Gail Sattler Books In Order

Vancouver Books In Order

  1. Gone Camping (1999)
  2. At Arm’s Length (1999)
  3. On the Road Again (2000)
  4. My Name Is Mike (2000)

Men of Praise Books In Order

  1. Hearts in Harmony (2005)
  2. His Uptown Girl (2005)
  3. Changing Her Heart (2006)

Rose Cottage Sisters Books In Order

  1. What’s Cooking? (2005)


  1. Walking the Dog (1998)
  2. Piano Lessons (1998)
  3. Almost Twins (2000)
  4. McMillian’s Matchmakers (2001)
  5. A Few Flowers (2001)
  6. The Wedding’s On (2002)
  7. His Christmas Angel (2002)
  8. Joe’s Diner (2003)
  9. A Donut a Day (2003)
  10. Secret Admirer (2004)
  11. Head Over Heels (2006)
  12. Love By the Yard (2007)
  13. The Narrow Path (2010)
  14. The Path to Piney Meadows (2013)
  15. The Best Man’s Secret (2014)
  16. The Best Man’s Holiday Romance (2014)
  17. Dating the Best Man (2015)
  18. Mercury Rising (2018)
  19. The Other Neighbor (2018)


  1. Forever Friends (2000)
  2. Keepers of the Light (2000)
  3. Tails of Love (2001)
  4. Puppy Love (2001)
  5. As American as Apple Pie (2002)
  6. Aloha (2002)
  7. The House Love Built (2003)
  8. Beyond Perfect (2003)
  9. Bittersweet Christmas (2004)
  10. The Bouquet (2004)
  11. Olympic Memories (2004)
  12. Summer Getaways (2005)
  13. A Time for Angels (2005)
  14. A Tender Melody (2005)
  15. Angels for Christmas (2005)
  16. Kentucky Keepers (2006)
  17. A Big Apple Christmas (2007)
  18. A Connecticut Christmas (2008)
  19. Seattle Cinderella (2012)
  20. A Time to Laugh (2014)
  21. The Sweet Surprise Romance Collection (2015)
  22. A Gentleman’s Kiss Romance Collection (2015)


  1. Getaways (2000)
  2. 8 Weddings and a Miracle Romance Collection (2015)
  3. Love in Mistletoe Springs (2015)

Picture Books

  1. Get Well Soon (2001)

Non fiction

  1. Holiday Snacks & Appetizers (2002)
  2. Holiday Desserts (2003)
  3. Warm Holiday Wishes (2003)

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Gail Sattler Books Overview

At Arm’s Length

Opposites Attract. Molly McNeil has been named personal assistant to Ken Quinlan, the future vice president of Quinlan Enterprises. Her 1st ‘official’ act is to fall, knocking Ken down a stairwell and breaking his arm. The charming young executive graciously assures Molly that all is forgiven, and they begin to work together. Ken is resevered and businesslike, while Molly is relaxed and open. Their backgrounds couldn’t be more different: Ken comes from money, Molly doesn’t. Ken was raised a Christian. Molly is a new Christian and has been been to a Bible study meeting…

Hearts in Harmony

Playing guitar for his church’s worship team was not going as well as Adrian Braithwaite expected. Which was why he was thrilled to find a talented keyboardist in new church member Celeste Hackett. But there was more to the lovely Celeste than met the eye the skill that Adrian so valued came from her former career in a rock band. And though the pastor welcomed her, a threat from Celeste’s past could destroy what she’d worked so hard to build, unless her musical partner could become her partner for life.

His Uptown Girl

With long blond hair and painted red nails, beautiful Georgette Ecklington didn’t look like a mechanic. But the latest hire at Bob and Bart’s Auto Repair could recognize a faulty coil in no time and fix it just as fast. Only problem was that Bob Delanio was attracted to his new employee. Luckily, he knew business and pleasure didn’t mix. Besides, after meeting her wealthy, controlling father, Bob realized he and Georgette came from opposite worlds. It was up to Georgette to show her handsome boss a downtown man should take a risk on an uptown girl…

Changing Her Heart

When lovely Lacey Dachin signed on at the clothing shop next door, it looked as if fun loving Randy Reynolds had found a potential lunch partner. Meals could be lonely for a single guy, particularly one whose friends were getting hitched right and left!But could the past truly be behind him? He knew Lacey feared the worst. Yet with his life in stand up shape, the only thing that needed changing now was Lacey’s mind.

What’s Cooking?

One of your favorite Heartsong Presents romances, What’s Cooking??, is now available as a complete and unabridged audiobook. When twenty four year old Mitchell Farris signed up for an evening cooking class he wasn’t expecting to meet the woman of his dreams. Now, if he can just convince the teacher he’s the man of her dreams and that age doesn’t matter, he’ll be fine. Carolyn Rutherford is quickly approaching her thirty third birthday and knows that the time to settle down is fast approaching, but with whom? She has a mental image of her ideal mate and it’s not Mitchell Farris. Would the Lord call her to marry someone nine years her junior? Or will everyone just wonder What’s Cooking?? Heartsong Audiobooks are perfect for in the car, for mom’s that just can’t seem to find enough time in the day to read, and for grandmother’s who don’t enjoy reading for long periods of time. Now with the Heartsong Audiobooks you can simply listen, relax, and enjoy!

Secret Admirer

Shannon Andrews thought shed never have to see her older brothers obnoxious best friend again. But, out of the blue, Todd Sanders has come back into her life. Its too much to believe hes reformed himself, but somehow, he is different Todd has loved Shannon for a long time. Knowing the pain his incessant teasing has caused, hes determined to win her heart through unconventional methods. But when the office playboy takes credit for Todds work and feigns interest in a relationship with the Lord, Todd fears Shannon could be in over her head. How can he reveal his heart without appearing to be jealous? Fall in love with this inspiring love story and our entire collection of Christian romance novels from Heartsong Presents!

Head Over Heels

It was certainly not the way Marielle expected to meet a man any man but when she visited the gentleman she’d helped save from an accidental plunge, she was intrigued but only until Russ’s workaholic nature made itself known. She’d had more than enough of that from her exfianc . So when his boss suggested Russ volunteer in her teen center the least Russ could do after having landed on her car!, the last thing Marielle was looking for was romance. But love just might bloom where she least expects it .

Love By the Yard

Struggling to rebuild her life after her husband’s death, Shanna McPherson watches her landscaper transform her backyard into a work of art. Despite her attraction to this kind, handsome man, Shanna can’t shake her fear of falling into another abusive relationship. Brendan Gafferty has his hands full on this landscaping job. Shanna’s ornery dog keeps burying Brendan’s tools and her two young children only add to the chaos. But somehow the mayhem that is the McPherson family works its way into Brendan’s heart. When Shanna receives menacing threats from an angry relative, can she trust Brendan enough to turn to him for help and maybe even another chance at love?

The Narrow Path

Miranda feels like she’s been transported back to Little House On The Prairie, and Ted s head spins when Miranda reads the Bible on her cell phone. Yet Miranda Klassen and Ted Wiebe must find a way to make peace to meet their common goal to open the doors of Ted s Old Order Mennonite church and community. Will they also find love in the process?

Keepers of the Light

A family heirloom hope chest has been passed down the generations from 1858 to modern times. Authors Cathy Marie Hake, Colleen Coble, Kristin Billerbeck, and Gina Fields collaborated to make a unified collection that will tug at your heartstrings.

Tails of Love

Dogs Play Matchmakers in Four Modern Love Stories Contemporary novellas with pets as major contributors to each story’s romance. Authors: Lauralee Bliss, Pamela Griffin, Dina Leonhardt Koehly, and Gail Sattler.

As American as Apple Pie

HeartQuest brings together three original novellas that will stir readers to treasure their own keepsakes of life, love, and romance. These Victorian era stories will touch hearts with the beauty of new love at Christmastime. Story list: ‘Behold the Lamb’ by Catherine Palmer ‘Far Above Rubies’ by Kristin Billerbeck ‘Memory to Keep’ by Ginny Aiken


The four Harrigan brothers have inherited a Hawaiian resort from their father. As manager, Barnabas thinks he has his snobby rich clients figured out, but one high class woman is determined to teach him about love. Connor can’t figure out why a pretty client would rather follow him on his maintenance rounds than join the other vacationers. Alex feels for a woman on her ‘honeymoon’ and is sure the activities he directs would be the best medicine for her broken heart. To Steve’s focused accountant’s mind, his brothers have become lovesick pups, but working with an old girlfriend to clean up an IRS mess could land him in the same boat. Can the brothers work together to make Harrigan’s Cove successful and balance romance in the meantime?

The House Love Built

Carla Wainwright was building a house and a future with the man she loved. But when he walked out of her life, she held on to her dream of the house…
. Now, with the help of a reluctant contractor, Jack Dugan, she sees her project and her hopes rise to new heights. And that’s only the beginning for this special place when Carla moves on, the dream house plays a role in the lives and loves of three other women: Ellen White, afraid to surrender to God’s call to missions, prefers the safety of her career in interior decorating until Paul Stoneman helps her discover the courage to walk through God’s open door. Professor Angela Cooper finds the squirrel damage in the attic isn’t the only repair she needs in her life. Can Kendall Tyler’s bumbling efforts fix the hole in her heart? Winnie Wainwright’s heart like her home has been battered by storms. Will Dan Parker be the handyman to mend her house…
and her soul? These four stories of hope and healing will surely find a home in your heart!

Beyond Perfect

Four complete romances in one volume

The Bouquet

When a whirling ceiling fan disintegrates a wedding bouquet in mid flight, four, heart hardened observers end up catching a piece. Is love on the way?

Olympic Memories

As one family’s appreciation for athletic competition is passed through generations, the Olympics become a good place to find a teammate for life. In 1896, at the first modern games in Athens, Henri and Sophia face a battle of prejudices. Will they cross the finish line together? Dameon hopes the 1932 winter games in Lake Placid, New York, will earn him financial gold, but could his real prize be in new friendships? Bonnie is running in the 1960 summer games of Rome, while Preston’s dreams of racing have been dashed. Can they still be winners in love? Calgary, site of the 1988 Winter Olympics, is a place for realizing dreams. Can Brian and Sophie unite their aspirations to reach for an even greater prize? When shared interests are not enough to sustain love, will faith step in to raise the flag of victory?

Angels for Christmas

Four Romances Special Collector’s Edition Crafty Little Angels put their Charm into four Holiday Romances

A Big Apple Christmas

Contemporary Romance: Enjoy a contemporary romance collection of four heartwarming novellas that capture the sights and sounds of Christmas in New York City. Christmas plans are set askew when a schedule bound professional organizer meets a free spirited poet. Holiday bustle is the means two tourists try to use to get lost in the crowds. Christmas in Rockerfeller Center puts a widow’s dreams on center stage. The gift of the Magi comes full circle for two lonely Latinos. Romance is in the air from Fifth Avenue to Chinatown, but can faith bring the love home?

A Connecticut Christmas

Dreaming of a fresh start and establishing their roots in a new place brings three women to the New Mexico Territory. Elise Morgan has been widowed and left without a place to call her own. Can she follow her mother in law to a dusty town and open herself to a surprising love? Elizabeth Winterspoon has been kidnapped and held for ransom. Will befriending a handsome outlaw save her when her captors find out she is not the wealthy heiress they expected? Sharon Hastings is finally coming home to her deceased parents’ ranch. But will the new foreman accept a citified girl as the new owner after her uncle is found dead?


Four inspirational stories of love set during vacation Getaways in contemporary times. Authors Peggy Darty, Nancy Farrier, Marilou Flinkman, and Gail Sattler weave enchanting tales that you will want to take along on your own getaway.

Get Well Soon

Suitable for anyone suffering illness, this brand new book offers cheerful encouragement from a biblical perspective.

Warm Holiday Wishes

Delightful collection of quotes, poems, scriptures, and prayers celebrates the birth of Christ and offers wishes of hope and happiness for the New Year.

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