Emily Devenport Books In Order

Shade Books In Order

  1. Shade (1991)
  2. Larissa (1993)

Heads Books In Order

  1. Eggheads (1996)
  2. Godheads (1998)

Belarus Books In Order

  1. Belarus (2002)
  2. Enemies (2003)

Medusa Cycle Books In Order

  1. Medusa Uploaded (2018)
  2. Medusa in the Graveyard (2019)


  1. Scorpianne (1994)
  2. The Kronos Condition (1997)
  3. Broken Time (2000)


  1. Five To The Future (2017)

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Emily Devenport Books Overview

The Kronos Condition

When their evil mentors, The Three, force Sally and her telekinetic companions to help them in their quest for a true Olympus, Sally prepares an elaborate defense that takes them all through space and time.

Broken Time

Siggy Lindquist is a janitor at The Institute, home to the galaxy’s deadliest criminals. When two of the most dangerous inmates take a twisted interest in Siggy, she becomes caught in a potential war between two races a war that only a forgotten secret from her past can prevent…

Broken Time is…

‘A mind bending story from a talented new author…
taut, tense, compelling.’ William C. Dietz, author of By Blood Alone

‘A stunner of a novel from a talented new author. The book is a marriage between Silence of the Lambs and Slaughterhouse Five, with all the chills of one, and mindbending time shifts of the other. The characters live, breathe, dance and inspire terror through Thomas’s skillful writing. A great book, one I couldn’t put down a rare treasure indeed.’ Michael A. Stackpole

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