G.A. McKevett Books In Order

Savannah Reid Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Just Desserts (1995)
  2. Bitter Sweets (1996)
  3. Killer Calories (1997)
  4. Cooked Goose (1998)
  5. Sugar and Spite (2000)
  6. Sour Grapes (2001)
  7. Peaches and Screams (2002)
  8. Death by Chocolate (2003)
  9. Cereal Killer (2004)
  10. Murder à la Mode (2005)
  11. Corpse Suzette (2006)
  12. Fat Free and Fatal (2007)
  13. Poisoned Tarts (2008)
  14. A Body To Die For (2009)
  15. Wicked Craving (2010)
  16. A Decadent Way To Die (2011)
  17. Buried In Buttercream (2012)
  18. Killer Honeymoon (2013)
  19. Killer Physique (2014)
  20. Killer Gourmet (2015)
  21. Killer Reunion (2016)
  22. Every Body on Deck (2017)
  23. Hide and Sneak (2018)
  24. Bitter Brew (2019)
  25. And the Killer Is . . . (2020)
  26. A Few Drops of Bitters (2021)

Dream Carver Books In Publication Order

  1. Dream Carver (1989)
  2. Carousel (1990)

A Granny Reid Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Murder in Her Stocking (2018)
  2. Murder in the Corn Maze (2019)
  3. Murder at Mabel’s Motel (2021)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Legacy of the Wolf (1986)
  2. Moon Song (1990)
  3. Far and Away (1992)
  4. The Dark Mirror (1996)
  5. Betrayal (1996)
  6. A Friend in Need (1997)

G.A. Mckevett Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. The Janet Dailey Companion (1996)
  2. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Irish History and Culture (1999)
  3. Irish Pride (2000)

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G.A. McKevett Books Overview

Just Desserts

Detective Sergeant Savannah Reid is in her element cruising for crime in Southern California. But when she’s told she’s too fat to stay on the force, Savannah opens up her own detective agency and soon finds herself investigating a murder. With suspects abounding, Savannah finds herslf sifting through the nasty mess of sex, adultery and down and dirty politics.

Bitter Sweets

No sooner does P.I. Savannah Reid complete her Moonlight Magnolia Detective Agency’s first case – finding someone’s long-lost sister – than murder enters the picture. Framed in a diabolically clever double-cross, she sets out to find the real culprit…
only to discover that she’s the prime suspect among the lovers, losers, and liars lurking in the victim’s past.

Killer Calories

The irresistible combination of murder and money brings sassy, savvy, full figured P.I. Savannah Reid to a health spa to investigate the death of owner and former cult flick actress Kat Valentina. The medical examiner called it an accidental mixture of booze and a hot tub, but Savannah’s anonymous client thinks otherwise. If the exercise and nasty spa cuisine doesn’t kill Savannah, there’s a murderer close by who might finish the job.

Cooked Goose

A sexy, Southern born private detective Savannah Reid is back, keeping the streets of exclusive San Carmelita, California, safe while indulging both her passion for food and her appetite for solving crime.

Sugar and Spite

Savannah Reid, the ‘full figured’ private detective who wowed critics and readers alike in G.A. McKevett’s acclaimed mysteries, is back with a vengeance. This time out, it’s Valentine’s Day and the former Dixie belle with the take no prisoners attitude is turning her voracious appetite toward a case that hits very close to the heart. When her ex partner’s ex wife is found dead in his trailer, it’s up to Savannah to clear Dirk’s name and find the real criminal.

Sour Grapes

Just when feisty, full figured Savannah Reid’s life seems calm and peaceful, her spoiled, egocentric baby sister comes knocking. Atlanta is determined to become a star, and the Miss Gold Coast Beauty Pageant is her first step. Savannah’s alarmed at Atlanta’s growing obsession with her appearance. She blames it on the beauty pageant…
where the competition has become so fierce that someone’s been driven to murder.

Peaches and Screams

As the oldest of nine siblings, Savannah has attended her share of family weddings south of the Mason Dixon Line…
several of which have featured her sister Marietta as the bride. But before the fickle Southern belle can traipse down the aisle with her latest Mr Right, the youngest of the Reid brood is thrown into the slammer. At first, Savannah wonders if unruly Macon really is responsible for killing the Honourable Judge Patterson. But when she learns that the ornery old geezer had more enemies than Marietta’s had husbands, Savannah is convinced that her brother’s been framed.

Death by Chocolate

Business has been a little slow at the Moonlight Magnolia Detective Agency, but full figured P.I. Savannah Reid doesn’t have time to drown her sorrows in a box of double chocolate truffles. She’s too busy watching the Gourmet Network and drooling over the sinfully scrumptious confections that Lady Eleanor ‘The Queen of Chocolate’ whips up on air. But someone isn’t sweet on the Queen’s charming chatter and wants her to hang up her oh so quaint apron for good…
When Savannah hears that Lady Eleanor’s been getting death threats, she jumps at the chance to be her round the clock bodyguard. It’s a great chance to meet her idol in person and maybe pick up some free chocolates, tool But her sweet dreams melt away when the minute she meets Lady Eleanor. The woman is as rotten as last year’s Valentine candy and stingy with the chocolates to boot! But when the Queen of Chocolate bites into a chocolate and drops dead in the middle of her own live TV show, Savannah is horrified. After all, it was her job to protect Lady Eleanor and now thousands of chocoholics know how horribly she failed. Talk about bad for business. Savannah has to figure out who’s to blame for the Queen’s untimely and very ungraceful demise…

Cereal Killer

In a world where stick thin women adorn fashion magazines and silver screens, plus sized private eye Savannah Reid is grateful for the wild success and fabulous fashion tips of full figured model Cait Connor. When Cait is found dead after months of extreme dieting, when everyone assumes a risky regimen did her in. But then a second full figured model meets an untimely end, and it’s time to weigh the facts…
and search for suspects. At first it seems that Cait’s death is a clear case of dieting run amok. As the new spokesperson for Wentworth’s Slenda Flakes, Cait needed to lose thirty pounds in sixty days and apparently died trying. Now her grieving husband wants to sue Wentworth Cereal for that fatal clause in her contract. Considering how much shredded wheat and puffed rice Wentworth has on the market, Kevin Connor could receive a lot of dough. It all seems cut and dry until Kameeka Wills, another plus model working and starving for Wentworth, is killed by a hit and run driver while jogging at four a.m. Now Savannah’s really suspicious, and determined to avenge her curvaceous sisters…
even if it means going under cover for the camera. There are more models on the Slenda Flakes campaign who could be at risk, and enough suspects to keep Savannah hopping. There’s Kevin Connor and his high state lawsuits; Charles Wentworthiii, whose secretly struggling company can’t afford a weigh loss cereal that packs on the pound; and Jerrod Beekman, a desperate ad executive whose agency’s fate is aligned with Wentworth’s. Top that off with a slimy stalker and a womanising photographer, and Savannah’s bowl is more than full. But she’s determined to satisfy her craving for justice before a cunning killer strikes again…

Murder à la Mode

As a special birthday treat, Savannah’s friends have arranged for her to compete for Lance’s affections on a reality TV show called ‘Man of My Dreams’. She and four other women will be living in a medieval ‘castle’ with Lance, trying to win his heart. Unfortunately, the antics take a sinister turn when one of the show’s producers, Tess Jarvis, turns up dead. It appears she was felled by a carton of Killer Fudge ice cream, but Savannah’s convinced there’s more to the story. Turns out she’s right. It seems no one liked Tess…
not her unhappy husband, or the scheming contestants, or all the disgruntled employees she so heinously wronged. This show is quickly turning into the worst kind of soap opera with some footage that’ll never make it on the air…

Corpse Suzette

Despite New Year’s resolutions to avoid irritating houseguests and nerve wracking cases, California P.I. Savannah Reid finds herself playing host to her assistant’s cranky cousin in town for an unwanted makeover at a local spa before the Christmas fudge is even gone. But when the spa’s renowned plastic surgeon goes missing, murder’s on the menu. And for Savannah, it’s in for a penny, in for a pound…
Voluptuous and proud of it, Savannah can’t understand why any woman would diet in pursuit of beauty, never mind go under the knife. She likes herself just fine the way she is…
and so does her detective buddy, Dirk. Too bad her houseguest isn’t as content. Abigail is livid that her cousin, Tammy, won her an extreme makeover, complete with plastic surgery, at Emerge, San Carmelita’s new luxury spa. Abigail’s daunting enough when she’s ranting about social pressures and medical butchery, but when she suddenly puts on a cooperative smile Savannah gets really nervous…
There’s barely time to worry about it when Dirk brings her in on his latest case. One of Emerge’s owners, renowned plastic surgeon Suzette Du Bois, is missing. And quicker than you can say Botox, Sergio D’Allessandro, Suzette’s business partner and ex husband, hires Savannah to find Suzette before the cops do. As she broadens her search, Savannah begins to realize that some of the employees at this temple of perfection harbour serious inner flaws. There’s Myrna Cooper, Emerge’s receptionist, whose permanently surprised expression proves she fears aging almost as much as she despises her bosses. And publicist Devon Wright, Sergio’s not so secret lover, was overheard threatening Suzette just before the doc disappeared. Add to the mix Jeremy Lawrence, Emerge’s disgruntled and aggressively ambitious style consultant, and the picture is far from pretty. When one of the suspects turns up dead, Savannah’s had enough. She’d love nothing more than to wrap up this case, kick out her guest, and make friends with a nice strawberry margarita or three. But first, she’ll have to stitch up a killer who cuts to the bone…

Fat Free and Fatal

When curvy P.I. Savannah Reid signs on to guard the newly svelte body of a star on the comeback trail, she finds herself rubbing elbows with the rich, famous and deadly. Getting the skinny on the killer soon has Savannah starring in a real life murder mystery that gives ‘location shoot’ a whole new meaning…
There’s nothing like a makeover story to get people hooked, and America is certainly addicted to the weight loss saga of once celebrated actress Dona Papalardo. Savannah’s no exception although she can’t imagine wanting to shed her own hourglass figure by undergoing gastric bypass surgery like Dona did. After Dona’s personal assistant is shot dead in the star’s mile long driveway, Savannah becomes her bodyguard. The victim was wearing one of Dona’s fur coats, indicating that Dona was the target. And when Dona’s hunky gardener takes a bullet between the eyes, Savannah and Detective Sergeant Dirk Coulter know they must act quickly to find the killer. Knocking around Dona’s palatial estate gives Savannah plenty of opportunity to hobnob with A list celebrities and compile a list of suspects that proves some people can never be too rich, too thin, or too vindictive. There’s the resentful best friend whose dream of shared singing stardom crumbled when Dona made it big as an actress instead; the loyal boyfriend who loved Dona through thick and thin but now lacks luster next to the hotties beating a path to her door; and the most potentially dangerous jiltee of all: Dona’s litigious former agent. But just when Savannah’s sure she’s had her fill of the macabre, the shooter strikes again, and this time Savannah is nearly caught in the crossfire. Now, as the case turns ever more personal, Savannah’s determined to find the truth. After all, it’s pretty hard to enjoy fifteen minutes of fame or a double chocolate brownie from six feet under…

Poisoned Tarts

What happens when too rich and too thin becomes too deadly? Voluptuous P.I. Savannah Reid is about to find out as she delves into the disappearance of a celebrity hanger on that soon leads to something more sinister. As Halloween draws near, Savannah will have to learn a killer’s deadly ‘tricks’ before someone else is ‘treated’ to murder…
Halloween in Southern California just doesn’t have the frosty bite Savannah’s used to, although her latest job promises chills aplenty. The Skeleton Key Three, a celebutante clique so named by the media because of their super skinny figures and fat trust funds, are in the spotlight again but this time, it’s for something more than partying. It seems the one member of the Three who was neither wealthy nor particularly svelte hasn’t been heard from in days. The missing girl’s name is Daisy O’Neil, and by all accounts, she had little in common with her so called friends Tiffy, Kiki, and Bunny. Chubby, smart, and less than privileged, Daisy’s role in the Three seems to have been primarily to be the victim of their vicious jibes and pranks. When Savannah learns that Tiffy’s acting aspirations were threatened by Daisy’s genuine talent, the poor little rich girl begins to look big time guilty. But just when Savannah thinks she has it all figured out except where the body is stashed the vibe surrounding the Skeleton Key Three changes from vacuous and suspicious to downright murderous. As preparations are being made for a monster Halloween party, to be held on the Dante compound, the patriarch himself is spotted dressed as Dracula, laid out in his coffin, complete with a real stake through his no longer beating heart. Now, with the party seriously pooped and the tabloids on a tear, Savannah will have to put her Halloween candy on the shelf until she’s deserving of a reward. And that means finding a killer fast before more Hollywood money becomes buried treasure…

A Body To Die For

Voluptuous P.I. Savannah Reid isn’t a huge fan of diets and she’d rather walk through fire then go to the gym. But when the nation’s hottest weight loss guru becomes a suspect in a big, fat murder case, even Savannah can’t resist the chance to find out once and for all if the beloved queen of fitness took the die in diet a little too far…
Weight loss diva Clarissa Jardin became a household name after she transformed herself from flabby to fit with an exercise program she designed. Known for her in your face attitude, Clarissa uses her own incredible before and after pictures to lure legions of fans into buying her weight loss books, DVDs, diet meals, and workout clothes. Raking in millions of dollars, Clarissa has the whole world in the palm of her hand that is, until her husband, Bill, is found mysteriously shot to death. Detective Dirk Coulter calls P.I. Savannah Reid to the crime scene and it isn’t long before Clarissa’s squeaky clean image starts to unravel. It turns out that Clarissa has a dirty little secret: she’s always been thin. Her chubby twin sister, Rachel? Not so lucky. Clarissa paid Rachel to pose for her weighty before photos, while Clarissa appears in the gorgeous after shots. But when Clarissa’s career went through the roof, Rachel wanted a bigger piece of the pie and threatened to go public with the scam if she didn’t get it. Rachel has been extorting money from Clarissa for years, with Bill dropping off the hush money. Only this time, Bill’s the one that got hushed for good. As the investigation continues, Savannah realizes she’s only scratched the surface of this dysfunctional family’s secrets. Delving into the twins’ twisted relationship, she uncovers evidence of insatiable greed, out of control gambling, and even an extra marital affair. Did Clarissa exact her revenge against a cheating husband? Did Rachel want to live her beautiful sister’s life bad enough to kill for it? Or was an even darker figure lurking in the background, waiting to strike? With the whole world watching this celebrity whodunit, Savannah has to crack the case fast before another victim gets his or her just desserts…

Wicked Craving

Dr. Robert Wellman claims his breakthrough hypnosis techniques can help anyone shed unwanted fat in record time. But while countless weight challenged folks have flocked to his popular clinic, most have only lighter wallets to show for it. Still, Dr. Wellman seems to have it all, until his wife Maria is found dead at the bottom of a cliff outside the Wellmans’ seaside estate and it’s clear she didn’t go down without a fight. Savannah is more than happy to help her good friend, Detective Sergeant Dirk Coulter, investigate Maria’s untimely death. The clues all seem to point to murder, from the broken statuary to the trampled flowerbeds surrounding the deadly precipice. And since Dr. Wellman appears to be the only viable suspect, Savannah is sure it’s an open and shut case. But she’s about to learn that appearances can be oh so deceiving. Pound for pound, this is shaping up to be one of Savannah’s toughest cases ever. But she’d better find the killer soon…
or else the bodies will just keep piling up…

A Decadent Way To Die

As the creator of the world famous Helene doll, Helene Strauss is equally well known for her exquisite taste and her take no prisoners style. And when the feisty 80 year old has several suspicious brushes with death, Savannah Reid is hired to find out why. Turns out, tensions within the Strauss family have been raging for years. Helene’s niece, Ava, has been steering the business in a seedy new direction. In fact, the Strauss matriarch is surrounded by friends and family bent on inheriting her fortune by any means necessary. Before long, Savannah is sure she has a handle on the case. But when two key players turn up dead in Helene’s Jacuzzi, the Strauss’ family tree starts to look even more twisted…


Daniel O’Brien is the master carver of Carousel horses and he has just returned home after the Civil War has ended to a complex web of love, sex, broken friendship, and deception. Daniel is drawn to Eirinn McKevett, the daughter of his best friend, a woman he must by all accounts not love. But Eirinn loves Daniel and she will not let him ignore his burning feelings for her so easily. As Eirinn seduced and Daniel gladly submitted, the world grew dark and threatening around the passionate lovers. Soon they were torn away but their love and sexual yearnings for each other would always remain even when the world was dashed around them and they became the worst of enemies.

Far and Away

Joseph Donelly has vowed revenge on Daniel Christie for destroying his family’s home during Ireland’s Land Wars in the late 1800s, but his plans are complicated by Christie’s daughter, who boards the same boat as he has for America. Movie Tie in.

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