Evan Hunter Books In Order


  1. Don’t Crowd Me (1952)
  2. Find the Feathered Serpent (1952)
  3. The Blackboard Jungle (1953)
  4. Runaway Black (1954)
  5. Murder in the Navy (1955)
  6. Second Ending (1956)
  7. The Spiked Heel (1957)
  8. Tomorrow and Tomorrow (1957)
  9. Vanishing Ladies (1957)
  10. Strangers When We Meet (1958)
  11. Big Man (1959)
  12. A Matter of Conviction (1959)
  13. Buddwing (1961)
  14. Mothers and Daughters (1961)
  15. The Paper Dragon (1966)
  16. A Horses Head (1967)
  17. Last Summer (1968)
  18. Sons (1969)
  19. Nobody Knew They Were There (1971)
  20. Every Little Crook and Nanny (1972)
  21. Come Winter (1973)
  22. Streets of Gold (1974)
  23. Doors (1975)
  24. The Chisholms (1976)
  25. Me and Mr. Stenner (1976)
  26. Love Dad (1981)
  27. Far from the Sea (1982)
  28. Lizzie (1984)
  29. Scimitar (1992)
  30. Criminal Conversation (1994)
  31. Privileged Conversation (1996)
  32. Candyland (2001)
  33. The Moment She Was Gone (2002)


  1. I Like ’em Tough (1958)
  2. Happy New Year, Herbie (1963)
  3. Tales of Obsession (1994)
  4. Barking at Butterflies (2000)
  5. Origins (2005)
  6. Day Trips, Vol. 2 (2021)

Non fiction

  1. Me and Hitch (1997)

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Evan Hunter Books Overview

The Blackboard Jungle

Evan Hunter’s novels have sold over one hundred million copies. His writing includes screenplays, literary novels, and children’s books, but he is perhaps best known for his hugely successful 87th Precinct series, penned under the pseudonym Ed McBain. The book that launched Hunter into a full time writing career and onto the bestseller lists was his first major novel, The Blackboard Jungle. Written in 1954, this controversial story cracked down on the public school system and dramatized student violence as no other novel of its time did. Hunter used his own teaching experience to create protagonist Richard Dadier, who lands his first real job as an English teacher at North Manual Trades High School in New York City. Dadier knows the students here will be tough, but nothing has prepared him for the world he enters. Hunter’s popular and groundbreaking novel attracted much attention when it was first published, and it became a top bestseller in 1955. Set against the changing social culture of the 1950s, The Blackboard Jungle is a fascinating time capsule that brilliantly illuminates an issue still in the forefront of our minds.

Streets of Gold

Alex Hardy is a rising young New York burglar. When he goes on a jewellery heist with two partners a one legged who*re and a veteran break in artist he finds himself falling in love with a beautiful, and honest, woman.

The Chisholms

A family as raw and unyielding as the soil of the Virginia farm they left behind, they pursued their dream, journeying west across the American continent. In a boundless land of unimaginable dangers, they discovered their own will for survival and forged a triumph of the human spirit.


While the NYPD attempts to solve the murders of two British nationals found with green swords tattooed on their chests, the Feds track down a Middle East death squad in the U.S. NYT.

Criminal Conversation

‘A special occasion’ Entertainment Weekly in the celebrated career of Evan Hunter, Criminal Conversation goes deeper than most suspense fiction dares inside the intimate, sensual secrets of lovers…
In a chic apartment hidden within a workingclass neighborhood, Sarah and Andrew make love. Neither of them knows that their illicit affair is about to have explosive consequences or that their hideaway has been wired to record their every word, by a New York City prosecutor with an agenda to indict Andrew, a reputed Mafia leader. And none of them can predict where the most basic desires of the human heart passion, ambition, vengeance will lead: a life and death struggle inside the worlds of organized crime and legal warfare.

Privileged Conversation

Successful psychiatrist David Chapman decides to stay in the city and work while his wife and children vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. All is not tranquil in the city, however. A chance meeting with a Broadway dancer evokes his every erotic fantasy. But when bodies meet, when mystery and desire come together, there is no telling where the journey may end. And David finds he can’t resist or escape the most dangerous woman of his dreams.


Evan Hunter is known for his powerful novels and screenplays. Ed McBain is known for portraying the soul of the cop. They have distinct narrative voices, but both are bestselling storytellers who have received worldwide acclaim. Now, in ‘Candyland,’ they join for the first time to write a single story a powerful novel of obsession. Benjamin Thorpe is married, a father, a successful Los Angeles architect and a man obsessed. Alone in New York City on business, he spends the empty hours of the night in a compulsive search for female companionship. His dizzying descent leads to an early morning confrontation in a midtown bordello and a searing self revelation. Part I of ‘Candyland‘ is a fever pitched search for identity, seen through Benjamin’s obsessed eyes and told in classic Evan Hunter style. Part II opens in Ed McBain territory. Three detectives are discussing a homicide. The victim is a young prostitute whose path crossed Benjamin Thorpe’s the night before. Emma Boyle of the Special Victims Unit is assigned to the case. As the foggy events of the previous night come into sharper focus, Thorpe becomes an ever more possible suspect. The detailed police investigation and excruciating suspense are classic Ed McBain. Shocking, bold, and compulsively readable, ‘Candyland‘ is a groundbreaking literary event.

The Moment She Was Gone

It’s two o’clock in the morning when Andrew Gulliver gets a phone call from his mother, who tells him his twin sister, Annie, is gone. This is not the first time. Ever since she was sixteen, she’s been taking off without notice to places as far distant as Papua New Guinea, then returning unexpectedly, only to disappear yet another time, again and again and again. But this time is different. Last month, Annie got into serious trouble in Sicily and was briefly held in a mental hospital, where an Italian doctor diagnosed her as schizophrenic. Andrew’s divorced mother refuses to accept this diagnosis. Andrew himself just isn’t sure. But during the course of a desperate twelve hours in New York City, he and the Gulliver family piece together the past and cope with the present in a journey of revelation and self discovery. Recognizing the truth at last, Andrew can only hope to find his beloved sister before she harms herself or someone else. ‘The Moment She Was Gone,’ a shattering novel of a family confronting its collective secrets, marks the high point in a writing career spanning almost five decades.

Tales of Obsession

Fourteen spine tingling stories of suspense include P. D. James’s ”The Victim,” in which a gorgeous celebrity uses her infatuated ex husband as a murder weapon, and tales by Ruth Rendell, Patricia Highsmith, and other authors.

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