Elizabeth E.X. Ferrars Books In Order

Andrew Basnett Books In Publication Order

  1. Something Wicked (1983)
  2. Root of All Evil (1984)
  3. The Crime and the Crystal (1985)
  4. The Other Devil’s Name (1987)
  5. A Murder Too Many (1988)
  6. Smoke Without Fire (1990)
  7. A Hobby of Murder (1994)
  8. A Choice of Evils (1995)

Police Chief Raposo Books In Publication Order

  1. Skeleton Staff (1969)
  2. Witness Before the Fact (1979)

Superintendent Ditteridge Books In Publication Order

  1. A Stranger and Afraid (1971)
  2. Breath of Suspicion (1972)
  3. Foot in the Grave (1972)
  4. Alive and Dead (1974)
  5. Blood Flies Upwards (1992)

Toby Dyke Books In Publication Order

  1. Remove The Bodies (1940)
  2. Give a Corpse a Bad Name (1940)
  3. Death in Botanist’s Bay (1941)
  4. Neck in a Noose (1942)

Virginia Freer Books In Publication Order

  1. Last Will and Testament (1978)
  2. Frog in the Throat (1980)
  3. Thinner Than Water (1981)
  4. Death of a Minor Character (1983)
  5. I Met Murder (1985)
  6. Sleep of the Unjust (1990)
  7. Beware of the Dog (1992)
  8. Woman Slaughter (1994)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. I, Said the Fly (1945)
  2. Murder Among Friends (1946)
  3. With Murder in Mind (1948)
  4. The March Hare Murders (1949)
  5. Hunt the Tortoise (1950)
  6. Milk of Human Kindness (1950)
  7. The Clock That Wouldn’t Stop (1952)
  8. Alibi for a Witch (1952)
  9. Murder Moves In (1953)
  10. Murder in Time (1953)
  11. The Lying Voices (1954)
  12. Enough to Kill a Horse (1955)
  13. Always Say Die (1956)
  14. Furnished for Murder (1957)
  15. Unreasonable Doubt (1958)
  16. A Tale of Two Murders (1959)
  17. Fear the Light (1960)
  18. The Sleeping Dogs (1960)
  19. The Busy Body (1962)
  20. The Wandering Widows (1962)
  21. The Doubly Dead (1963)
  22. A Legal Fiction (1964)
  23. Ninth Life (1965)
  24. No Peace for the Wicked (1966)
  25. Zero at the Bone (1967)
  26. The Swaying Pillars (1968)
  27. The Seven Sleepers (1970)
  28. The Small World of Murder (1973)
  29. Hanged Man’s House (1974)
  30. Drowned Rat (1975)
  31. The Cup And The Lip (1975)
  32. The Pretty Pink Shroud (1977)
  33. Murders Anonymous (1977)
  34. In at the Kill (1978)
  35. Experiment with Death (1981)
  36. Skeleton in Search of a Cupboard (1982)
  37. Frauen vor Gericht (1987)
  38. Trial By Fury (1989)
  39. Danger from the Dead (1991)
  40. Answer Came There None (1992)
  41. Thy Brother Death (1993)
  42. Seeing is Believing (1994)
  43. A Thief in the Night (2014)

Collections In Publication Order

  1. Designs on Life (1980)
  2. The Casebook of Jonas P. Jonas and Other Mysteries (2012)

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Elizabeth E.X. Ferrars Books Overview

A Hobby of Murder

When retired Botany professor Andrew Basnett goes to stay with old friends, a local dinner party with a theme goes wrong when one of the guests dies.

A Choice of Evils

Expecting nothing more than a quiet holiday in the sleepy seaside town of Gallmouth, England, Andrew Basnett is first surprised to meet his nephew, Peter Dilly, quite by chance, and then both pleased and annoyed to find himself drawn into the activities of the town’s first arts festival. It’s pleasant to be invited for dinner at the home of successful novelist Simon Amory, but not so pleasant when Amory’s sister in law is found shot to death in Amory’s summer house, and Basnett’s nephew is both the last person to have seen her alive and the first to see her dead. When a second woman of Amory’s acquaintance is also found dead, the rather prickly writer would seem to be a prime suspect but Basnett has other ideas. No one is better than E. X. Ferrars, undisputed past mistress of the domestic British mystery, at uncovering the personal torments that lie beneath the surface of tranquil small town life, and one is better at unraveling the complex relationships and motivations that so often lead to unexpected violence.

Skeleton Staff

Audio Cassette, ISIS Audio Books

Give a Corpse a Bad Name

A man is run over by a car while lying drunk in the middle of a lane in Devon. Driving the car is Anna Milne, a widow from South Africa. By a strange coincidence the dead man also comes from South Africa. And he has Anna Milne’s address in his pocket.

Last Will and Testament

After five years, Virginia Freer’s charming, lying, light fingered con man husband was back. He had come, as usual, for money, but Virginia was too preoccupied to mind. The death of an elderly friend was posing problems, for there was something suspicious about her will. Then, suddenly, the most valuable legacy vanished and people began to die violently.

Woman Slaughter

Featuring Virginia and Felix Freer, two characters from ‘I Met Murder’, this novel revolves around the murder of two of Virginia’s neighbours. There appears to be a link between the killings, but it takes Felix, Virginia’s estranged husband, to work out what it is.

The March Hare Murders

A murder shocks the sleepy English village of Wellford. Professor Verinder is dead, and the only witness is left injured without catching sight of the killer. The obvious suspect is David Obeney, an unstable man who has only recently arrived in the village to stay with his sister. Known to be openly hostile toward the Professor, David is the owner of the murder weapon and had allegedly been seen on the road to the crime scene that day. But was David’s hatred motive enough to murder, or is he being set up to take the blame?

Murder Moves In

Burham Priors was a quaint English village, not a place where one would expect to find a murder. But murder was exactly what confronted Robina Mellanby when she arrived at Burnham Priors. Robina was a young widow with two children when she married Sam Mellanby. She had no idea that the tiny village where Sam lived was filled with terrible events that would now threaten her own life…

Enough to Kill a Horse

Fanny Lynam’s cocktail party is awkward to arrange. Her old friend Clare is not eager to come, the ill tempered Tom is sure to quarrel with whomever he can, and Fanny is nervous about meeting the young widow, Laura Greenslade, who has just become engaged to her half brother, Kit. Anxious to impress, Fanny prepares her specialty of lobster patties for the guests, but when one of them dies in the night, accusations of murder abound, and her quaint little village is peaceful no more.

The Sleeping Dogs

When Elspeth Marris tries to find Teresa Swale, who had recently been acquitted of murder, she learns that someone else is searching for the elusive young woman.

The Doubly Dead

Margot Dalziel, the well known journalist, was expected at her rural cottage on Saturday. But what happened? By Sunday it had become apparent that something had gone amiss and the lady had vanished.

Zero at the Bone

First published in 1967, a crime thriller, in which the escape of a poisonous snake from a strange menagerie becomes linked with a violent death. From the author of ENOUGH TO KILL A HORSE, THE LYING VOICES and DON’T MONKEY WITH MURDER.

The Seven Sleepers

The family of the late Professor Garvie Brown, particularly his eighth wife, discover that he murdered his previous seven wives, four of whom he had married bigamously. They fear that if the truth were known they would be ruined, and so discover to hide it. By the author of ‘Murder Among Friends’.

The Pretty Pink Shroud

The night after a fancy dress ball, Leila Guest, wife of the retired vice chancellor of the university, disappears, and the dress she had been wearing, now covered with blood stains and bullet holes, is found among a bundle of clothes at a thrift clothing shop.

Danger from the Dead

Vacationing at the guest cottage on the property of his brother, Gavin, Nigel Cleaver discovers the bodies of Gavin’s wife, Annabel, and her half sister, Caroline. By the author of Sleep of the Unjust.

Thy Brother Death

The placid life of a Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry becomes agitated for Patrick Carey when an unknown woman claiming to be his deserted wife suddenly appears, only to abruptly die in a mysterious fire.

Seeing is Believing

Infidelity, blackmail, unrequited love, and sexual perversion are the dirty little secrets that come to light in the staid English village of Raneswood when an amateur actor is found murdered in his home.

A Thief in the Night

MysteryLarge Print EditionAlec and Veronica Guest live a quiet life in the picturesque village of Maddingleigh, with little to disturb their daily routine. Then an antique dealer friend has a valuable old clock stolen. Not that serious an incident, they believe until it is followed by a series of increasingly sinister events which culminate in murder. Is the death connected to the clock, or to the arrival of the Guests new beautiful, enigmatic neighbor? And with their community living in suspicion and fear, will the killer be discovered before a second murder is committed?

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