Fletcher Pratt Books In Order

Harold Shea Books In Order

  1. The Incomplete Enchanter (1941)
  2. The Castle of Iron (1941)
  3. Wall of Serpents (1953)
  4. The Compleat Enchanter (1976)
  5. The Intrepid Enchanter (1988)
  6. The Complete Compleat Enchanter (1989)


  1. Land of Unreason (1942)
  2. The Carnelian Cube (1948)
  3. The Well of the Unicorn (1948)
  4. The Blue Star (1952)
  5. The Undying Fire (1953)
  6. Alien Planet (1962)


  1. Double in Space (1951)


  1. Tales from Gavagan’s Bar (1953)
  2. The Mathematics of Magic (2007)

Anthologies edited

Non fiction

  1. The Lost Battalion (1938)
  2. Secret and Urgent (1939)
  3. Monitor and the Merrimac (1951)
  4. All About Famous Inventors and Their Inventions (1955)
  5. The Civil War (1955)
  6. The Civil War in Pictures (1955)
  7. The Battles That Changed History (1956)
  8. A Short History of the Civil War (1992)

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Fletcher Pratt Books Overview

The Incomplete Enchanter

First volume of the Magical Misadventures of Harold Shea. Wonderful stuff!

The Compleat Enchanter

The Mathematics of Magic was probably the greatest discovery of the ages at least Professor Harold Shea thought so. With the proper equations, he could instantly transport himself back in time to all the wondrous lands of ancient legend. But slips in time were a hazard, and Shea’s magic did not always work at least, not quite as he expected…
This omnibus volume of all of the Magical Misadventures of Harold Shea contains The Incomplete Enchanter, The Wall of Serpents and Castle of Iron

The Complete Compleat Enchanter

Due to popular demand, Harold Shea of The Compleat Enchanter has had new adventures which have been published separately as The Enchanter Completed. Now, Baen Books presents a single volume of all the adventures of Harold Shea, master logician and wizard without peer.

The Well of the Unicorn

Robbed of lands and heritage by the rapacious Vulkings, young Airar Alvarson had only his limited gift for sorcery to aid him against a world of savage intrigues. Then he met a mysterious sorcerer and was given a strange iron ring a ring that led him into a futile conspiracy and soon had him fleeing for his life. Driven by enchantments and destiny, he found himself leading a band of warriors against the mighty empire of the Vulkings. With him was a warrior maid who mocked him while she sought to serve by fair means or foul. Then he met the Imperial Princess who preached the peace of the Well but it soon became apparent she would bring him only turmoil and strife!

The Blue Star

Lalette Asterhax could not escape her destiny. She was a hereditary witch in a world where witchcraft was banned by ecclesiastical and temporal powers. And any man who possessed her would then gain possession of her precious Blue Star and all the powers it could bestow.

Rodvard Bergelin was a reluctant revolutionary…
a rogue who had a date with destiny. Although he lusted after a rich baron’s daughter, Rodvard was ordered to seduce the saucy witch maiden. Then all the magical powers of that strange blue jewel would be his…
for as long as he remained faithful to Lalette!

‘A magnificent job of writing…
a gem perfect example of a branch of pure fantasy so rare nowadays.’ Damon Knight

Double in Space

Contains two short novels from the classic pulp magazine ‘Thrilling Wonder Stories’ ‘The Wanderer’s Return’ and ‘Project Excelsior.’

The Mathematics of Magic

Harold Shea is a psychologist who dreams of adventure, but never gets beyond learning to fence and occasionally showing up at staff meetings dressed in horseback riding garb. But when he learns that his boss, Dr. Reed Chalmers, has developed a theory which allows a person to transport himself to any world he can imagine, Harold Shea decides to give it a whirl. This volume includes all the De Camp and Pratt Enchanter stories.

The Lost Battalion

For a generation The Lost Battalion exemplified the best of America’s involvement in World War I. Until World War II pushed The Lost Battalion out of the national memory with its own scenes of horror and heroism, mention of the unit s name summoned up what America admired in its soldiers: unpretentious courage, dogged resistance, and good cheer and adaptation under adversity.

Secret and Urgent

This is a reproduction, without changes, of a classic text in cryptographic literature. Fletcher Pratt has written an outstanding light reading book concerning classical cryptography and cryptanalysis. The history of codes and ciphers is covered extensively.

The Civil War in Pictures

Kessinger Publishing is the place to find hundreds of thousands of rare and hard to find books with something of interest for everyone!

The Battles That Changed History

Profiles of 16 decisive struggles from ancient and modern times. Gripping accounts range from Alexander the Great’s overthrow of the Persian empire in the 4th century BC to World War II’s Battle of Midway. Pratt depicts the circumstances leading up to the decisive clashes, the personalities involved, and the historically important aftermath. 27 maps.

A Short History of the Civil War

Best one volume history brings the events, figures, and battles of monumental conflict vividly to life. Absorbing details of military campaigns, battlefield strategies, and personalities revealed in an audacious style that carries readers breathlessly along from the day of Lincoln’s inauguration to Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Court House.

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