G P Taylor Books In Order

Shadowmancer Books In Order

  1. Shadowmancer (2002)
  2. The Curse of Salamander Street (2006)

Wormwood Books In Order

  1. Wormwood (2004)
  2. Tersias (2005)

Tizzle Sisters Books In Order

  1. The Tizzle Sisters & Erik (2006)

Mariah Mundi Books In Order

  1. The Midas Box (2007)
  2. The Ghost Diamonds (2007)
  3. The Ship of Fools (2009)

Dopple Ganger Chronicles Books In Order

  1. The First Escape (2008)
  2. The Secret of Indigo Moon (2009)
  3. The Great Mogul Diamond (2011)

Lipstick Confessions Books In Order

  1. Rosie: Note to Self (2009)
  2. The Promise (2010)
  3. Forbidden (2012)

Vampyre Labyrinth Books In Order

  1. RedEye (2010)
  2. Dust Blood (2011)
  3. Oracle (2011)

Thomas Pryce Books In Order

  1. The Fate of Kings (2017)


  1. Jack D’Arc (2012)


  1. Yeshua (2012)

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G P Taylor Books Overview


Vicar Obadiah Demurral isn t satisfied running the affairs of his village. Now he wants to control the world, as well as God and His angels and he will stop at nothing. As a Shadowmancer, a sorcerer who speaks to the dead, he even commands restless souls to do his bidding. Who will stand against him? Raphah has come a long distance to reclaim the ancient relic Demurral has stolen, but Raphah is young. Even younger are Thomas and Kate, accidentally drawn into this war between good and evil. Their struggle against Demurral will bring them face to face with the powers of darkness in an epic battle…
and the world holds its breath.

The Curse of Salamander Street

The Shadowmancer ReturnsBy G. P. Taylor Can evil ever be destroyed? G. P. Taylor adds a higher definition to fiction in this sequel to Shadowmancer. Kate and Thomas have escaped the sorcerer Demurral and sailed to London with charismatic Jacob Crane. But trouble lies in wait when their ship is seized and they are lured into the darkest heart of the city to a street that will change their reality and their lives. Further north, Raphah returns and is joined by the most unlikely companion, Demurral’s old crony, Beadle. They join together for a terrifying journey in search of their friends. Along the way, unknown enemies and a shadowy beast disturb and torment them. All paths lead to one place: a cursed street, hidden from the world a place where souls are lost, fates are decided, and old enemies seek their revenge. About the AuthorG. P. TAYLOR has spent his life pursuing the secrets of God s universe. He has had a multifaceted career spanning the music industry and law enforcement. Today, he is the former vicar of Cloughton in England and lives near Whitby on the Yorkshire coast, richly steeped in history and folklore.


An epic adventure from a master storyteller. Panic fills the streets of London on a night in 1756 when the earth suddenly lurches forward and starts spinning out of control. Within moments, eleven days and nights flash through the sky, finally leaving the city in total darkness. Is the end of the world at hand? Agetta Lamian fears so. She’s the young housemaid of Dr. Sabian Blake, a scientist who has recently acquired the Nemorensis, the legendary book said to unlock the secrets of the universe. And what he sees through his telescope confirms what he has read: This disaster is only a sign of things to come. Agetta overhears Dr. Blake’s prophecy that a star called Wormwood is headed toward London, where it will fall from the sky and strike a fatal blow. Dr. Blake believes the comet will either end the world as he knows it or hearken a new age of scientific and spiritual enlightenment. Soon even Agetta seems to have been seduced by the book, and whom she ultimately delivers it to will determine much more than just her fate.


London is in the aftermath of a near apocalypse a comet has just missed earth, leaving the city in chaos. in this time of uncertainty, only the blind boy oracle, Tersias, can see what the future holds. but awareness of his power is growing, and he is captured by solomon, a false prophet whose minions swarm london. An unlikely alliance of teenage highwaymen and a charlatan magician swear to break down solomon’s Citadel and rescue Tersias from the false prophet s clutches. they wonder if Tersias s power can save them all. but they haven t realized the source of his second sight, and they aren t aware of a much darker force that torments his soul…

The Midas Box

A new spine tingling adventure by the author of Shadowmancer The Prince Regent is no ordinary hotel powered entirely by steam, run by an eccentric inventor who doesn t believe in sleep, it’s a place full of shadowy characters and dangerous secrets. Mariah has just started working there as a magician s assistant, and when he and his coworker Sacha unwittingly learn more than they were meant to know, they suddenly find themselves pawns in an evil plot so full of twists and turns that even the labyrinth of hidden tunnels and caverns beneath the hotel can t contain it. As they struggle to unravel the mystery and stay alive in the process, encountering secret rooms, enchanted objects and vicious mythical creatures, they question whom to trust. All the adults even the ones offering help seem to be hiding something. After all, Mariah only got his job because his predecessor vanished one night and, as Mariah is fast realizing, not all magic tricks are illusions.

The Ghost Diamonds

There is never a dull moment for Mariah Mundi living in the Prince Regent Hotel. But catastrophe strikes when three eminent visitors spontaneously combust at a hotel party. Just a freak of nature or a cleverly plotted murder? When hotel owner Captain Charity is arrested on suspicion of murder, Mariah Mundi and his friend Sacha must find the truth urgently to save both the Captain and the hotel. Could the answer lie in the mythical Ghost Diamonds?

The First Escape

From the best selling author of Shadowmancer comes an enthralling new series of illustra novellas. The First Escape is the first book in the Dopple Ganger Chronicles, a six book series following three children Sadie and Saskia Dopple and Erik Morrissey Ganger. Sadie and Saskia are mischievous identical twins living at an orphanage, where Erik is their only friend. They are separated when Saskia is adopted by Muzz Elliott, a wealthy woman searching for her long lost family treasure. While Saskia stumbles into the center of a crime only she can stop, Sadie and Erik embark on a quest to find her. This book is in an exciting new format called an illustra novella, in which the story is told alternately in graphic novel format and plain text with occasional illustrations.

The Secret of Indigo Moon

From best selling author G.P. Taylor comes the highly anticipated second installment of The Dopple Ganger Chronicles, a series that combines art and traditional text to help reluctant readers discover the wonder of books. Erik Morissey Ganger, famed explorer and detective well, in his dreams, and his mischief making sidekicks, twins Sadie and Saskia Dopple, didn t go looking for a secret tunnel beneath the school. They never intended to make the acquaintance of a shifty private eye with a nose for trouble. It wasn t part of the plan to come face to face with an old enemy, one with an agenda of his own that could destroy them all. And unraveling The Secret of Indigo Moon was the farthest thing from their minds. At Isambard Dunstan’s School for Wayward Children, these things just seem to happen. In The Secret of Indigo Moon, confirmed troublemakers Erik, Sadie, and Saskia plunge headlong into a new and perilous mystery, one that challenges everything they thought they knew about their lives, themselves, and whom it s safe to trust.

The Great Mogul Diamond

Everything was going so well for a change. Sadie and Saskia Dopple, those troublesome twins, had been adopted by the wealthy writer and recluse Muzz Elliott. And their friend Erik Morrissey Ganger was finally on his way to becoming a full fledged private detective. But when an anonymous note threatens someone they love, the twins are off on an express train to danger. Suddenly they find themselves awhirl in a series of crimes stolen right off the pages of Muzz Elliott’s own mystery novels. The twins need to figure out who s behind this twisted plot soon, or Muzz Elliott will be framed for her own greatest literary invention…
the theft of The Great Mogul Diamond. Meanwhile, Erik speeds through the countryside in an unbelievably cool car with private eye Dorcas Potts, racing the clock and attempting to outwit a gang of robbers. At the end of the road if he ever gets there, he and the twins will have to get their hands on the diamond first in order to save Muzz Elliott. But not even this car is fast enough to escape the nagging doubts in Erik s mind…
What do you do when you aren t sure what s right? Sadie, Saskia, and Erik face this question head on in the third installment of The Dopple Ganger Chronicles, by New York Times bestselling author G. P. Taylor.

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