Ed Lynskey Books In Order

Frank Johnson Books In Order

  1. Pelham Fell Here (2008)
  2. The Dirt-Brown Derby (2006)
  3. The Blue Cheer (2006)
  4. Troglodytes (2009)
  5. The Zinc Zoo (2011)
  6. After the Big Noise (2014)
  7. Death Car (2021)

Alma and Isabel Trumbo Mystery Books In Order

  1. Quiet Anchorage (2011)
  2. The Cashmere Shroud (2013)
  3. The Ladybug Song (2014)
  4. The Amber Top Hat (2015)
  5. Sweet Betsy (2015)
  6. Murder in a One-Hearse Town (2016)
  7. Vi’s Ring (2017)
  8. Heirloom (2017)
  9. A Big Dill (2018)
  10. Eve’s Win (2019)
  11. To Dye For (2021)

Piper & Bill Robins Cozy Mystery Books In Order

  1. The Corpse Wore Gingham (2015)
  2. Fur the Win (2016)

Washington, D.C. Cop Books In Order

  1. Cops Like Us (2020)

Appalachian Farmers’ Market Cozy Mystery Books In Order

  1. Berried Truth (2020)


  1. A Clear Path To Cross (2008)
  2. Lake Charles (2011)
  3. Ask the Dice (2011)
  4. Blood Diamonds (2012)
  5. The Quetzal Motel (2012)
  6. Topaz Moon (2014)
  7. Wrong Orbits (2015)


  1. Smoking on Mount Rushmore (2013)

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Ed Lynskey Books Overview

Pelham Fell Here

MP and part time gunsmith Frank Johnson finds his cousin Cody Chapman killed by a twelve gauge shotgun. Enraged, Frank wants some answers, and fast. Was Cody involved in an arms smuggling scheme?

The mystery grows when a pair of murderous deputy sheriffs ambush Frank. Killing them in self defense, Frank must take it on the lam while he continues his investigation.

Eventually he discovers a group of Neo Nazis, holed up at a remote castle, who may be behind his cousin’s murder. Luckily, a couple of bounty hunter pals throw in with Frank to even up the odds.

The Dirt-Brown Derby

PI Frank Johnson is hired by Mary Taliaferro, a wealthy aristocrat owning a horse estate near Middleburg, Virginia. Mary’s teen age daughter Emily has died in a riding tragedy. The local law enforcement says it’s an accident. Mary thinks it’s murder. Frank is broke and the money Mary offers is too good to pass up, but his case quickly becomes more complicated when the stable manager is murdered one day after he starts his investigation. Frank soon discovers that there is much more going on here, and he is determined to get to the truth, even if it kills him!

The Blue Cheer

P.I. Frank Johnson has moved to Scarab, West Virginia, drawn by the promise of lazy days and the lure of its tranquil mountains. What he finds instead is a Stinger rocket exploding over his back yard. His ensuing investigation uncovers a cult called The Blue Cheer, a racist group with ugly terrorist plans. As events heat up, blood starts to spill, and for Frank it all gets real personal real quick. With the help of his bounty hunter pal, he sets out to bring The Blue Cheer to justice any way he can.

Quiet Anchorage

Quiet Anchorage, Virginia, is like any other peaceful small town in America. Until the murder of Jake Robbins rocks Quiet Anchorage, and his fiancee Megan Connors is charged for it. Her elderly aunts, the tenacious Isabel and Alma Trumbo, then decide it’s left up to them to do some shrewd detective work to unravel the knotty mystery, identify the true killer, and clear Megan’s good name. Quiet Anchorage offers a pleasant small town setting, credible characters, droll dialogue, good-natured humor, and intriguing subplots. This cozy mystery follows in the tradition of lady amateur sleuths such as Anne George’s Southern Sisters Mysteries and Rita Mae Brown’s Merry Minor Harristeen titles also set in Virginia.

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