Fred Mustard Stewart Books In Order

Savage Saga Books In Order

  1. The Magnificent Savages (1996)
  2. The Young Savages (1998)
  3. The Naked Savages (1999)
  4. The Savages in Love and War (2001)


  1. The Mephisto Waltz (1969)
  2. The Methuselah Enzyme (1970)
  3. Lady Darlington (1971)
  4. The Mannings (1973)
  5. Star Child (1974)
  6. Six Weeks (1976)
  7. A Rage Against Heaven (1978)
  8. Century (1981)
  9. Ellis Island (1983)
  10. The Glitter and the Gold (1985)
  11. The Titan (1985)
  12. Pomp and Circumstance (1991)

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Fred Mustard Stewart Books Overview

The Young Savages

Twenty years have passed since Justin Savage, the illegitimate son of a shipping magnate, fled to sea to escape his murderous half brother. It’s the 1880s in New York and Justin has put behind his riotous youthful escapades and settled into domesticity, privilege, and family life. But the talent for survival and the restless spirit for adventure seem to run in the Savage blood. Johnny Savage, heir apparent to his father’s banking fortune, isn’t above playing hooky from Wall Street to go off with his best friend, Teddy Roosevelt, to conquer the West. Julie Savage, a half Chinese, half American beauty who is an enigma in New York society, must come to terms with her ancestry and travel almost a world away to find true love. And Rachel Lieberman, the beautiful young daughter of Justin’s business partner, will fight against her family’s attempts to create a new Jewish dynasty and come close to losing the only man she ever loved and her life.

The Savages in Love and War

The Savages in Love and War is the next installment in this riveting historical saga of a powerful family whose lives are played out on the center stage of a new epoch, and whose passions and rivalries shape some of the most memorable events of the twentieth century. Young Nick Savage came through the Roaring Twenties poorer but unbroken. He’s taken on the task of preserving what is left of his family’s fortune and he’s helping his new friend, FDR, help the rest of the country do the same. Meanwhile, Nick’s sister is in Paris, struggling alongside her aristocratic husband to hold on to the dreams of their youth as they watch political storm clouds from Germany threaten all they love. And in the Far East, the Asian branch of the Savages descendents of the seafarer Justin Savage and the beautiful Chinese pirate Ching Mei has come to great respectability, and they must keep what they have so carefully built from being torn away from them by the growing power of the Rising Sun. The Savages have been flung far and wide, and as the world careens from the excesses of the Jazz Age to the cruel wake up call of the Great Depression, and reels from the terrors of the first world war to the chilling promises of a second, we follow this family through their heartbreak and triumph.

Ellis Island

They were five young penniless people who came to America at the turn of the century a land of shining hope and breathtaking challenge. They came to fulfill a glowing promise and take the fearful gamble of a new life in a land where anything was possible. Reissue.

Pomp and Circumstance

As America plunges headlong into the Civil War, Lizzie Desmond and Adam Thorpe finds that the lessons they learned in love and honor on the Yorkshire moors are put to the test. LJ. PW. K.

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