Erica Spindler Books In Order

Blossoms of the South Books In Publication Order

  1. A Winter’s Rose (1993)
  2. Night Jasmine (1993)
  3. Magnolia Dawn (1993)

Stacy Killian Books In Publication Order

  1. See Jane Die (2004)
  2. Killer Takes All (2005)
  3. Last Known Victim (2007)
  4. Slices of Night (With: Alex Kava,J.T. Ellison) (2011)
  5. Watch Me Die (2011)

Kitt Lundgren Books In Publication Order

  1. Copycat (2000)
  2. Breakneck (2008)

The Malones Books In Publication Order

  1. Bone Cold (2001)

The Lightkeepers Books In Publication Order

  1. The Final Seven (2016)
  2. Triple Six / If You Dare (2016)
  3. Random Acts (2017)
  4. Fallen Five (2018)

Opposites Attract Books In Publication Order

  1. Chances Are (1989)
  2. Read Between the Lines (1989)
  3. Rhyme or Reason (1990)
  4. Wishing Moon (1991)
  5. Tempting Chance (1993)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Heaven Sent (1988)
  2. Longer Than… (1991)
  3. Baby Mine (1992)
  4. Baby, Come Back (1994)
  5. Red (1995)
  6. Slow Heat (1995)
  7. Forbidden Fruit (1996)
  8. Fortune (1997)
  9. Shocking Pink (1998)
  10. Cause for Alarm (1999)
  11. All Fall Down (2000)
  12. Dead Run (2002)
  13. In Silence (2003)
  14. Blood Vines (2010)
  15. Justice for Sara / Don’t Look Back (2013)
  16. The First Wife (2015)
  17. The Other Girl (2017)
  18. The Look-Alike (2020)
  19. The Detectivea s Daughter (2022)

Harold Middleton Books In Publication Order

  1. The Chopin Manuscript (2007)
  2. The Copper Bracelet (2009)
  3. The Starling Project: An Audible Drama (2014)

J.T. Ellison Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Slices of Night (With: Alex Kava,J.T. Ellison) (2011)
  2. X (By:J.T. Ellison) (2012)
  3. Chimera (By:J.T. Ellison) (2012)
  4. Gray Lady, Lady Gray (By:J.T. Ellison) (2012)
  5. Killing Carol Ann (By:J.T. Ellison) (2012)
  6. Prodigal Me (By:J.T. Ellison) (2012)
  7. Where’d You Get That Red Dress? (By:J.T. Ellison) (2012)
  8. The Number of Man (By:J.T. Ellison) (2012)
  9. The Omen Days (By:J.T. Ellison) (2015)
  10. The Endarkening (By:J.T. Ellison) (2017)

Taylor Jackson Books In Publication Order

  1. All the Pretty Girls (By:J.T. Ellison) (2007)
  2. 14 (By:J.T. Ellison) (2008)
  3. Judas Kiss (By:J.T. Ellison) (2008)
  4. The Cold Room (By:J.T. Ellison) (2010)
  5. The Immortals (By:J.T. Ellison) (2010)
  6. Where All the Dead Lie (By:J.T. Ellison) (2011)
  7. Slices of Night (With: Alex Kava,J.T. Ellison) (2011)
  8. So Close the Hand of Death (By:J.T. Ellison) (2011)
  9. Field of Graves (By:J.T. Ellison) (2015)
  10. Blood Sugar Baby (By:J.T. Ellison) (2015)
  11. Whiteout (By:J.T. Ellison) (2015)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Storm Season (2012)

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Erica Spindler Books Overview

See Jane Die

The low rumble of an outboard motor shatters the quiet of the lake. Treading water, fifteen year old Jane Killian waves her arms to alert the boater to her presence. But instead of veering off, he points his craft directly at her. The boat’s hull fills her vision. A scream rips past Jane’s lips, lost in the engine’s roar…

Now, seventeen years after the afternoon that changed her life forever, Jane has everything to live for. A series of reconstructive surgeries has restored her lovely face. She’s the toast of the Dallas art community, her edgy sculptures lauded as both disturbing and beautiful. She and her husband, renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Ian Westbrook, are completely in love and overjoyed that Jane is pregnant.

Then Jane’s happiness shatters. A woman with ties to Ian is found brutally slain. Unbelievably, the police focus their investigation on him, making him their prime suspect. Still in shock, Jane receives an anonymous message that reads simply, ‘I did it on purpose. To hear your screams.’

The police, including Jane’s estranged sister, Detective Stacy Killian, believe the message is from a crank, someone who’s become aware of Jane’s past through the media attention surrounding her controversial artwork.

But Jane knows better. It’s from him. The man who stole not only her face, but her sense of security. The man she has always believed deliberately hit her and got away with it. And now he’s found her again. Living with this terror, Jane digs into Ian’s past in an effort to prove him innocent. But each new clue she uncovers points not to Ian’s innocence but to his guilt. And as she struggles against doubt and suspicion, her stalker moves closer. His anonymous messages take a terrifyingly intimate turn, and no one close to Jane, it seems, is safe.

Fighting to save her husband and the life growing inside her, Jane must face a horrible truth: Her tormentor knows everything about her. Her likes. Her dislikes. Her daily routine. Most terrifying of all, he knows her fears. He feeds on them.

He will use them, until finally he can…
See Jane Die.

Killer Takes All

‘The White Rabbit beckons you to follow him, down the rabbit hole, into his world. He’s a deceiver, a trickster. You won’t know what is truth and what is a lie. He aims to best you. Beat you. And when he does, you die.’ When a friend is found brutally murdered in her New Orleans apartment, former homicide detective Stacy Killian has reason to believe her death is related to the cultish fantasy role playing game White Rabbit. The game is dark, violent and addictive. As a former member of the Dallas police force, Stacy was exposed to more than her share of the horrors of crime. Moving to New Orleans was her attempt to pursue a quieter life. But her friend’s murder plunges her back into the role that she fled especially after she meets Spencer Malone, the homicide detective assigned to the murder case. Stacy doubts the overconfident rookie is up to the task and vows to track down the killer herself. Her investigation draws her into the privileged circle of White Rabbit’s brilliant creator, Leo Noble, a man with many dark secrets in his past…
a man whose life has the same frightening surreal quality of the game he invented. As the bodies mount and the game is taken to the next level, Stacy and Spencer are forced to work together. Soon they are trapped in the terrifying world of a game gone mad where Leo Noble and all the people around him are suspect, cryptic notes foretell the next victim and no one no one is safe. Because White Rabbit is more than a game. It’s more real than life and death. And anyone can die before the final moment when the game is over…
and the Killer Takes All.

Last Known Victim

August 2005.
Amid death and destruction, hurricane savaged New Orleans has a new dark force to fear.

As the rescue efforts unfold, a grisly discovery is made at one of the massive refrigerator ‘graveyards.’ One of these metal hulks contains six human hands all female, all right hands. The press has dubbed the unknown perpetrator ‘The Handyman.’ But with no way to trace the origin of this refrigerator, and with the evidence lost to time and the elements, the case dead ends.

Captain Patti O’Shay is a straight arrow, by the book cop who is assigned to the case. Her tough, unflinching character is fractured when her husband and fellow police captain is found murdered surprised by looters taking advantage of the post storm chaos.

August 2007
Patti, still grieving and disillusioned, gets a call from homicide: skeletal remains have been unearthed in City Park. The unknown victim a female is missing her right hand. But for Patti, this grave holds something even more shocking. Found beside the victim’s bones is her husband’s police badge.

Casting aside the very ‘rule book’ by which she has lived her life, Patti is fearless but so is the killer. As he stalks her she is forced to question all she believes in, to doubt the code she has lived by…
because she knows that if she doesn’t find the Handyman first, she will become his Last Known Victim.

Erica Spindler weaves a masterful tale of murder and suspense against the backdrop of a city transformed by disaster. It is a story you will not soon forget.

Watch Me Die

Returning to the roots of her success, Spindler weaves a thrilling psychological drama with the story of a young woman driven by visions and fears Stained glass restoration artist Mira Gallier is on the verge of having it all again. The love of a good man. Professional success. And finally, after years of pain at the loss of her husband to Hurricane Katrina, peace and emotional stability. But a new nightmare begins when a strange man called The Preacher attacks her, and a terrifying chain of events is set in motion: the Preacher is found dead, the first of seven windows Mira restored after Katrina is vandalized, and her house is broken into. As Mira’s windows are targeted one by one, her personal life begins to shatter as well. She catches a glimpse of her dead husband in a crowd, then he s gone. She hears his voice on the phone, telling her something only he could know. She begins to doubt herself and the man she s falling in love with. When Mira s assistant is brutally murdered, her nude body found posed in the dappled colored light of Mira s prize restoration, she becomes the focus of the police s investigation. As evidence against her mounts and with no one to turn to, Mira races to prove she s neither a murderer nor losing her grip on sanity.


‘I won’t talk to anyone else only you. Another child, another sweet girl will die. You can stop it, Kitt. Don’t you want to stop it?’

Five years ago, three young victims were found dead, posed like little angels. There were no witnesses. Strangely clean scenes. The Sleeping Angel Killer called his despicable acts ‘the perfect crimes.’

The case immobilized the close knit community of Rockford, Illinois, and nearly destroyed homicide detective Kitt Lundgren’s career and her life. During the investigation, Kitt tragically lost her own child to illness. She was overwhelmed by the death of her daughter, and the final blow was the crushing realization that she let the killer get away.

Now the Sleeping Angel Killer is back.

Familiar with every nuance of the cold case file, Kitt knows there’s something different about this new rash of killings a tiny variation that opens terrifying new possibilities. Is the Sleeping Angel Killer really back, or is a Copycat killer re creating the original ‘perfect crimes’?

But Kitt has no authority in this investigation. Young, ambitious detective Mary Catherine Riggio is heading up the Sleeping Angel Killer case. M.C. knows that Kitt wants back in and she’s smart enough to realize that Kitt’s obsession with the case has given the detective insight that M.C. lacks. But M.C., intent on proving herself, fears Kitt will blow the investigation again.

Then Kitt starts receiving disturbing phone calls. It’s him the Sleeping Angel Killer and he makes Kitt an unthinkable offer: help in finding his Copycat. Forced to rely on each other, Kitt and M.C. must decide whether to place their trust in a murderer…
or risk becoming victims of a fiend who has taken the art of the perfect murder to horrific new heights.


A remorseless killer. A string of innocent, clean cut victims. Detectives M.C. Riggio and Kitt Lundgren must race against a cold blooded predator who moves at Breakneck speed in this heart pounding thriller from New York Times bestselling author Erica Spindler.

Hot on the heels of their last case, partners Mary Catherine M.C. Riggio and Kitt Lundgren, detectives in the police department’s Violent Crimes Bureau in industrial, blue collar Rockford, Illinois, are called out to a college student’s apartment where a young man with no criminal record, not even a noise complaint from his neighbors, appears to have been murdered in his sleep.

The trail seems cold, until another victim turns up, and then another each one striking closer to home for M.C. The growing list of seemingly emotionless kills leaves M.C. and Kitt little to follow like the first victim, all the targets are young adults, kid next door types who ve never taken a step outside the law. Meanwhile, the case starts to take its toll on M.C. s personal life, setting her on edge with her partner and putting their hard earned friendship in jeopardy. As M.C. and Kitt hunt a faceless killer, they are led deep into the cyberuniverse, where no one is who he seems and you never know who’s watching. At the heart of this mesmerizing thriller is the relationship between two headstrong women as they struggle to balance their dual roles, to learn to trust, and to walk the fine line between upholding the law and taking it into their own hands.

Bone Cold

Twenty three years ago Anna North survived a living nightmare. A madman kidnapped her, cut off her pinkie, then vanished. Today Anna lives in New Orleans, writing dark thrillers under another name. She finally feels safe. Suddenly Anna’s quiet life takes a frightening turn. Letters start to arrive from a disturbed fan. Anna is followed, her apartment broken into. Then a close friend disappears. Anna turns to homicide detective Quentin Malone, but Malone’s more concerned with the recent murders of two women in the French Quarter. But after a third victim is found a redhead like Anna, her pinkie severed Malone is forced to acknowledge that Anna is his link to the killer and could be the next target. Now Anna must face the horrifying truth her past has caught up with her. The nightmare has begun again.

Wishing Moon

A Knight in Slightly Tarnished Armor…
Lance Alexander might have been named after the noblest of romantic heroes, but he was all business when it cam to looking for a wife, or hiring a fund raiser for his favorite charity and free spirited Madi Muldoon wasn’t at all what he had in mind! She was cocky, confident, a shameless flirty who couldn’t be intimidated…
but the tawny eyed beauty was wickedly irresistible, and determined to prove she could deliver on any promises she made. How could Lance care so much for saving the sea turtles, she wondered, and yet refuse to let his heart choose the woman who’d shared his bed and raise their children? Madi secretly shared his dreams of home and family, but she’d lost her faith in marriage and Lance found it hard to trust any woman’s love. No man had ever touched her soul or shaken her foundations the way Lance did, but could Madi make him believe that wishes made on the full moon would always come true?


Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks in Bend, Mississippi, Becky Lynn Lee doesn’t have the luxury of dreaming. With an abusive father and a broken mother, she always thought that this was it. But after the ultimate betrayal, Becky Lynn can no longer live the nightmare.

Determined never to go back, Becky Lynn escapes to Hollywood. As a photographer’s assistant, she discovers a talent for spotting beauty and capturing the perfect shot. When the camera eventually turns on her, the awkward, shy Becky Lynn of her childhood disappears. But when the success she’s achieved is threatened, Becky Lynn must find the strength to embrace her new identity and put the ugliness of her past behind her forever.

Slow Heat

Mass Market Paperback, Bantam Classic & Loveswept

Forbidden Fruit

Only one man can uncover the secrets and sins of three generations of Pierron woman…
In New Orleans, any sin can be had for a price. For Lily Pierron, a legendary madam, no price is too high when it comes to protecting her daughter, Hope. By day, Hope fulfils her mother’s ambitions as a respected wife and devoted mother but, by night, she succumbs to twisted passions and obsessions that threaten to destroy them both. Although unaware of her family’s dark history, Hope’s daughter Glory will suffer the consequences. Drawn to a man driven by guilt and a need for revenge, she too is tempted by the forbidden. Only he is the one man who can reveal every shameful secret about them.


Longing to unlock the secrets of her past, be reunited with her mother, and make her betrayer pay, Skye Dearborn is hunted down by the twisted man who had never stopped searching for her after she escaped him.

Shocking Pink

They were only watching. The mysterious lovers the three girls spied on were engaged in a deadly sexual game no one else was supposed to know about. Especially not Andie and her friends, whose curiosity had deepened into a dangerous obsession…
Now, fifteen years later, someone is watching Andie. Someone who won’t let her forget the unsolved murder of ‘Mrs. X’ or the disappearance of ‘Mr. X.’ Suddenly Andie doesn’t know who her friends are…
because loyalty can be murder. Andie. Julie. Raven. Three very different women bound by more than friendship.

Cause for Alarm

Kate and Richard Ryan have the perfect marriage marred only by their inability to have a child. The adoption agency’s call fulfills that dream…
and opens the door to a nightmare…
Cause for Alarm. Julianna Starr has chosen Kate and Richard to be more than the parents of her child. For Richard is the man of her fantasies, the one she’s been waiting for. Stalking the couple, Julianna molds herself in Kate’s image and insinuates herself into Richard’s life, determined to tear their perfect marriage apart. But for Kate and Richard, the nightmare has only begun. Because Julianna is not alone. From her dark past comes a man of unspeakable evil…
No one is safe not even the innocent child Kate and Richard call their own.

Dead Run

‘I’m in trouble, Liz. I’ve uncovered something…
They’re watching…
I’m going for help tonight and will contact you as soon as I’m able.’ That panicked message on her answering machine was the last time Liz Ames heard from her sister Rachel. The police believe Rachel Howard, pastor of Paradise Christian Church in Key West, Florida, suffered an emotional breakdown and ran off. Her behavior had become increasingly bizarre, her sermons dark, frightening. Besides, women didn’t meet untimely ends on the island paradise. The police quickly closed the case. But Liz is convinced her sister’s disappearance wasn’t self imposed. Fleeing a shattered marriage and a career on hold, Liz moves to Key West to prove her suspicions, her only clues her sister’s cryptic phone message and a page from Rachel’s journal bearing the Image of a strange, horned flower. Liz isn’t on the island twenty four hours when a successful banker, a man with everything to live for, jumps to his death from his bedroom window. Then a teenage girl whom Rachel was counseling is found brutally murdered in the garden of Paradise Christian Church. The ritualistic style of the killing is hauntingly similar to that used by the notorious ‘New Testament’ serial killer now on death row. Could the teenager’s murder be the work of a copycat killer? And what was the girl’s relationship to Rachel? The police have logical explanations for it all. They don’t believe these events are linked. Everywhere Liz turns, she encounters disbelief and suspicion. Only Rick Wells is willing to listen. Wells once had a promising career as a Miami cop…
until his life fell apart. He missed a chance to work the ‘New Testament’ investigation, but he knows the case and believes its similarities to what’s happening in Key West are too great to ignore. Together they struggle to uncover the unspeakable evil at the heart of this seemingly idyllic community. But each step closer to the truth brings more questions and more death. For sinister forces lurk within paradise and no one seems able to escape, not even at a…
Dead Run.

In Silence

A peaceful southern town. A terrible evil. The power of silence.Journalist Avery Chauvin is devastated when she receives word of her father’s suicide. How could her father, a dedicated physician, have taken his own life?

Returning to her hometown of Cypress Springs, Louisiana, Avery desperately searches for answers. Instead she hears whispered rumors of strange happenings, of neighbors who go missing in the night. She discovers a box of fifteen year old newspaper articles in her father’s house, all covering the same event the brutal murder of a local woman. Why had her father kept them?

Then the past and present collide. A woman is found savagely murdered. An outsider passing through town vanishes. And Avery begins to wonder, could her father have been murdered?

Blood Vines

In this bare knuckled adrenaline ride from New York Times bestselling author Erica Spindler, Alex Clarkson’s worst nightmares are about to come true A sinister, hooded figure When Alexandra Clarkson starts having terrifying visions filled with blood and ceremonial images, she tries to find a rational explanation maybe her mind is playing tricks on her, resurrecting creepy tableaux from her research on religious ceremonies and sects. But when Alex s mother, Patsy, commits suicide without leaving behind any information, Alex is left wondering: could she be haunted by something from the childhood she doesn t remember?Naked, writhing bodies Detective Daniel Reed was the last person to speak to Patsy. What he reveals to Alex is shocking. Twenty five years earlier, Patsy was married to Harlan Sommer, one of Sonoma County s most prominent vintners, when their infant son disappeared without a trace. The loss destroyed the Sommers marriage, causing Patsy to leave and take Alex with her.A dead child Called on to investigate the identity of a baby s remains unearthed in a Sonoma vineyard, Reed had picked up a trail that led him to Patsy in San Francisco. Now Reed and Alex both wonder if the cold bones could be her baby brother Dylan, and Alex decides to accompany Reed back to Sonoma for the investigation. No sooner does she arrive, however, than she is drawn deep into the search for a twisted killer

The Chopin Manuscript

2008 Audie Award Winner of Audiobook of the Year. Former war crimes investigator Harold Middleton possesses a previously unknown score by Frederic Chopin. But he is unaware that, locked within its handwritten notes, lies a secret that now threatens the lives of thousands of Americans. As he races from Poland to America to uncover the mystery of the manuscript, Middleton will be accused of murder, pursued by federal agents, and targeted by assassins. But the greatest threat will come from a shadowy figure out of his past: the man known only as Faust. The Chopin Manuscript is a unique collaboration by 15 of the world’s greatest thriller writers. Jeffery Deaver conceived the characters and set the plot in motion; the other authors each wrote a chapter in turn. Deaver then completed what he started, bringing The Chopin Manuscript to its explosive conclusion. ‘Innovative and unique, The Chopin Manuscript, written by masters in the field of thrillers, is far more than the sum of its parts. Here each author shines, blending individual skill and energy, into a riveting, crackling-paced tapestry of murder, mystery, and mayhem. Not to be missed!’ — James Rollins, author of The Judas Strain ‘A GREAT story, written by one GREAT author after another, in one GREAT chapter after another. A stellar achievement of collectivity that blows from the starting gate at 100 mph and never slows down. A thrill-a-page from 15 GREAT thriller masters. Don’t miss this one.’ — Steve Berry, author of The Venetian Betrayal

The Copper Bracelet

Harold Middleton returns in this explosive sequel to The Chopin Manuscript as he’s drawn into an international terror plot that threatens to send India and Pakistan into full-scale nuclear war. Careening from Nice to London and Moscow to Kashmir to prevent nuclear disaster, Middleton is unaware his prey has changed and the act of terror is far more diabolical than he knows. Will he discover the identity of the Scorpion in time to halt an event that will pit the United States, China, and Russia against each other at the brink of World War III? A follow-up to the award-winning The Chopin Manuscript, The Copper Bracelet brings together 16 of the world’s most celebrated thriller writers including Lee Child, Joseph Finder, David Hewson, David Liss, and Lisa Scottoline to each write a chapter of this pulsing tale. Once again, Jeffery Deaver set the story in motion, and brings it to its shocking finale.

All the Pretty Girls (By:J.T. Ellison)

When a local girl falls prey to a sad*istic serial killer, Nashville homicide lieutenant Taylor Jackson and her lover, FBI profiler Dr. John Baldwin, find themselves in a joint investigation pursuing a vicious murderer. The Southern Strangler is slaughtering his way through the Southeast, leaving a gruesome memento at each crime scene& 151;the prior victim’s severed hand.

Ambitious TV reporter Whitney Connolly is certain the Southern Strangler is her ticket out of Nashville; she s got a scoop that could break the case. She has no idea how close to this story she really is& 151;or what it will cost her.

As the killer spirals out of control, everyone involved must face a horrible truth that the purest evil is born of private lies.

14 (By:J.T. Ellison)

Ten victims, each with pale skin and long dark hair. All have been slashed across the throat, the same red lipstick smeared across their lips. In the mid 1980s the Snow White Killer terrorized the streets of Nashville, Tennessee. Then suddenly the murders stopped. A letter from the killer to the police stated that his work was done. Now four more bodies are found, marked with his fatal signature. The residents of Nashville fear a madman has returned, decades later, to finish his sick fairy tale. Homicide Lieutenant Taylor Jackson believes the killings are the work of a copycat killer who’s even more terrifying. For this monster is meticulously honing his craft as he mimics famous serial murders proving that the past is not to be forgotten.

Judas Kiss (By:J.T. Ellison)

Sex, lies and videotape.

It was a murder made for TV: a trail of tiny bloody footprints. An innocent toddler playing beside her mother’s bludgeoned body. Pretty young Corinne Wolff, seven months pregnant, brutally murdered in her own home.

Cameras and questions don’t usually phase Nashville Homicide Lieutenant Taylor Jackson, but the media frenzy surrounding the Wolff case is particularly nasty…
and thorough. When the seemingly model mommy is linked to an amateur po*rn website with underage actresses and unwitting players, the sharks begin to circle.

The shock is magnified when an old adversary uses the sexy secret footage to implicate Taylor in a murder an accusation that threatens her career, her reputation and her relationship.

Both cases hinge on the evidence real or manufactured of crimes that go beyond passion, into the realm of obsessive vengeance and shocking betrayal. Just what the networks love.

The Cold Room (By:J.T. Ellison)

Homicide detective Taylor Jackson thinks she’s seen it all in Nashville – but she’s never seen anything as perverse as The Conductor. Once his victim is captured, he contains her in a glass coffin, slowly starving her to death. Only then does he give in to his attraction. Later, he creatively disposes of the body by reenacting scenes from famous paintings. Strangely, similar macabre works are being displayed in Europe. Taylor teams up with her fiance, FBI profiler Dr. John Baldwin, and New Scotland Yard detective James ‘Memphis’ Highsmythe – a haunted man who has eyes only for Taylor – to put an end to The Conductor’s art collection. Has the killer gone international? Or are there dueling artists, competing to create the ultimate masterpiece? ‘Fusing gritty cop drama with dark psychological thriller, Ellison distinguishes herself with exceptional character development, consistently breakneck pacing and a sense of authenticity.’ – Chicago Tribune

The Immortals (By:J.T. Ellison)

It is Samhain – the Blood Harvest. Nonbelievers call it Hallowe’en. The night when eight Nashville teenagers are found dead, with occult symbols carved into their naked bodies. It’s a ritual the killers believe was blessed by Death himself. When children are victimized, emotions always run high, and this case has the public both outraged and terrified: a dangerous combination. Recently reinstated homicide lieutenant Taylor Jackson knows she has to act quickly, but tread carefully. Exploring the baffling culture of mysticism and witchcraft, Taylor is immersed in a darkness that threatens to unbalance the order of her world, and learns how unchecked wrath can push a killer to his limits.

So Close the Hand of Death (By:J.T. Ellison)

It’s a hideous echo of a violent past. Across America, murders are being committed with all the twisted hallmarks of the Boston Strangler, the Zodiac Killer and Son of Sam. The media frenzy explodes and Nashville homicide lieutenant Taylor Jackson knows instantly that The Pretender is back…and he’s got helpers. As The Pretender’s disciples perpetrate their sick homages – stretching police and FBI dangerously thin – Taylor tries desperately to prepare for their inevitable showdown. And she must do it alone. To be close to her is to be in mortal danger, and she won’t risk losing anyone she loves. But the isolation, the self-doubt and the rising body count are taking their toll – she’s beside herself and ready to snap. The brilliant psychopath who both adores and despises her is drawing close. Close enough to touch…

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