Elliott Roosevelt Books In Order

Eleanor Roosevelt Books In Order

  1. Murder and the First Lady (1984)
  2. The Hyde Park Murder (1985)
  3. Murder at Hobcaw Barony (1986)
  4. The White House Pantry Murder (1987)
  5. Murder at the Palace (1988)
  6. Murder in the Oval Office (1989)
  7. Murder in the Rose Garden (1989)
  8. Murder in the Blue Room (1990)
  9. A First Class Murder (1991)
  10. Murder in the Red Room (1992)
  11. Murder in the West Wing (1992)
  12. Murder in the East Room (1993)
  13. A Royal Murder (1994)
  14. Murder in the Executive Mansion (1995)
  15. Murder in the Chateau (1996)
  16. Murder at Midnight (1997)
  17. Murder in the Map Room (1998)
  18. Murder in Georgetown (1999)
  19. Murder in the Lincoln Bedroom (2000)
  20. Murder at the President’s Door (2001)

Blackjack Endicott Books In Order

  1. The President’s Man (1991)
  2. New Deal for Death (1993)


  1. The White House Murder (1995)

Anthologies edited

  1. Perfect Crimes (1989)

Non fiction

  1. Roosevelts of Hyde Park: An Untold Story (1973)
  2. As He Saw It (1974)
  3. Roosevelts of the White House: A Rendezvous with Destiny (1975)
  4. Mother R: Eleanor Roosevelt’s Untold Story (1977)
  5. The Conservators (1983)
  6. F. D. R.: His Personal Letters (1984)
  7. Eleanor Roosevelt, With Love: A Centenary Remembrance (1984)

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Elliott Roosevelt Books Overview

Murder in the Blue Room

When a pretty, young Press Office secretary is bludgeoned to death in the Blue Room of the White House, Eleanor Roosevelt begins to investigate, questioning a house full of visiting Russian diplomats. NYT. AB.

Murder in the Red Room

When the body of a notorious mobster is discovered in the Red Room of the White House, Eleanor Roosevelt leads the investigation to uncover the truth and clear the name of the young secretary implicated in the murder.

Murder in the West Wing

When a Roosevelt staff member is poisoned to death, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt must work fast to prove that the killer is not Therese Rolland, the White House aide on whom the police are determined to pin the crime. K.

Murder in the East Room

In 1940, the world was hurtling toward war. And in Washington, D.C., the First Lady was hunting for a killer. Fine food and drink are not a hallmark of FDR’s White House. But bad bubbly isn’t the reason Senator Vance Gibson staggers away from a state dinner. Moments after his departure, the man is dead in the East Room, his throat slit from ear to ear. The world is being engulfed by the flames of war. The British have been defeated at Dunkirk and France is collapsing. While FDR agonizes over a third term, and the White House is invaded by movers, shakers, and plotters, the First Lady can’t help but investigate the murder of Senator Gibson, a man who was irresistible to women, including Greta Garbo herself. Examining the suspects, from jealous husbands to a corrupt politician, Eleanor finds herself in a steamy world of sex and secrets. But for the President’s wife, the most shocking truth is yet to come.

A Royal Murder

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt journeys to the Bahamas to visit the exiled Duke and Duchess of Windsor and uncovers dangerous plots involving Na*zi plans for expansion, smuggling, defection, wartime profiteering, and murder.

Murder in the Executive Mansion

The First Lady was smiling for the cameras.

But the Shirley Temple look alike contest was the furthest thing from Eleanor’s mind…

Her duties range from the ridiculous to the sublime. But her keen mind is honed in on one matter. After a state visit from the King and Queen of England, the body of a young woman, a seemingly innocent White House employee, is discovered on the third floor of the Executive Mansion. Quickly realizing that the girl has been killed somewhere else and that she was far from innocent Eleanor dons the disguise of Washington, D.C. Homicide Detective ‘Broderick’ and enters a world of speakeasies, mobsters, and the tangled sexual liaisons of restless young men and women. With the dark spectre of war in Europe looming, and such luminaries as Babe Ruth and Ernest Hemingway making pilgrimages to FDR, Eleanor is running out of time to stop a killer who can do more harm than murder.

Murder in the Chateau

Eleanor Roosevelt finds herself staying in a chateau in France, where a resistance group of anti Na*zi leaders is planning to kill Hitler, but the real mystery begins when SS Colonel Artur Brandt is found shot in the head.

Murder at Midnight

Judge Horace Blackwell is found stabbed to death in his room at the Executive Mansion, and Sara Carter, a black maid, is summarily arrested. Faced with the steamy facts of Blackwell’s private life his mob connections and the related death of a speakeasy bouncer Eleanor finds suspects and motives aplenty. It takes sharp wits and common sense to solve a crime while serving tea to the ladies of the ‘crusade for decency’, but can Eleanor save Sara from the electric chair and save Washington from a cunning killer?.

Murder in the Map Room

A delightful combination of history and mystery, the Eleanor Roosevelt novels bring readers back in time as our most beloved First Lady scours the nation’s capital for clues, while crossing paths with many of her famous contemporaries. Abroad there is war at home there is murder…
While World War II rages on, the White House is aflutter with preparations, awaiting the visit of Madame Chiang Kai shek, beautiful wife of China’s leader and a well loved celebrity both at home and in the States. Escorting the powerful woman around the Capital City, Eleanor must balance Madame’s nationalistic demands with the good of the United States. But diplomacy is made in the President’s top secret Map Room: the dead body a shoe salesman. With enormous amounts of opium in his bloodstream and a photograph of a beautiful Asian woman in his pocket, the dead man unearths more questions than he answers. Now the First Lady must map out a sinister killer with a twisted political agenda…

Murder in Georgetown

It’s early in 1935, and Washington, D.C., is enjoying a mild winter. But from the bleak expression on the face of Eleanor Roosevelt’s young friend, Jessica Dee, as she sits across from the First Lady in a shapeless prison dress, Mrs. Roosevelt can almost believe that a frigid chill has enveloped the nation’s capitol. Jessica, a beautiful young Jewish woman who was smuggled out of Poland as a child, has been accused of murder. One of her lovers, a member of the Federal Treasury Board, has been found dead of a gunshot wound in his Georgetown townhouse. Despite the evidence against her, Mrs. Roosevelt refuses to believe that Jessica could be guilty of murder. Not only is she a personal friend, Jessica has proven invaluable to Mrs. Roosevelt’s husband, the President, by passing along information gleaned while working as a secretary in the office of FDR’s most potent political rival: Huey Long, the Kingfish. Determined to clear Jessica’s name by solving the crime, Mrs. Roosevelt uncovers a trail of deceit and greed that leads all the way to the privileged world of Boston banking and the dark underworld of the Irish Mob, her every move shadowed by a notorious female assassin whose calling card is a fiery mane of hair. As the intrepid Mrs. Roosevelt investigates the circumstances surrounding Peavy’s murder, the reader is treated to all the historical recreation and satisfying storytelling that have become hallmarks of this series. Murder in Georgetown is a warmly rewarding look at a fascinating era in our history, and at a woman beloved by her son and her country Eleanor Roosevelt.

Murder in the Lincoln Bedroom

It is 1943 and upon the eve of the Trident Conference a highly classified council attended by FDR, Winston Churchill, and Dwight Eisenhower with the purpose of planning an invasion of Western Europe the White House is aflutter with preparations and the presence of extra Secret Service agents and soldiers. When a body is discovered in the Lincoln Bedroom while the conferees are still in session, Eleanor Roosevelt knows that in order to keep the murder as well as the Conference a secret from the prying eyes of the press, not to mention foreign agents, she must solve it herself. Eleanor soon learns that the victim, Paul Weyrich, was a White House employee one of the President’s top advisors who had been having an affair with his secretary. At first glance, it looks to be a crime of passion, instigated by Mr. Weyrich’s refusal to marry his secretary. However, the deeper Eleanor digs into the case, the more clouded and uncertain the investigation becomes. Gradually, Eleanor discovers that the victim was part of a plot to assassinate the President, and she embarks on a daring plan to trap the assassin, using FDR as bait. Eleanor’s skills will be put to the ultimate test as she must race to solve the mystery before the assassin strikes again. As the intrepid and charming Mrs. Roosevelt engages in her latest bit of Hawkshawing, readers are treated to all the historical re creation and rich storytelling that have become hallmarks of the series. This satisfying wartime whodunit starring America’s First Lady of Mystery is a warmly rewarding look at a fascinating era, and at a woman beloved by her family and her country Eleanor Roosevelt.

Murder at the President’s Door

Elliott Roosevelt’s Murder at the President’s Door is the 21st installment in the venerable but still very spry Eleanor Roosevelt mystery series. In her most intriguing adventure to date, the First Lady traces an assassination attempt to the depths of Washington D. C.’s underworld. It is 1933 and the President and First Lady have just settled into the White House to face a nation in the depths of a depression and a world on the brink of war. When the body of a White House police officer is discovered at the foot of the president’s bedroom door, Eleanor knows that the crime must be solved without attracting the attention of the FBI or the press. So with signature determination, the First Lady enlists the confidential aid of District of Columbia Lieutenant Edward Kennelly and trusted Secret Service agent Stanislaw Sxcygiel to help her investigate. Eleanor soon realizes someone may have been trying to assassinate the president, but it is unclear why, after stabbing the officer, the suspect didn’t crash into the bedroom and finish the job. Furthermore, it appears the killer knew the White House and its routines sufficiently well, leading the First Lady to question the motives of her White House staffers and grow wary of she and the President’s new surroundings. As the intrepid and charming Mrs. Roosevelt engages in her latest bit of Hawkshawing, readers are treated to all the historical re creation and rich storytelling that have become hallmarks of the series. This satisfying wartime whodunit starring America’s First Lady of Mystery is a warmly rewarding look at a fascinating era, and at a woman beloved by her family and her country Eleanor Roosevelt.

The President’s Man

In 1932, Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt finds himself the target of assassination threats because of his stand on Prohibition and turns to his old friend ”Blackjack” Endicott to take on the mob.

New Deal for Death

Confidant of millionaires and mobsters alike, Blackjack Endicott is summoned to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s campaign office to investigate who is trying to blackmail the presidential candidate with compromising photographs of his son, a case that sends Endicott to Hollywood. AB.

Roosevelts of Hyde Park: An Untold Story

Personalities of the man who became the thirty second President of the United States an d the woman who, after his death, earned her place as the First Lady of the Western world.

F. D. R.: His Personal Letters

This book is a facsimile reprint and may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages.

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