Emma Lathen Books In Order

John Putnam Thatcher Books In Publication Order

  1. Banking on Death (1961)
  2. A Place for Murder (1963)
  3. Accounting for Murder (1964)
  4. Murder Makes the Wheels Go ‘Round (1966)
  5. Death Shall Overcome (1966)
  6. Murder Against the Grain (1967)
  7. A Stitch in Time (1968)
  8. Come to Dust (1968)
  9. When in Greece (1969)
  10. Murder To Go (1969)
  11. Pick Up Sticks (1970)
  12. Ashes to Ashes (1971)
  13. The Longer the Thread (1971)
  14. Murder Without Icing (1972)
  15. Sweet and Low (1974)
  16. By Hook or by Crook (1975)
  17. Double, Double, Oil and Trouble (1978)
  18. Going for the Gold (1980)
  19. Green Grow the Dollars (1982)
  20. Something in the Air (1988)
  21. East Is East (1991)
  22. Right on the Money (1993)
  23. Brewing Up a Storm (1996)
  24. A Shark Out of Water (1997)

Ben Safford Books In Publication Order

  1. Murder Sunny Side Up (1968)
  2. Murder in High Place (1970)
  3. There Is No Justice (1971)
  4. Epitaph for a Lobbyist (1974)
  5. Murder Out of Commission (1976)
  6. The Attending Physician (1980)
  7. Unexpected Developments (1983)

Elizabeth Thatcher Books In Publication Order

  1. Political Murder (1999)
  2. Dot Com Murder (2016)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Whatever Happened to Emma Lathen? (2016)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Agatha Christie (1977)

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Emma Lathen Books Overview

Banking on Death

This universally acclaimed debut by Lathen a pseudonym for the writing team of Mary J. Latsis and Martha Henissart introduced mystery fans to amateur sleuth/Wall Street banker John Putnam Thatcher. Newsweek describes Lathen as ‘a master plotter, an elegant stylist, a comic genius and a purist who never sacrifices logic for surprise effect.’

Accounting for Murder

Somebody at National Calculating was very wo rried when Clarence Fortinbras got a court order to look at the company”s books so worried, in fact, that Fortinbras’s oon turned up murdered in the company offices. ‘

Murder To Go

One by one, they landed in the hospital suffering sever stomach pains, four days in a coma, often writhing death. The Public Health Service was baffled; emergency investigations were under way. Then it came out that the victims had all been customers of a multi million dollar chain of take out restaurants. John Putnam Thatcher, senior vice president of the Sloan Guaranty Trust, had to find the mysterious poisoner. If not, the entire franchise would collapse and Sloan Trust would be out $12 million.

East Is East

Preparing for a lineup of power meetings and golf games in Tokyo, banker and amateur sleuth John Putnam Thatcher is sidetracked by a barrage of dirty dealings, corruption, and murder. K.

Right on the Money

Banking whiz and amateur sleuth John Putnam Thatcher is caught in a web of corporate chaos and murder when the merger of a large water fixture company with a small family owned appliance business suddenly springs a nasty leak.

Brewing Up a Storm

When a 19 year old boy dies in a drunk driving accident, Madeline Underwood decides to convince the world that Kischel Brewery’s ‘soft drink’ leads young people to try the harder stuff. But Underwood faces formidable enemies: Kischel’s investment bankers, including the unmistakable John Putnam Thatcher, their razor sharp attorneys and no less than the head of a Congressional committee that she’s managed to publicly embarrass. So when Madeline is found dead, stuffed in the closet of the building where the committee convened, it takes all of Thatcher’s acumen to sift through a long list of killers. It’s the case that would drive a lesser man to drink.

A Shark Out of Water

Wall Street banker sleuth extraordinaire John Putnam Thatcher finds himself caught in an international investment scandal, this time involving a quasi government commission to modernize the Kiel Canal. When he heads off to Poland for a firsthand look at the potential investment, this seemingly straightforward mission turns into risky business. Murder strikes in the heart of the fog ridden canal and Thatcher must struggle to keep his head above water. With their unique blend of puzzle solving, political sparring, and international intrigue, it’s no mystery, why Lathen’s novels continue to hit the mark with today’s readers.

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