Elizabeth Lynn Casey Books In Order

Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Books In Order

  1. Sew Deadly (2009)
  2. Death Threads (2010)
  3. Pinned for Murder (2010)
  4. Deadly Notions (2011)
  5. Dangerous Alterations (2011)
  6. Reap What You Sew (2012)
  7. Let It Sew (2012)
  8. Remnants of Murder (2013)
  9. Taken In (2014)
  10. Wedding Duress (2015)
  11. Needle and Dread (2016)
  12. Patterned After Death (2017)

Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Book Covers

Elizabeth Lynn Casey Books Overview

Sew Deadly

Ever since she moved to Sweet Briar, South Carolina, Yankee librarian Tori Sinclair has been the talk of the tiny town. But sheÂA’s been so busy at work, winning over the sewing circle, and trying to forget her cheating ex that she hasnÂA’t even had time to baste together a pillow, let alone mind local gossip. Then she finds the hometown sweetheart dead at her back doorÂA…

Everyone believes the police investigator, whoÂA’s just fixinÂA’ to link Tori to the murder in a love triangle gone bad. To clear her name, Tori will have to rely on her new sewing sisters and stitch together the truthÂA- or be darned.

Death Threads

The Southern Sewing Circle mystery series continues. Yankee librarian Tori Sinclair is basking in the warmth of her new circle of friends from South Carolina’s Sweet Briar Ladies Society sewing circle. That is until local author Colby Calhoun reveals an unflattering secret about the town’s historic past and then disappears, leaving a bloody trail behind him. And when Tori begins to see a pattern of the townsfolk’s age old Southern pride standing in the way of justice, she knows it’s time to unravel the mystery.

Pinned for Murder

The members of South Carolina’s Sweet Briar Ladies Society sewing circle are as loyal and close knit as the day is long. But when the richest and meanest woman in town turns up murdered, the new Yankee librarian Tori Sinclair finds that some threads can bind dangerously tight.

Deadly Notions

Librarian Tori Sinclair would do anything for her new circle of friends-including throw a birthday bash for a fellow sewer’s daughter. While the party is a hit, self-important pageant mom Ashley Lawson leaves the ladies wanting to permanently shut her high maintenance mouth. But when Ashley turns up dead, Tori and the girls need to figure out who really murdered the monster mom, before the finger-pointing causes their friendship to unravel.

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