Edward D Hoch Books In Order

Simon Ark Books In Order

  1. City of Brass (1971)
  2. The Judges of Hades (1971)
  3. Quests of Simon Ark (1985)

Carl Crader Books In Order

  1. The Transvection Machine (1971)
  2. The Fellowship of the Hand (1973)
  3. The Frankenstein Factory (1976)

Jeffery Rand Books In Order

  1. The Spy and the Thief (1971)
  2. The Spy Who Read Latin (1990)


  1. The Shattered Raven (1969)
  2. More Things Impossible (2006)


  1. Thefts of Nick Velvet (1978)
  2. Baffling Detective Cases (1978)
  3. Mysteries for Crime Busters (1978)
  4. Leopold’s Way (1985)
  5. The Night My Friend (1992)
  6. Diagnosis: Impossible (1996)
  7. The Ripper of Storyville (1997)
  8. The Velvet Touch (2000)
  9. The Old Spies Club (2001)
  10. The Night People (2001)
  11. The Iron Angel (2003)
  12. The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures (2012)
  13. Layout for Murder (2012)
  14. Noir Masters Triple Threat Treasury (2012)
  15. Challenge the Impossible (2018)
  16. Hoch’s Ladies (2019)
  17. Funeral in the Fog (2020)

Anthology series

  1. Murder Most Sacred (1989)

Anthologies edited

  1. Dear Dead Days (1972)
  2. All but Impossible (1981)
  3. The Year’s Best Mystery and Suspense Stories, 1982 (1982)
  4. Year’s Best Mystery and Suspense Stories, 1984 (1984)
  5. The Year’s Best Mystery and Suspense Stories, 1985 (1985)
  6. The Year’s Best Mystery and Suspense Stories, 1986 (1986)
  7. Great British Detectives (1987)
  8. Year’s Best Mystery and Suspense Stories, 1987 (1987)
  9. The Year’s Best Mystery and Suspense Stories, 1988 (1988)
  10. The Year’s Best Mystery and Suspense Stories, 1989 (1989)
  11. The Year’s Best Mystery and Suspense Stories, 1990 (1990)
  12. The Year’s Best Mystery and Suspense Stories, 1991 (1991)
  13. The Year’s Best Mystery and Suspense Stories, 1992 (1992)
  14. The Year’s Best Mystery and Suspense Stories 1993 (1993)
  15. The Year’s Best Mystery and Suspense Stories 1994 (1994)
  16. The Year’s Best Mystery and Suspense Stories 1995 (1995)
  17. Twelve American Detective Stories (1997)
  18. Snow White and the Eleven Dwarfs (2000)

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Edward D Hoch Books Overview

More Things Impossible

Dr. Sam Hawthorne, a New England country doctor in the first half of the twentieth century, was constantly faced by murders in locked rooms, impossible disappearances, and other so called miracle crimes. More Things Impossible contains fifteen of Dr. Sam’s extraordinary cases solved between 1927 and 1931, including impossible murder in a house that whispers; poisoning by a gargoyle on the courthouse roof; the case of the Devil in the windmill; the houseboat that resembles the Mary Celeste; the affair of the vanishing Gypsies; stabbing in the locked cockpit of a plane in midair; a ghostly pirate in a lighthouse; ad eight other ingenious riddles. Edward D. Hoch is a legend of ingenuity in the world of mystery writing. Author of more than 800 short stories, winner of the Edgar Award, former President of the Mystery Writers of America, and contributor to every issue of Ellery Queen s Mystery Magazine since 1973, Hoch is one of the great mystery writers of our time. As John Dickson Carr remarked, Satan himself would be proud of his ingenuity. And Crippen & Landru is proud to be Edward D. Hoch s publisher. The publisher: Founded in 1994 as the only publishing house to specialize in mystery short story collections, Crippen & Landru has been described as a monument in the making Alfred Hitchcock s Mystery Magazine ,the best edited, most attractively packaged line of mystery books introduced in this decade Mystery Scene,the specialty publisher with the most star studded list Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, and even God bless Crippen & Landru The Strand.

Leopold’s Way

Leopold in these 24 stories is the head of homicide, later to become the depart ment of violent crimes. Because he is given to interior musing, we learn the workings of the mind of a thoughtful de tective. Showing Leopold’s mind, Hoch develops nuances of character rare in mystery stories. The House by the Ferris poses a typical Hoch problem. Ancient crone Stella Gaze predicts that four men will die by earth, air, fire, and water. Leo pold is called in when one man drowns, is called again when another burns. The crimes seem to have been concocted by a witch.

Diagnosis: Impossible

Impossible crimes locked rooms, sealed time capsules, the vanishing of a horse and buggy from within a covered bridge by a master of the fairplay detective story.

The Ripper of Storyville

GUNSLINGING AND HISTORICAL DETECTION Probably the most honored of all current mystery short story writers, Edward D. Hoch combines ingenious plotting with a strong sense of time and place. The Ripper of Storyville is the first book collection of one of Hoch’s most imaginative creations, Ben Snow, the nineteenth century gunman who wanders through the West and occasionally the East as well. The book begins with seven rare stories about Ben Snow published more than thirty years ago in The Saint Mystery Magazine and continues with seven more recent tales. Ben solves such mysteries as The steamboat that vanishes as it leaves Vicksburg, Mississippi; The stallion that can be seen only by the victim; Crime in a Sacramento waxworks; The patent medicine man who claims to be able to stop time itself; Serial killings in old New Orleans; A mysterious death near a temple in Yucatan; and The killing of The Flying Man.

The Velvet Touch

Nick Velvet is the choosey crook, who steals only the seeminglyvalueless for a hefty fee of course. In The Velvet Touch, Nick steals a bald man’s comb, a faded flag, an overdue library book, an ordinary playing card, a menu and 9 other items While engaged in pilfering, Nick finds that he often has to become a detective, sometimes in order to save Sandra Paris, the White Queen, who is also a thief a mistress of bizarre crimes, who does ‘Impossible Things Before Breakfast.’ Nick Velvet and Sandra Paris sometimes compete, sometimes work together as in the theft of a snake charmer’s basket on the front cover.

The Old Spies Club

‘THE KING OF THE CLASSICAL WHODUNIT’ Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine used these words to describe the extraordinary accomplishments of Edward D. Hoch. Whether he is writing about sleuths or crooks or spies, Hoch always includes a strong puzzle element in his stories. Each challenges the reader to unravel the mystery before the hero does. Two of Hoch’s most famous characters are British espionage agent Jeffery Rand and his half Scottish, half Egyptian wife Leila Gaad. During the height of the Cold War, Rand outsmarted Soviet agents, and in the more murky world of contemporary diplomacy he continues to face intriguing mysteries. In these 15 tales, Rand must discover why a dying spy wrote the word ‘labyrinth’, how can someone fight a non existent war and pass a lie detector test about it, what do miraculous cures in Scotland have to do with the CIA, and other strange conundrums. Even when Rand retires and joins The Old Spies Club, he and Leila continue in a world of double agents, double crosses, and constant peril.

The Iron Angel

Ever since his first story was published in 1955, Edward D. Hoch has been the dominant force in the fairplay detective story. Like his predecessors of the Golden Age between the Wars, Ed Hoch challenges the reader to read all the clues correctly and come to the correct conclusion before the sleuth. But he does much more than that: his sleuths are cut out of various cloths some are professional thieves, some investigate bizarre events, others are espionage agents, others specialize in locked rooms, and still others like the Gypsy Michael Vlado add a touch of exotic lore to their investigations. Long awaited by Hoch’s fans, The Iron Angel is the first collection of Vlado’s adventures, and it includes such cases as ‘The Gypsy’s Paw’ in which the classic horror tale ‘The Monkey’s Paw’ seems repeated, ‘The Puzzle Garden’ in which murder is involved in a garden named after the apostles, ‘The Gypsy Wizard’ in which a wizard may, or may not, be able to fly, and other ingenious stories. Hoch has received the Mystery Writers of America’s highest honor, The Grand Master Award. He also has received Edgar and Anthony Awards and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Bouchercon. The cover painting is by Carol Heyer, one of the finest of the mystery and science fiction artists.

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