Evelyn E Smith Books In Order

Miss Melville Books In Order

  1. Miss Melville Regrets (1986)
  2. Miss Melville Returns (1987)
  3. Miss Melville’s Revenge (1989)
  4. Miss Melville Rides a Tiger (1991)
  5. Miss Melville Runs for Cover (1993)


  1. The Perfect Planet (1963)
  2. The Copy Shop (1985)


  1. The Two Suns of Morcali (2012)
  2. Science Fiction Gems, Volume 9 (2015)
  3. The Golden Age of Science Fiction – Volume XV (2016)
  4. The Fantasy Super Pack 2 (2018)

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Evelyn E Smith Books Overview

Miss Melville Regrets

What can a woman do? Susan Melville’s trust fund is dwindling, her teaching job is terminated, her lover is abroad for the season, and her apartment is going co op. So naturally Miss Melville decides to shoot herself at a posh society party. Unfortunately, she misses and kills the guest of honor instead. When she slips out the door, a stranger follows. He thanks her for doing the job for him, and Miss Melville’s new career is born. Of course she has scruples. Miss Melville won’t kill just anybody, but she’s about to face a job that even she will find a challenge of the most dangerous order, an assignment she just might regret for good…

Miss Melville Returns

Published by Donald I. Fine, 1987, this FIRST EDITION vintage hardcover BCE has 219 pages. Bright, colorful dust jacket. Publisher’s Weekly said, ‘Wit, and easily readable prose will keep readers engaged until the mystery is solved.’

Miss Melville Rides a Tiger

Asked by loathed schoolmate Begum of Gandistan to join the board of the Rundle Home for Wayward Girls, high class killer Susan Melville becomes involved in an international dispute and a bizarre and deadly chase.

Miss Melville Runs for Cover

Aristocratic and philanthropic assassin Susan Melville sets out to terminate a former flame, Brad Robertson, a U.S. senator and presidential candidate who has become a ruthless international terrorist.

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