Emma Darcy Books In Order

James Family Books In Order

  1. Ride the Storm (1991)
  2. Dark Heritage (1992)
  3. The Shining of Love (1994)
  4. The Bedroom Surrender (2003)

Kings of the Outback Books In Order

  1. The Cattle King’s Mistress (2000)
  2. The Playboy King’s Wife (2000)
  3. The Pleasure King’s Bride (2000)

Who Killed…? Books In Order

  1. Who Killed Angelique? (2001)
  2. Who Killed Bianca? (2001)
  3. Who Killed Camilla? (2003)

Kings of Australia Books In Order

  1. The Arranged Marriage (2002)
  2. The Bridal Bargain (2002)
  3. The Honeymoon Contract (2002)

Outback Knights Books In Order

  1. The Outback Marriage Ransom (2004)
  2. The Outback Wedding Takeover (2004)
  3. The Outback Bridal Rescue (2004)

Legendary Finn Brothers Books In Order

  1. The Incorrigible Playboy (2012)
  2. His Most Exquisite Conquest (2013)


  1. Twisting Shadows (1983)
  2. Tangle of Torment (1984)
  3. Don’t Play Games (1985)
  4. Fantasy (1985)
  5. Song of a Wren (1985)
  6. Point of Impact (1985)
  7. The Impossible Woman (1985)
  8. Man in the Park (1986)
  9. Woman of Honour (1986)
  10. Blind Date (1986)
  11. Don’t Ask Me Now (1986)
  12. A World Apart (1986)
  13. The Wrong Mirror (1986)
  14. The Unpredictable Man (1986)
  15. The One That Got Away (1987)
  16. Strike at the Heart (1987)
  17. The Positive Approach (1987)
  18. Mistress of Pillatoro (1987)
  19. Whirlpool of Passion (1987)
  20. Always Love (1988)
  21. The Falcon’s Mistress (1988)
  22. A Priceless Love (1988)
  23. The Aloha Bride (1988)
  24. The Ultimate Choice (1989)
  25. The Power and the Passion (1989)
  26. Pattern of Deceit (1989)
  27. One-woman Crusade (1990)
  28. Too Strong to Deny (1990)
  29. The Colour of Desire (1990)
  30. Bride of Diamonds (1990)
  31. Breaking Point (1992)
  32. High Risk (1992)
  33. To Tame a Wild Heart (1992)
  34. The Wedding (1992)
  35. The Seduction of Keira (1992)
  36. The Velvet Tiger (1992)
  37. An Impossible Dream (1993)
  38. The Upstairs Lover (1993)
  39. A Very Stylish Affair (1993)
  40. The Last Grand Passion (1993)
  41. The Sheikh’s Revenge (1993)
  42. A Wedding to Remember (1994)
  43. In Need of a Wife (1994)
  44. Burning with Passion (1995)
  45. The Fatherhood Affair (1995)
  46. Last Stop Marriage (1996)
  47. The Father of Her Child (1996)
  48. Jack’s Baby (1996)
  49. Craving Jamie (1997)
  50. The Secrets Within (1997)
  51. Marriage Meltdown (1997)
  52. Merry Christmas (1997)
  53. The Sheikh’s Seduction (1998)
  54. The Marriage Decider (1999)
  55. A Marriage Betrayed (1999)
  56. Bride of His Choice (1999)
  57. The Hot-blooded Groom (2001)
  58. Claiming His Mistress (2001)
  59. Mistress to a Tycoon (2001)
  60. A Spanish Marriage (2004)
  61. Hot Blooded Affairs (2007)
  62. The Master Player (2009)
  63. Billionaires’ Marriages (2010)
  64. Hidden Mistress, Public Wife (2010)
  65. Wife in Public (2011)
  66. The Costarella Conquest (2011)
  67. An Offer She Can’t Refuse (2012)


  1. Sunsational (1991)
  2. Father Knows Last (1996)
  3. Jilted (1998)
  4. Passion with a Vengeance (1998)
  5. The Man She Married (1999)
  6. Desert Heat (1999)
  7. Mothers-to-be (1999)
  8. Father and Child (2000)
  9. Desert Destinies (2001)
  10. A Christmas Seduction (2001)
  11. An Australian Christmas (2002)
  12. Boardroom Baby (2003)
  13. The Pregnancy Surprise Omnibus (2003)
  14. Man in the Park / Point of Impact (2004)
  15. Seduced by a Sultan (2004)
  16. Power and the Passion / Burning with Passion (2004)
  17. Australian Tycoons (2004)
  18. Mistress to a Tycoon / Jack’s Baby (2005)
  19. Risque Business (2005)
  20. Jack’s Baby / Craving Jamie (2005)
  21. Her Playboy Challenge / The Outback Bridal Rescue (2005)
  22. Sweet Revenge (2006)
  23. Billionaire Grooms (2006)
  24. More Than a Mistress (2006)
  25. The Ramirez Brides Bundle (2007)
  26. Blind-Date Grooms (2007)
  27. From Boardroom to Bedroom (2008)
  28. One-Click Buy: June 2008 Harlequin Presents (2008)
  29. Outback Grooms (2008)
  30. One-Click Buy: November Harlequin Presents (2008)
  31. The Italian’s Love-Child (2009)
  32. Ruthless (2009)
  33. Love-Slave to the Sheikh / Traded to the Sheikh / At the Sheikh’s Command (2009)
  34. Hired: A Bride for the Boss (2009)
  35. At the Billionaire’s Bidding (2009)
  36. Purchased for Passion (2009)
  37. One-Click Buy: September 2010 (2010)
  38. Bedroom Bargains of Revenge (2010)
  39. Australian Bachelors: Masterful Magnates (2011)
  40. Hot Nights with an Australian (2012)
  41. Notorious (2012)
  42. Harlequin Presents July 2013 – Bundle 1 of 2 (2013)
  43. His to Command: The Housekeeper (2013)
  44. Australia: In Bed with a Bachelor (2014)
  45. Australia In Bed With…Collection (2014)
  46. Australia: In Bed with a King (2014)
  47. Australia: In Bed with the Playboy (2014)
  48. Ruthless Milllionaire, Indecent Proposal (2015)
  49. Irresistible Greeks: Red-Hot and Rich (2016)
  50. The Wedding Party / Holiday Escapes Ultimate Collection (2017)
  51. Wedding Party Collection: Marrying the Prince (2017)
  52. Here Comes the Groom (2017)
  53. Wedding Party Collection: Here Comes The Groom (2017)
  54. The Complete Platinum Collection (2018)
  55. The Platinum Collection: An Australian Conquest (2018)
  56. The Billionaire’s New Year Gift (2019)
  57. Christmas Secrets Collection (2019)
  58. Complete Christmas Collection (2019)
  59. Gorgeous Greeks: A Greek Affair (2020)
  60. Mavericks: Her Playboy Prince Charming (2020)
  61. Tropical Temptation: Exotic Propositions (2020)
  62. Tropical Temptation Collection (2020)
  63. Australian Nights: Heat Of The Night (2021)
  64. The Maverick Collection And Spanish Scandals Collection (2021)
  65. The Mavericks Collection (2021)
  66. The A&E Docs And Australian Affairs Collection (2021)


  1. The Collection (1998)
  2. Conveniently Yours (1999)
  3. Seduced (2002)
  4. Red-hot Passion (2003)
  5. Pregnant Brides (2004)
  6. Outback Desire (2006)
  7. Australia: In Bed with the Boss (2014)
  8. Australia: In Bed With Her Groom (2014)

Non fiction

  1. The How to Be A Successful Romance Writer (1995)

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Emma Darcy Books Overview

The Playboy King’s Wife

Playboy Tommy King has been searching for the right woman to bring home to King’s Eden. Looking at Samantha Connelly, stunning in her bridesmaid’s dress, it seems this special woman has been under his roof all along. But how can he persuade his long time sparring partner into a partnership of a more intimate kind?

Who Killed Camilla?

Hollywood’s hottest property, Camilla Page, has just wrapped up the shoot of her latest movie and she’s chosen an exclusive Barrier Reef island resort as the setting for her surprise wedding to Australian cameraman, Jimmy Ryder a man hell bent on riding the gravy train that’s come his way.

The Bridal Bargain

Powerful Antonio King is on hot coals, fighting not to mix business with pleasure with his new employee Hannah O’Neill. Yet when Hannah’s past catches up with her and the risk of losing this intensely desirable woman stares him in the face, a passionate possessiveness drives him to an impulsive solution: marriage!

The Outback Wedding Takeover

Once they were outback bad boys now they’re rich, powerful men. But Mitch is half crazy with the sexual attraction he has to hide because Kathryn is engaged to another man. Then, just as his past finally catches up with him, he discovers that Kathryn returns his desire. Mitch is forced to take action and take over her wedding.

The Outback Bridal Rescue

When Johnny inherits a share of Gundamurra, it’s chance to help the business that compels him to return. He isn’t prepared for the hostility of his new partner, Megan…
. For years Megan has struggled to ignore her attraction towards Johnny. She resents him even more so because she expected Gundamurra to be hers alone. When tension explodes into a night of passion, Megan is surprised when Johnny offers her sole ownership of Gundamurra if she becomes his wife!

Blind Date

Catherine knew her sister meant well, but a Blind Date with a famous, handsome tycoon was not exactly what she needed. Zack Freeman was equally annoyed when his best friend defied him to leave work behind for a moment and have a little fun. When they met, Catherine saw desire in Zack’s eyes, and it was clear he found her irresistible. Both were surprised to find their Blind Date turn into one unforgettable night with consequences that would change both their lives!

Don’t Ask Me Now

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A Wedding to Remember

Ready to remarry after a devastatingly painful divorce, Joanna struggles to recover from her ex husband’s cruel betrayal, but she soon discovers that she is still attracted to her former spouse, especially when he ”kidnaps” her and takes her on an unforgettable romantic weekend. Reissue.’

The Secrets Within

All her life, Eleanor Vandelier has been invincible, ruthless, determined. Now she’s dying and the ruthless ambition that built an empire has become a vengeful desire to keep her daughter Tamara out of her inheritance. Driven by anger and pain, Tamara is ready to strike back with a reckless plan intended to destroy the woman who never loved her and which may destroy the man who does.

The Sheikh’s Seduction

Sarah Hillyard suspected that sheikh Tareq a l Khaima was trying to get closer to her without any promise of commitment. But she was surprised to find herself wonder ing how he would react if she set about seducing him. ‘

The Hot-blooded Groom

Bryce Templar’s father had given him an ultimatum: Bryce had one year to marry and produce an heir…
. When Bryce met Sunny, the attraction between them was like a bolt of electricity. Business was forgotten passion took over…
and Sunny was stunned when Bryce proposed marriage the very next morning!

Wife in Public

Billionaire Jordan Powell is a regular favorite of Sydney’s newspaper gossip pages-there’s always a new photo of him…with a new woman on his arm!

So, used to women falling at his feet, he finds the challenge of seducing farm girl Ivy Thornton-more comfortable in her overalls than designer outfits-a diverting amuseme*nt. His reward: sinful pleasure!

But for Ivy, being the latest in a line of Jordan’s disposable conquests isn’t a role she’s willing to accept….

Love-Slave to the Sheikh / Traded to the Sheikh / At the Sheikh’s Command

In the Sheikh’s power! ‘Love Slave to the Sheikh’ by Miranda Lee: Life in the fast lane was normal for Sheikh Bandar bin Saeed al Serkel, and this oil rich billionaire was heading to Australia, to enjoy a sensual woman in his bed and at his command. Then he met Samantha Nelson…
‘Traded to the Sheikh’ by Emma Darcy: Found trespassing in Sheikh Zageo bin Sultan al Farrahn’s pleasure palace on the exotic island of Zanzibar, Emily Ross finds herself at Zageo’s mercy. He seems to think she’s the kind of woman who’ll trade her body for freedom! ‘At the Sheikh’s Command’ by Kate Walker: To get her brother out of trouble, Abbie must marry the Sheikh of Barakhara. The spontaneously explosive passion between Prince Malik and Abbie leads her to hope for a marriage of delight. But no one is as they seem.

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