Elizabeth Camden Books In Order

Hope and Glory Books In Publication Order

  1. Spice King (2019)
  2. A Gilded Lady (2020)
  3. The Prince of Spies (2021)

Empire State Books In Publication Order

  1. A Dangerous Legacy (2017)
  2. A Daring Venture (2018)
  3. A Desperate Hope (2019)
  4. Christmas at Whitefriars (2019)

From This Moment Books In Publication Order

  1. Summer of Dreams (2016)
  2. From This Moment (2016)

The Blackstone Legacy Books In Publication Order

  1. Carved in Stone (2021)

Until The Dawn Books In Publication Order

  1. Toward the Sunrise (2015)
  2. Until the Dawn (2015)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Lady of Bolton Hill (2011)
  2. The Rose of Winslow Street (2012)
  3. Against the Tide (2012)
  4. Into the Whirlwind (2013)
  5. With Every Breath (2014)
  6. Beyond All Dreams (2014)
  7. To the Farthest Shores (2017)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. All My Tomorrows (2018)

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Elizabeth Camden Books Overview

The Lady of Bolton Hill

Female journalists are rare in 1879, but American born Clara Endicott has finally made a name for herself with her provocative articles championing London’s poor. When the backlash from her work forces a return home to Baltimore, Clara finds herself face to face with a childhood sweetheart who is no longer the impoverished factory worker she once knew. In her absence, Daniel Tremain has become a powerful industry giant and Clara finds him as enigmatic as ever. However, Daniel’s success is fueled by resentment from past wounds and Clara’s deeply held beliefs about God’s grace force Daniel to confront his own motives. When Clara’s very life is endangered by one of Daniel’s adversaries, they must face a reckoning neither of them ever could have foreseen.

The Rose of Winslow Street

The last thing Libby Sawyer and her father expected upon their return from their summer home was to find strangers inhabiting a house that had been in their family for decades. Widower Michael Dobrescu brought his family from Romania to the town of Colden, Massachusetts with a singular purpose: to claim the house willed to him long ago. Since neither party has any intention of giving up their claim, a fierce legal battle ensues between the two families. When important documents go missing from the house, Libby suspects Michael is the culprit. Determined to discover the truth behind the stolen papers, Libby investigates, only to find more layers of mystery surrounding Michael and his family. Despite their rivalry, Libby finds herself developing feelings for this man with the mysterious past. As a decision about the house looms in the courts, Libby must weigh the risks of choosing to remain loyal to her family or give her heart to a man whose intentions and affections are less than certain.

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