of the night with shocking news, Jack, Annie, and Davey are catapulted into the wildest adventure they’ve ever had. Their parents have been arrested on suspicion of being spies. Not only in a different country but in a different time Prague, 1903. The children travel back in time and find themselves face to face with danger, mystery, and the magic of a strange place. Where are their parents and who has stolen the key to the time machine? Will our young heroes be in time to save their parents from siniser Karlstein Castle? And even if they do, how will they return to the present day without the key? Alchemists, mythical creatures, and a man with a hook for a hand hold the answers they re looking for.

In the Hollow of the Deep-Sea Wave

A man becomes embroilled in the dark affairs of a tiny coral atoll in the Indian Ocean. Ignorance of the cultural issues endangers his life. He had come to escape responsibilities at home, but now his dream becomes a nightmare. Similar themes are explored in the accompanying stories. The author has published a number of novels including ‘Witchwater Country’ and ‘Spiral Winds’ and many short stories.

Dark Hills, Hollow Clocks

a collection of ten tales from teh Otherworld. These stories present a wide range of mystical and fantastical creatures, from the cunning ways of man revealed in ‘Dogfaerie’ and ‘Changelings’ to ‘The Hungry Ghosts’ where the spirits from the underworld are free to roam for a day.

Haunting Christmas Tales

It is Christmas Eve and a group of friends are gathered around a fireside. The only light source is the fire the only sound the hiss of logs. Warmed by their intimacy a group of friends begin to tell ghost stories.

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