Elizabeth Goddard Books In Order

Oregon Outback Books In Publication Order

  1. A Love Remembered (2017)
  2. A Love Risked (2017)
  3. A Love Kindled (2017)
  4. A Love Recovered (2017)

Exposure Books In Publication Order

  1. Double Exposure (2017)

Uncommon Justice Books In Publication Order

  1. Never Let Go (2019)
  2. Always Look Twice (2019)
  3. Don’t Keep Silent (2020)

Coldwater Bay Intrigue Books In Publication Order

  1. Thread of Revenge (2018)
  2. Stormy Haven (2018)
  3. Distress Signal (2018)
  4. Running Target (2019)

Honor Protection Specialists Books In Publication Order

  1. High-Risk Rescue (2022)

Mountain Cove Books In Publication Order

  1. Buried (2015)
  2. Untraceable (2015)
  3. Backfire (2015)
  4. Submerged (2015)
  5. Tailspin (2016)
  6. Deception (2016)

Wilderness, Inc. Books In Publication Order

  1. Targeted for Murder (2016)
  2. Undercover Protector (2017)
  3. False Security (2017)
  4. Wilderness Reunion (2017)

Redwood Coast Books In Publication Order

  1. Hearts in the Mist (2012)
  2. Under the Redwood Tree (2012)
  3. Sheltering Love (2016)

North Dakota Books In Publication Order

  1. Disarming Andi (2010)
  2. Praying For Rayne (2010)

Mount Shasta Secrets Books In Publication Order

  1. Deadly Evidence (2019)
  2. Covert Cover-Up (2020)
  3. Taken in the Night (2021)
  4. High Stakes Escape (2021)

Rocky Mountain Courage Books In Publication Order

  1. Present Danger (2021)
  2. Deadly Target (2021)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Seasons Of Love (2007)
  2. Freezing Point (2011)
  3. Treacherous Skies (2012)
  4. Riptide (2013)
  5. Love in the Air (2013)
  6. Wilderness Peril (2013)
  7. Love on the Slopes (2014)
  8. Love in the Wind (2014)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Peril on the Mountain (2020)

K-9 Mountain Guardians Books In Publication Order

  1. Trained to Defend (By:Christy Barritt) (2020)
  2. Mountain Hostage (By:Hope White) (2020)
  3. Fugitive Trail (2020)

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Elizabeth Goddard Books Overview

Seasons Of Love

When Grandpa Sanderford asks Riley O’hare to give up her climb on the corporate ladder and take over the family cranberry farm in Massachusetts, she actually considers it. Her mind is made up when her brother dies and she becomes the guardian of his son. Riley hopes the move and her new roles will help her find the purpose and peace she desires. With the death of his friend and business partner, Zane Baldwyn’s world is turned upside down, and his company is in trouble. As he looks to replace John, strange things begin to happen that makes Zane wonder if John’s death was really accidental. Riley has a farm to save, and Zane has a mystery to solve. Somehow the two goals seem related. As Riley and Zane are drawn closer together, can they stay out of danger and discover a season of love?

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