Edmond Hamilton Books In Order

Interstellar Patrol Books In Order

  1. Outside the Universe (1964)
  2. The Star Stealers (1929)
  3. Crashing Suns (1965)

Captain Future Books In Order

  1. Captain Future and the Space Emperor (1940)
  2. Calling Captain Future (1940)
  3. Galaxy Mission (1940)
  4. Captain Future and the Seven Space Stones (1941)
  5. Star Trail to Glory (1941)
  6. The Magician of Mars (1941)
  7. The Lost World of Time (1941)
  8. Quest Beyond the Stars (1941)
  9. Outlaws of the Moon (1942)
  10. The Comet Kings (1942)
  11. Planets in Peril (1942)
  12. The Face of the Deep (1943)
  13. Red Sun of Danger (1945)
  14. Outlaw World (1968)

John Gordon Books In Order

  1. The Star Kings (1949)
  2. Return to the Stars (1970)

Starwolf Books In Order

  1. The Weapon from Beyond (1967)
  2. The Closed Worlds (1968)
  3. World of the Starwolves (1968)


  1. The Monsters of Juntonheim (1950)
  2. The City at World’s End (1951)
  3. The Star of Life (1959)
  4. The Sun Smasher (1959)
  5. The Haunted Stars (1960)
  6. Battle for the Stars (1961)
  7. The Valley of Creation (1964)
  8. Fugitive of the Stars (1965)
  9. Doom Star (1966)


  1. Nemesis from Terra / Battle for the Stars (1989)
  2. Two Worlds of Edmond Hamilton (2008)
  3. The Star Hunter / Alien (2012)
  4. Starcombers / Year When Stardust Fell (2012)


  1. Horror on the Asteroid and Other Tales of Planetary Horror (1936)
  2. The Best of Edmond Hamilton (1977)
  3. The Vampire Master (2000)
  4. Stark and the Star Kings (2005)


  1. The Man Who Saw the Future (1930)
  2. Twilight of the Gods (1948)
  3. The Stars, My Brothers (1962)
  4. Day of the Micro-Men (2019)

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Edmond Hamilton Books Overview

The Star Stealers

Nearly a century before the racks of mass market books were flooded with media tie ins for franchises such as Star Trek, Star Wars, etc. and ten years before E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith created the Lensmen, Edmond Hamilton pioneered and popularized the concept of a galactic peacekeeping force. Hamilton’s first crack at the concept in ‘Crashing Suns’ has his band of heroes confined to the solar system as the ‘Interplanetary Patrol’ With ‘The Star Stealers,’ Hamilton takes his notion of a stellar police force to the distant cosmic shores as the ‘Interstellar Patrol.’ Many of these stories were reprinted in the 1960s from Ace Books as two beautiful paperbacks: Crashing Suns and Outside the Universe. This volume collects ALL of the stories of the Patrol…
plus continues the program to collect all the prose work of Edmond Hamilton with two additional novels, ‘The Other Side of the Moon’ and ‘The Hidden World.’ The American master of modern Space Opera, Walter Jon Williams author of Implied Spaces, and the three volume saga, Dread Empire’s Fall provides the introduction. Table of Contents Introduction by Walter Jon Williams ‘Crashing Suns’ Weird Tales, Aug, Sep 28 ‘The Star Stealers‘ Weird Tales, Feb 29 ‘Within the Nebula’ Weird Tales, May 29 ‘Outside the Universe’ Weird Tales, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct 29 ‘The Comet Drivers’ Weird Tales, Feb 30 ‘The Sun People’ Weird Tales. May 30 ‘The Cosmic Cloud’ Weird Tales, Nov 30 ‘Corsairs of the Cosmos’ Weird Tales, Apr 34 ‘The Hidden World’ Science Wonder Quarterly, Fll 29 ‘The Other Side of the Moon’ Amazing Stories Quarterly, Fll 29

The City at World’s End

This interesting novel begins when the air burst of a super atomic bomb launches a U.S. midwestern community called Middletown in the remote future. Hamilton began writing for DC Comics, specializing in stories including Superman and Batman. One of his best known Superman stories was ‘Superman Under the Red Sun’ which appeared in Action Comics 300 in 1963 and has many elements in common with City At World’s End. Hamilton’s novel also inspired Robert A. Heinlein’s survivalist novel ‘Farnham’s Freehold.

The Valley of Creation

In that hidden valley, land of strangely forbidding beauty, Eric Nelson, soldier of fortune, faced a battle against beings that seemed to be both more and less than human.

Two Worlds of Edmond Hamilton

This volume collects two short novels by Edmond Hamilton: ‘The Stars, My Brothers’ originally published in ‘Amazing Stories,’ May 1962 and ‘The Monsters of Juntonheim’ originally published in ‘Startling Stories,’ January 1941.

The Best of Edmond Hamilton

Here is a collection of some of the finest short fiction penned by one of ‘fathers’ of modern science fiction. These stories were selected and edited by his wife Leigh Brackett, an author and a screenwriter. Her screen writing credits include works on such films as The Big Sleep, Rio Bravo, The Long Goodbye and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. I This collection spans nearly half a century of Edmond Hamilton’s work and was selected from a repository of hundreds of stories that he had written over that period.

The Vampire Master

While primarily known for his adventures of terrestrial doom and interstellar peril, Edmond Hamilton also wrote a number of tales of mystery and horror. The Vampire Master and Other Tales of Horror collects nine stories from pulp magazines such as Strange Tales of Mystery and Terror, Thrilling Mystery, and Weird Tales. Included are Hamilton’s four tales of supernatural terror that appeared in Weird Tales under the nom de plume Hugh Davidson. Two of these stories feature the psychic detective, Dr. John Dale. An introduction by Hugh B. Cave, recipient of the World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement, provides a personal glimpse at the bygone days of writing for the pulp magazines. Included as an afterword is an essay by Hamilton reflecting on the halcyon days of writing for Weird Tales.

Stark and the Star Kings

THE STAR KINGS 200,000 years from now the universe is divided into stellar kingdoms. John Gordon is torn from his 20th Century humdrum into otherworldly intrigue as he exchanges bodies with Prince Zarth Arn, heir to the Kingdom of Fomalhaut. Shorr Kan, Lord of the Dark Worlds, schemes to kill Zarth Arn and overthrow the alliance of the Star Kings. Gordon reluctantly assumes the role of Zarth Arn to prevent Shorr Kan from throwing the entire universe into interstellar anarchy! ERIC JOHN STARK Forged in the hellish heat of Mercury and tempered on the desert sands of Mars, Eric John Stark battles the forces of evil and tyranny, selling his sword arm to defend the cause of justice among worlds of sin and decay. Stark and the Star Kings In their only formal collaboration, Hamilton’s Star Kings and Brackett s Eric John Stark meet to confront a peril of unending doom. Can Stark persuade the Star Kings to put aside their political games long enough to defeat this threat to the whole universe? For the first time, admirers of both authors can enjoy this long coming story. CONTENTS THE STAR KINGS by Edmond Hamilton ‘Queen of the Martian Catacombs’ by Leigh Brackett ‘Enchantress of Venus’ by Leigh Brackett ‘Black Amazon of Mars’ by Leigh Brackett RETURN TO THE STARS by Edmond Hamilton ‘Stark and the Star Kings‘ by Edmond Hamilton and Leigh Brackett

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