Elle James Books In Order

Ballistic Cowboys Books In Publication Order

  1. Hot Combat (2017)
  2. Hot Target (2017)
  3. Hot Zone (2017)
  4. Hot Velocity (2017)

Billionaire Online Dating Service Books In Publication Order

  1. The Billionaire Husband Test (2012)
  2. The Billionaire Cinderella Test (2015)
  3. The Billionaire Bride Test (2019)
  4. The Billionaire Daddy Test (2019)
  5. The Billionaire Matchmaker Test (2020)
  6. The Billionaire Glitch Date (2020)

Brotherhood Protectors Books In Publication Order

  1. Cape Cod SEAL Rescue (2015)
  2. Montana SEAL (2015)
  3. Bride Protector SEAL (2016)
  4. Montana D-Force (2016)
  5. Cowboy D-Force (2016)
  6. Montana Ranger (2017)
  7. Montana Dog Soldier (2017)
  8. Montana SEAL Daddy (2017)
  9. Montana Rescue (2017)
  10. Montana Ranger’s Wedding Vow (2018)
  11. Montana SEAL Undercover Daddy (2018)
  12. Montana Seal Friendly Fire (2018)
  13. Montana SEAL’s Mail-Order Bride (2019)
  14. SEAL JUSTICE (2019)
  15. Ranger Creed (2020)
  16. Delta Force Rescue (2020)
  17. Dog Days of Christmas (2020)
  18. Montana Ranger Returns (2021)

Brotherhood Protectors Books In Chronological Order

  1. Montana SEAL (2015)
  2. Bride Protector SEAL (2016)
  3. Montana D-Force (2016)
  4. Cowboy D-Force (2016)
  5. Montana Ranger (2017)
  6. Montana Dog Soldier (2017)
  7. Montana SEAL Daddy (2017)
  8. Montana Ranger’s Wedding Vow (2018)
  9. Montana SEAL Undercover Daddy (2018)
  10. Cape Cod SEAL Rescue (2015)
  11. Montana Seal Friendly Fire (2018)
  12. Montana SEAL’s Mail-Order Bride (2019)
  13. SEAL JUSTICE (2019)
  14. Ranger Creed (2020)
  15. Delta Force Rescue (2020)
  16. Dog Days of Christmas (2020)
  17. Montana Rescue (2017)
  18. Montana Ranger Returns (2021)

Brotherhood Protectors Colorado Books In Publication Order

  1. Seal Salvation (2021)
  2. Rocky Mountain Rescue (2021)
  3. Ranger Redemption (2021)
  4. Tactical Takeover (2021)
  5. Colorado Conspiracy (2021)
  6. Rocky Mountain Madness (2022)

Cajun Magic Books In Publication Order

  1. Voodoo on the Bayou (2005)
  2. Voodoo for Two (2013)
  3. Deja Voodoo (2013)

Covert Cowboys, Inc. Books In Publication Order

  1. Triggered (2012)
  2. Taking Aim (2013)
  3. Bodyguard Under Fire (2013)
  4. Cowboy Resurrected (2013)
  5. Navy SEAL Justice (2015)
  6. Navy SEAL Newlywed (2015)
  7. High Country Hideout (2015)
  8. Clandestine Christmas (2015)

The Dark Lords Books In Publication Order

  1. The Witch’s Initiation (2012)
  2. The Witch’s Seduction (2013)
  3. The Witch’s Desire (2014)
  4. Possessing the Witch (2015)

Declan’s Defenders Books In Publication Order

  1. Marine Force Recon (2019)
  2. Show of Force (2019)
  3. Full Force (2019)
  4. Driving Force (2019)
  5. Tactical Force (2019)
  6. Disruptive Force (2020)

Delta Force Strong Books In Publication Order

  1. Breaking Silence (2020)
  2. Breaking Rules (2020)
  3. Breaking Away (2020)
  4. Breaking Free (2021)
  5. Breaking Hearts (2021)
  6. Breaking Ties (2021)
  7. Breaking Point (2021)
  8. Breaking Dawn (2021)

Delta Team Three Books In Publication Order

  1. Hope’s Delta: (By:Riley Edwards) (2020)
  2. Gwen’s Delta: (By:Lynne St. James) (2020)
  3. Ivy’s Delta (2020)
  4. Nori’s Delta (By:Lori Ryan) (2020)
  5. Destiny’s Delta: (By:Becca Jameson) (2020)

Devil’s Shroud Books In Publication Order

  1. Deadly Reckoning (2012)
  2. Deadly Liaisons (2014)
  3. Deadly Allure (2014)
  4. Deadly Engagement (2014)
  5. Deadly Obsession (2016)
  6. Deadly Fall (2017)

Diamonds & Daddies Books In Publication Order

  1. Baby Bling (2009)
  2. Desert Ice Daddy (By:Dana Marton) (2009)
  3. Platinum Cowboy (By:Rita Herron) (2009)
  4. Priceless Newborn Prince (By:Ann Voss Peterson) (2009)

The Eclipse Books In Publication Order

  1. A Dangerous Inheritance (By:Leona Karr) (2004)
  2. Midnight Island Sanctuary (By:Susan Peterson) (2004)
  3. Eden’s Shadow (By:Jenna Ryan) (2004)
  4. The Substitute Sister (By:Lisa Childs) (2005)
  5. A Rose at Midnight (By:Sylvie Kurtz) (2005)
  6. The Sedgwick Curse (By:Shawna Delacorte) (2005)
  7. Mystique (By:Charlotte Douglas) (2005)
  8. Stoneview Estate (By:Leona Karr) (2006)
  9. Beneath the Texas Moon (2006)
  10. Gravity (By:Michelle Leighton) (2012)

Hearts & Heroes Books In Publication Order

  1. Wyatt’s War (2014)
  2. Mack’s Witness (2014)
  3. Ronin’s Return (2017)
  4. Sam’s Surrender (2018)

Hellfire, Texas Books In Publication Order

  1. Hellfire, Texas (2015)
  2. Justice Burning (2016)
  3. Smoldering Desire (2018)
  4. Hellfire in High Heels (2018)
  5. Playing With Fire (2019)
  6. Up In Flames (2019)
  7. Total Meltdown (2019)

Iron Horse Legacy Books In Publication Order

  1. Soldier’s Duty (2019)
  2. Ranger’s Baby (2019)
  3. Marine’s Promise (2019)
  4. SEAL’s Vow (2020)
  5. Warrior’s Resolve (2020)

Katya Danske Books In Publication Order

  1. Hot Demon Nights (2012)
  2. Demon’s Embrace (2012)
  3. Tempting the Demon (2014)

Mission: Six Books In Publication Order

  1. One Intrepid SEAL (2018)
  2. Two Dauntless Hearts (2018)
  3. Three Courageous Words (2018)
  4. Four Relentless Days (2018)
  5. Five Ways to Surrender (2018)
  6. Six Minutes to Midnight (2018)

The Outriders Books In Publication Order

  1. Homicide at Whiskey Gulch (2021)
  2. Hideout at Whiskey Gulch (2021)
  3. Held Hostage at Whiskey Gulch (2022)

SEAL of My Own Books In Publication Order

  1. Navy SEAL Survival (2016)
  2. Navy SEAL Captive (2016)
  3. Navy SEAL to Die For (2016)
  4. Navy SEAL Six Pack (2016)

SEALs in Paradise Books In Publication Order

  1. Hot Seal, Salty Dog (2018)
  2. Hot Seal, Dirty Martini (By:Cat Johnson) (2018)
  3. Hot SEAL, Single Malt (By:Kris Michaels) (2018)
  4. Hot SEAL, Tijuana Nights (By:Cat Johnson) (2019)
  5. Hot SEAL, Hawaiian Nights (2019)
  6. Hot SEAL, Savannah Nights (By:Kris Michaels) (2019)
  7. Hot SEAL, Bachelor Party (2020)
  8. Hot SEAL, Runaway Bride (By:Cat Johnson) (2020)
  9. Hot SEAL, Heartbreaker (By:Cat Johnson) (2021)
  10. Hot SEAL, Independence Day (2021)
  11. Hot SEAL, Sweet and Spicy (By:Cynthia D’Alba) (2021)
  12. Hot SEAL, Labor Day (By:Cynthia D’Alba) (2021)
  13. Hot SEAL, Silent Knight (By:Kris Michaels) (2021)
  14. Hot SEAL, Under Pressure (By:Cat Johnson) (2022)

Shadow SEALs Books In Publication Order

  1. Shadow Pawn (By:Cat Johnson) (2021)
  2. Shadow Assassin (2021)
  3. Shadow in the Desert (By:Becca Jameson) (2021)
  4. Shadow in the Mountain (By:KaLyn Cooper) (2021)
  5. Shadow of a Chance (By:Donna Michaels) (2021)
  6. Shadow of the Moon (By:J.M. Madden) (2021)
  7. Shadow of the Heart (By:Sharon Hamilton) (2021)
  8. Shadow Defender (By:Desiree Holt) (2022)
  9. Not My Shadow (By:Elaine Levine) (2022)
  10. Cast in Shadow (By:Abbie Zanders) (2022)
  11. Shadow Lies (By:Cat Johnson) (2022)

Situation: Christmas Books In Publication Order

  1. Engaged with the Boss (2010)
  2. Daddy Bombshell (By:Lisa Childs) (2011)
  3. Detective Daddy (By:Mallory Kane) (2011)
  4. Secret Protector (By:Ann Voss Peterson) (2012)

Take No Prisoners Books In Publication Order

  1. SEAL’s Honor (2013)
  2. SEAL’s Desire (2014)
  3. SEAL’s Embrace (2014)
  4. SEAL’S Obsession (2014)
  5. SEAL’s Proposal (2014)
  6. SEAL’s Seduction (2015)
  7. Seal’s Ultimate Challenge (2015)
  8. SEAL’s Defiance (2015)
  9. SEAL’s Deception (2016)
  10. SEAL’s Deliverance (2016)

Texas Billionaires Club Books In Publication Order

  1. Tarzan & Janine (2012)

Thunder Horse Books In Publication Order

  1. Hostage to Thunder Horse (2010)
  2. Thunder Horse Heritage (2012)
  3. Thunder Horse Redemption (2012)
  4. Bundle of Trouble & Hostage to Thunder Horse (2013)
  5. Christmas at Thunder Horse Ranch (2014)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. To Kiss a Frog (2005)
  2. Dakota Meltdown (2006)
  3. Lakota Baby (2006)
  4. Blown Away (2007)
  5. Alaskan Fantasy (2007)
  6. Texas-Sized Secrets (2008)
  7. Nick of Time (2008)
  8. Bundle of Trouble (2010)
  9. Haunted (2011)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Enslaved by the Viking (2016)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Love & Such (2020)

Daddy Corps Books In Publication Order

  1. GI Cowboy (By:Delores Fossen) (2011)
  2. Baby Bootcamp (By:Mallory Kane) (2011)
  3. Cowboy Brigade (2011)
  4. Major Nanny (By:Paula Graves) (2011)
  5. Camouflage Cowboy (By:Jan Hambright) (2011)
  6. Baby Battalion (By:Cassie Miles) (2011)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Spellbinding (2014)
  2. Werewolf’s Embrace (2014)
  3. Cowboys: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology (2021)

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Elle James Books Overview

Baby Bling

Shipping tycoon Jackson Champion hadn’t become a Texas billionaire by crumbling under pressure. So when his sexy assistant, Ysabel Sanchez, decided to walk away from him and his megasuccessful corporation, he wasn’t taking no for an answer. After all, memories of their recent onenight stand had consumed him, and now Ysabel’s inability to meet his eye made him wonder what she wasn’t telling him. But exploring their feelings had to wait. An unknown enemy intended to bring down Champion Shipping, and Jackson was an expert at protecting what was his. But could he also lay claim to Ysabel and the secrets she had yet to reveal?

Desert Ice Daddy (By:Dana Marton)

Billionaire Akeem Abdul’s arrival at the McKade ranch went from business to personal when he learned Taylor McKade’s little boy had disappeared. Taylor had only become more beautiful over the years, and Akeem couldn’t stand seeing the pain on her face. As they followed the kidnappers’ orders and trekked through the Texas heat, Akeem admired the strength it took for Taylor not to fall apart. But he was there when she did and vowed to bring her son home. Still, all the money in the world couldn’t eliminate his secret fears: that if they didn’t find her son, this woman he’d finally found again could be lost to him forever .

Platinum Cowboy (By:Rita Herron)

A true diamond in the rough, self made man Flint McKade was one of the wealthiest men in the world and one of the hottest bachelors in Texas. So when his beloved Diamondback Ranch was sabotaged, Flint had a long list of suspects to choose from. His new veterinarian, Lora Leigh Whittaker, seemed to have an agenda, but he couldn’t imagine the gorgeous blonde was out to get him. Then she was attacked, and Flint appointed himself her personal bodyguard. Standing beside her day and night, the chemistry that had been there from day one became unbearable. As a billionaire he was used to getting what he wanted. And he wanted her safe, in his arms…
and in his bed.

Priceless Newborn Prince (By:Ann Voss Peterson)

After being forced into hiding and presumed dead when his kingdom was attacked, Prince Viktor Romanov would stop at nothing to find his way back to Kat Edwards and the unborn heir she was carrying. But learning Viktor was still alive only seemed to make the beautiful Texan angry…
and shock her into labor. Now, with a newborn baby to protect and Kat both demanding answers and begging to be held, Viktor vowed to make everything right once his little family was safe. Until then, he’d have to also prepare her for the worst and do his best not to break her vulnerable heart.

Daddy Bombshell (By:Lisa Childs)

He’d been leading a secret life for years. But Thad Kendall got quite the surprise upon his return home a child he’d never known about. The spy had left Caroline Emerson for her own good, never realizing she’d been carrying his baby and had raised his son alone. Now that was all going to change. Caroline knew Thad had returned to solve the mystery of his parents’ murder not to rekindle their romance. But she never dreamed that having the only man she’d ever loved back in her life would put her and their son in grave danger. For now they’d become the targets of the Christmas Eve killer.

Hostage to Thunder Horse

Discovering an unconscious woman in a snowdrift, rancher Maddox Thunder Horse vowed to save her life. How she had wound up in a remote area of the Badlands was a mystery, but the fear in the icebound beauty’s eyes revealed that it had not been by choice. The woman who called herself Kat roused protective instincts the Lakota native had thought long dead . Grateful for her rescue, Katya Ivanov didn’t want to pull Maddox into her nightmare. Someone wanted her dead, so the less he knew about her and her situation, the better. Still, the growing attraction between them couldn’t be denied and neither could the killer who lurked in wait. But with a warrior by her side, she just might have a shot at the life and love she’d always wanted .

Dakota Meltdown

24/7For investigator Brenna Jensen, snowy Riverton, North Dakota, was the ideal home until it became the target of a serial killer. Not even FBI hotshot Nick Tarver could keep her from trailing the maniac who taunted her, shadowed her every move. Brenna was anything but comfortable with Nick, her bodyguard in black leather. The sexy lawman challenged her wounded heart. But as the snow melted and the body count rose, Nick’s arms became her only refuge. For Brenna had uncovered the hit list and her name was next .

Blown Away

Overseas, TJ Barton narrowly survived an American Embassy bombing, only to lose two good men: her influential boss and her lover, Sean McNeal. Back in Washington, TJ set out to find out who did it. Undaunted, she maneuvered through corridors of power, exposing the secrets hidden behind every door on Capitol Hill only to smack right into the broad, familiar chest of Sean McNeal in the flesh. And she could have, would have decked him if she had the opportunity to get a good shot! Inexplicably Sean had survived and was now undercover. He needed TJ’s silence, her help and her kisses more than he wanted to admit. The last thing he wanted to do was draw TJ into a web of high stakes corruption. But there was no shaking her off and there was no way she was going to let him get killed again.

Alaskan Fantasy

No matter how far he went, Sam Russell couldn’t outrun his past. Not even in an epic race across the Alaskan wilderness. But surviving the harsh climate wasn’t something Sam could do alone.
Returning home to bask in the frozen sun, the last thing Special Agent Kat Sikes wanted was for reality to intrude. But fantasies didn’t get any more real than Sam Russell. With his competitive intensity urging her on, she took his racing challenge determined to beat him at his own game. Despite the subzero temperatures, the heat between them was undeniable. Out of control and breathless, the pair hurtled toward the finish line, only to await one last showdown on the snow and ice.

Texas-Sized Secrets

At five months pregnant, Mona Grainger was facing danger on all fronts. With cattle rustlers driving her ranch to ruin, she needed a man ready for long hours and hard work. Enter Reed Bryson, who could ride, rope, kiss…
and certainly handle a gun. His new boss may have depended on him more than she’d liked, but Reed wasn’t hired to do her dirty work. She could do that herself. He was there to defend her land and cool down the hot headed sheriff, whose advances threatened everything Mona held dear. Now the lone cowboy had more than his honor to uphold he had a petite, pregnant powerhouse running his senses wild.

Nick of Time

Nick St. Claire had come to North Pole, Alaska, with a few questions for Santa, only Claus had gone AWOL. Clearly, someone was trying to ruin the holidays, though the clever cowboy never had much use for them. Until he met Mary Christmas…

Santa’s only child, Mary, was left to tend shop in his absence suddenly making her a killer’s next target. Nick volunteered to protect her, but he was also a stranger, with a bundle of his own not so saintly secrets. Could Mary enlighten him on the joys of the season, or would a missing Santa squash her holiday spirit?

Bundle of Trouble

Sylvia Michaels had raised her son for four short months before he was cruelly snatched from her arms. Desperate and alone, her investigation led to Texas and the ranch of multimillionaire Tate Vincent. The ruggedly handsome bachelor was an intriguing man…
and the father of a child who looked suspiciously like hers!But what was supposed to be a joyous reunion was shattered by a hail of gunfire and an empty cradle. Now both parents were on the hunt for the kidnappers and the child they each claimed as theirs. Tate couldn’t deny that Sylvia fought with a mother’s passion, and Sylvia couldn’t help but notice that the protective man made the perfect father. But would their dream of a family be shattered before it even began?

Baby Bootcamp (By:Mallory Kane)

War vet Matteo Soarez’s assignment is simple: watch and listen. An undercover agent for Corps Security and Investigations, Matt learned patience the hard way on a dusty desert battleground. So sitting in a Texas cafe waiting for information is a piece of cake-make that a piece of pie. Faith Scott’s cherry pie, that is. The young cafe owner and mother-to-be could light up a room with her smile, and send a jaded ex-soldier’s heart racing like a stallion with just a touch. But Matt’s job involves saving the governor’s life, and protecting vulnerable single mothers isn’t his priority. Yet when Faith’s cafe becomes the epicenter of danger, Matt knows he cannot let Faith and her baby become collateral damage. Even if it means compromising the mission….

Camouflage Cowboy (By:Jan Hambright)

A single mother with a sick child was not something Agent Nick Cavanaugh was prepared to face. Unfortunately, his very special assignment included finding the woman and protecting her from learning the truth about his client and the vultures about to descend on her privacy. With no choice but to stick by Grace Marshall until all threats were neutralized, it took one little boy and his need for a cure no time at all to work their way into Nick’s heart. Peeling back Grace’s layers, Nick uncovers a mysterious past, and also a passion that stirs his soul and in ames his desire. As he struggles between what is dutiful andwhat is right, a killer unexpectedly makes his move.

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