Evan Marshall Books In Order

Jane Stuart and Winky Books In Order

  1. Missing Marlene (1999)
  2. Hanging Hannah (2000)
  3. Stabbing Stephanie (2001)
  4. Icing Ivy (2002)
  5. Toasting Tina (2003)
  6. Crushing Crystal (2004)

Hidden Manhattan Books In Order

  1. Death Is Disposable (2008)
  2. Evil Justice (2008)
  3. Dark Alley (2009)
  4. City in Shadow (2010)

Non fiction

  1. The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing (1998)
  2. The Marshall Plan Workbook (2001)
  3. The Eyes Have It (2003)
  4. The Marshall Plan: For Getting Your Novel Published (2003)

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Evan Marshall Books Overview

Missing Marlene

The first book in Evan Marshall’s Jane Stuart and Winky series of cat cozy mysteries featuring Jane Stuart, a widowed young mother and literary agent who has a knack for solving mysteries, and Winky, her tortoiseshell cat who has a nose for trouble.

Hanging Hannah

Widowed literary agent Jane Stuart is throwing a birthday party for her son at a local inn, but before anyone can say ‘make a wish,’ the body of an unknown young woman is found hanging in the woods. Keeping busy to shake the gruesome murder out of her mind, Jane is grateful when editor Holly Griffin gives her the chance to represent a hot new pop star. Then Holly is found dead, stabbed with a letter opener. Now Jane, with the help of Winky, is determined to solve both murders…

Stabbing Stephanie

Jane Stuart has finally decided to take a much needed vacation when her late husband’s cousin, Stephanie, calls to ask if she can stay for a few days. Jane reluctantly agrees after all, it is Thanksgiving, and Stephanie is taking an editor’s job at a hot new publishing house run by Shady Hills’ own jet setters. But no sooner has Stephanie unpacked her file folders than it becomes clear that something rotten is going on in the halls of Carson & Hart, Inc.

Icing Ivy

Jane and Ivy were best friends until Ivy’s daughter took a job as nanny to Jane’s son and was murdered. When they get a chance to heal their wounds, Ivy brings Johnny, the new man in her life. But then Ivy is found stabbed. And Johnny has gone.

Toasting Tina

When a romance author’s convention turns deadly, literary agent Jane Stuart finds herself cast as suspect and sleuth…
Tina Vale, the new vice president and publisher of Corsair Books, made more than a few enemies as she slept and schemed her way to the top. Now Tina has a score to settle with Jane Stuart. Nearly twenty years ago, Jane married Tina’s former lover. Now that Tina’s in charge, she aims to make Jane pay by cancelling her client’s million dollar contract. This leaves Nathaniel Barre’s fledgling career in shreds…
and puts sizeable dents in Jane’s bank account, her reputation, and even her cherished memories of her late husband.

Crushing Crystal

When murder strikes close to home and pretty young girls vanish from the privileged streets of Shady Hills, literary agent Jane Stuart finds herself in the midst of a real life page turner…
with a deadly surprise ending…
Jane couldn’t say no when her nanny’s sister needed a place to stay, but she’s certainly glad to see her houseguest go. In just two weeks as assistant director of the Shady Hills Public Library, Crystal Ryerson has proven herself a meddler par excellence. Still, it’s shocking when the next meeting of Jane’s reading group crashes to a halt as thousands of pounds of books and shelves come toppling down on poor Crystal especially after it’s discovered that the bolts on the bookcase had been deliberately removed. But when the body of a teenager who worked at the library is found in the woods behind the railroad tracks, and two other girls go missing, Jane is sure the events are all pieces of the same puzzle. Somehow, despite the ever present distractions of trying to keep Winky’s claws out of the couch and her diva clients’ claws out of each other, Jane manages to stay on the murderer’s trail. But a trail can go both ways, and this one may well lead the killer right to Jane’s doorstep…

Death Is Disposable

The first in a new mystery series set in New York When New York City Department of Sanitation garage supervisor Anna Winthrop finds Isaiah, a homeless man shes befriended, with his throat cut behind her apartment building, she decides to investigate. But the case turns dangerous as her search takes her from the elegant art galleries of the Upper East Side to Manhattans secret homeless encampments, and the vast network of abandoned subway tunnels beneath Grand Central Station…

Evil Justice

A Hidden Manhattan Mystery Terror grips Manhattan as the Ankh Killer leaves a trail of strangled, mutilated women across the city. Then sanitation supervisor Anna Winthrop discovers the killers latest victim in her own garage coquettish Shari Baird, a member of Annas crew. Tommy Mulligan, Annas best worker, was seen running from Sharis body; hes arrested and thrown into a cell on Rikers Island. When Tommys father begs Anna to prove his sons innocence, Anna agrees…

Dark Alley

A thrilling tale of murder, Manhattan and murky pasts When sanitation worker Garry Thomason vanishes on his way to collect the trash, he is the first in a series of people discovered brutally murdered in the middle of hidden mews in New York. As Anna, Garry’s boss, works to expose this Mews Murderer , she first uncovers Garry s murky past of crime and drugs, and then becomes a target herself; for this cold blooded killer will do anything to escape detection and keep hidden a shocking secret of his own…

City in Shadow

A Hidden Manhattan Mystery A frightened woman leaves a note reading HELP ME outside Sanitation supervisor Anna Winthrop’s apartment…
A career making story leads a journalist to a human trafficking ring…
A woman acts as bait in an effort to track down her missing sister…
and Anna s visiting cousin Patti prowls New York s dark streets, but won t say why. All roads lead to the Kirkmore, a sinister apartment tower harboring a secret more horrifying than anyone could ever have imagined.

The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing

Imagine writing with the skill of a published author, the knowledge of a seasoned editor and the savvy of a New York literary agent…
. you’d have all the know how it takes to transform your story idea into a novel worthy of praise and publication. In this unique guide, agent, editor and novelist Evan Marshall does give you everything it takes to write your novel. Drawing on his extensive experience, Marshall has perfected a simple and methodical approach to novel writing. His clear cut, 16 step ‘Marshall Plan’ breaks down the complex novel writing process into a series of parts you put together one piece at a time. You’ll have your whole story planned and plotted before you actually begin writing, so there’s no chance of working yourself in a corner or making critical mistakes in pacing and plot. In short, The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing works. Use it, and watch your story masterfully develop into a completed manuscript ready to get the full attention of readers, agents and editors alike.

The Marshall Plan Workbook

The Marshall Plan Workbook, companion volume to the very successful Marshall Plan for Novel Writing, focuses on building a novel’s plot, with more than 100 pages of fill in sheets that become a veritable blueprint for each reader’s novel. The Marshall Plan Workbook pushes deeper into the process of writing a novel scene by scene. Readers will learn to craft intriguing story goals and compelling conflicts all within a specific framework that enables them to produce any type of novel in a systematic yet creative way. They’ll also learn the ins and outs of selling their work once it’s finished. Lively, interactive approach makes the book fun as well as educational Easy to follow instruction takes the mystery but not the creativity out of writing a novel

The Eyes Have It

There is no better way to read behavior and the human personality than by observing the human eye. For centuries, people have studied eye language to discover hidden motivations and personality traits lie detector tests now use movement of the eyes as a detection of guilt. The movement and characteristics of the eye play a crucial role in successes in love, career, and every aspect of life. Now, readers can master this important part of nonverbal communication with The Eyes Have It. Individual chapters explore loving and lying eyes, the etiquette of staring, the ‘evil eye, ‘ pupillometry, iridology, trends in eye adornment, and ‘the vital blink.’ Also included are surprising analyses of some of the world’s most famous eyes. In this enlightening guide to understanding one of the world’s most subtle and effective forms of language, The Eyes Have It reveals fascinating tips such as: A drooping eyelid signifies a person with sex appeal, preoccupied with the chase, but who is apt to be cold hearted Long thin eyebrows denote the superior intellect of an artist or scholar A large iris indicates an affectionate and family oriented person The green eyed person possesses creativity and originality, and is believed to be the happiest of the color groups

The Marshall Plan: For Getting Your Novel Published

This is the third and final book in the popular Marshall Plan series. Noted author and agent Evan Marshall focuses this edition on making a good novel better and turning the heads of editors and agents. He teaches readers how to: Improve dialogue, tension and pace Edit for clarity, concision and correctness Successfully market their novel Outline the steps for a dream career path The book is divided into 100 extensive tips for writing and selling a novel that make it easy for aspiring authors to quickly find the answers to their publishing questions. They ll cherish the wealth of insider advice and information and their newly increased odds of publication. Evan Marshall is a successful literary agent and author with nearly 30 years of publishing experience. A true industry insider, he’s written The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing and The Marshall Plan Workbook, as well as several mysteries. He lives in Pine Brook, New Jersey.

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