E C Tubb Books In Order

Dumarest Books In Order

  1. The Winds of Gath (1967)
  2. Derai (1968)
  3. Toyman (1969)
  4. Kalin (1969)
  5. The Jester at Scar (1970)
  6. Lallia (1971)
  7. Technos (1972)
  8. Veruchia (1973)
  9. Mayenne (1973)
  10. Jondelle (1973)
  11. Zenya (1974)
  12. Eloise (1975)
  13. Eye of the Zodiac (1975)
  14. Jack of Swords (1976)
  15. Spectrum of a Forgotten Sun (1976)
  16. Haven of Darkness (1977)
  17. Prison of Night (1977)
  18. Incident on Ath (1978)
  19. The Quillian Sector (1978)
  20. Web of Sand (1979)
  21. Iduna’s Universe (1979)
  22. The Terra Data (1980)
  23. World of Promise (1980)
  24. Nectar of Heaven (1981)
  25. The Terridae (1981)
  26. The Coming Event (1982)
  27. Earth Is Heaven (1982)
  28. Melome (1983)
  29. Angado (1984)
  30. Symbol of Terra (1984)
  31. The Temple of Truth (1985)
  32. The Return (1997)
  33. Child of Earth (2008)

Cap Kennedy Books In Order

  1. Galaxy of the Lost (1973)
  2. Slave Ship from Sergan (1973)
  3. Monster of Metelaze (1973)
  4. Enemy within the Skull (1974)
  5. Jewel of Jarhen (1974)
  6. Seetee Alert! (1974)
  7. The Gholan Gate (1974)
  8. The Eater of Worlds (1974)
  9. Earth Enslaved (1974)
  10. Planet of Dread (1974)
  11. Spawn of Laban (1974)
  12. The Genetic Buccaneer (1974)
  13. A World Aflame (1974)
  14. The Ghosts of Epidoris (1975)
  15. Mimics of Dephene (1975)
  16. Beyond the Galactic Lens (1975)
  17. The Galactiad (1983)

Gladiators Books In Order

  1. Atilus the Slave (1975)
  2. Atilus the Gladiator (1975)
  3. Gladiator (1978)

Chronicle of Malkar Books In Order

  1. Death God’s Doom (1999)
  2. The Sleeping City (1999)


  1. Saturn Patrol (1951)
  2. Atom War on Mars (1952)
  3. Reverse Universe (1952)
  4. Fugitive of Time (1953)
  5. I Fight for Mars (1953)
  6. Planetoid Disposals, Ltd. (1953)
  7. Space Hunger (1953)
  8. Venusian Adventure (1953)
  9. The Wall (1953)
  10. City of No Return (1954)
  11. The Extra Man (1954)
  12. Hell Planet (1954)
  13. Journey to Mars (1954)
  14. The Metal Eater (1954)
  15. Pandora’s Box (1954)
  16. The Resurrected Man (1954)
  17. The Stellar Legion (1954)
  18. Temple of Death (1954)
  19. Alien Dust (1955)
  20. Assignment New York (1955)
  21. The Space-Born (1956)
  22. Death Wears a White Face (1957)
  23. Moon Base (1964)
  24. The Life Buyer (1965)
  25. Death Is a Dream (1967)
  26. Escape into Space (1969)
  27. S.T.A.R. Flight (1969)
  28. Century of the Manikin (1972)
  29. The Primitive (1977)
  30. The Stellar Assignment (1979)
  31. The Luck Machine (1980)
  32. Pawn of the Omphalos (1980)
  33. Stardeath (1983)
  34. The First Shot (2000)
  35. The Gold Seekers (2000)
  36. Fear of Strangers (2007)
  37. Sands of Destiny (2009)
  38. The Captive (2010)
  39. Starslave (2010)
  40. Footsteps of Angels (2011)
  41. To Dream Again (2011)


  1. Alien Worlds (1999)
  2. E.C. Tubb SF Gateway Omnibus (2014)


  1. Ten from Tomorrow (1966)
  2. A Scatter of Stardust (1972)
  3. Murder in Space (1997)
  4. Fantasy Annual Vol. 3 (1999)
  5. The Best Science Fiction of E.C. Tubb (2003)
  6. Mirror of the Night and Other Weird Tales (2011)
  7. The Wager (2011)
  8. The Ming Vase (2011)
  9. Enemy of the State (2011)
  10. Tomorrow (2011)
  11. The Wonderful Day (2012)
  12. Only One Winner (2013)
  13. Mirror of the Night (2019)
  14. The Wall / The Life Buyer (2021)


  1. Precedent (1952)
  2. Rockets Aren’t Human (1952)
  3. Legal Eagle (1956)
  4. Patient of Promise (1957)
  5. We, the Brave (1957)
  6. Iron Head (1960)
  7. Star Haven (2012)
  8. Into the Empty Dark (2020)
  9. Reward for a Hero (2020)
  10. Second from the Sun (2020)
  11. Man of Imagination (2020)
  12. Quarry (2021)
  13. Upstairs (2021)
  14. Test Piece (2021)
  15. The Warbirds (2021)

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E C Tubb Books Overview

The Winds of Gath

Mercenary. Galactic traveller. Survivor. Earl Dumarest is all those things?and more. For he claims to come from the mythical planet of Earth. And those claims have just attracted the attention of the sinister Cyclan…
Stranded on Gath with no way off, Dumarest becomes embroiled in the schemes of a sad*istic prince and a dying matriarch. Plots within plots unfold?and Dumarest is the key to their success. For amid the schemes of prince and matriarch alike, all have come to experience the legendary Winds of Gath. For when the star swarms come, when the music of the spheres rises over the the planet’s valleys and mountains, the dead can speak to the living…
and men go mad! The Winds of Gath is the first volume in the Dumarest of Terra saga!

Child of Earth

The long awaited 33rd volume in the Dumarest of Terra saga by E.C. Tubb: Child of Earth. With cover art by award winning artist Doug Klauba, and a special introduction by Chris Bentley, this limited edition printing of 1,000 copies brings closure to the long running Dumarest of Terra saga that started in 1967, with the first U.S. publication of Winds of Gath.

The Sleeping City

From the opening reared a head, wide, flat, huge. Below it stretched a body beautiful with iridescent scales of gold edged with ruby. Nictitating membranes lifted over enormous eyes, deep, limpid pools of ancient wisdom, catching and reflecting the light of the miniature sun, turning the glowing orb into a scatter of stars shimmering in an ebon sea. From open jaws a forked tongue flickered with a soft susurration. Its scent was dry, acrid, tinged with that of living fur on a summer’s day. The head rose higher, swaying over the three men on the ledge, the sinuous length of the body almost filling the passage through which it had come. From it radiated an impression of incredible age.’A serpent, ‘ whispered Thagamista. ‘A creature from the beginning of time. Somehow surviving to find this place and feast on those who dwell here. It was inevitable they should think it a god.’

Alien Dust

Alien Dust relates the first thirty five years of the colonization of Mars. It is a poignant story of Man against Nature. No individual hero or hero*ine marches steadily through its pages. There is no triumphal ending only faint hope. Instead, against a background of the shifting red sands of a planet unfit for human habitation, emerges the grim picture of pioneer men and women pitting their courage, wits and even lives against the biggest enemy in the Solar System an alien planet. Rich and warm in human emotion, Alien Dust is one of those rare science fiction stories which presents Man in his true perspective as the intruder.

The Space-Born

THE SPACE BORN Far from Earth, on a ship carrying the 13th and 14th generations of descendants from the original crew, life is short. You are born, learn the tasks needed to keep the ship running, help breed and train the next crew?and your death is ordered by the computer in charge. No one except the Captain is over 40. A LIFE FOR THE STARS Gregson, chief of the psych police, makes sure the computer’s death sentences are carried out quickly and painlessly. His duty is a sacred rust. He knows the intricacies of the system, how it works…
and how it can be subverted. He is growing old. Rebellious. He also knows his name will soon come up in the computer for elimination. And he has no intention of carrying out his own death sentence! A THRILLING SPACE ADVENTURE BY ONE OF THE MASTERS OF THE GENRE!

Moon Base

INTRUDERS ON THE MOON Something flashed in the distance. Felix straightened, eyes narrowed behind the viewport as he searched the area. It had only been a brief twinkle of brilliance and for a moment he doubted whether he had seen anything at all. Then it came again, a sunbright sparkle as of light reflecting from some bright surface. It came from the far distance between Tycho and the station and, he knew, it could only have been caused by some moving object. Echlan had seen it too. Before Felix could report he heard the sergeant’s voice. ‘Unknown object approaching station on bearing three twenty five. Distance about five miles.’ ‘Message received,’ said a woman’s voice. ‘Switch to combat channel.’

Escape into Space

The ship rose on a column of invisible, super heated steam ejected at incredible velocity. The spread of the blast flattened everything in the immediate vicinity. The surrounding town was wiped out. Immediately on blast off the automatic pilot engaged hi drive to avoid the attacking missile. This put the ship into negative mass with relation to the normal universe. It was now in M space. The ship was self contained. It could keep going till all her occupants died of old age. But where to? Proxima Centauri? Or maybe Alpha Centauri, Riga, perhaps, or Sirius! The universe is a big space. They hurtled on through space and time until they saw the planet, a cloud hidden ball, as it hung in space a hundred thousand miles below the orbiting vessel. It had seas and clouds, mountains and ice caps, islands and continents, It had a moon and a yellow G type sun. Home? Was this their second chance?

Century of the Manikin

Century of the Manikin Peaceful, happy, non violent…
the perfect society? Or was it? As Chief of Propaganda and Emotional Control, Joseph P. Lincoln had experience in coping with every potential threat to the system. But even he was ill prepared to deal with the amazing woman from the past, whose arrival soon threw Lincoln’s carefully ordered world into total chaos. Century of the Manikin is wise, witty and unique treatment of the problems of cryogenesis.


Ships occasionally disappeared in hyperspace, regrettable sacrifices to the luxury of faster than light travel. But now one of the lost ships has been found and the wreckage is enough to terrify even the most cold blooded witness. From the author of the Dumarest saga.

Sands of Destiny

In 1935 in French North Africa, the tribesmen of the interior have been stirred to rebellion in a mighty jihad created by a foreign power. Lieutenant Crispin de Corville, a secret agent for the French Foreign Legion, discovers the plot, and must fight his way across the desert, disguised as one of the Arabs, to save the string of forts that’s the only thing keeping the hordes at bay. With him are two American women travelers who’ve been swept up in the action. But Corville soon finds that the sands of the desert are indeed the ‘Sands of Destiny‘! Grand adventure in the Beau Geste tradition!

Fantasy Annual Vol. 3

FANTASY ANNUAL is now in its fourth year of publication and is gaining a growing following among discerning readers looking for an entirely original collection of intriguing fantasy and science fiction stories, publishing for the first time in paperback. Its regular contributors include Sydney J. Bounds, John Russell Fearn, Philip E. High, E.C. Tubb, and Eric C. Williams. In this volume: You went for a walk in the country and saw four unicorns grazing in a meadow…
You discovered a new form of life and realised it meant your own death…
You were an author whose books were being written by a real ghost writer…
You were hungry and developed a taste for raw human flesh…
You discovered that human suffering was food for an alien parasite…
FANTASY ANNUAL is a must have book for all lovers of truly imaginative fiction!

The Best Science Fiction of E.C. Tubb

EDWIN CHARLES TUBB is one of the most popular and prolific British writers of science fiction. Born between World War I and II, he became an avid reader of the American pulp magazines, but the second World War thwarted his writing ambitions. Post-war he was in the vanguard of an emerging group of talented British writers. They included Brian Aldiss, Sydney J. Bounds, John Brunner, Ken Bulmer, John Christopher, John Russell Fearn, Philip E. High and John Wyndham, who collectively helped lay the foundations for British science fiction as it exists today. Tubb’s first professional sale, a short story, was published in 1951, in the leading British science fiction magazine New Worlds, where he quickly became established as a star contributor. The first of his many novels appeared as a paperback original shortly thereafter, and he was soon featuring in all of the other British SF magazines, most notably Authentic Science Fiction, Nebula Science Fiction, and Science Fantasy. Over the next decade, Tubb also became established in the leading American SF magazines, selling outstanding stories to Astounding Science Fiction, Galaxy, If, and Planet Stories. He also became established in the United States as a novelist, and is today best known as the creator of the long-running ‘Dumarest of Terra’ series. Here then are hand-picked stories, the cream of the crop, making The Best Science Fiction of E.C. Tubb the publishing event of the year!

The Wager

In the world of the future, Captain Mason is worried. A man has been decapitated and no one can find the head! Mason arrests a suspect, but while the latter’s in custody, three more victims are killed in the same grisly fashion. If only Mason can figure out why the murderer wants the heads…
In addition to the lengthy title story, ‘The Wager,’ this new collection includes three other science fiction mysteries: ‘Ethical Assassin,’ ‘Wishful Thinking,’ and ‘Lawyer at Large.’ Great science fiction and great mystery reading!


Three men had broken into the laboratories of Atomic Power Inc., killing three guards and stealing a new formula for the control of atomic fission. They had inside help: someone had given them the guard schedule and a plan of the laboratories. The one substantial clue was that the spy cameras had caught the thieves, and one of them had forgotten to shield his face. Across his forehead was the dark streak of an indelible brand: the debtor’s mark! Private investigator Jim Carter knows that mark well, but what he does not know is that by accepting the case, he has already marked himself for death! Six great science fiction crime and suspense stories from a master storyteller.

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