Elizabeth Jane Howard Books In Order

Cazalet Chronicles Books In Publication Order

  1. The Light Years (1990)
  2. Marking Time (1991)
  3. Confusion (1993)
  4. Casting Off (1995)
  5. All Change (2013)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Beautiful Visit (1950)
  2. The Long View (1956)
  3. The Sea Change (1959)
  4. After Julius (1965)
  5. Something In Disguise (1969)
  6. Odd Girl Out (1972)
  7. Getting It Right (1998)
  8. Falling (1999)
  9. Love All (2008)
  10. The Amazing Adventures of Freddie Whitemouse (2017)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. We Are For The Dark (1951)
  2. MR Wrong (1973)
  3. Marriage (1998)
  4. Three Miles Up and Other Strange Stories (2003)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Slipstream (2002)

The Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories Anthology Books In Publication Order

  1. The Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories (1964)
  2. The Second Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories (By:Robert Aickman) (1966)
  3. The Third Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories (By:E.F. Benson,,,Arthur Quiller-Couch,Robert Aickman) (1967)
  4. The 4th Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories (By:Robert Aickman) (1968)
  5. The 5th Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories (By:,Robert Aickman,,Jerome K. Jerome) (1969)
  6. The Sixth Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories (By:H.G. Wells,,,,Robert Aickman) (1970)
  7. The Seventh Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories (By:,Washington Irving,,Vladimir Nabokov,,,,Robert Aickman) (1980)
  8. The Eighth Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories (By:Agatha Christie,,,,Robert Aickman) (1982)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. The Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories (1964)

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Elizabeth Jane Howard Books Overview

The Light Years

Home Place, Sussex, 1937. The English family at home…
For two unforgettable summers they gathered together, safe from the advancing storm clouds of war. In the heart of the Sussex countryside these were still sunlit days of childish games, lavish family meals and picnics on the beach. Three generations of the Cazalet family played out their lives with their relatives, their children and their servants and the fascinating triangle of their affairs.

Marking Time

Home Place, Sussex, 1939. The English family at war…
The sunlit days of childish games and family meals are over, as the shadows of war roll in to cloud the lives of one English family. At Home Place, the windows are blacked out and food is becoming scarce as a new generation of Cazalets takes up the story. Louise dreams of being a great actress, Clary is an aspiring writer, while Polly, is burdened with knowledge and the need to share it.


This, the third volume of the bestselling The Cazalet Chronicles, takes up the story of the Cazalet family in the spring of 1942 and follows them through the war to VE Day. Polly and Clary have left Home Place for London where Archie Lestrange keeps a close eye on them; Louise, surprisingly, has married; Polly makes a painful discovery; Zoe, despairing of Rupert’s return, stumbles on solace and Edward’s duplicity demands a reckoning…

Casting Off

The aftermath of war, and the slow dawning of a new era of freedom and opportunity, shape the destinies of the Cazalets in the final volume of this magnificent family saga. Polly, Clary and Louise, now grown up, are ready to discover the truth about the adult world. While Rupert, Hugh and Edward must make the choices that will decide their own and the family’s future. For the Cazalets, and all those close to them, one end is another beginning…

The Beautiful Visit

‘I was born in Kensington. My father was a composer. My mother came from a rich home, and was, I believe, incurably romantic’. On the eve of an unusual voyage, a young woman reviews her life. Her story begins with a visit to the country which offers a contrast and serves as an awakening experience. What follows is an enchanting and sensitive account of her struggle to achieve independent happiness.

The Long View

The story of Antonia and Conrad Fleming’s marriage offers a view of a shifting relationship, and the way in which social obligations and sophistication replace youthful vulnerability. Antonia’s life is traced from youth to middle age, as daughter, wife, lover and mother.

The Sea Change

Emmanuel is a famous playwright and Lilian is his sickly and embittered wife, unable to forget the death of her only child. Rich but discontented, they travel from city to city in the company of their hero worshipping manager. Then Alberta is appointed as Emmanuel’s secretary.

After Julius

Originally published in 1965, a novel telling of how the last heroic action of a man who has been dead for twenty years, still affects the lives of his widow and two daughters. From the author of THE LONG VIEW and THE SEA CHANGE.

Something In Disguise

May’s second marriage to Colonel Herbert Brown Lacy is turning out to be a terrible mistake. Her children leave home to escape the Colonel, and his behaviour is beginning to become more and more sinister. ‘The Beautiful Visit’ was awarded the John Llewellyn Rhys Memorial Prize.

Odd Girl Out

Anne and Edmund Cornhill’s idyllic ten year marriage is abruptly changed by the arrival of Clara, who was once married to Edmund’s father and who overshadows the Cornhill’s happy life with her lonely malevolence. Reissue.

Getting It Right

Getting It Right was not Gavin Lamb’s forte, at least where human relationships were concerned. In the hairdressing salon, he was an expert with the tools of his trade. But back at home with his mother, it was quite a different matter. He didn’t know how to deal with women since he was a prototype late developer. But after Joan’s party, he would never be the same again…


Henry Kent has been looking for someone. Anyone will do, as long as she is female, preferably with some money. But when writer Daisy Langrish buys a cottage close by he arouses her agent’s suspicions.

Love All

This is a beautiful, very moving, melancholic and elegiac novel set in the late 1960s in Melton, a small town in the West Country. The story revolves around a disparate group of people who come together there to establish an arts festival. There is Jack Curtis a self made millionaire who has bought and refurbished the local stately home, Florence Plover, a garden designer in her sixties whom he has employed and her Anglo Greek niece, Persephone. There are the Musgrove siblings, Thomas and Mary, whose family originally owned Melton Hall, who run a failing garden nursery nearby and there is Francis Brock, whose sister Celia, Thomas’ wife, was tragically killed in a car crash some years previously. This is the story of their intertwining relationships and how they come to love, and not to love each other in different ways and why a perfect book to curl up and read by the fireside on an autumn afternoon and as satisfying a read as ‘Brief Encounter’ is a film.


The long awaited autobiography of one of Britains most well loved and respected authors. In this candid and revealing memoir, Elizabeth Jane Howard looks back over the course of her eventful life. Born in London in 1923, Elizabeth Jane Howard was privately educated at home, moving on to short lived careers as an actress and model, before writing her first acclaimed novel, The Beautiful Visit, in 1950. She has written twelve highly regarded novels, most recently Falling, since then. Her Cazalet Chronicles have become established as modern classics and were recently filmed by the BBC. She has been married three timesfirst to Peter Scott, the naturalist and son of Captain Scott, and most famously and tempestuously to Kingsley Amis. It was Amiss son by another marriage, Martin, to whom she introduced the works of Jane Austen and ensured that he received the education that would be the grounding of his own literary career. Her closest friends have included some of the greatest and most controversial writers and thinkers of the ageLaurie Lee, Arthur Koestler and Cecil Day Lewis, among others. Slipstream is a superlative work of autobiography. Honest and unflinching, it brilliantly illuminates the literary world of the latter half of the twentieth century, as well as giving a highly personal insight into the life of one of our most beloved British writers. This will be one of the most anticipated, and talked about, memoirs of the season.

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