Fiona McArthur Books In Order

Marriage and Maternity Books In Order

  1. The Midwife’s Secret (2002)
  2. Emergency in Maternity (2001)
  3. Delivering Secrets (2003)
  4. Midwife in Need (2003)
  5. A Very Single Midwife (2003)
  6. The Pregnant Midwife (2004)

Lyrebird Lake Books In Order

  1. The Midwife’s Little Miracle (2008)
  2. The Midwife’s New-Found Family (2009)
  3. Pregnant Midwife: Father Needed (2009)
  4. Midwife in the Family Way (2010)
  5. Midwife, Mother…Italian’s Wife (2011)

Christmas in Lyrebird Lake Books In Order

  1. Midwife’s Christmas Proposal (2014)
  2. Midwife’s Mistletoe Baby (2014)

Midwives of Lighthouse Bay Books In Order

  1. A Month to Marry the Midwife (2017)
  2. Healed by the Midwife’s Kiss (2018)
  3. The Midwife’s Secret Child (2019)

Big City Doctors Books In Order

  1. The Doctor’s Gift (2021)

Healing Hands – Doctors By Specialty Books In Order

  1. Her Doctor Prince (2021)
  2. The Doctor’s Vision (2021)


  1. Delivering Love (2000)
  2. Midwife Under Fire! (2001)
  3. Father in Secret (2001)
  4. The Doctor’s Surprise Bride (2006)
  5. The Midwife’s Baby (2007)
  6. Midwife in a Million (2009)
  7. The Midwife and the Millionaire (2010)
  8. Harry St Clair: Rogue or Doctor? (2011)
  9. Falling for the Sheikh She Shouldn’t (2012)
  10. A Doctor, A Fling & A Wedding Ring (2012)
  11. The Prince Who Charmed Her (2013)
  12. The Homestead Girls (2015)
  13. Red Sand Sunrise (2016)
  14. Heart of the Sky (2017)
  15. The Baby Doctor (2018)
  16. Mothers’ Day (2018)
  17. The Desert Midwife (2019)
  18. Midwife On The Orient Express (2019)
  19. The Bush Telegraph (2020)
  20. Midwife In The Jungle (2020)
  21. Second Chance in Barcelona (2020)
  22. Dr Bennett’s Babies (2021)
  23. The Farmer’s Friend (2021)
  24. Taking A Chance On The Best Man (2021)


  1. Baby Love (2006)
  2. Australian Heroes (2007)
  3. Midwife and the Millionaire / From Single Mum to Lady (2010)
  4. Becoming Dr Bellini’s Bride / Midwife, Mother…Italian’s Wife (2011)
  5. Cort Mason – Dr Delectable / Survival Guide to Dating Your Boss (2011)
  6. Escape for Mothers Day (2012)
  7. Falling for the Sheikh She Shouldn’t / Dr Cinderella’s Midnight Fling (2012)
  8. Marco’s Temptation / Waking Up with His Runaway Bride (2012)
  9. Maybe This Christmas…? / A Doctor, A Fling & A Wedding Ring (2012)
  10. The Prince Who Charmed Her / His Hidden American Beauty (2013)
  11. Baby for the Midwife (2013)
  12. From Venice with Love / Christmas with Her Ex (2013)
  13. NYC Angels & Gold Coast Angels Collection (2014)
  14. One Night with a Seductive Sheikh (2015)
  15. Wedding Vows: With This Ring (2015)
  16. Summer in Sydney (2015)
  17. By Request Collection April-June 2016 (2016)
  18. Resisting Her Army Doc Rival / A Month to Marry the Midwife (2017)
  19. Harlequin Medical Romance March 2017 – Box Set 2 of 2 (2017)
  20. The Complete Christmas Collection 2017 (2017)
  21. Midwives On Call At Christmas (2017)
  22. Mills and Boon Christmas Joy Collection (2017)
  23. The Dreaming Of… Collection (2018)
  24. Healed by the Midwife’s Kiss / Reunited by Their Baby (2018)
  25. Dreaming Of… Bali (2018)
  26. A Taste Of Italy (2018)
  27. Christmas Brides And Babies Collection (2019)
  28. The Midwife’s Christmas Baby (2019)
  29. Rescued by the Single Dad Doc / The Midwife’s Secret Child (2019)
  30. Harlequin Medical Romance January 2020 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2020)
  31. Midwives On Call: A Forever Family (2020)
  32. Midwives On Call Collection (2020)
  33. His Blind Date Bride / Second Chance In Barcelona (2020)
  34. Harlequin Medical Romance January 2021 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2021)
  35. Harlequin Medical Romance January 2022 – Box Set 2 of 2 (2021)
  36. Marriage Miracle In Emergency / Taking A Chance On The Best Man (2021)
  37. Midwives’ Miracles: Special Moments (2021)
  38. Midwives’ Miracles: Healing Hearts (2022)
  39. Born of Shadows and Magic (2022)

Non fiction

  1. Breech Baby (2015)
  2. The Little Book of Birth (2015)
  3. Aussie Midwives (2016)

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Fiona McArthur Books Overview

The Midwife’s New-Found Family

When Misty saved the life of Dr. Ben Moore, she knew she would never forget the brooding single dad and the moment of tenderness they shared. So the midwife locked their brief encounter away in her daydreams and set off for a new life in Lyrebird Lake. She didn’t expect to see his beautiful blue eyes ever again. Struggling to cope with his daughter alone, Ben has also moved to Lyrebird for a fresh start as the local doctor. In this magical setting, Misty and Ben rekindle that brief special moment something they wish they could hold on to forever. Together, can they mend Ben’s broken family, or is it too late?

Pregnant Midwife: Father Needed

Rescue medic Angus Campbell meets every difficult situation head on. But bonding with his newfound son will require more than his professional training it will take his heart and his time. Angus’s childhood home, Lyrebird Lake, is the best place to find both of those things. Pregnant midwife Mia is expecting a new arrival though this six foot sex god is a total surprise! Mia does her best not to get involved, yet she can’t help but realize that if she and Angus were to marry, his son and her baby would have the perfect family…
but would they have love?

Midwife in the Family Way

Sweet, loving midwife Emma has built a beautiful life for herself and her little girl. Living by gorgeous Lyrebird Lake, working in her dream midwifery job…
hiding from a shadow that hangs over her future. Tall, dark, handsome Italian! Gianni has come to the lake for a whistlestop tour, but is soon enchanted by the beautiful Emma. Of course he can’t stay he has a home in Italy! But will it change matters if he finds out that Emma is expecting? And what if there’s another secret she’s hiding…
one that could affect their unborn child…
? Lyrebird Lake Maternity Every day brings a miracle…

The Midwife and the Millionaire

Midwife Sophie Sullivan is beautiful, fun loving, calm in a crisis…
and hates arrogant, smooth talking playboys like Sydney’s most eligible bachelor Levi Pearson! But when a helicopter crashes down in Western Australia, with Levi and Sophie on board, these two very different people must rely on each other to survive…
But isn’t it often said that opposites attract?

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