Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli Books In Order

An Emily Kincaid Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Dead Dancing Women (2008)
  2. Dead Floating Lovers (2009)
  3. Dead Sleeping Shaman (2010)
  4. Dead Dogs and Englishmen (2011)
  5. Dead Little Dolly (2013)

A Little Library Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. A Most Curious Murder (2016)
  2. She Stopped for Death (2017)
  3. In Want of a Knife (2018)
  4. And Then They Were Doomed (2019)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Gift Of Evil (1983)

A Nut House Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. A Tough Nut to Kill (2014)
  2. Snoop to Nuts (2015)
  3. Nuts and Buried (2015)

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Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli Books Overview

Dead Dancing Women

Escaping the city, and her coed chasing ex husband, part time journalist and full time failed mystery writer Emily Kincaid has moved into a cozy cabin nestled in the woods of northern Michigan. Emily spends her days writing for the local newspaper and crafting her latest forgettable novel. Then one morning her quiet life turns grisly when a severed head tumbles out of her garbage can. The victim belonged to the Women of the Moon, a group of old ladies who sing and dance around a bonfire in the woods late at night. The members claim it’s just a harmless act in praise of mother earth, but certain townspeople don’t see it that way. Now, one by one, the women are turning up dead. Between hosting her ex and his female ‘assistant,’ reluctantly raising a rambunctious new puppy, and forming an uneasy alliance with the fractious Deputy Dolly, can Emily put an end to the killings and somehow preserve her sanity?

Dead Floating Lovers

Praise for Dead Dancing Women, the first
Emily Kincaid Mystery:

‘Every woman who’s ever struggled with saying no, fitting in, and balancing independence against loneliness will adore first timer Emily.’

Buried secrets never stay hidden…

Springtime in northern Michigan: a picture perfect scene. Until struggling mystery writer Emily Kincaid gets a visit from her foul weather friend Deputy Dolly, who frantically demands Emily’s help. Sandy Lake’s receding waters have revealed a bullet pierced skull, along with a keepsake that could mean serious trouble for a man Dolly once loved.

As another set of bones surfaces, Emily finds herself wading through Dolly’s painful past, digging into Leetsville’s dark history, and dodging threats from an outraged Odawa Indian who may be protecting more than just sacred land. Now, Emily and Dolly are deadset on solving the crime whether it breaks their hearts…
or costs them their lives.

Dead Sleeping Shaman

While an end of the world revivalist group shakes up Leetsville, Emily Kincaid is deep in the northern Michigan woods researching her latest story for the local paper. But her walk gets cut short when she comes upon an eerily motionless woman propped against a tree…
Emily soon learns that the victim, an eccentric psychic and leader of a shamanic healing group, harbored painful memories of the area and had mysterious ties to certain revivalist members. What could have lured her back to the place she feared so greatly? Why did someone want her dead? As the last day draws near, Emily races to solve this mystical puzzle and expose the killer. An old ghost town, a forgotten grave, and closely guarded family secrets may hold all the answers. Praise for the Emily Kincaid Mystery series ‘Buzzelli’s well crafted third Emily Kincaid cozy…
features sharp prose and spirited characterizations.’ Publishers Weekly ‘Readers will find the same strong sense of place and great characters that are hallmarks of Sarah Graves and Philip Craig.’ Library Journal

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