Elizabeth Chadwick Books In Order


  1. Wanton Angel (1989)
  2. Bride Fire (1992)
  3. Virgin Fire (1992)
  4. Widow’s Fire (1992)
  5. Reluctant Lovers (1993)
  6. Elusive Lovers (1994)


  1. A Wilderness Christmas (1993)

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Elizabeth Chadwick Books Overview

Bride Fire

Stranded in the wilderness and desperate for survival, young Cassandra has nearly given up hope when muscular mustanger Alex Harte arrives as salvation. When the rugged wanderer rescues this beautiful seventeen year old damsel, he knows his journey is about to take a dramatic turn. Just when Cassandra?

Widow’s Fire

His mind preoccupied with the threat of cattle theft, Justin Harte was in no position to fall in love. But when his eye caught sight of the beautiful, forceful, and unbelievably skilled Anne McAuliffe, who can shoot a gun better than many men he knows, his heart began to beat so loudly that his mind could not talk any sense into him. Going beyond playing hard to get, Anne makes it clear that she is not interested in the strapping and debonair Justin. But can Anne control her heart as easily as she thinks or will she drop her gun and be swept into Justin’s waiting arms?

A Wilderness Christmas

A half breed Apache witnesses the miracle of a Christmas birth, a woman struggles to rid herself of the Yankee partner who has bought out half of her ranch, and a handsome stranger begs for work, in a collection of romance tales.

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