Gail Ranstrom Books In Order

Wednesday League Books In Order

  1. A Wild Justice (2002)
  2. Saving Sarah (2003)
  3. The Rake’s Revenge (2004)
  4. The Missing Heir (2005)
  5. The Courtesan’s Courtship (2005)

Hunter Brothers Books In Order

  1. Indiscretions (2006)
  2. Lord Libertine (2007)
  3. Unlacing Lilly (2008)
  4. A Rake by Midnight (2010)
  5. A Daring Liaison (2013)


  1. Sweet Treason (2013)


  1. The Christmas Visit (2004)
  2. Broken Vows, Mended Hearts (2006)
  3. Lord Libertine / Wayward Debutante (2008)
  4. A Regency Christmas (2009)
  5. Scarlet Ribbons / Christmas Promise / Little Christmas (2009)
  6. Regency Christmas Gifts (2010)
  7. Rakes & Reputations (2012)

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Gail Ranstrom Books Overview

Saving Sarah

Sarah Hunter is a lady of the night. Not in the salacious sense, but Ethan Travis knows she has secrets. He finds her a lost and vulnerable soul who needs his unique talents to rescue her almost as much as he needs her unconditional love to rescue him. Ethan’s appeal is dark and dangerous, and Sarah is drawn to him with a wild intensity. But even a man with a past can never truly desire a woman without a future…

The Rake’s Revenge

Robert McHugh is out to avenge his family’s tragedy, but he hasn’t anticipated his reaction to the alluring beauty of Miss Afton Lovejoy. What will he do when he discovers that she is, in fact, the woman he’s sworn to destroy…

Unlacing Lilly

The bast*ard son of a duke, Devlin Farrell is about to exact revenge for his mother’s murder. He will even go as far as kidnapping his enemy’s bride from the altar!

Lilly O’Rourke is merely an innocent pawn in Devlin’s plan. Other than ruining her reputation, he means her no harm though it’s hard to play the perfect gentleman when he’s struggling to resist her tempting beauty.

But Devlin has lived so long for revenge, can he now forfeit this desire and in rescuing Lilly, save himself?

A Rake by Midnight

James Hunter cannot forget the night he rescued Eugenia O’Rourke from a terrifying ordeal how she felt in his arms, warm and vulnerable. Now working in the Home Office by day, he doesn’t find it difficult to assume the role of her rake protector by night . Gina is painfully aware that James witnessed her deepest humiliation. Her biggest fear was her captor’s return, but as midnight strikes she’s more afraid of being the object of James’s pity. But pity is not what James feels .

Scarlet Ribbons / Christmas Promise / Little Christmas

Scarlet Ribbons by Lyn StoneCaptain Alexander Napier is battle scarred from war and from life. For him, yuletide is just a reminder of all that he’s lost. Can enchanting Amalie Harlowe restore light into the festive season…
and reignite the passion in his heart?Christmas Promise by Carla KellyNow that peace has broken out, Captain Jeremiah Faulk is at odds over what to do this Christmas, let alone with his life. Until a simple act of charity reunites him with his lost love Ianthe Mears.A Little Christmas by Gail Ranstrom Tending to a houseful of grieving relatives isn’t Viscount Selwick’s idea of a merry Christmas. But one stolen kiss under the mistletoe with spirited Sophia Pettibone is about to change everything!

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