Frank Baker Books In Order


  1. The Twisted Tree (1935)
  2. The Birds (1936)
  3. Miss Hargreaves (1940)
  4. Mr Allenby Loses the Way (1945)


  1. Stories of the Strange and Sinister (1983)

Non fiction

  1. I Follow But Myself (1968)

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Frank Baker Books Overview

Miss Hargreaves

When, on the spur of the moment, Norman Huntley and his friend Henry invent an eighty three year old woman called Miss Hargreaves, they are inspired to post a letter to their new fictional friend. It is only meant to be a silly, harmless game until Miss Hargreaves arrives on their doorstep. She is, to Norman’s utter disbelief, exactly as he had imagined her: enchanting, eccentric, and endlessly astounding. He hadn t imagined, however, how much havoc an imaginary octogenarian could wreak on his sleepy Buckinghamshire hometown.

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