Elizabeth Rolls Books In Order

Lords at the Altar Books In Order

  1. In Debt to the Earl (2015)
  2. His Convenient Marchioness (2017)


  1. Mistress or Marriage? (2001)
  2. The Dutiful Rake (2002)
  3. The Unruly Chaperon (2003)
  4. The Chivalrous Rake (2003)
  5. The Unexpected Bride (2004)
  6. His Lady Mistress (2004)
  7. A Compromised Lady (2007)
  8. Lord Braybrook’s Penniless Bride (2008)
  9. A Marriage Of Equals (2021)


  1. The Regency Rakes (2004)
  2. A Regency Invitation (2004)
  3. Unruly Chaperone / Chivalrous Rake / His Lady Mistress (2005)
  4. Mistress or Marriage? / A Roguish Gentleman (2005)
  5. Mistletoe Kisses (2006)
  6. A Regency Christmas (2007)
  7. Dutiful Rake / One Night with a Rake (2008)
  8. Chivalrous Rake / Matter of Honour (2008)
  9. Unruly Chaperon / Colonel Ancroft’s Love (2009)
  10. His Governess Bride (2010)
  11. Regency High Society Affairs Volume 3 (2010)
  12. Delectably Undone! (2011)
  13. Regency Marriages (2011)
  14. Royal Weddings Through the Ages (2012)
  15. A Sprinkling of Christmas Magic (2013)
  16. Wish Upon a Snowflake (2014)
  17. A Magical Christmas (2014)
  18. Harlequin Historical January 2016 – Box Set 2 of 2 (2016)
  19. Harlequin Historical January 2018 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2018)
  20. Harlequin Historical May 2021 – Box Set 2 of 2 (2021)


  1. A Magical Regency Christmas (2014)
  2. Unlaced at Christmas (2015)
  3. A Suitable Bride (2021)


  1. A Scandalous Liaison (2010)
  2. A Princely Dilemma (2011)
  3. A Shocking Proposition (2014)

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Elizabeth Rolls Books Overview

The Dutiful Rake

Winner 2003 HOLT Medallion Best Regency

The Unruly Chaperon

When Lady Mathilda Cavendish arrived at a house party hosted by her young cousin’s suitor, she had only one goal in mind to stop the proposed match. The chaperon never imagined that her cousin’s betrothed would be the only man she’d ever loved Crispin Malvern, the Duke of St. Ormond. A fate all the more cruel because one look told her that she’d never stopped loving a man who could never be hers…
. Yet widowhood has given Tilda a strength she’d never possessed before. And when one night of passion unleashed her most secret longings, The Unruly Chaperon must decide whether to follow the dictates of decorum…
or desire.

The Chivalrous Rake

Reverend Dr Bramley and his daughter were practically penniless. They had obviously left their previous home under a cloud, with Cressida’s reputation in tatters. Then, Jack Hamilton learnt the true reason behind their plight and his chivalrous nature took over. Cressida was in need of a husband and he a wife.

The Unexpected Bride

Nominated for Romantic Times 2004 Reviewers’ Choice Award Best Historical Romantic Mystery

His Lady Mistress

When Max, Earl Blakehurst, meets Verity, he sees a downtrodden servant. He doesn’t recognize her as the daughter of a colonel under whom he used to serve. To save Verity from the life she’s now living, Max proposes a shocking solution he will set her up as his mistress. It’s only once Verity has finally agreed, once Max is beginning to lose his heart to her, that he discovers her true identity.

A Compromised Lady

As a girl she had been bubbling over with mischief. As a woman she seemed half lost in shadow. But Richard Blakehurst couldn’t miss the flash of connection between them when his hand touched hers. It was as if he had awakened something deep inside her.

Seeing Richard again brought back the taunting memory of their dance at her come out ball. She must tame her wayward thoughts, because Thea doubted even her considerable fortune could buy Richard’s good opinion of her if ever he learnt the truth…

Lord Braybrook’s Penniless Bride

Miss Christiana Daventry will do whatever it takes to keep from being thrown out on the streets even accept the insufferably attractive Lord Braybrook’s proposition!Julian Trentham, Viscount Braybrook, urgently needs to hire a governess and companion, and Christy is conveniently available. Headstrong, with charmingly mismatched eyes and soft tawny hair, Christy is unlike any woman he has ever encountered. But there is something so deliciously endearing about her that Julian quickly forgets how scandalous it would be to give in to the mounting attraction for his penniless governess…

His Governess Bride

These down on their luck ladies are far from what they seem…
‘His Lady Mistress’ is written by Elizabeth Rolls. When Max, Earl Blakehurst, meets poor governess Verity he doesn’t recognise her as the daughter of a colonel under whom he used to serve. Enchanted, he proposes a solution to her money woes: he will set her up as his mistress. But when Verity’s true identity is revealed, will scandal force the pair to marry? ‘A Very Unusual Governess’ is written by Sylvia Andrew. Edward Barraclough’s bachelor existence is thrown into a spin when he is forced to look after his two orphaned nieces. Employing the right governess is vital. Unassuming Octavia has the girls’ support, while he has reservations. Yet could the mystery woman’s devotion to her charges capture Edward’s heart?

Delectably Undone!

A collection of five sensual stories. History has never been so hot!

A Scandalous Liaison by Elizabeth Rolls

Viscount St. Austell has never forgotten the illicit night he shared with Loveday Trehearne. Now, as mystery surrounds her, he’s going to rediscover all her sensuous curves….

Pleasured by the Viking by Michelle Willingham

Innocent Auder O Reilly’s afraid she won’t satisfy her husband-to-be in the marriage bed. So Viking Gunnar Dalrata offers to show her the pleasures of making love….

The Captain’s Wicked Wager by Marguerite Kaye

Captain Ewan Dalgleish makes Isabella Mansfield a scandalous wager: in return for the money she needs, she must spend three nights with him….

The Samurai’s Forbidden Touch by Ashley Radcliff

The only love and adventure Miku’s found is in her poetry. But left alone with samurai warrior Takeshi, tantalizing new cravings are aroused….

Arabian Nights with a Rake by Bronwyn Scott

Susannah Sutcliffe is held captive in a Bedouin camp. To escape, she must convince handsome English diplomat Alex Grayfield to rescue her-by seducing him!

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