G.M. Malliet Books In Order

St. Just Mysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. Death of a Cozy Writer (2008)
  2. Death and the Lit Chick (2009)
  3. Death at the Alma Mater (2010)
  4. Death in Cornwall (2021)

Max Tudor Books In Publication Order

  1. Wicked Autumn (2011)
  2. A Fatal Winter (2012)
  3. Pagan Spring (2013)
  4. A Demon Summer (2014)
  5. The Haunted Season (2015)
  6. Devil’s Breath (2017)
  7. In Prior’s Wood (2018)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Weycombe (2017)

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G.M. Malliet Books Overview

Death of a Cozy Writer

From deep in the heart of his eighteenth century English manor, millionaire Sir Adrian Beauclerk Fisk writes mystery novels and torments his four spoiled children with threats of disinheritance. Tiring of this device, the portly patriarch decides to weave a malicious twist into his well worn plot. Gathering them all together for a family dinner, he announces his latest blow a secret elopement with the beautiful Violet…
who was once suspected of murdering her husband.

Within hours, eldest son and appointed heir Ruthven is found cleaved to death by a medieval mace. Since Ruthven is generally hated, no one seems too surprised or upset least of all his cold blooded wife Lillian. When Detective Chief Inspector St. Just is brought in to investigate, he meets with a deadly calm that goes beyond the usual English reserve. And soon Sir Adrian himself is found slumped over his writing desk an ornate knife thrust into his heart. Trapped amid leering gargoyles and stone walls, every member of the family is a likely suspect. Using a little Cornish brusqueness and brawn, can St. Just find the killer before the next in line to the family fortune ends up dead?

Death and the Lit Chick

BOOK 2 IN THE AGATHA AWARD WINNING SERIES In her superior second cozy, Malliet’s satirical take on the mystery scene is spot on. Publishers Weekly starred review ‘Malliet excels at stylish writing very reminiscent of the golden age of British mysteries. A real find for old school mystery fans.’ Booklist starred review An absolutely delicious skewering of the world of mystery publishing and its none too savory denizens, Death and the Lit Chick is even wittier and more skillfully constructed than her Agatha Award winning Death of a Cozy Writer. Denver Post Death and the Lit Chick is a finalist for the Anthony Award! Cold blooded murder is, like, totally un cool As the wildly successful darling of the publishing industry, chick lit mystery writer Kimberlee Kalder is the guest of honor at an exclusive writers’ conference at Dalmorton Castle in Scotland. But jealousy and resentment are soon replaced with shock when Kimberlee is found dead at the bottom of the castle’s bottle dungeon. Who didn’t want to see prima donna Kimberlee brutally extinguished like one of her ill fated characters? It’s up to Detective Chief Inspector St. Just to track down the true killer in a castle full of cagey mystery connoisseurs who live and breathe malicious murder and artful alibis…
Acclaim for the bestselling Death of a Cozy Writer, the first St. Just Mystery: ‘ A delightful homage to the great novels of Britain’s Golden Age of Mysteries.’ Nancy Pearl, NPR commentator and author of Book Lust Death of a Cozy Writer won the 2008 Agatha Award for Best First Novel and a silver medal for the IPPY awards in the category of Mystery/Suspense/Thriller. Malliet’s first novel Death of a Cozy Writer was chosen by Kirkus Reviews as a Best Book of 2008, nominated for a Left Coast Crime award the Hawaii Five O for best police procedural, short listed for the Macavity Award for Best First Mystery, nominated for the Anthony Award for Best First Novel and was a finalist for the David G. Sasher, Sr. Award for Best Mystery Novel.

Death at the Alma Mater


St. Michaels College is prestigious, stately and in frightful disrepair. To replenish the school’s dwindling coffers, the College Master plans a fundraising weekend for wealthy alums. But all goes awry when the wealthy and gorgeous Lexy Durant is found viciously strangled to death.

Drama queen Lexy inspired jealousy, envy, and spite in everyone. As Chief Inspector St. Just weighs clashing egos and likely suspects Lexy’s debt ridden Latino lover, her ex husband who jilted her, a hot tempered Texan once rejected by the victim he discovers unsavory secrets…
and a shocking twist.

Wicked Autumn

What could be more dangerous than cozy village life in the English countryside? Max Tudor has adapted well to his post as vicar of St. Edwold’s in the idyllic village of Nether Monkslip. The quiet village seems the perfect home for Max, who has fled a harrowing past as an MI5 agent. Now he has found a measure of peace among urban escapees and yoga practitioners, artists and crafters and New Agers. But this new found serenity is quickly shattered when the highly vocal and unpopular president of the Women s Institute turns up dead at the Harvest Fayre. The death looks like an accident, but Max s training as a former agent kicks in, and before long he suspects foul play. Max has ministered to the community long enough to be familiar with the tangled alliances and animosities among the residents, but this tragedy surprises and confounds him. It is impossible to believe anyone in his lovely village capable of the crime, and yet given the victim, he must acknowledge that almost everyone had probably fantasized about killing Wanda Batton Smythe. As the investigation unfolds, Max becomes more intricately involved. Memories he d rather not revisit are stirred, evoking the demons from the past which led him to Nether Monkslip. In Wicked Autumn, G.M. Malliet serves up an irresistible English village deliciously skewered a flawed but likeable protagonist, and a brilliantly modern version of the traditional drawing room mystery. One of Library Journal’s Best Mystery Books of 2011

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