Frank Bonham Books In Order


  1. Lost Stage Valley (1950)
  2. Snaketrack (1952)
  3. Blood On the Land (1955)
  4. Hardrock (1959)
  5. Last Stage West (1959)
  6. Burma Rifles (1960)
  7. Mystery of the Fat Cat (1960)
  8. Trago (1962)
  9. War Beneath the Sea (1962)
  10. Logan’s Choice (1964)
  11. Durango Street (1965)
  12. Nitty Gritty (1968)
  13. The Vagabundos (1969)
  14. Viva Chicano (1970)
  15. Chief (1971)
  16. Cool Cat (1972)
  17. The Friends of the Loony Lake Monster (1972)
  18. A Dream of Ghosts (1973)
  19. Hey, Big Spender (1976)
  20. The Missing Persons League (1976)
  21. Golden Bees of Tulami (1977)
  22. The Rascals from Haskell’s Gym (1977)
  23. Devilhorn (1978)
  24. Sound of Gunfire (1979)
  25. The Forever Formula (1979)
  26. Mystery of the Red Tide (1980)
  27. Gimme an H, Gimme an E, Gimme an L, Gimme A P (1980)
  28. The Feud at Spanish Ford (1981)
  29. Bold Passage (1983)
  30. Cast a Long Shadow (1983)
  31. Tough Country (1983)
  32. Break for the Border (1984)
  33. Defiance Mountain (1984)
  34. Fort Hogan (1984)
  35. Night Raid (1984)
  36. Premonitions (1984)
  37. Rawhide Guns (1985)
  38. The Eye of the Hunter (1989)
  39. Burn Him Out (1998)
  40. Furnace Flat (2000)
  41. Dakota Man (2007)


  1. That Bloody Bozeman Trail / Stagecoach West (1990)
  2. The Bold West (1999)
  3. Outcasts of Rebel Creek (2004)
  4. The Dark Border (2009)
  5. Trouble at Temescal (2010)
  6. Mission Creek (2011)


  1. The Best Western Stories of Frank Bonham (1989)
  2. One Ride Too Many (1995)
  3. The Canon of Maverick Brands (1997)
  4. Stage Trails West (2002)
  5. The Last Mustang (2003)
  6. The Phantom Bandit (2005)
  7. High Iron (2006)
  8. Devil’s Graze (2008)

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Frank Bonham Books Overview

Lost Stage Valley

In the turbulent days before the Civil War, bandits posing as Southern patriots were threatening to wipe out the famous Butterfield Stagecoach line. John Butterfiel d turned to Grif Holbrook, his ace troubleshooter. ‘

Durango Street

When Rufus Henry gets out of work camp for Grand Theft Auto, he has only one place to go? back to Durango Street. Almost right away, he gets on the wrong side of the Gassers, has to join the rival Moors? and starts running for his life. Years ahead of its time, Durango Street, like The Outsiders, shows that gang violence is, sadly, nothing new? and nothing glamorous. ‘A starkly realistic, convincing, well written teen novel.’ ? School Library Journal


Henry Crowfoot, high school senior and hereditary Chief of a small band of California Indians, resurrects a little known treaty in an effort to improve the lives of his people.

Golden Bees of Tulami

Determined not to give in to Turk Ransom’s pressure to join one of his gangs, Cool Hankins finds unexpected support from an African stranger who seems to be on a mysterious mission.

The Forever Formula

A 17 year old lying in a hospital bed wonders if he has a brain tumor or is suffering from hallucinations. The truth is startling and incredible and, most of all, dangerous.

Gimme an H, Gimme an E, Gimme an L, Gimme A P

A high school boy tries to help a beautiful, suicidal cheerleader whose emotional disturbances become increasingly more evident.

The Feud at Spanish Ford

This is the story of two men as different from each other as father and son could ever be. Ruel Starrett was a fighter, driven by roughshod ambition, but his son, Rex, was young enough to believe in justice. Between them there grew a misunderstanding that flared into hatred.

Bold Passage

Sam Cary’s arch rival Mark Stockwell had been running guns to the Indians, a hot blooded young warchief was stirring up the tribes and the cavalry had already pulled out. But Sam was a fighter with a lot at stake he wasn’t about to give up.

Tough Country

Twenty months of hard labor and guards with short clubs are supposed to take the edge off a man. But when the Winguards tried to cheat him out of his land, Jim Canning figured it was better to trust his gun than the same two faced lawyers who’d sent him to prison. Before he’d go back, he’d fight his way to Mexico with a dead deputy handcuffed to him.

Fort Hogan

In the West, gun running was a business and Gary Fidel was a business man. The Gatling could outshoot 50 men. It was worth a hatful of gold if Fidel could get it across the Mexican border to the Yaqui Indians and worth a slow neck stretching if he didn’t make it.

Rawhide Guns

Jim Harlan had to drive a railroad across the wilds of New Mexico but the cattlemen of the region had an even tougher job. They had to try to stop him! What Harlan knew about railroading was slung from his belt, but it was more than enough.

The Bold West

Go west with Zane Grey in ‘The Great Slave’ and a Crow chief who must save his vanishing tribe; Max Brand in ‘A Sagebrush Cinderella’ and an encounter with a notorious bandit; and Giff Chesire in ‘Wild Was the River’ as river workers face a flood and far greater enemies.

Outcasts of Rebel Creek

Here for the first time in book form is a new quartet of Frank Bonham’s finest Western stories. Bill Devlin of ‘Butcherknife Ridge’ is a man fighting to earn respect for himself while trying to clear the name of his grandfather. ‘Border Man’ is remarkable for the ease and skill with which Bonham combines a number of disparate elements and characters into a colorful, suspenseful narrative set in the Arizona Mexico border country. Fast and furious action is the keynote in ‘Outcasts of Rebel Creek,’ which culminates in a pitched gun battle. Frank Bonham achieved excellence as a noted author of young adult fiction, detective and mystery fiction, as well as his contributions to Western fiction. His first Western novel was purchased for the basis of a motion picture, and the popularity and quality of his work have never diminished. Bill Pronzini is the author of many Western stories and novels, including Starvation Camp and Firewind, and editor of several collections. He lives with his wife, author Marcia Muller, in Petaluma, California.

The Canon of Maverick Brands

WesternThe Caon of Maverick Brands brings together for the first time in book form three of Frank Bonhams finest Western short novels. The Mustanger concerns Ross Change who was laid up with an injured leg while his capricious partner, Balden Ramsey, rode off with their herd of wild horses. The Magnificent Gringo involves Lee Brian and Katie Graham, with smuggling, cattle rustling, a cannon battle at sea, and unscrupulous rancher on land. The Caon of Maverick Brands combines mystery, murder, and thrilling landscapes as Rance Kirby returns to the Tree Rivers county from a foray into Mexico that has left him a rich man. First Edition Western

Stage Trails West

These four short novels show the role of staging during the War Between the States and its almost complete demise with the advent of the railroads.

The Last Mustang

Frank Bonham’s Western fiction provides ample evidence of his abundant abilities as a storyteller. The stories included in this collection are noted for the author’s extensive research and attention to historical detail, colorful backgrounds, a wide variety of well developed characters, and rousing action sequences. Among the stories presented here is ‘City of Devils,’ a swift paced account of manipulation and treachery among greedy cattlemen. ‘The Last Mustang‘ is a good humored saga of a mountain bred mustanger whose heart is as big as his loneliness.

The Phantom Bandit

Frank Bonham’s talent for combining picturesque historical and geographical settings with swiftly paced narratives makes him one of the premier Western writers of all time. Now, for the first time in book form, here is a collection of Frank Bonham’s finest Western stories, selected and edited by Bill Pronzini. ‘A River Man Goes to War’ is set at the beginning of the War Between the States. In ‘Wanted!’ a former captain of the Army, Swain Barker, has been convicted of embezzling. In ‘Hell in Dakota’ rancher Sam Randall, like everyone else on the range, has his back against the wall. In ‘Death Valley Silver’ Jim Bayliss knows Death Valley well from his time as a cartographer with the Army.

Frank Bonham achieved excellence as a noted author for his contributions to western fiction. Bill Pronzini lives with his wife, author Marcia Muller, in Petaluma, California.

High Iron

Here, for the first time in book form, are three of Bonham’s best Western short novels. ‘The Sin of Wiley Brogan’ is the good humored tale of a young horse breaker fed up with his lot in life, whose chance meeting with an entrepreneurial postal official leads him into a riotous new profession involving stagecoach competition for the delivery of mail in eastern Oregon. ‘Texicans Die Hard’ has a south of the border locale and an intricate plot in which a Texas cowhand inherits an old Chihauhuan rancho. His decision to work the ranch with his sidekick leads him into a series of conflicts. ‘High Iron,’ a saga of epic proportions, tells of the men who built the Central Pacific Railroad through the High Sierras, and of the multiple hazards, both natural and man made, that they faced and overcame.

Frank Bonham made significant contributions to Western fiction. Bill Pronzini was born in Petaluma, California.

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