Freda Lightfoot Books In Order

Lakeland Sagas Books In Order

  1. Lakeland Lily (1997)
  2. The Bobbin Girls (1998)
  3. Kitty Little (2001)
  4. Gracie’s Sin (2002)
  5. Daisy’s Secret (2003)
  6. Luckpenny Land (1994)
  7. Wishing Water (1995)
  8. Larkrigg Fell (1996)
  9. Storm Clouds Over Broombank (2010)

Manchester Sagas Books In Order

  1. Manchester Pride (1998)
  2. Polly’s War (2000)
  3. The Favourite Child (2001)
  4. Ruby McBride (2002)
  5. Dancing on Deansgate (2003)
  6. Watch for the Talleyman (2004)

Poor House Lane Books In Order

  1. The Girl from Poor House Lane (2004)
  2. The Woman from Heartbreak House (2005)
  3. The Child From Nowhere (2011)

Champion Street Market Books In Order

  1. Putting on the Style (2006)
  2. Fools Fall in Love (2006)
  3. That’ll Be the Day (2007)
  4. Candy Kisses (2007)
  5. Who’s Sorry Now? (2008)
  6. Lonely Teardrops (2008)

Angels Books In Order

  1. House of Angels (2009)
  2. Angels at War (2010)

Marguerite de Valois Books In Order

  1. Hostage Queen (2010)
  2. The Reluctant Queen (2010)
  3. The Queen and the Courtesan (2012)

Polly’s Journey Books In Order

  1. Polly’s Pride (2015)

Post War Saga trilogy Books In Order

  1. Home Is Where The Heart Is (2015)
  2. Always In My Heart (2016)
  3. Peace in My Heart (2017)


  1. A Woman Beyond Price (1991)
  2. Love Alters Not (1998)
  3. Wine and Roses (1998)
  4. Rhapsody Creek (1999)
  5. A Timeless Union (2001)
  6. For All Our Tomorrows (2005)
  7. Trapped (2009)
  8. Madeiran Legacy (2010)
  9. Outrageous Fortune (2010)
  10. A Proud Alliance (2010)
  11. Whispering Shadows (2010)
  12. The Promise (2011)
  13. My Lady Deceiver (2012)
  14. The Duchess of Drury Lane (2012)
  15. Lady of Passion (2013)
  16. The Amber Keeper (2014)
  17. Forgotten Women (2016)
  18. Girls of the Great War (2018)


  1. Lakeland Sagas & A Champion Street Market Saga Series 8 Books Collection Set (2021)


  1. A Sackful of Stories (2011)
  2. Cup Cake Coffee Break (2013)
  3. Summer Time Shorts (2014)
  4. Magic Moments (2018)

Non fiction

  1. So You Want to Be a Primary Teacher (1976)

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Freda Lightfoot Books Overview

Kitty Little

Three girls are seeking escape. Each of them is captivated by the travelling theater, each is pretending to be someone she is not, and all are in love with the same man. Katherine is escaping her marriage and throws herself into an acting career, Charlotte can have any man she wants, and she wants Archie whoever is standing in her way, and Esme is relishing in the theater life as a stark contrast to her life as a parson’s daughter.

Daisy’s Secret

Daisy is devastated when her lover, Percy, abandons her and her mother throws her out, having first forced the girl to give up her baby son for adoption. She is evacuated to the Lake District, where she sets up a guest house with her black-sheep aunt. Daisy meets and falls in love with a young airman, Harry, but is afraid to tell him of her past, and the longer she keeps quiet, the harder it is to tell the truth. When Percy turns up holding a baby, Daisy is torn between her yearning to reclaim her son and her love for Harry.

Wishing Water

Lissa Turner seems to have everything. But Lissa’s real mother left her as a baby, and her feelings of confusion have persisted through the years. Secretly Lissa wants nothing more than to be loved and cherished, but her lack of faith in herself launches her into a disastrous marriage with sinister consequences. Wishing Water is the story of a hero*ine who overcomes the emotional legacy of her troubled past and discovers the confidence to grasp happiness.

Manchester Pride

Polly Pride lives with her protestant husband Matthew and their two children in the poor part of Manchester. Despite money worries they are happy, but when Matthew loses his job, Polly decides she must do her bit to keep the family from starvation. She sells all the family’s goods, using the money to turn their home into a small shop from which she sells second-hand rugs and carpets. This does not please her husband, or his family, who has never accepted their son marrying a catholic, and so Polly not only has to struggle to make a living, but also has to fight to keep her family from falling apart.

Polly’s War

World War II may be over, but Polly Pride feels as though the fighting has moved to her own home. Polly knows that she risks losing everything, but refuses to go back to Ancoats and a life of grinding poverty. And she won’t stand by and watch her family tear itself to pieces.

The Favourite Child

Isabella has always been her father’s favourite, but when she becomes involved with the new birth control movement, her father is scandalized. He tells himself that it will be merely a phase, but as Bella’s enthusiasm for ‘fallen women’ shows no sign of abating, her father loses patience and banishes her from the family home, where friendship and love are not as easy as they seem.

The Reluctant Queen

A brand-new historical novel from a well-loved storyteller – Sixteenth-century France. Gabrielle d’Esrees’ one wish is to marry for love, but her mother sells her as a mistress to three different men before she catches the eye – and the heart – of Henry of Navarre, King of France. Henry promises to marry her, but Gabrielle’s difficulties have just begun…
for Henry’s wife will only divorce him if he promises not to marry Gabrielle. Is the love of a king enough to secure her both the happiness and respectability she craves and a crown for their son as the next dauphin of France?

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