Fred Saberhagen Books In Order

Berserker Books In Publication Order

  1. Berserker (1967)
  2. Brother Assassin / Brother Berserker (1969)
  3. Berserker’s Planet (1975)
  4. Berserker Man (1979)
  5. The Ultimate Enemy (1979)
  6. The Berserker Wars (1981)
  7. Berserker Base (With: Connie Willis,Larry Niven,Poul Anderson,Edward Bryant,Roger Zelazny,Stephen R. Donaldson) (1985)
  8. The Berserker Throne (1985)
  9. Blue Death (1985)
  10. The Berserker Attack (1987)
  11. Berserker Lies (1991)
  12. Berserker Kill (1993)
  13. Berserker Fury (1997)
  14. Shiva in Steel (1998)
  15. Berserker Prime (2003)
  16. Berserker’s Star (2003)
  17. Rogue Berserker (2005)

Dracula Books In Publication Order

  1. The Dracula Tape (1975)
  2. The Holmes-Dracula File (1978)
  3. An Old Friend of the Family (1979)
  4. Thorn (1980)
  5. Dominion (1982)
  6. A Matter of Taste (1990)
  7. A Question of Time (1992)
  8. Seance for a Vampire (1994)
  9. A Sharpness on the Neck (1996)
  10. A Coldness in the Blood (2002)

Empire Of The East Books In Publication Order

  1. The Broken Lands (1968)
  2. The Black Mountains (1971)
  3. Ardneh’s World / Changeling Earth (1973)
  4. Ardneh’s Sword (2006)

Books Of Swords Books In Publication Order

  1. The First Book of Swords (1983)
  2. The Second Book of Swords (1983)
  3. The Third Book of Swords (1984)
  4. Blind Man’s Blade (2012)

Books Of Lost Swords Books In Publication Order

  1. Woundhealer’s Story (1986)
  2. Sightblinder’s Story (1987)
  3. Stonecutter’s Story (1988)
  4. Farslayer’s Story (1988)
  5. Coinspinner\’s Story (1989)
  6. Mindsword’s Story (1990)
  7. Wayspinner’s Story (1992)
  8. Shieldbreaker’s Story (1994)

Book Of The Gods Books In Publication Order

  1. The Face of Apollo (1998)
  2. Ariadne’s Web (2000)
  3. The Arms of Hercules (2000)
  4. God of the Golden Fleece (2001)
  5. Gods of Fire and Thunder (2002)

Boris Brazil Books In Publication Order

  1. The Golden People (1964)
  2. The Water of Thought (1965)

Pilgrim, The Flying Dutchman Of Time Books In Publication Order

  1. Pyramids (1987)
  2. After the Fact (1988)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Specimens (1976)
  2. The Veils of Azlaroc (1978)
  3. Love Conquers All (1979)
  4. Octagon (1981)
  5. Earth Descended (1981)
  6. A Spadeful of Spacetime (1981)
  7. The Mask of the Sun (1981)
  8. Coils (With: Roger Zelazny) (1982)
  9. Pawn To Infinity (1982)
  10. A Century Of Progress (1983)
  11. The Frankenstein Papers (1986)
  12. The White Bull (1988)
  13. The Black Throne (With: Roger Zelazny) (1990)
  14. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1993)
  15. Merlin’s Bones (1995)
  16. Dancing Bears (1995)
  17. An Armory of Swords (1995)
  18. Of Berserkers, Swords and Vampires (2009)
  19. Golden Reflections (2011)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. The Book of Saberhagen (1975)
  2. Berserkers The Early Tales (2014)
  3. Berserkers The Later Tales (2015)
  4. Saberhagen The Early Tales (2018)
  5. Saberhagen The Vampire Tales (2019)

Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict Books In Publication Order

  1. The Arrival (1999)
  2. Requiem for Boone (By:) (2000)
  3. Gene Roddenberry’s Earth (By:) (2000)
  4. Augur’s Teacher (By:Sherwood Smith) (2001)
  5. Heritage (By:Doranna Durgin) (2001)
  6. Legacy (By:) (2002)
  7. Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict–Legacy (By:) (2002)

Sherlock Holmes Gaslight Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Gaslight Grotesque: Nightmare Tales of Sherlock Holmes (2009)
  2. Gaslight Arcanum: Uncanny Tales of Sherlock Holmes (2011)

The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes Books In Publication Order

  1. The Adventure of the Peerless Peer (By:Philip José Farmer) (1974)
  2. War of the Worlds (By:Manly Wade Wellman,Wade Wellman) (1975)
  3. The Giant Rat of Sumatra (By:Richard L. Boyer) (1976)
  4. Sherlock vs Dracula (By:Loren D. Estleman) (1978)
  5. The Stalwart Companions (By:H. Paul Jeffers) (1978)
  6. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Holmes (By:Loren D. Estleman) (1979)
  7. The Whitechapel Horrors (By:Edward B. Hanna) (1992)
  8. The Seventh Bullet (By:Daniel D. Victor) (1992)
  9. Seance for a Vampire (1994)
  10. The Angel of the Opera (By:Sam Siciliano) (1994)
  11. The Titanic Tragedy (By:William Seil) (1996)
  12. The Star of India (By:Carole Buggé) (1998)
  13. The Scroll of the Dead (By:David Stuart Davies) (1998)
  14. The Man from Hell (By:Barrie Roberts) (2000)
  15. The Haunting of Torre Abbey (By:Carole Buggé) (2000)
  16. The Veiled Detective (By:David Stuart Davies) (2004)
  17. The Web Weaver (By:Sam Siciliano) (2012)
  18. The Grimswell Curse (By:Sam Siciliano) (2013)
  19. The Devil’s Promise (By:David Stuart Davies) (2014)
  20. The Albino’s Treasure (By:Stuart Douglas) (2015)
  21. The White Worm (By:Sam Siciliano) (2016)
  22. The Ripper Legacy (By:David Stuart Davies) (2016)
  23. Murder at Sorrow’s Crown (By:Steven Savile,Robert Greenberger) (2016)
  24. The Counterfeit Detective (By:Stuart Douglas) (2016)
  25. The Moonstone’s Curse (By:Sam Siciliano) (2017)
  26. The Improbable Prisoner (By:Stuart Douglas) (2018)
  27. The Devil and the Four (By:Sam Siciliano) (2018)
  28. The Instrument of Death (By:David Stuart Davies) (2019)
  29. The Martian Menace (By:Eric Brown) (2020)
  30. The Venerable Tiger (By:Sam Siciliano) (2020)
  31. The Crusader’s Curse (By:Stuart Douglas) (2020)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Science Fiction Discoveries (1976)
  2. Machines That Kill (1984)
  3. Berserker Base (1985)
  4. The Third Omni Book of Science Fiction (1985)
  5. Barbarians (1986)
  6. Prom Night (1999)
  7. Space Soldiers (2001)
  8. Gaslight Arcanum: Uncanny Tales of Sherlock Holmes (2011)

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Fred Saberhagen Books Overview

Brother Assassin / Brother Berserker

When the planet Sirgol is targeted for destruction by the Berserker war machines, who plan to travel through time to kill a pivotal scientist in history, Time Operative Derron Odegard becomes the world’s only hope. NYT.

Berserker’s Planet

A Nebula Award winning Author Five hundred years have passed since humanity vanquished the Berserker armada. Yet in that struggle a lone Berserker survived. Now single human sacrifices will no longer satisfy this Berserker god. It is time to offer up the whole human race.

Berserker Man

For countless millennia the dreadful Berserkerr fleets have ranged across the galaxy in a relentless war against all things living. Their equally relentless opponent has been one of the least evolved of intelligent species, for of all the starfaring races, only mankind still has the heritage and instinct of battle, facing the enemy of all life in battle after battle. Here are four of those battles in the war between humans and the powerful death machines. Berserker’s Planet: When a Berserker, severely damaged in a great battle between the fleets of humanity and the exterminating robot ships, hides on a planet whose inhabitants are just entering a period corresponding to the middle ages on Earth, a cult arises dedicated to death and worship of the Berserker’s mobile robots. A lone rebel, armed only with medieval weaponry, doesn’t stand a chance or does he? The Berserker Throne: Exiled from the Eight Worlds, a prince discovers an operable Berserker and the secret code which will give him control over the ancient war machine. With its help, he may return to power but can a mere human really control a Berserker? Brother Assassin: The Berserkers reach back through time to kill a pivotal scientist in a planet’s history, and only Time Operative Derron Odegard has a prayer of stopping them. Berserker Man: Over a century after the Beserkers had suffered an overwhelming defeat, humans have become complacent. But the killer machines have repaired and rebuilt themselves, and this time may succeed in eradicating humanity from the galaxy unless they can be stopped by a child who is half man and half machine.

The Berserker Throne

Another episode in the Berserker wars of the far distant future when powerful machines continue trying to eradicate all life and the living battle back. Space opera, political intrigue, touches of technology. The main character, a royal, political prisoner must engineer his release from a space station prison in order to fight off the plans of the Berserkers and their human allies. Written by a master of the genre. There are links from Table of Contents to text. This is an extra large print publication specifically formatted for people who have trouble reading ordinary size print. The print in this version is equivalent to 20 point type; ordinarily the largest type on a Kindle is equivalent to 16 point type. The print in a hard copy large print book is never more than 18 point type. The reader can reduce the size if desired.

Berserker Kill

A renegade Berserker destroyer steals an entire orbiting biological laboratory filled with human zygotes, while a computer falls in love with a woman and must figure out how to acquire a physical body.

Berserker Fury

The Berserkers, a race of machines bent on destroying all organic life, have developed a new trick: Berserker units that can pass for human created androids. As a showdown with the Berserkers draws near, Spacer Sebastian Gift and his fellow crew members must be ready to battle an enemy capable of impersonating one of their own. And if they fail, it will be the beginning of the end.

Shiva in Steel

A master of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, Saberhagen is one of the most gifted novelists of our time. Now, in Shiva in Steel, he returns to the riveting saga of the Berserkers, a race of intelligent machines devoted to exterminating all organic life. In a sector of the Galaxy occupied by Earth descended people, one Berserker computer has suddenly and mysteriously developed a tactical strategy unlike anything the human opposition has seen before. Shiva, like the Hindu god of destruction after which it was named, annihilates entire colonies with the help of its fiendish subordinates. When a decision is made to destroy the destroyer, neither side is prepared for the incredible risks that emerge as the attack becomes imminent. Can either side face the possibility that something wholly unexpected and eerily familiar lies gnarled within the steel?

Berserker Prime

Master storyteller Fred Saberhagen continues his Berserker series, detailing humanity’s war with the dreaded Juggernaut like machines programmed to destroy all life in the galaxy. In the Twin World planets, Prairie and Timber, Plenipotentiary Gregor is determined to serve his government. Even if it means executing innocent Huvean hostages, invaders from another planet. And even though Gregor’s granddaughter, Luon, is in love with Reggie, a Huvean. But now the Berserkers are threatening the Twin Worlds, crashing a scoutship, capturing the planets’ president, and reprogramming his brain to suit their violent agenda. And only the Huveans, in a desperate reprieve, can save the Twin Worlds’ populace from annihilation.

Berserker’s Star

cclaimed author Fred Saberhagen continues his widely popular and influential Berserker Series, a chronicle of war between humanity and the terrifying race of sentient machines bent on death and destruction. Pilot Harry Silver’s name is known throughout the galaxy and that notoriety does not always work in his favor. While he has defeated his share of Berserkers, he has also stolen a powerful weapon from the Space Force, making him a fugitive from the life he once knew. Looking for an adventure, and not one to turn down a lot of cash, Harry agrees to bring a passenger aboard his ship. That passenger is Lily, a woman on a quest to rescue her husband. It won’t be easy, as Lily’s husband has joined a secretive religious cult on Maracanda, an almost planet lodged between a shifting black hole and a neutron star. The landscape of Maracanda is treacherous, so too may be the people around Harry Silver. For as the search for Lily’s husband widens, Harry finds himself investigating a deeper mystery. And as always, there is the threat of death from above, in the path of a machine whose only intent is to kill.

Rogue Berserker

Harry Silver has already had a lifetime of trouble from ordinary Berserkers, the automated killing machines programmed an age ago to denude the galaxy of life. Now when his own family is kidnapped, he faces a deviant machine, a good fit for some or all of the Galactic Dictionary’s definitions of ROGUE: ROGUE: 1 A deceitful, double dealing evildoer…
4 A fierce elephant or stamodont that has been banished from the herd…
10 Having a peculiarly malevolent or unstable nature…
11 No longer loyal, affiliated, or recognized, and hence not governable or accountable…
erring, apostate. Galactic Dictionary of the Common TongueOrdinary Berserkers armed with weapons powerful enough to kill an entire planet were enough of a nightmare. What worse deviltry will a killing machine gone rogue attempt and even if Silver can stop it, will he ever see his family alive again?

The Dracula Tape

Those of you who have read THE HOLMES/DRACULA FILE and AN OLD FRIEND OF THE FAMILY now know that Vlad Tepes, known more widely as Count Dracula, is one of nature’s noblemen, not the vile monster portrayed by Bram Stoker and his imitators. Perhaps you are now ready for the true story of the events surrounding the Count’s first sojourn in England in the Year of Our Lord 1891…

The Holmes-Dracula File

World famous consulting detective Sherlock Holmes faces a terrible crisis: a ring of criminal masterminds has threatened to loose thousands of plague infected rats into the streets of London. But the Black Death isn t Holmes only problem. A lone killer haunts the city. His calling card is a trail of corpses, drained of blood to the last drop. The key to solving both crimes rests in the hands of a mysterious nobleman recently returned to London on a personal matter. His name is Dracula. The Count is quickly entangled in a web of evil that even his immortal powers may not be enough to breach. Holmes and Dracula soon come to the peculiar realization that they may be each other’s only hope.

An Old Friend of the Family

The Southerland family left the old world to start anew in America, but little did they know that a blood feud, older than history itself, would follow them through the generations to come.
Kate Southerland, the first born of the latest generation of Southerlands, has been murdered, but she is not dead. Her little brother, Johnny, has also vanished, a severed, bloody finger the only clue.
But the Southerlands have no clue what they’ve fallen into. Their enemy is no mortal madman, but the undying mistress of evil enchantment, Morgan Le Fay, and the Southerlands are not her true target. She seeks to do battle with their protector, their defender, the only man who is capable of saving this mortal family from a war they’ve never realized was waged.


The immortal Count Dracula Vlad Tepes, Prince of Wallachia hunts the murderous art thieves who have stolen the portrait of his lost love. But the thieves are after more than art. From the Master Vampire they would steal the very secrets of life and death!


When two ancient, ruthless beings, locked in a struggle for the ultimate magic Weapon, bring their blood feud to New York, Vlad Tepes races to hide the coveted weapon.

A Matter of Taste

Saberhagen’s first new ‘Dracula’ novel in six years. He was once called Dracula, but in present day Chicago he’s known as Matthew. Since he’s risked his un life to protect the Southerland family many times, they call him Uncle Matthew. An old enemy tries to kill Matthew, and now the Southerlands must rise to Matthew’s defense. HC: Tor.

Seance for a Vampire

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s timeless creation returns in a new series of handsomely designed, long out of print detective stories. From the earliest days of Holmes career to his astonishing encounters with Martian invaders, the Further Adventures series encapsulates the most varied and thrilling cases of the worlds greatest detective. When two suspect psychics offer Ambrose Altamont and his wife the opportunity to contact their recently deceased daughter, the wealthy British aristocrat wastes no time in hiring Sherlock Holmes to expose their hoax. He arranges for the celebrated detective and Dr. Watson to attend the family’s next seance, confident in Holmes’ rationalist outlook on the situation. But what starts as cruel mockery becomes deadly reality when young, beautiful Louisa Altamont appears to her parents in the flesh as one of the nosferatu a vampire! The resulting chaos leaves one of the fraudulent spiritualists dead. Sherlock Holmes missing, and Dr. Watson alone and mystified. With time running out, Watson has no choice but to summon the only one who might be able to help Holmes’ vampire cousin, Prince Dracula. Alternately narrated by Watson and the charismatic Dracula himself, Seance for a Vampire demonstrates that heroes are sometimes found in the most unlikely places. Saberhagen has recast Bram Stoker’s paragon of evil into a noble, witty and chillingly powerful character.

A Sharpness on the Neck

In 1792, Philip Radcliffe, the bast*ard son of Benjamin Franklin, comes to France to deliver a letter to Thomas Paine only to get caught up in a conflict far more horrifying than the Revolution. By foiling a powerful vampire’s attempt at fratricide, Radcliffe dooms himself and his descendants to suffer the vampire’s eternal vengeance. In present day, Philip and June Radcliffe are kidnapped on their honeymoon. Their captor, a mysterious Mr. Graves, swears that he aims to protect them. Yet as the thrilling story unfolds, involving Napoleon, the Marquis de Sade, and the Scarlet Pimpernel, as well as Jerry Cruncher and Detective Dupin, the young couple refuses to believe him a mistake that is certain to cost them their lives.

A Coldness in the Blood

The Bram Stoker Award Winning saga continues…
. Matthew Maule has seen many horrific things in his five hundred years as one of the most powerful vampires in the world. But even his formidable talents cannot predict the unthinkable acts about to occur within his own home. When the vampire Dickon and his human partner appear in the middle of the night frightened for their lives, Matthew offers them protection. They carry with them a small Egyptian statue of great value and many secrets. By morning, Matthew has woken from a mysterious trance to discover that Dickon’s human friend has been brutally murdered, the vampire has gone missing, and their statue has been smashed to pieces. Matthew has also made a dangerous new enemy, one who possesses strength even Matthew may be no match for. For the statue is no ordinary artifact, but one of six replicas. However, only one contains a gem in the center, a stone of unimaginable magical power that could spell the end of humanity if it ever fell in the wrong hands. Matthew sets out on a heart pounding journey to track down the remaining statues before his ancient foe finds them. Racing across the country, the vampire teams up with both the living and the undead, though not all are the allies they pretend to be. Using his wits, he must unearth the answers to a millennia old mystery in order to prepare himself for a final showdown against the evil stalking him at every turn. Acclaimed fantasy and science fiction author Fred Saberhagen takes readers along for a trek of unbelievable suspense, action, and pure page turning entertainment.

The Black Mountains

This map is part of the Landranger Pink series and is designed for people who really want to get to know an area. It includes the following information: tourist information, camping and caravan sites, picnic areas and viewpoints, selected places of interest and rights of way information for England and Wales. Each map in the series covers an area of 40 km by 40 km 25 miles by 25 miles and like other Ordnance Survey maps, National Grid squares are provided so that any feature can be given a unique reference number. Perfect for planning ahead and local excursions, these maps are full of useful information that will help you really get to know an area.

Ardneh’s Sword

It’s been a thousand years since the time of Ardneh, the transcendent being that saved humanity from the vicious archdemon Orcus. It was a legendary battle between magic and technology that killed them both, but left behind tales of Ardneh’s heroism and newly found hope for humanity. But in the passing years only a few remain that actually believe these legends as truths. Chance Rolfson comes from a long line of Ardneh’s followers, descendants from Rolf, the illustrious warrior who fought in Ardneh’s name for humanity many years ago. A young man plagued with vivid nightmares, Chance hopes to clear his head by joining a forest expedition that seeks physical proof of Ardneh’s existence. Their goal is to discover the great vault prophesized to hold the savior of humanity’s secrets to his own power and wisdom. But the dangers are high in the dark forests, rife with bandits and demons that no magic can stop. And as Chance’s dreams become clearer, he soon realizes these are not merely dreams but visions, and he alone holds the key to unlocking Ardneh’s greatest gift, known to the followers as Ardneh’s Sword.

The Third Book of Swords

Coinspinner, Farslayer, Mindsword, and nine more…
The gods gave the Swords of Power to humankind for a game but the swords can kill gods as well as mortals. And as the gods begin to die, the mortals find that life is not what it seemed…

Stonecutter’s Story

Young Kasimir was the custodian of Stonecutter, the sword which could hew mountains or diamonds with equal ease. But now, Stonecutter has been stolen, and Kasimir must recover it before it causes irrevocable damage. ‘An entertainment of high order.’ Publishers Weekly.

Farslayer’s Story

Long, long ago, the Gods forged Twelve Swords of Power, each with a unique and deadly quality. They forged too well, for the swords could kill the Gods themselves. Then the swords were lost, scattered across the land; and many are they, both good and evil, who are desperate to find them again. This story is of Farslayer, the sword that can kill from across and entire world. The game is fierce; the prize is the sword. The players are Black Pearl, and enscorcelled mermaid, and Cosmos her treacherous lover; Prince Zoltan and Prince Mark; the evil macrowizard Wood; and an enigmatic woman who arrives astride a griffin…

Mindsword’s Story

Long ago, the gods forged Twelve Swords of Power and threw them on the gameboard of life for men to scramble over. But they forged too well; the Swords could kill the gods themselves. Now the great Mindsword reenters the world of men, bringing others’ mindless devotion to him who wields it: Prince Murat of Culm, who intends to give it to Princess Kristin of Tasavalta. But first he draws it and receives worship from his own son, from the princess herself, and from a horrifying ‘ally.’It is up to Prince Mark of Tasavalta: his wife and kingdom, and the world, all may be lost to the Mindsword.

Wayspinner’s Story

Valdemar, an artless grape grower in search of the perfect woman, is led by Wayfinder, Sword of Wisdom one of the Twelve Swords of Power into a battle against the world’s most infamous wizard.

Shieldbreaker’s Story

Long ago, the gods forged Twelve Swords of Power and threw them on the gameboard of life for greedy mortals to scramble over. Too late, the gods learned that they had forged too well; the Swords could kill the gods themselves. Now, ages later, the Swords are back in human hands, as powerful as ever. Vilkata the Dark King returns from exile seeking revenge on those who defeated him. His first goal is the vault in which is enemy Prince Mark has placed the remaining Swords; with these in hand, none can oppose his rule. Only one untested warrior stands in his way: fourteen year old Prince Stephen, with Shieldbreaker in hand.

The Face of Apollo

Ancient Greece has many heroes. Young Jeremy Redthorn, seemingly doomed to virtual slavery as a farm laborer, doesn’t think of himself as one. But when he risks his life for a beautiful, wounded stranger, he soon finds himself on a perilous mission. What he doesn’t realize is that the mask he must deliver can confer upon its wearer the powers of a god. And, unfortunately for Jeremy, that god wants it back.

Ariadne’s Web

Theseus is a young man sentenced to be sacrificed to the gods. Ariadne is deeply in love with him. She conspires to save him from his grisly fate, but doesn’t count on Dionysus stepping in to complicate matters. With mythical beasts and whimsical gods confronting them at every turn, Ariadne and Theseus must find their way through a maze of events that are as twisted as they are dangerous.

The Arms of Hercules

Volume III Book of the GodsA Splendid New Fantasy by the Author of Ariadne’s WebFred Saberhagen, New York Times bestselling author of the Berzerker Series, continues to puts his own twist on Greek mythology, continuing the series that kicked off with The Face of Apollo and Ariadne s Web with Book III, The Arms of Hercules. Hercules is the son of the nearly omnipotent Zeus, King of the Gods, and of a human mother whose beauty sparked lust in the great god. The Arms of Hercules look no more muscular than those of many other men but his father was the greatest god in the entire world. Hercules, the son of Zeus, has crushed monsters, giants and legendary warriors in combat. Until one challenge remains: The harrowing underworld, the one place where strength does not matter. Pitted against the greatest monsters that classical literature and Saberhagen s vivid imagination could create, Hercules s struggle comes to life in his fight to the death, against Death itself.

God of the Golden Fleece

A man has come out of the seabrain damaged in a fight with a terrible giantremembering very little about himself. He knows his name is Proteus, and that he was sent to join Jason and the Argonauts as they embarked on the greatest journey the world has ever known. When Princess Medea is struck by Cupids arrow, she falls so desperately in love with Jason, that she is ready to betray her father, and to lure her own brother to his death, so that Jason may win the Golden Fleece.

Gods of Fire and Thunder

In the first four volumes of the Book of the Gods, Fred Saberhagen brought a new perspective to the classic gods of Greek mythology. Now the legendary creator of the Berzerker and Lost Swords sagas turns his gaze northward toward an entirely different pantheon of immortal deities…
the fearsome and ferocious gods of Valhalla. Haraldur the Northman once joined Jason on his fabled quest for the Golden Fleece, but now he wants nothing more to do with gods and adventure. Returning to his homeland for the first time in many years, he hopes only to settle down on a farm of his own until he comes across an impenetrable wall of eldritch fire and a lovesick youth determined to breach the wall at any cost. Behind the towering flames, he is told, lies a beautiful Valkyrie trapped in an enchanted sleep, as well as, perhaps, a golden treasure beyond mortal reckoning. It is the gold that tempts Hal to agree, against his better judgment, to assist the youth in his quest. But to find away past the fiery wall, they must first brave gnomes, ghosts, and the wrath of the gods themselves. For a mighty battle is brewing, and Hal soon finds himself caught up in a celestial conflict between Thor the Thunderer, Loki the Trickster, and, most powerful of all, Wodan, the merciless Lord of Battles!

After the Fact

Promised financial security, Jerry Flint hires on with the mysterious Pilgrim Foundation. Next morning Jerry awakes in 19th century Illinois. His irrevocable assignment: Save President Lincoln from assassination. With only his wits, an unusual natural gift, and Pilgrim’s mysterious pocket watch, Jerry must succeed or remain trapped in a time loop.

Coils (With: Roger Zelazny)

A new entity is being born. Its cells are microprocessors, its soul lives in data banks from Wall Street to Red Square. It is neither good nor evil. But it is very dangerous. The Angra Oil Corporation thinks it is just another resource to be used up…
. Coils: The story of a man and a woman trapped in the battle between a soulless corporation and the soul of a new machine.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

6. A Matter of Taste; 7. A Question of Time; 8. Seance for a Vampire; 9. A Sharpness On The Neck; Bonus: Bram Stoker’s Dracula, A Francis Ford Coppola Film

Merlin’s Bones

In post Arthurian England, ten year old Amby and the troupe of traveling players he belongs to are on the run from a conqueror. He has been gifted with second sight, and when the troupe stumbles upon an unoccupied castle he is the only one in the group who senses the power that lies within the stone building. In the near future, the Fisher King, Mordred and Morgan le Fay seek to gain control of Dr. Elaine Brusen’s hypostater, a machine capable of altering fundamental reality. Both Amby and Elaine are unwittingly drawn into a power struggle that spans centuries and spills into the realm of fairy and beyond. Saberhagen reworks Arthurian legend and puts Arthur s survival, the succession of New Camelot and Merlin s bones on the line with an exciting blend of romance, danger and adventure.

Dancing Bears

John Sherwood, an American hunter, accompanies his friend Gregori Lohmatski to Lohmatski’s family estate in pre revolutionary Russia to hunt a man eating bear, where Sherwood soon finds himself hunted by the political police and haunted by legends of shape shifting men.

An Armory of Swords

Saberhagen has brought together some of the best fantasy writers in the field to create their own stories within the universe of his Lost Swords series. This book features works by Walter Jon Williams, Sage Walker, and a new tale by the master himself Fred Saberhagen’s ‘Blind Man’s Blade’ reveals how the Swords were originally thrust into the human realm. HC: Tor.

Of Berserkers, Swords and Vampires

Best selling author Fred Saberhagen created three popular series: his Berserker stories and novels telling of the endless war of humans and their alien allies against the Berserkers, gigantic robot battleships programmed by an unknown extinct race to destory all life in the galaxy; his high fantasy Lost Swords series; and his Dracula series, the first novels to tell a story from the vampire’s point of view. In a book that will be irresistible for the thousands of Saberhagen fans, all three series are represented here, as well as gems from his other series, including his first published story and his last written story, marking the endpoints of a remarkable writer s remarkable career that spanned more than four decades As Joan Spicci Saberhagen writes in her foreword, Even Fred s most ardent fans will have a fresh look at his talents. Whatever the setting, Fred s stories provide fast moving action and a thought provoking theme.

The Arrival

Jonathan Doors. A man at the head of the world’s largest corporation, Doors International. A man of wealth and power, with the resources to change the world. A man whose life is about to change forever. In the early days of the twenty first century, The Earth stands still to hear the message: ‘We are the Companions…
.’The Taelons have arrived from beyond the stars on mission of mercy, to help humanity claim its destiny. Contacted by these Companions, Jonathan Doors helps introduce the aliens and their fantastic technology to the world. but there is a dark shadow behind the Taelons’ bright promises, and when it is revealed to Jonathan Doors, he will become their greatest enemy.

Requiem for Boone (By:)

William Boone. When the Taelons came to Earth, he was tapped to be the human who would work most closely with Da’an, the mysteriously powerful and enigmatic leader who speaks for the alien Companions. Boone became many things: confidant, bodyguard, interpreter…
and undercover agent for the human Resistance. But little has been told of Boone’s past, of the events that prepared him for this perilous assignment. Now it is revealed: from his duty overseas during the S/I War to his life in the United States, from the arrival of aliens on Earth to his first encounter with the mysterious Augur, here for the first time is the story behind mankind’s first double agent in the underground war between human and alien and the Resistance’s first martyr.

Gene Roddenberry’s Earth (By:)

William Boone. When the Taelons came to Earth, he was tapped to be the human who would work most closely with Da’an, the mysteriously powerful and enigmatic leader who speaks for the alien Companions. Boone became many things: confidant, bodyguard, interpreter…
and undercover agent for the human Resistance. But little has been told of Boone’s past, of the events that prepared him for this perilous assignment. Now it is revealed: from his duty overseas during the S/I War to his life in the United States, from the arrival of aliens on Earth to his first encounter with the mysterious Augur, here for the first time is the story behind mankind’s first double agent in the underground war between human and alien and the Resistance’s first martyr.

Augur’s Teacher (By:Sherwood Smith)

Cece Robin is a simple fourth grade schoolteacher. A chance meeting with a splinter group of the Resistance changes her life. She would never dream of getting involved in their plot to assassinate the Taelon leader Zo’or she’d never kill anyone not even an alien Taelon! Her refusal makes her dangerous to the Resistance and a suspect in the eyes of the Taelons. By great good luck she meets up with Augur, whom she puts in a terrible fix. He the ultimate loner, whose credo is ‘I’m out for nobody but myself’ risks his cover, his life, and worst of all, possibly, the loss of some income, to save his favorite teacher from the Taelons and the Resistance. Can Augur save Cece without crippling the Resistance and destroying humanity’s hope for the future? Maybe. But for sure, he’s really going to mess up his social life!

Heritage (By:Doranna Durgin)

Gene Roddenberrys Earth: Final Conflict has been a successful syndicated science fiction TV series for the past three and a half years. Each tie in novel explores events and issues suggested by the TV series and dramatizes parts of the characters lives never explored on television. In Heritage, Liam Kincaid discovers a plot that may involve a Jaridian threat to Earth. He has to delve into Taelon secrets and face some of the shadows in his own past if hes going to protect Earth.

Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict–Legacy (By:)

Waneta Young, a woman of Cherokee descent, finds a mysterious red crystal lodged in a piece of pottery discovered at an archaeological dig. This red crystal contains a centuries old destructive force guarded by tribal shamans against those who might misuse its terrible power. When the Taelons discover the crystal, Zo’or is determined to wrest its power from its Native American guardians. Liam Kincaid and Renee Palmer find themselves caught in a desperate struggle between humans and Taelons, who would resurrect a creature only, the power of Cherokee legend can hold at bay. When the terrible power is unleashed, humans and Taelons discover a danger that threatens to end all life. A danger that seemingly cannot be stopped…

Gaslight Grotesque: Nightmare Tales of Sherlock Holmes

THE MONSTERS ARE DUE ON BAKER STREET! Between the shadowy realms of fear and the unforgiving glare of science lies a battleground of unspeakable horror. In vile alleyways with blood slick cobblestones, impenetrable fog, and the wan glow of gaslight, lurk the inhuman denizens of nightmare. CAN REASON PREVAIL WHEN ELIMINATING THE IMPOSSIBLE IS NO LONGER AN OPTION? Faced with his worst fears, Sherlock Holmes has his faith in the science of observation and deduction shaken to the core in 13 all new tales of terror from today’s modern masters of the macabre! Contributors Include: Leslie S. Klinger ‘Foreword’ Charles V. Prepolec ‘Introduction’ Stephen Volk ‘Hounded’ Lawrence C. Connolly ‘The Death Lantern’ William Meikle ‘The Quality of Mercy’ James A. Moore ‘Emily’s Kiss’ William Patrick Maynard ‘The Tragic Case of the Child Prodigy Hayden Trenholm ‘The Last Windigo’ Neil Jackson ‘Celeste’ Robert Lauderdale ‘The Best Laid Plans’ Leigh Blackmore ‘Exalted are the Forces of Darkness’ Mark Morris ‘The Affair of the Heart’ Simon Kurt Unsworth ‘The Hand Delivered Letter’ Barbara Roden ‘Of the Origin of the Hound of the Baskervilles’ J. R. Campbell ‘Mr. Other s Children’

The Adventure of the Peerless Peer (By:Philip José Farmer)

Holmes and Watson take to the skies in the quest of the nefarious Von Bork and his weapon of dread…
A night sky aerial engagement with the deadly Fokker nearly claims three brilliant lives…
And an historic alliance is formed, whereby Baker Street’s enigmatic mystery solver and Greystoke, the noble savage, peer of the realm and lord of the jungle, team up to bring down the hellish hun!This edition also contains a brand new afterword by Win Scott Eckert and a bonus preview of the new Kim Newman novel, Moriarty: The Hound of the D’Urbervilles.

War of the Worlds (By:Manly Wade Wellman,Wade Wellman)

Sherlock Holmes, Professor Challenger and Dr. Watson meet their match when the streets of London are left decimated by a prolonged alien attack. Who could be responsible for such destruction? Sherlock Holmes is about to find out…
Manly and Wade Wellman’s novel takes H.G. Wells’s classic story of Martian invasion and throws Holmes into the mix, with surprising and unexpected results. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s timeless creation returns in a new series of handsomely designed detective stories. From the earliest days of Holmes career to his astonishing encounters with Martian invaders, the Further Adventures series encapsulates the most varied and thrilling cases of the worlds greatest detective.

Sherlock vs Dracula (By:Loren D. Estleman)

THE ADVENTURES OF THE SANGUINARY COUNT The year is 1890. A ship is discovered adrift off the English coast, its crew missing, its murdered captain lashed to the wheel, and its only passanger is a sinister black dog. This impenetrable mystery is clearly a case for the inimitable Sherlock Holmes, but for the first time in his illustrious career the great detective is baffled. Clearly the crew have been murdered and dumped overboard, but what can account for the captain’s expression of imponderable terror and his acute loss of blood, or the ship’s strange cargo fifty boxes of earth? The game is affot, and Sherlock Holmes, aided as ever by the faithful Dr. Watson, finds himself on the trail of no mortal enemy, but the arch vampire himself Count Dracula…
From the impalement of the ‘Bloofer Lady’ to the abduction of Watson’s belowed wife, Mary, from the death of a harmless prostitute to a terrifying conclusion on a lonely beach, this unique case is at once a glorious celebration of two of the most famous literary genres, a riveting thriller with sensational climaxes, and a tale guaranteed to delight all Holmes and Dracula lovers everywhere.

The Stalwart Companions (By:H. Paul Jeffers)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s timeless creation returns in a new series of handsomely designed, long out of print detective stories. From the earliest days of Holmes career to his astonishing encounters with Martian invaders, the Further Adventures series encapsulates the most varied and thrilling cases of the worlds greatest detective.

Written by future President Theordore Roosevelt long before The Great Detective s first encounter with Dr. Watson, Holmes visits America to solve a most violent and dispicable crime. A crime that was to prove his most taxing of his brilliant career…

Recently discovered in the baseme*nt of the New York Police Department, The Stalwart Companions is one of Holmes most exciting and unusual chronicles.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Holmes (By:Loren D. Estleman)

Accompanied by Dr. Watson, master sleuth Sherlock Holmes has already encountered the evil young hedonist Edward Hyde, and knew he was strangely connected with Henry Jekyll, the wealthy, respectable London doctor. It was not until the Queen herself requested it, however, that Holmes was officially on the case of the savage murder of Sir Danvers Carew the blackest mystery of his career! Although Robert Louis Stevenson published his tale of Jekyll and Hyde as fiction, the hideous facts were true, insofar as Stevenson knew them. Here, then, is the entire firsthand account of that devilish crime as recorded by Dr. Watson, with an explanation of why Holmes’s personal involvement had to be kept secret until now…

The Whitechapel Horrors (By:Edward B. Hanna)

Grotesque murders are being committed on the streets of Whitechapel. Sherlock Holmes comes to believe they are the skilful work of one man, a man who earns the gruesome epithet of Jack the Ripper. As the investigation proceeds, Holmes realizes that the true identity of the Ripper puts much more at stake than just catching a killer

The Seventh Bullet (By:Daniel D. Victor)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s timeless creation returns in a new series of handsomely designed, long out of print detective stories. From the earliest days of Holmes career to his astonishing encounters with Martian invaders, the Further Adventures series encapsulates the most varied and thrilling cases of the worlds greatest detective. Sherlock Holmes desire for a peaceful life in the Sussex countryside is dashed when true life muckraker and author David Graham Phillips is assassinated, leaving behind little clues as to why he was murdered. The pleas of his sister draws Holmes and Watson to the far side of the Atlantic, where a web of deceit, violence and intrigue unravels as they embark on one of their most challenging cases.

The Angel of the Opera (By:Sam Siciliano)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s timeless creation returns in a new series of handsomely designed detective stories. The Further Adventures series encapsulates the most varied and thrilling cases of the worlds greatest detective.

The Scroll of the Dead (By:David Stuart Davies)

Holmes attends a seance to unmask an impostor posing as a medium, Sebastian Melmoth, a man hell bent on obtaining immortality after the discovery of an ancient Egyptian papyrus. It is up to Holmes and Watson to stop him and avert disaster…
In this fast paced adventure, the action moves from London to the picturesque Lake District as Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson once more battle with the forces of evil. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s timeless creation returns in a new series of handsomely designed detective stories. From the earliest days of Holmes career to his astonishing encounters with Martian invaders, the Further Adventures series encapsulates the most varied and thrilling cases of the worlds greatest detective.

The Man from Hell (By:Barrie Roberts)

In 1886, wealthy philathropist Lord Backwater is found beaten to death on the grounds of his estate. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson must unravel the mystery by pitting their wits against a ruthless new enemy, taking them across the globe in search of the killer. By turns both thrilling and daring, The Man From Hell braves dark new territories in the Holmes mythology and is an invaluable addition to the library of any Holmes fan. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s timeless creation returns in a new series of handsomely designed detective stories. From the earliest days of Holmes career to his astonishing encounters with Martian invaders, the Further Adventures series encapsulates the most varied and thrilling cases of the worlds greatest detective.

The Haunting of Torre Abbey (By:Carole Buggé)

‘Watson, do you believe in ghosts?’ With this question, Sherlock Holmes shatters the calm of a quiet evening in their London flat and, with Dr. John Watson at his side, embarks upon a particularly strange case. Holmes has received a request for aid from Lord Charles Cary, whose family is seemingly being threatened by ghosts in and around the family manor. The manor is Torre Abbey, a twelfth century monastery in Torquay, Devon, and it has a long history of hauntings. While skeptical of the supernatural, Holmes does believe that the Cary family is in danger a belief which proves to be horrifyingly accurate when, shortly after they arrive at Torre Abbey, a household member dies suddenly, mysteriously, and seemingly of fright. As strange sightings and threatening apparitions become almost commonplace, Holmes must uncover the secrets of the haunted abbey and the family that lives there if he is to have any hope of protecting the living and avenging the dead. In a case that taxes his wits, and seems beyond the reach of his usual methods, Holmes must grapple with his most deadly and unforgiving foe.

The Veiled Detective (By:David Stuart Davies)

A young Sherlock Holmes arrives in London to begin his career as a private detective, catching the eye of the master criminal, Professor James Moriarty. Enter Dr. Watson, newly returned from Afghanistan, soon to make history as Holmes companion…
By turns both shocking and exciting, David Stuart Davies controversial take on the Holmes mythology is a modern classic in crime fiction that will defy all expectations. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s timeless creation returns in a new series of handsomely designed detective stories. From the earliest days of Holmes career to his astonishing encounters with Martian invaders, the Further Adventures series encapsulates the most varied and thrilling cases of the worlds greatest detective.

The Web Weaver (By:Sam Siciliano)

When a mysterious gypsy places a cruel curse on the guests at a ball and a series of terrible misfortunes begin to affect those who attended that night, Mr. Donald Wheelwight engages Sherlock Holmes to find out what really happened that fateful evening. With the help of his cousin Dr. Henry Vernier and his wife Michelle, Holmes endeavors to save Wheelwright and his beautiful wife Violet from the devastating curse. As the threats to the captivating Violet mount, Holmes is drawn in deeper and deeper, finding himself entangled in a vast dark web involving prostitution, perversion, theft, and blackmail. A brand new, never before published addition to the Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series.

The Third Omni Book of Science Fiction

Vintage, 1985 paperback, Zebra Books, 479 pages. This is a collection of short stories from Omni magazine some of the language is objectionable.

Space Soldiers

In this explosive anthology, ten of science fiction’s best new and classic writers imagine the soldiers who will one day fight and die on distant worlds. Featuring stories by: Fritz Leiber Joe Haldeman Paul J. McAuley Alastair Reynolds Stephen Baxter William Barton Tom Purdom Robert Reed Fred Saberhagen

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