Frank Belknap Long Books In Order


  1. The Horror from the Hills (1931)
  2. Space Station #1 (1957)
  3. Mars Is My Destination (1962)
  4. It Was the Day of the Robot (1963)
  5. Mission to a Star (1964)
  6. The Three Faces of Time (1969)
  7. Monster from Out of Time (1970)
  8. Survival World (1971)
  9. House of the Deadly Nightshade (1972)
  10. The Crucible of Evil (1974)


  1. Man From Time / Calm Man / Sky Trap (2010)
  2. Second Chance / Mission to a Distant Star (2011)
  3. Operation: Square Peg / Enchantress of Venus (2011)
  4. Full Cycle / It was the Day of the Robot (2012)


  1. The Hounds of Tindalos (1946)
  2. John Carstairs: Space Detective (1949)
  3. The Rim of the Unknown (1972)
  4. The Black Druid (1975)
  5. The Early Long (1975)
  6. In Mayan Splendor (1977)
  7. Night Fear (1979)
  8. The Challenge From Beyond (1990)
  9. The Eye Above the Mantel (1995)
  10. The Man Who Died Twice (2009)
  11. Frank Belknap Long: Masters of the Weird Tale (2011)
  12. Frank Belknap Reader: Masters of Classic Sci-Fi (2012)
  13. Science Fiction Gems, Volume Four (2012)
  14. Classic Martian Stories, Vol. 5 (2013)
  15. Science Fiction Gems, Volume 9 (2015)
  16. The Science Fiction Crime Megapack (2017)
  17. The Golden Age of Weird Fiction: Frank Belknap Long (2019)
  18. The Frank Belknap Long Science Fiction MEGAPACK (2021)
  19. The Fourth Frank Belknap Long Science Fiction MEGAPACK (2021)



  1. The Great Cold (1935)
  2. Manhunt (1954)
  3. The Calm Man (1954)
  4. The Man from Time (1954)
  5. Mission to a Distant Star (1958)
  6. The Mississippi Saucer (2008)
  7. The Man the Martians Made (2011)
  8. The Sky Trap (2011)
  9. Rebirth (2020)

Non fiction

  1. Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1975)

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Frank Belknap Long Books Overview

The Horror from the Hills

‘This unusually powerful and imaginative story concerns a hideous stone idol brought from China, and an age old entity which uses that idol as a material tenement to bend humanity to its evil will. The spawn of remote stars and unholy dimensions, Chaugnar Faugn could incarn itself at its pleasure in dimensions lower than its own and loose horror upon the world. ‘Mr. Long writes, ‘This novel is in some respects a period piece, for it was written inside a Time Capsule traveling through the intangible dimensions conjured up by such masters of the macabre as Arthur Machen, Algernon Blackwood, M.P. Shiel, M.R. James and, of course, Lovecraft. And above all me, as I traveled, another dark shrouded figure seemed to hover the towering ghost of Edgar Allan Poe. I am very glad that it is to appear in book form at last, for there are visions of strangeness and beauty which come to us when we are quite young and remain with us until we are too old to dream. They are visions we like to share.”

Full Cycle / It was the Day of the Robot

Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel, Full Cycle is about a strange new world of the future. Was Ambrose Wilson merely a ghost an ancient relic of a new world that had passed him by? Was there no place in this neo culture for a man who had made history his life? Surely, somewhere, there must be a link between yesterday and the tomorrow that had already arrived. However, it took great hardship and the worst kind of personal betrayal to help him realize mankind’s new, untapped potential in this thought provoking tale of the future, by one of science fiction s very best writers, Clifford D. Simak. The second novel, It Was the Day of the Robot is by another great sci fi veteran, Frank Belknap Long. Biogenetic advances had made such progress that it was now possible to determine the exact genes and precise nature desirable in the human adult. For the first time in history an individual s instincts could be successfully controlled. Experience had shown that it was in Society s best interests to maintain, at all times, a perfect balance of the more desirable genetic types. But who got to make these determinations? John Tabor marriage privilege denied. This is a science fiction thriller about a machine that computed men s futures, and about one man who dared to tamper with the unacceptable results

The Rim of the Unknown

Haunting fantasies by a master of horror.

The Man Who Died Twice

This volume collects four tales by Frank Belknap Long from pulp magazines: ‘The Man Who Died Twice‘ from Ghost Stories, January 1927; ‘Humpty Dumpty had a Great Fall’ from Startling Stories, November 1948; ‘The Sky Trap’ from Comet, July 1941; and ‘The Mississippi Saucer’ from Weird Tales, March 1951.

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