Elizabeth Moon Books In Order

Vatta’s Peace Books In Publication Order

  1. Cold Welcome (2017)
  2. Into the Fire (2018)

The Deed of Paksenarrion Books In Publication Order

  1. Sheepfarmer’s Daughter (1988)
  2. Divided Allegiance (1988)
  3. Oath of Gold (1989)

The Legacy of Gird Books In Publication Order

  1. Surrender None (1990)
  2. Liar’s Oath (1992)

Serrano Legacy Books In Publication Order

  1. Hunting Party (1993)
  2. Sporting Chance (1994)
  3. Winning Colors (1995)
  4. Once a Hero (1997)
  5. Rules Of Engagement (1998)
  6. Change of Command (1999)
  7. Against the Odds (2000)

Vatta’s War Books In Publication Order

  1. Trading in Danger (2003)
  2. Marque and Reprisal / Moving Target (2004)
  3. Engaging the Enemy (2006)
  4. Command Decision (2007)
  5. Victory Conditions (2008)

Paladin’s Legacy Books In Publication Order

  1. Oath of Fealty (2010)
  2. Kings of the North (2011)
  3. Echoes of Betrayal (2012)
  4. Limits of Power (2013)
  5. Crown of Renewal (2014)

Paksenarrion Books In Publication Order

  1. The Deed of Paksenarrion (1992)
  2. Masters of Fantasy (By:Bill Fawcett) (2004)
  3. Deeds of Honor (2014)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Remnant Population (1996)
  2. The Speed of Dark (2002)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Lunar Activity (1990)
  2. Phases (1997)
  3. Moon Flights (2008)

Planet Pirates Books In Publication Order

  1. Sassinak (With: Anne McCaffrey) (1990)
  2. The Death of Sleep (By:Anne McCaffrey,Jody Lynn Nye) (1990)
  3. Generation Warriors (With: Anne McCaffrey) (1991)

New Destinies Books In Publication Order

  1. New Destinies Vol. 1: Spring 1987 (By:Jim Baen) (1987)
  2. New Destinies Vol. 2: Fall 1987 (By:Jim Baen) (1987)
  3. New Destinies Vol. 3: Spring 1988 (By:Jim Baen) (1988)
  4. New Destinies Vol. 4: Summer 1988 (By:Jim Baen) (1988)
  5. New Destinies Vol. 5: Fall 1988 (By:Jim Baen) (1988)
  6. New Destinies Vol. 6: Winter 1988 (By:Robert A. Heinlein,Jim Baen) (1988)
  7. New Destinies Vol. 7: Spring 1989 (By:Jim Baen) (1989)
  8. New Destinies Vol. 8: Fall 1989 (By:Jim Baen) (1989)
  9. New Destinies Vol. 9: Fall 1990 (With: ,Michael Flynn,Jim Baen,,,John Dalmas) (1990)

The Dying Earth Books In Publication Order

  1. The Dying Earth / Mazirian the Magician (1950)
  2. Cugel’s Saga / Cugel: The Skybreak Spatterlight (1966)
  3. The Eyes of the Overworld / Cugel the Clever (1966)
  4. A Quest for Simbilis (1974)
  5. Morreion (1978)
  6. The Seventeen Virgins (1979)
  7. The Bagful of Dreams (1979)
  8. Rhialto the Marvellous (1984)
  9. The Laughing Magician (2006)
  10. Songs of the Dying Earth: Stories in Honour of Jack Vance (2009)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Don’t Forget Your Spacesuit, Dear (1996)
  2. Escape from Earth (2006)
  3. Songs of the Dying Earth: Stories in Honour of Jack Vance (2009)
  4. Little Green Mena ‘Attack! (2017)

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Elizabeth Moon Books Overview

Sheepfarmer’s Daughter

Refusing to marry a pig farmer and joining the army even if it means never seeing her family again, Paksenarrion begins an adventure that enables her to restore an overthrown ruler. Reissue.

Divided Allegiance

Once a sheepfarmer’s daughter, now a seasoned veteran, Paksenarrion has proven herself a fighter. Years with Duke Phelan s Company taught her weaponry, discipline, and how to react as part of a military unit. Now, though, Paks feels spurred to a solitary destiny. Against all odds she is accepted as a paladin candidate by the fellowship of Gird. Years of study will follow, for a paladin must be versed in diplomacy and magic as well as the fighting arts. But before she is fully trained, Paks is called to her first mission: to seek out the fabled stronghold of Luap far to the west. The way is long, the dangers many and not even the Marshal General of Gird can say whether glory or ruin awaits. Full of virtues…
Chicago Sun Times This trilogy builds in power and intensity…
all the sweep and majesty of the finest heroic fantasy…

Oath of Gold

Paksenarrion – Paks for short – was somebody special. Never could she have followed her father’s orders and married the pig farmer down the road. Better a soldier’s life than a pigfarmer’s wife, and so, though she knew that she could never go home again, Paks ran away to be a soldier. And so began an adventure destined to transform a simple sheepfarmer’s daughter into a hero fit to be chosen by the gods. Oath of Gold is the climactic final volume of the epic that Judith Tarr calls ‘the first work of high heroic fantasy I’ve seen that has taken the work of Tolkien, assimilated it totally and deeply and absolutely, and produced something altogether new and yet incontestably based on the master…
.[Moon’s military knowledge is impressive, her picture of life in a mercenary company most convincing. I’m deeply impressed.’ ‘A tour de force…
‘-Jack McDevitt, Nebula Award Winning author ‘Brilliant…
the excitement of high heroic adventure…
superbly cast with protagonists and supporting characters that will enchant the reader.’-Bookwatch

Surrender None

Paksenarrion, the hero*ine of Moon’s incredible fantasy trilogy, could never have become a fighter, much less paladin beyond compare, if not for him who had come before: Gird, the Armsman, the Liberator, the bumptious peasant who taught his people that they could fight against oppression. This is his story.

Liar’s Oath

High heroic adventure from Moon, author of The Deed of Paksenarrion and co author of Sassinak and Generation Warriors. Although the king’s illegitimate son had promised he would never seek the throne, he breaks his oath and gets himself into so much trouble that his only hope lies in rescue by the greatest Paladin…
who will be born in another 500 years.

Hunting Party

Heris Serrano was an officer born of a long line of officers. Being forced by a treacherous superior to resign her commission under a cloud was not just the end of a career path; it was the end of everything that gave her life meaning. Still, even ex captains grieving for lost careers must eat, and Heris has wound up as ‘Captain’ of an interstellar luxury yacht. Being a rich old lady’s hyperlight chauffeur isn’t quite the same as captaining a dreadnought, but nothing Heris will ever do again will compare to that. Or so she thinks…
For all is not as it seems aboard the good ship Sweet Delight, and soon Heris finds herself fighting for her life against as varied and villianous a bunch of cutthroats, smugglers, and ‘sportsmen’ as ever had the misfortune to cross her path when she was a captain of the fleet. Part 1 of 2 GraphicAudio…
A Movie in Your Mind is a unique audio entertainment experience that features a full cast of actors, sound effects and cinematic music. Publisher’s Weekly says ‘Graphic Audio delivers an action and sound effect loaded audiobook that lives up to its tagline, A movie in your mind.’ Audiofile Magazine says, GraphicAudio sets the gold standard for full cast dramatizations, and new listeners will become instant fans.

Sporting Chance

Lady Cecelia is to mysteries what a pack of foxhounds is to a fox…
and her interference brings her to disaster. But Captain Serrano isn’t about to let her employer and now her friend be destroyed. With the help of Lady Cecelia’s nephew and his friends, including Lord Thornbuckle’s adventurous daughter, Heris plots a rescue, while trying to rebalance her own life and recover relationships with some of her former crew. In the process, she and Lady Cecelia bring down a government. Part 1 of 2 In GraphicAudio…
A Movie in Your Mind with Full Cast, Narration, Cinematic Music and Sound Effects. GraphicAudio sets the gold standard for full cast dramatizations, and new listeners will become instant fans. Audiofile Magazine

Winning Colors

Restored to her former state of health and determination Lady Cecelia goes in search of fresh bloodstock she’s had enough of politics. But once again she manages to put herself and Heris Serrano at the point where lightning will strike. This time it’s invasion from the neighboring empire: The Benignity of the Compassionate Hand. Heris is only a civilian now, with a space yacht what can she do in the face of a full scale fleet of warships? But she is also a Serrano born to lead. In GraphicAudio…
A Movie in Your Mind with Full Cast, Narration, Cinematic Music and Sound Effects. GraphicAudio sets the gold standard for full cast dramatizations, and new listeners will become instant fans. Audiofile Magazine

Once a Hero

Esmay Suiza wasn’t a member of a great Navy family like the Serranos. She’d had to make her way on grit alone, which meant it wasn’t likely she’d ever make admiral and ”hoist her own flag.” Well, that was fine with her: all Esmay wanted was a secure berth where she could be part of something greater than herself, and otherwise just live her life in peace. But what we want or think we want from life and what we get are seldom the sameand one day Esmay found herself in the middle of a space battle, and the senior surviving officer in a mutiny against a traitorous captain. Suddenly she has no choice: she must take command and winand thereby become both the youngest and lowest ranking member of Fleet ever to win a major battle. While Esmay may not want to be a hero, it looks like she just can’t help it, because Once a Hero
. Part 1 of 2 In GraphicAudio…
A Movie in Your Mind with Full Cast, Narration, Cinematic Music and Sound Effects. GraphicAudio sets the gold standard for full cast dramatizations, and new listeners will become instant fans. Audiofile Magazine

Rules Of Engagement

Esmay Suiza, one of Fleet’s most gifted young officers, and Brun Meager, daughter of the Speaker of the Grand Council, have a lot in common they’re both bright, brave, likeable and adventurous. But far from becoming the best of friends, a string of misunderstandings leads to a very public argument, and their enmity is soon the talk of Copper Mountain training base. When Brun falls into the hands of a fanatical religious militia movement Esmay finds herself in disgrace, suspected of conniving in Brun’s abduction. Far from hating her, however, Esmay understands Brun better than anyone else, and knows that she has the best chance of coming up with a plan to save her. But will anyone in Fleet listen long enough to give her a second chance? Rules Of Engagement is the fifth volume of The Serrano Legacy, an action packed science fiction series from this highly acclaimed author. More information on this book and others can be found on the Orbit website at www. orbitbooks. co. uk

Change of Command

THEIR UNIVERSE IS FALLING APART! Rejuvenants fear the backlash caused by bad drugs; they want to ensure that nothing interferes with their pursuit of long life or the profit that comes from promising it to others. Neighbor states fear the aggressive expansion of the Familias Regnant, fuelled by population growth and extended lifespan. Within the Regular Space Service, those who have received experimental rejuvenations fear they may have been given bad drugs on purpose. Esmay Suiza’s family fears that her marriage to an offworlder will damage their position. Barin Serrano’s family fears that his marriage to a Landbride of Altiplano will damage his career and their reputation. Fear begets violent reactions from foreign governments, from great Families determined to maintain or increase their power, from internal rivalries in the Fleet and nothing escapes the resultant bloodbath unscathed. As Esmay and Barin struggle to reconcile their families, others have more cosmic struggles to win.

Against the Odds

The worst has happened: Fleet is tearing itself apart. Some of the mutineers see injustice in the unequal spread of the rejuvenation drugs that offer virtual immortality to the rich; others are simply thirsty for power, or for blood. The Loyalists, meanwhile, fight desperately to preserve the rule of law in Familias Regnant space. But when Esmay Suiza Serrano is unceremoniously booted out of Fleet, the apparent victim of Family politics, she has no idea of the whirlwind of conflict into which she is about to be drawn…
Part 1 of 2 In GraphicAudio…
A Movie in Your Mind with Full Cast, Narration, Cinematic Music and Sound Effects. GraphicAudio sets the gold standard for full cast dramatizations, and new listeners will become instant fans. Audiofile Magazine

Trading in Danger

Kylara Vatta is the only daughter in a family full of sons, and her father’s only child to buck tradition by choosing a military career instead of joining the family business. For Ky, it s no contest: Even running the prestigious Vatta Transport Ltd. shipping concern can t hold a candle to shipping out as an officer aboard an interstellar cruiser. It s adventure, not commerce, that stirs her soul. And despite her family s misgivings, there can be no doubt that a Vatta in the service will prove a valuable asset. But with a single error in judgment, it all comes crumbling down. Expelled from the Academy in disgrace and returning home to her humiliated family, a storm of high profile media coverage, and the gaping void of her own future Ky is ready to face the inevitable onslaught of anger, disappointment, even pity. But soon after opportunity s door slams shut, Ky finds herself with a ticket to ride and a shot at redemption as captain of a Vatta Transport ship. It s a simple assignment: escorting one of the Vatta fleet s oldest ships on its final voyage…
to the scrapyard. But keeping it simple has never been Ky s style. And even though her father has provided a crew of seasoned veterans to baby sit the fledgling captain on her maiden milk run, they can t stop Ky from turning the routine mission into a risky venture in the name of turning a profit for Vatta Transport, of course. By snapping up a lucrative delivery contract defaulted on by a rival company, and using part of the proceeds to upgrade her condemned vehicle, Ky aims to prove she s got more going for her than just her family s famous name. But business will soon have to take a backseat to bravery, when Ky s change of plans sails her and the crew straight into the middle of a colonial war. For all her commercial savvy, it s her military training and born soldier s instincts that Ky will need to call on in the face of deadly combat, dangerous mercenaries, and violent mutiny…
. From the Hardcover edition.

Marque and Reprisal / Moving Target

Kylara Vatta, risk taking, rule breaking, can do hero*ine of Trading in Danger, is back in business the kind that’s anything but usual in the new military science fiction adventure by ace action storyteller Elizabeth Moon. The exciting military career she hoped for never got off the ground but Ky Vatta ended up seeing plenty of combat when she took the helm of one of the commercial transport vessels in her family s fleet…
and steered it into a full blown war. Now the lessons she learned in that trial by fire are about to pay off: because this time, the war has come to her. To be exact, someone unknown has launched a full throttle offensive against Vatta Transport Ltd., Ky s father s interstellar shipping empire. In short order, most of Ky s family is killed, and subsequent attacks sever vital lines of communication, leaving Ky fighting, in every sense, to survive. Determined to identify the ruthless mystery enemy and avenge her family s name, Ky needs not only firepower but information. And she gets both in spades from the band of stranded mercenaries she hooks up with, from her black sheep cousin, Stella, who s been leading a secret life, and from Stella s roguish ex lover, Rafe. Together they struggle to penetrate the tangled web of political intrigue that s wreaking havoc within InterStellar Communications, whose effective operation their own livelihoods and perhaps lives depend on. But the infighting proves to be infectious, and it isn t long before Ky s hired military muscle are turning their suspicions on the enigmatic Rafe, whose wealth of knowledge about ISC s clashing factions and startling new technologies has begun to make him smell like a rat…
or a mole. With swift, violent destruction a very real possibility, the last thing Ky needs is a crew divided against itself and she s prepared to take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that Vatta stays in business, as well as in one piece. What she s not prepared for is the shocking truth behind the terror and a confrontation with murderous treachery from a source as unexpected as it is unrelenting. From the Hardcover edition.

Engaging the Enemy

For fans of fast-paced adventure and compelling characters, the military science fiction of Nebula Award-winning author Elizabeth Moon is the perfect choice.

The brilliantly unorthodox Kylara Vatta, black-sheep scion of Vatta Transport Ltd., one of the galaxy’s wealthiest merchant houses, is a hero*ine like no other, blessed with a killer instinct for business and for battle. Now, in the aftermath of cold-blooded assassinations that have left her parents dead and the Vatta shipping empire shattered, Kylara faces her greatest challenge yet.

There is a time for grief and a time for revenge. This is decidedly the latter. Placing her cousin Stella in command of the trading vessel Gary Tobai, Ky embarks aboard the captured pirate ship Fair Kaleen on a twofold mission: to salvage the family business and to punish those responsible for the killings…
before they strike again.

Since the network providing instantaneous communication between star systems has been sabotaged, news is hard to come by and available information impossible to trust. But as she travels from system to system, with Stella a step behind, Ky pieces together the clues and discovers a conspiracy of terrifying scope, breathtaking audacity, and utter ruthlessness.

The only hope the independent systems and merchants have against this powerful enemy is to band together. Unfortunately, because she commands a ship known to belong to a notorious pirate-her own relative Osman Vatta, whom she killed for his part in her parents’ deaths-Ky is met with suspicion, if not outright hostility. Rumors swirl about her intent, her very identity. Soon even Stella begins to question her cousin’s decisions and her authority to make them.

Meanwhile, the conspiracy Ky hunts is hunting her in turn, with agents insinuated into every space station, every planetary government, every arm of the military, and every merchant house-including her own. Before she can take the fight to the enemy, Kylara must survive a deadly minefield of deception and betrayal.

Command Decision

With the Vatta’s War series, award winning author Elizabeth Moon has claimed a place alongside such preeminent writers of military science fiction as David Weber and Lois McMaster Bujold. Now Moon is back and so is her butt kicking, take no prisoners hero*ine, Kylara Vatta. Once the black sheep scion of a prosperous merchant family, Kylara now leads a motley space force dedicated to the defeat of a rapacious pirate empire led by the mysterious Gammis Turek. After orchestrating a galaxy wide failure of the communications network owned and maintained by the powerful ISC corporation, Turek and his marauders strike swiftly and without mercy. First they shatter Vatta Transport. Then they overrun entire star systems, growing stronger and bolder. No one is safe from the pirate fleet. But while they continue to move forward with their diabolical plan, they have made two critical mistakes. Their first mistake was killing Kylara Vatta s family. Their second mistake was leaving her alive. Now Kylara is going to make them pay. But with a fleet consisting of only three ships including her flagship, the Vanguard, a souped up merchant cruiser Kylara needs allies, and fast. Because even though she possesses the same coveted communication technology as the enemy, she has nowhere near their numbers or firepower. Meanwhile, as Kylara s cousin Stella tries to bring together the shattered pieces of the family trading empire, new treachery is unfolding at ISC headquarters, where undercover agent Rafael Dunbarger, estranged son of the corporation s CEO, is trying to learn why the damaged network is not being repaired. What he discovers will send shock waves across the galaxy and crashing into Kylara s newly christened Space Defense Force at the worst possible moment. From the Hardcover edition.

Victory Conditions

Elizabeth Moon’s thrilling Vatta s War series, featuring the no holds barred space faring hero*ine Kylara Vatta, has secured her reputation as a master of first rate military science fiction. Now Commander Vatta is back locked and loaded and ready to win the fight against the marauding forces of ruthless space pirate Gammis Turek. For Ky, it s not just about liberating the star systems subjugated by Turek and defending the rest of the galaxy s freedom. There s also a score to be settled and payback to be meted out for the obliteration of the Vatta Transport dynasty…
and the slaughter of Ky s family. But the enemy have their own escalation efforts under way including the placement of covert agents among the allies with whom Ky and the surviving Vattas are collaborating in the war effort. And when a spy ring linked to a wealthy businessman is exposed, a cracked pirate code reveals a galaxywide conspiracy fueling the proliferation of Turek s warship fleet. Matching the invaders swelling firepower will mean marshaling an armada of battle ready ships for Ky to lead into combat. But a violent skirmish leaves Ky reeling and presumed dead by her enemies. Now, as Turek readies an all out attack on the Nexus system a key conquest that could seal the rest of the galaxy s doom Ky must rally to the challenge, draw upon every last reserve of her strategic skills, and reach deep if she is to tear from the ashes of tragedy her most decisive victory. From the Hardcover edition.

Oath of Fealty

Elizabeth Moon’s bestselling science fiction novels featuring Kylara Vatta have earned her rave reviews and comparison to such giants as Robert Heinlein and Lois McMaster Bujold. But as Moon s devoted fans know, she started her career as a fantasy writer. The superb trilogy known as The Deed of Paksenarrion is widely judged to be one of the great post Tolkien fantasies, a masterpiece of sustained world building and realistic military action. Now Moon returns to this thrilling realm for the first time in nearly twenty years. The result: another classic in the making. Thanks to Paks s courage and sacrifice, the long vanished heir to the half elven kingdom of Lyonya has been revealed as Kieri Phelan, a formidable mercenary captain who earned a title and enemies in the neighboring kingdom of Tsaia. Now, as Kieri ascends a throne he never sought, he must come to terms with his own half elven heritage while protecting his new kingdom from his old enemies and those he has not yet discovered. Meanwhile, in Tsaia, Prince Mikeli prepares for his own coronation. But when an assassination attempt nearly succeeds, Mikeli suddenly faces the threat of a coup. Acting swiftly, Mikeli strikes at the powerful family behind the attack: the Verrakaien, magelords possessing ancient sorcery, steeped in death and evil. Mikeli s survival and that of Tsaia depend on the only Verrakai whose magery is not tainted with innocent blood. Two kings stand at a pivotal point in the history of their worlds. For dark forces are gathering against them, knit in a secret conspiracy more sinister and far more ancient than they can imagine. And even Paks may find her gods given magic and peerless fighting skills stretched to the limit and beyond.

Kings of the North

Elizabeth Moon returns to the fantasy world of the paladin Paksenarrion Dorthansdotter Paks for short in this second volume of a new series filled with all the bold imaginative flights, meticulous world building, realistic military action, and deft characterization that readers have come to expect from this award winning author. In Kings of the North, Moon is working at the very height of her storytelling powers. Peace and order have been restored to the kingdoms of Tsaia and Lyonya, thanks to the crowning of two kings: Mikeli of Tsaia and, in Lyonya, Kieri Phelan, a mercenary captain whose royal blood and half elven heritage are resented by elves and humans alike. On the surface, all is hope and promise. But underneath, trouble is brewing. Mikeli cannot sit safely on his throne as long as remnants of the evil Verrakaien magelords are at large. Kieri is being hounded to marry and provide the kingdom with an heir but that is the least of his concerns. A strange rift has developed between him and his grandmother and co ruler, the immortal elven queen known as the Lady. More problematic is the ex pirate Alured, who schemes to seize Kieri’s throne for himself and Mikeli s, too, while he s at it. Meanwhile, to the north, the aggressive kingdom of Pargun seems poised to invade. Now, as war threatens to erupt from without and within, the two kings are dangerously divided. Old alliances and the bonds of friendship are about to be tested as never before. And a shocking discovery will change everything.

Echoes of Betrayal

The action continues fast and furious in this third installment of Elizabeth Moon’s celebrated return to the fantasy world of the paladin Paksenarrion Dorthansdotter. This award winning author has firsthand military experience and an imagination that knows no bounds. Combine those qualities with an ability to craft flesh and blood characters, and the result is the kind of speculative fiction that engages both heart and mind. All is not well in the Eight Kingdoms. In Lyonya, King Kieri is about to celebrate marriage to his beloved, the half elf Arian. But uncanny whispers from the spirits of his ancestors continue to warn of treachery and murder. A finger of suspicion has been pointed toward his grandmother, the queen of the Ladysforest elves, and that suspicion has only intensified with time and the Lady s inexplicable behavior. Clearly, she is hiding something. But what? And why? Meanwhile, in Tsaia, the young king Mikeli must grapple with unrest among his own nobility over his controversial decision to grant the title and estates of a traitorous magelord to a Verrakaien who not only possesses the forbidden magic but is a woman besides: Dorrin, once one of Kieri s most trusted captains. When renegade Verrakaien attack two of Dorrin s squires, suspicion and prejudice combine to place Dorrin s life at risk and the king s claim to the throne in peril. But even greater danger is looming. The wild offspring of a dragon are on the loose, sowing death and destruction and upsetting the ancient balance of power between dragonkind, humans, elves, and gnomes. A collision seems inevitable. Yet when it comes, it will be utterly unexpected and all the more devastating for it.

The Deed of Paksenarrion

Paksenarrion, a simple sheep farmer’s daughter, yearns for a life of adventure and glory. At 17 she runs away from home to begin her epic life. This omnibus edition contains ‘Sheepfarmer’s Daughter’, ‘Divided Allegiance’, and ‘Oath of Gold’ which follows the exploits of Paksennarion.

Masters of Fantasy (By:Bill Fawcett)

Masters Of Fantasy has a star studded cast of popular fantasy writers, with brand new adventures set in their most popular series. David Weber’s New York Times best selling Honor Harrington series is the hottest in science fiction today, and he has proven himself to be equally a master of fantasy with his Bahzell series, including Oath Of Swords, The War God’s Own, and Windrider’s Oath. Mercedes Lackey is among the most popular of today’s fantasy writers and her Valdermar novels are best sellers. Mickey Zucker Reichert is the author of the best selling Books of Barakhai series. David Drake is author of the best selling Hammer’s Slammers series for Baen and the equally popular Lord of the Isles fantasy series for Tor. Andre Norton is known both for her science fiction and for her fantasy, including the Witch World novels, which have been enthralling readers for four decades. Elizabeth Moon’s Paksenarrion series have been among Baen’s top selling titles for the past decade. Alan Dean Foster is known for his top selling space adventures, his movie novelisations, and his fantasy adventure novels. Robert Asprin is a New York Times best selling author, known in fantasy for his poular Myth series. Also on board are Hugo and Nebula winner Michael Resnick, Christopher Stasheff, Margaret Weis, and more. A feast of fantasy adventure that will be a must buy for all fans of the field.

Remnant Population

For forty years, Colony 3245. 12 has been Ofelia’s home. On this planet far away in space and time from the world of her youth, she has lived and loved, weathered the death of her husband, raised her one surviving child, lovingly tended her garden, and grown placidly old. And it is here that she fully expects to finish out her days until the shifting corporate fortunes of the Sims Bancorp Company dictates that Colony 3245. 12 is to be disbanded, its residents shipped off, deep in cryo sleep, to somewhere new and strange and not of their choosing. But while her fellow colonists grudgingly anticipate a difficult readjustment on some distant world, Ofelia savors the promise of a golden opportunity. Not starting over in the hurly burly of a new community…
but closing out her life in blissful solitude, in the place she has no intention of leaving. A population of one. With everything she needs to sustain her, and her independent spirit to buoy her, Ofelia actually does start life over for the first time on her own terms: free of the demands, the judgments, and the petty tyrannies of others. But when a reconnaissance ship returns to her idyllic domain, and its crew is mysteriously slaughtered, Ofelia realizes she is not the sole inhabitant of her paradise after all. And, when the inevitable time of first contact finally arrives, she will find her life changed yet again in ways she could never have imagined…

The Speed of Dark

In the near future, disease will be a condition of the past. Most genetic defects will be removed at birth; the remaining during infancy. Unfortunately, there will be a generation left behind. For members of that missed generation, small advances will be made. Through various programs, they will be taught to get along in the world despite their differences. They will be made active and contributing members of society. But they will never be normal. Lou Arrendale is a member of that lost generation, born at the wrong time to reap the awards of medical science. Part of a small group of high functioning autistic adults, he has a steady job with a pharmaceutical company, a car, friends, and a passion for fencing. Aside from his annual visits to his counselor, he lives a low key, independent life. He has learned to shake hands and make eye contact. He has taught himself to use please and thank you and other conventions of conversation because he knows it makes others comfortable. He does his best to be as normal as possible and not to draw attention to himself. But then his quiet life comes under attack. It starts with an experimental treatment that will reverse the effects of autism in adults. With this treatment Lou would think and act and be just like everyone else. But if he was suddenly free of autism, would he still be himself? Would he still love the same classical music with its complications and resolutions? Would he still see the same colors and patterns in the world shades and hues that others cannot see? Most importantly, would he still love Marjory, a woman who may never be able to reciprocate his feelings? Would it be easier for her to return the love of a normal ?There are intense pressures coming from the world around him including an angry supervisor who wants to cut costs by sacrificing the supports necessary to employ autistic workers. Perhaps even more disturbing are the barrage of questions within himself. For Lou must decide if he should submit to a surgery that might completely change the way he views the world…
and the very essence of who he is. Thoughtful, provocative, poignant, unforgettable, The Speed of Dark is a gripping exploration into the mind of an autistic person as he struggles with profound questions of humanity and matters of the heart. From the Hardcover edition.

Moon Flights

Over the past two decades, few authors have garnered the critical acclaim and fan following of Elizabeth Moon, Nebula Award winning author of The Speed of Dark, The Deed of Paksenarrion, and Remnant Population. Moon Flights, the definitive Elizabeth Moon short story collection, represents the highlights of an impressive career. Gathering together fifteen tales of fantasy, alternative history, and science fiction, Moon Flights features an original story, ‘Say Cheese,’ set in the Vatta’s War cosmology, and an all new introduction by Anne McCaffrey, legendary creator of the Dragonriders of Pern series.

Sassinak (With: Anne McCaffrey)

Sassinak was 12 when the raiders came. That made her just the right age: old enough to be used, young enough to be broken. Or so the slavers thought. But Sassy turned out to be a little different…
and bided her time to become the fleet captain of a pirate chasing ship of her own.

The Death of Sleep (By:Anne McCaffrey,Jody Lynn Nye)

When the space liner on which she is traveling is attacked by the infamous planet pirates, Lunzie Mespil escapes to a lifeboat where she plans to sleep in cryogenic stasis until she is rescued, but she is unaware of how long she will wait. Reissue.

Generation Warriors (With: Anne McCaffrey)

Lunzie, fresh from her adventures in The Death of Sleep , has discovered that the one good heavyworlder she ever met isn’t so good after all. Fordeliton, sent to investigate the connection between the super rich and the planet pirates, and is now dying from a mysterious, slow poison. Dupaynil, who has made the mistake of pushing Sassinak too far, and has been exiled to Seti space. Aygar, who is out of prove he has brains as well heavyworlder brawn. And then there’s Sassinak, ordered to report to Fed Central for the trial of mutineer Tanegli. She’s been told to disarm her shop when it enters restricted space; she’s been told her crew can’t have liberty of leave; and she’s been told to follow all the rules. But the only person who might be able to stop the disaster ahead has never been to follow the rules…

New Destinies Vol. 1: Spring 1987 (By:Jim Baen)

First in new series of original anthologies. Stories include: Point Man, by Timothy Zahn; Iron Part 2 of 2, by Poul Anderson; Not for Country, Not for King, by Joel Rosenberg; Lifeguard, by Doug Beason; The Graphic of Dorian Gray, by Fred Saberhagen; Rank Injustice, by Keith Laumer. Also three essays: Magic Matter, by Robert L. Forward; In Praise of Sociobiology, by John Gribbin and Mary Gribbin; The Space Beat: How to Stop a Space Program, by G. Harry Stine.

New Destinies Vol. 2: Fall 1987 (By:Jim Baen)

First in new series of original anthologies. Stories include: Point Man, by Timothy Zahn; Iron Part 2 of 2, by Poul Anderson; Not for Country, Not for King, by Joel Rosenberg; Lifeguard, by Doug Beason; The Graphic of Dorian Gray, by Fred Saberhagen; Rank Injustice, by Keith Laumer. Also three essays: Magic Matter, by Robert L. Forward; In Praise of Sociobiology, by John Gribbin and Mary Gribbin; The Space Beat: How to Stop a Space Program, by G. Harry Stine.

The Dying Earth / Mazirian the Magician

The stories included in The Dying Earth introduce dozens of seekers of wisdom and beauty, lovely lost women, wizards of every shade of eccentricity with their runic amulets and spells. We meet the melancholy deodands, who feed on human flesh and the twk men, who ride dragonflies and trade information for salt. There are monsters and demons. Each being is morally ambiguous: The evil are charming, the good are dangerous. All are at home in Vance’s lyrically described fantastic landscapes like Embelyon where, The sky was a mesh of vast ripples and cross ripples and these refracted a thousand shafts of colored light, rays which in mid air wove wondrous laces, rainbow nets, in all the jewel hues…
. The dying Earth itself is otherworldly: A dark blue sky, an ancient sun…
. Nothing of Earth was raw or harsh the ground, the trees, the rock ledge protruding from the meadow; all these had been worked upon, smoothed, aged, mellowed. The light from the sun, though dim, was rich and invested every object of the land…
with a sense of lore and ancient recollection. Welcome. The Dying Earth and its sequels comprise one of the most powerful fantasy/science fiction concepts in the history of the genre. They are packed with adventure but also with ideas, and the vision of uncounted human civilizations stacked one atop another like layers in a phyllo pastry thrills even as it induces a sense of awe at…
the fragility and transience of all things, the nobility of humanity s struggle against the certainty of an entropic resolution. Dean Koontz, author of the Odd Thomas novels. He gives you glimpses of entire worlds with just perfectly turned language. If he d been born south of the border, he d be up for a Nobel Prize. Dan Simmons author of The Hyperion Cantos.

Cugel’s Saga / Cugel: The Skybreak Spatterlight

‘Vance sees himself in the tradition of popular fantasy writers, but his classic writing style is also comparagle to Homer’s Odyssey, and Cervante’s Don Quixote. Though the Cugel tales may lack the scope and pathos of the greatest adventure yarns, in the twenty-first century, they may be as close as one gets to the celebration of epic human perseverance.’–editor, Brilliance Audio Cugel’s Saga, published 17 years after Eyes of the Overworld, is the second novel that features the scoundrel and trickster, Cugel. Again, Cugel tests wits with Iucounu and acquires rudimentary powers himself. ‘Cugel the Clever [is a rogue so venal and unscrupulous that that he makes Harry Flashman look like Dudley Do-Right. How could you not love a guy like that?…
. Judging from the number of times that Cugel has come back…
you can’t keep a bad man down.’ -George R.R. Martin, author of A Song of Ice and Fire. ‘Cugel the Clever [is a liar and thief in a doomed world of liars and thieves…
. Probably the least attractive hero it would be possible to find, struggling through a universe like a Hieronymus Bosch painting, a hero only in that nearly everybody else he encounters in that universe is on the make too, and yet the Cugel stories are howlingly funny.’ -Kage Baker, author of Empress of Mars.

The Eyes of the Overworld / Cugel the Clever

The Eyes of the Overworld is the first of Vance’s picaresque novels about the scoundrel Cugel. Here he is sent by a magician he has wronged to a distant unknown country to retrieve magical lenses that reveal the Overworld. Conniving to steal the lenses, he escapes and, goaded by a homesick monster magically attached to his liver, starts to find his way home to Almery. The journey takes him across trackless mountains, wastelands, and seas. Vance s career began when he was in the merchant marine and continued through extended stays in exotic cities. Through cunning and dumb luck, the relentless Cugel survives one catastrophe after another, fighting off bandits, ghosts, and ghouls stealing, lying, and cheating without insight or remorse leaving only wreckage behind. Betrayed and betraying, he joins a cult group on a pilgrimage, crosses the Silver Desert as his comrades die one by one and, escaping the Rat People, obtains a spell that returns him home. There, thanks to incompetence and arrogance he misspeaks the words of a purloined spell and transports himself back to the same dismal place he began his journey.

Rhialto the Marvellous

Rhialto the Marvellous takes up the personal and political conflicts among a conclave of two dozen magicians of Ascolais and Almery in the 21st Aeon. The shocking appearance of the Llorio the Murtha, a powerful female force from an earlier aeon threatens to unbalance nature by ensqualming or feminizing the magicians. This triggers a tremendous struggle for power and the other mages turn against Rhialto. Hoping to reestablish his rightful place, Rhialto travels to other aeons to restore the missing Perciplex which projects the Mostrament, the constitution of the association. In his final adventure, Rhialto must, ultimately, travel to the very ends of time and space to confront an old adversary whom he had wronged and must commit further misdeeds to restore order. Out of this welter of exotic politics, values systems, personal eccentricity, and magic, the figure of Rhialto slowly comes into focus and takes on dimension. He is a vain, apparently superficial man, not ashamed to demonstrate his melancholy to enhance his reputation. But he is courteous, patient, and subtle, even kind. He is self aware and introspective as Cugel never could be the wisest and most sympathetic of all of Vance’s wizards.

Songs of the Dying Earth: Stories in Honour of Jack Vance

Thank You, Mr. Vance, by Dean Koontz. 2009 by Dean Koontz. Preface, by Jack Vance. 2009 by Jack Vance. The True Vintage of Erzuine Thale, by Robert Silverberg. 2009 by Agberg, Ltd. Grolion of Almery, by Matthew Hughes. 2009 by Matt Hughes Company Ltd. The Copsy Door, by Terry Dowling. 2009 by Terry Dowling. Caulk the Witch Chaser, by Liz Williams. 2009 by Liz Williams. Inescapable, by Mike Resnick. 2009 by Mike Resnick. Abrizonde, by Walter Jon Williams. 2009 by Walter Jon Williams. The Traditions of Karzh, by Paula Volsky. 2009 by Paula Volsky. The Final Quest of the Wizard Sarnod, by Jeff VanderMeer. 2009 by Jeff VanderMeer. The Green Bird, by Kage Baker. 2009 by Kage Baker. The Last Golden Thread, by Phyllis Eisenstein. 2009 by Phyllis Eisenstein. An Incident in Uskvesh, by Elizabeth Moon. 2009 by Elizabeth Moon. Sylgarmo’s Proclamation, by Lucius Shepard. 2009 by Lucius Shepard. The Lamentably Comical Tragedy or the Laughably Tragic Comedy of Lival Laqavee, by Tad Williams. 2009 by Tad Williams. Guyal the Curator, by John C. Wright. 2009 by John C. Wright. The Good Magician, by Glen Cook. 2009 by Glen Cook. The Return of the Fire Witch, by Elizabeth Hand. 2009 by Elizabeth Hand. The Collegeum of Mauge, by Byron Tetrick. 2009 by Byron Tetrick. Evillo the Uncunning, by Tanith Lee. 2009 by Tanith Lee. The Guiding Nose of Ulf nt Bander z, by Dan Simmons. 2009 by Dan Simmons. Frogskin Cap, by Howard Waldrop. 2009 by Howard Waldrop. A Night at the Tarn House, by George R. R. Martin. 2009 by George R. R. Martin. An Invocation of Incuriosity, by Neil Gaiman. 2009 by Neil Gaiman.

Don’t Forget Your Spacesuit, Dear

A collection of humorous science fiction tales follows the adventures of brave heroes and leaders who are still under the thumb of mom, and includes contributions by Anne McCaffrey, Robert Asprin, Elizabeth Moon, Jody Lynn Nye, and others.

Escape from Earth

Imagine a world where interplanetary travel isn t just possible it’s commonplace. Human beings have terraformed Mars. You can reach into another dimension through a wormhole. The virtual world can be the only place where you exist, because you don t have a body. The possibilities are endless. Escape from Earth, inspired by Robert Heinlein s juveniles, featuring stories by Orson Scott Card Ender s Game, Elizabeth Moon the Vatta books, and Joe Haldeman The Forever War, among others, will take you places beyond your imagination.

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