Elliot S Maggin Books In Order

  • Last Son of Krypton (1978)
  • Miracle Monday (2017)
  • Novels

    1. Kingdom Come (1988)
    2. Generation-X (1997)
    3. Not My Closet (2016)


    1. An Enemy’s Gift (2018)


    1. For the Luvva Jack (2017)
  • Last Son of Krypton
  • Miracle Monday
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    Elliot S Maggin Books Overview

    Last Son of Krypton

    1978 Warner Books Movie Tie In Paperback The Exciting Original Story of SUPERMAN : Last Son of Krypton By Elliot S. Maggin Special Bonus: 16 Pages of Photos from the Movie 1st Book in Series Stars: Christopher Reeve, Margo Kidder, Marlon Brando Out of Print Collectible

    Kingdom Come

    It is the early years of the Twenty First Century. Without the guidance and values long championed by the old guard Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman a younger generation of super heroes is ravaging the world. But when the Man of Steel returns from self imposed exile, his very presence could be the catalyst that pushes us all into Armageddon. Seen through the eyes of Norman McCay, an aging minister who embarks on a disturbing odyssey of revelation with an angel known as the Spectre to guide him, ‘Kingdom Come‘ is the story of what defines a hero in a world spinning inexorably out of control…
    of the heroes who adapted to that changing world, and those who couldn’t…
    of personal battles fought with inner demons, and the final war that would determine the fate of our planet.


    Driven by guilt over the brutal slaughter of her former pupils, Emma Frost finds herself tormented by strange ghostly manifestations that are threatening her new students, and it is up to the teenage mutants of Generation X to stop the havoc.’

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