Duane Swierczynski Books In Order

Level 26 Books In Publication Order

  1. Dark Origins – Level 26 (2010)
  2. Dark Prophecy (2011)
  3. Dark Revelations (2012)

Charlie Hardie Books In Publication Order

  1. Fun & Games (2011)
  2. Hell & Gone (2011)
  3. Point & Shoot (2012)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Wheelman (2005)
  2. Secret Dead Men (2005)
  3. The Blonde (2006)
  4. Severance Package (2008)
  5. Expiration Date (2010)
  6. Canary (2015)
  7. Revolver (2016)
  8. Unbelievably Boring Bartholomew (With: James Patterson) (2018)

Graphic Novels In Publication Order

  1. Werewolf by Night: In the Blood (2009)
  2. Ex-Con Volume 1: Fading Lights (2015)
  3. Breakneck (2019)
  4. Bloodshot Definitive Edition (2019)
  5. John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction: Twitch (2019)
  6. John Carpentera s Tales of Science Fiction: Redhead (2020)

Birds of Prey Books In Publication Order

  1. Birds of Prey, Volume 1 (2012)
  2. Birds of Prey, Volume 2 (2013)
  3. Birds of Prey, Volume 3 (2013)
  4. Birds of Prey, Volume 4: The Cruelest Cut (By:) (2014)
  5. Birds of Prey, Volume 5: Soul Crisis (By:) (2015)

Black Widow Books In Publication Order

  1. Black Widow: The Name of the Rose (By:Marjorie M. Liu) (2010)
  2. Black Widow: Kiss or Kill (2011)

Bloodshot Books In Publication Order

  1. Bloodshot, Volume 1 (2013)
  2. Bloodshot, Volume 2 (2013)
  3. Bloodshot, Volume 3 (2013)
  4. Bloodshot, Volume 4 (By:Christos Gage) (2014)
  5. Bloodshot, Volume 5 (By:Christos Gage) (2014)
  6. Bloodshot, Volume 6 (2015)

Cable Books In Publication Order

  1. Cable, Volume 1 (2008)
  2. Cable, Volume 2 (2009)
  3. Cable, Volume 3 (2010)
  4. Cable, Volume 4 (2010)

Godzilla: History’s Greatest Monster Books In Publication Order

  1. Godzilla, Volume 1 (2012)
  2. Godzilla, Volume 2 (2013)
  3. Godzilla, Volume 3 (2013)

Judge Dredd Books In Publication Order

  1. Judge Dredd, Volume 1 (2013)
  2. Judge Dredd, Volume 2 (2013)
  3. Judge Dredd, Volume 3 (2014)
  4. Judge Dredd, Volume 4 (2014)
  5. Judge Dredd, Volume 5 (2014)
  6. Judge Dredd, Volume 6 (2015)
  7. Judge Dredd, Volume 7 (2015)

The Black Hood Books In Publication Order

  1. The Black Hood, Vol. 1 (2015)
  2. The Black Hood, Vol. 2 (2016)
  3. The Black Hood, Vol. 3 (2018)

The Immortal Iron Fist Books In Publication Order

  1. The Immortal Iron Fist, Volume 1 (By:Ed Brubaker) (2007)
  2. The Immortal Iron Fist (By:Ed Brubaker) (2008)
  3. The Immortal Iron Fist, Volume 2 (By:Ed Brubaker) (2008)
  4. The Immortal Iron Fist, Volume 3 (By:Matt Fraction) (2008)
  5. The Immortal Iron Fist, Volume 4 (2009)
  6. The Immortal Iron Fist, Volume 5 (2009)
  7. Immortal Weapons (2010)

X Books In Publication Order

  1. X Volume 1 (2014)
  2. X Volume 2 (2014)
  3. X Volume 3 (2014)
  4. X Volume 4 (2015)
  5. X Volume 5 Flesh and Blood (2015)
  6. X Volume 6 (2015)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Frauds, Scams, and Cons (2002)
  2. This Here’s a Stick-Up (2002)
  3. The Encyclopedia of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List (2003)
  4. The Perfect Drink for Every Occasion (2003)
  5. The Spy’s Guide (2003)
  6. Big Book O’ Beer (2004)

Akashic Noir Books In Publication Order

  1. Bronx Noir (By:S J Rozan) (2003)
  2. Chicago Noir (By:) (2005)
  3. Baltimore Noir (By:Laura Lippman) (2006)
  4. New Orleans Noir (By:Julie Smith) (2007)
  5. Los Angeles Noir (By:Denise Hamilton) (2007)
  6. Wall Street Noir (By:Peter Spiegelman) (2007)
  7. Los Angeles Noir 2: The Classics (By:Joseph Hansen,Raymond Chandler,James Ellroy,Ross Macdonald,Margaret Millar,James M. Cain,Walter Mosley,William Gault,Leigh Brackett,Naomi Hirahara,Chester Himes,Jervey Tervalon,,Denise Hamilton) (2010)
  8. Mexico City Noir (By:Paco Ignacio Taibo II) (2010)
  9. Haiti Noir (By:Edwidge Danticat) (2010)
  10. Kingston Noir (By:Patricia Powell,,,,,Marlon James) (2012)
  11. Haiti Noir 2 (By:Edwidge Danticat) (2013)
  12. St. Louis Noir (By:Scott Phillips) (2016)
  13. Montana Noir (By:James Grady) (2017)
  14. Buenos Aires Noir (By:Ernesto Mallo) (2017)
  15. Speculative Los Angeles (With: Stephen Blackmoore,,,Ben H. Winters,Charles Yu,,,Denise Hamilton) (2021)

The Best Horror of the Year Anthology Books In Publication Order

  1. The Best Horror of the Year: Volume One (2009)
  2. The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Two (2010)
  3. The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Three (2011)
  4. The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Four (2012)
  5. The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Five (2013)
  6. The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Six (2014)
  7. The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Seven (2015)
  8. The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Eight (2016)
  9. The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Nine (2017)
  10. The Best Horror of the Year Volume 10 (2018)
  11. The Best of the Best Horror of the Year: 10 Years of Essential Short Horror Fiction (2018)
  12. The Best Horror of the Year Volume 11 (2019)
  13. The Best Horror of the Year Volume 12 (2020)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Damn Near Dead (2006)
  2. The Crimes of Dr. Watson (2007)
  3. Killer Year: Stories to Die For… (2008)
  4. Atomic Noir (2012)
  5. Mister October, Volume I: An Anthology in Memory of Rick Hautala (2013)
  6. Bloodshot 50 Project (2021)

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Duane Swierczynski Books Overview

Dark Origins – Level 26

If the world knew anything about Sqweegel, we?d never leave the house. Not that staying inside would make us safe…
The only people who have ever heard that awful name are in the highly secret Special Circumstances unit at the FBI. He is a psychopath who has killed and tortured more than thirty five people over a span of twenty three years. The only person who has ever come close to catching him is Steve Dark, and he?s left the business. After what happened to Dark?s family, few blame him. But after a period of quiet, Sqweegel makes himself known again, and this time the victim has connections to the very highest corridors of power. Now, the man in charge demands results and is prepared to raise the stakes for all the special agents who failed so many times before. With their jobs ? and their lives ? on the line, the call goes out. Find Steve Dark and bring him back into the fold. It?s the only hope they?ve got…

Dark Prophecy

The second book in the groundbreaking bestselling trilogy, from the creator of the CSI franchise. Steve Dark was once a lost soul, torn between his family and his one of a kind talent for hunting and catching serial killers especially those so called ‘level 26’ killers whose depravity exceeds law enforcement’s official scale of evil. In his reluctant pursuit of justice Dark once crossed the ultimate line, a line that might cause a lesser man to lose himself completely. Not Dark. When the world took everything from him, when it destroyed the very thing Dark once lived for, it brought a moment of clarity that few before him have witnessed, and sparked a transformation that, several years later, is only just complete. Dark is now a man on a mission. A mission that no longer requires law enforcement support. A mission unbound by authorities, moral or otherwise, and supported by a mysterious benefactor with unknown goals of her own. A mission that, at long last, allows him to embrace his destiny. Dark is finally ready ready to take justice to the next level.

Hell & Gone

The second of three high energy thrillers arriving back to back from cult crime fiction sensation Duane Swierczynski. Left for dead after an epic shootout that blew the lid off a billion dollar conspiracy, ex cop Charlie Hardie quickly realizes that when you’re dealing with The Accident People, things can get worse. Drugged, bound and transported by strange operatives of unknown origin, Hardie awakens to find himself captive in a secret prison that houses the most dangerous criminals on earth. And then things get really bad. Because this isn’t just any prison. It’s a Kafkaesque nightmare that comes springloaded with a brutal catch 22: Hardie’s the warden. And any attempt to escape triggers a ‘death mechanism’ that will kill everyone down here including a group of innocent guards. Faced with an unworkable paradox, and knowing that his wife and son could be next on the Accident People’s hit list, Hardie has only one choice: fight his way to the heart of this hell hole and make a deal with the Devil himself.

The Wheelman

Meet Lennon, a mute Irish getaway driver who has fallen in with the wrong heist team on the wrong day at the wrong bank. Betrayed, his money stolen and his battered carcass left for dead, Lennon is on a one way mission to find out who is responsible and to get back his loot. But the robbery has sent a violent ripple effect through the streets of Philadelphia. And now a dirty cop, the Russian and Italian mobs, the mayor’s hired gun, and a keyboard player in a college rock band maneuver for position as this adrenaline fueled novel twists and turns its way toward its explosive conclusion.
One thing s for sure: This cast of characters wakes up in a much different world by novel s end if they wake up at all.

Secret Dead Men

Detective Del Farmer is investigating a murder. But the usual suspects are all in his head. ‘Believe in nothing, believe in Hell, believe in the Brain Hotel…
Secret Dead Men is the most inventive, uplifting, hilarious, moving novel since Catcher in the Rye’ Ken Bruen Del Farmer isn’t your ordinary hardboiled private eye. Instead of collecting fingerprints or clues, he collects souls of the recently dead. His latest dead guy, Brad Larsen, might just be the key to destroying Farmer’s longtime nemesis, The Association. Of course, Farmer is sadly mistaken. Larsen isn’t offering up the goods. An FBI agent unstuck in time is toying with him. A mysterious couple keeps trying to kill him. Another job a mundane babysitting gig that pays the bills is threatening to steer him way off course into a violent hell of sexual deceit, fractured identities and cheap apartment toilets.

The Blonde

The night before a big meeting, Jack Eisley is sitting in an airport bar in Philadelphia, chatting up a pretty young blonde. Sure, Jack has a wife and daughter at home, but this is just a little harmless flirting. Harmless, that is, until The Blonde leans forward and says, ‘I poisoned your drink.’

She tells Jack that unless she can keep someone within ten feet of her at all times, she’ll die. And if he wants the antidote, he’ll have to take her back to his hotel room and promise to stay by her side.

Jack thinks: psycho. But as the violent night wears on, and he encounters a relentless government assassin, a threatening voice on a cell phone, a deadly waitress, dirty cops, and shady cab drivers…

He begins to believe her.

Severance Package

Jamie DeBroux’s boss has called a special meeting for all key personnel at 9:00 a.m. on a hot Saturday in August.

When Jamie arrives, the conference room is stocked with cookies and champagne. His boss smiles and tells his employees, We re a cover for a branch of the intelligence community. And we re being shut down. Jamie s boss then tells everyone to drink some champagne, and in a few seconds they ll fall asleep for good. If they refuse, they ll be shot in the head.

Escape is not an option. Jamie s boss has shut down the elevators and rigged the fire towers with chemical bombs. Panic sets in, chaos erupts, and no one is sure whom to trust. Jamie quickly realizes that there s only one way he s ever going to see his family again: the hard way.

Expiration Date

In this neighborhood, make a wrong turn and you re history. Mickey Wade is a recently unemployed journalist who lucked into a rent free apartment his sick grandfather’s place. The only problem: it s in a lousy neighborhood the one where Mickey grew up, in fact. The one he was so desperate to escape. But now he s back. Dead broke. And just when he thinks he s reached rock bottom, Mickey wakes up in the past. Literally. At first he thinks it s a dream. All of the stores he remembered from his childhood, the cars, the rumble of the elevated train. But as he digs deeper into the past, searching for answers about the grandfather he hardly knows, Mickey meets the twelve year old kid who lives in the apartment below. The kid who will grow up to someday murder Mickey s father.

Werewolf by Night: In the Blood

For 28 days of the month, Jack Russell leads a normal life. He’s got a beautiful wife and a baby on the way. He’s the picture of happiness. On day 29, however, he turns into an uncontrollable, bloodthirsty monster. But as the saying goes, the best laid plans of wolves and men…
Collects Dead of Night: Featuring Werewolf By Night 1 4.

Black Widow: The Name of the Rose (By:Marjorie M. Liu)

The deadly super spy from IRON MAN 2, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN and CAPTAIN AMERICA in her own action packed tale! Natasha Romanoff is not a super hero. And yet as the Black Widow, she manages to hold her own against a world of incredibly powerful enemies and allies. But now someone has tried to kill Natasha and almost succeeded. Now she sets out to find her attacker with no suspects and no leads. Who could be deadly enough to get the drop on Natasha? COLLECTING: Black Widow 1 5, Enter the Heroic Age 8 pg story

Cable, Volume 1

Spinning out of the decade’s biggest X Men event! The future of mutantkind starts here! Messiah CompleX changed the X Men forever. But no one’s world has been rocked as hard as Cable, the time traveling mutant from the future. He’s been charged with the one mission that could save all of mutantkind or, if he fails, damn it to extinction. And hot on his trail is a relentless enemy who won’t stop until blood is spilled. No matter where…
or when…
Cable runs. Collects Cable 1 5.

Cable, Volume 2

Meanwhile, back in the present…
In the aftermath of the ‘Messiah Complex’ war, Cyclops took a leap of faith and allowed his son Cable to disappear into the time stream with the first new mutant birth since ‘M’ day and the future of the dwindling mutant population tucked under his arm. Weeks later, he still waits for a sign, however small, that he made the right decision. With evidence pointing to the fact that Bishop has jumped into the timestream and is hot on Cable’s trail, the X Men’s unquestioned leader is about to make one final power move to protect the fate of mutantkind one that he might come to regret. Collects Cable 6 10 and King Sized Cable.

Cable, Volume 3

We open literally one second after the shattering conclusion of ‘Messiah War,’ and Cable’s mission to save mutantkind has never looked more bleak. In fact, you can’t even call it a mission anymore…
After all he’s been through, after all he’s survived…
now all Cable can do now is pray pray the heavily armed killers roaming the deep future can’t match his survival skills. And what is the fate of Hope the so called ‘Mutant Messiah’? Collects Cable 16 21.

Cable, Volume 4

From the moment Cable jumped into the time stream with the infant ‘mutant messiah,’ he’s had only one goal: keep Hope alive until she can choose her own destiny. But now, stranded on a planet in its death throes, eating fried rat on a stick for the millionth time, Hope turns to Cable and tells him she’s ready to go home. Thus begins ‘Homecoming,’ the penultimate chapter in the X Men saga that began with ‘Messiah CompleX.’ It’s not only zero hour for Cable and Hope, but also for the mutant hunting them, Lucas Bishop, who is rapidly running out of chances to save mutantkind and the world. Because if Hope does make it back to the present, everything changes for the X Men. Collects Cable 21 25.

The Immortal Iron Fist, Volume 1 (By:Ed Brubaker)

Many years ago, in the mystical city of Kun’ Lun, young Danny Rand stared at a suit behind glass the garb of the ‘Immortal Iron Fist’ and knew that he was destined to wear it. But where did this costume come from? Why did it wait for Danny all those years like a shadow of his future? The answer to those questions will stun both him and his readers, as Danny Rand leaps from the pages of his breakout hit in Daredevil to his own history spanning kung fu epic that will shatter every perception of what it means to be the Immortal Iron Fist! Brought to you by top ten writer Ed Brubaker and breakout talent Matt Fraction Punisher War Journal, with action packed art by David Aja Daredevil, Giant Size Wolverine. Collects Immortal Iron Fist 1 6.

The Immortal Iron Fist, Volume 2 (By:Ed Brubaker)

Once a generation, the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven align on a plane far beyond the ken of mortal men. It is here that these cities send their Immortal Warriors to compete against one another in a combat tournament to end all tournaments…
and it is here that Daniel Rand was spirited to in his darkest hour. Generations of mystical war traditions await their chance to prove they have the greatest kung fu…
to The Immortal Iron Fist! Collects Immortal Iron Fist 8 14, Annual 1.

The Immortal Iron Fist, Volume 3 (By:Matt Fraction)

Her name was Wu Ao Shi, and she was known as the Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay…
and that all came after she left K’un Lun and took the power of the Iron Fist with her. Kicking her way out of the pages of The Immortal Iron Fist 2, this stand alone issue tells the story of Wu Ao Shi, from the moment she became the first woman to touch the heart of Shou Lao the Undying, to her mysterious, controversial, and epic ending. Collects Immortal Iron Fist 7, 15 16 and Special 1, and Marvel Premiere 15.

The Immortal Iron Fist, Volume 4

Following the character redefining, critically acclaimed, fan favorite events of ‘The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven,’ the all new Immortal Iron Fist creative team of Duane Swierczynski Cable and Travel Foreman Ares takes it to the next explosive level! Think you know everything there is to know about the traditions of the Immortal Iron Fist? If you do, then why’s Danny sweating bullets over an inescapable legacy that’s haunted the Iron Fists for centuries, huh? Tell us that, if you’re so smart. What was the deeper meaning of Xao’s ominous threat? And what incredible new adventure are Danny’s fellow Immortal Weapons embarking upon? Collects Immortal Iron Fist 17 20.

The Immortal Iron Fist, Volume 5

Danny Rand was not the first Immortal Iron Fist…
and he won’t be the last! The year 3099. The place a distant planet first colonized a millennium ago by the People’s Republic of China. Now, a humanity oppressed by a totalitarian technological tyrant has just one hope for salvation the kung fu freedom fighting of the Immortal Iron Fist! But his coming is nothing more than a prophecy and a silent prayer…
and even if the Iron Fist does arrive, he must first defeat the most powerful weapon the evil robot empire has Robo Fat Cobra! Hot off the heels of Duane Swierczynski and Travel Foreman’s rip roaring ‘The Mortal Iron Fist’ comes an all new look at the future legacy of the Immortal Iron Fist. Collects Immortal Iron Fist 21 27.

Immortal Weapons

Fat Cobra! No man has fought more heartily, consumed more mightily, or lived life more fully! Fat Cobra! Master of the sumo thunder stomp and the devil’s skullcrusher! Fat Cobra! Immortal Weapon from the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven! But to this day, no man has known the story of Fat cobra’s life…
including the Cobra himself! Discover the shocking origins of this boisterous brawler and witness his decades of adventure! Meanwhile, Danny Rand embarks on his own mission of search and adventure. Collects Immortal Weapons 1 5.

The Encyclopedia of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List

In 1949, a reporter looking for a juicy crime yarn called the FBI and asked for a list of the toughest, most wanted men in America. The list was printed in ‘The Washington Times’ and promptly stirred the imagination of post war America. It garnered so much publicity that FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover created the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list, which was to become one of the most powerful tools in the FBI’s crime fighting arsenal. From its inception on March 14, 1950, through January 2000, a total of 458 men and women made the FBI’s Most Wanted list; 94 per cent of them were captured and brought to justice. The official criteria for earning an infamous spot on the Ten Most Wanted List are: the fugitive must be a particularly dangerous menace to society; and nationwide publicity will assist in his or her apprehension. This reference features chronologically ordered profiles on each and every individual who has appeared on the FBI’s most wanted list, from fugitive bank robber Willie Sutton in the 1950s to reputedly still at large Middle Eastern terrorist mastermind Usama Bin Laden. Each entry includes the criminal’s vital statistics, details of his or her crimes, length of time on the list, and methods used by the FBI to apprehend the fugitive. The author worked closely with the FBI in Washington, DC to produce a thrill packed collection of the greatest crime stories ever told.

The Perfect Drink for Every Occasion

Introducing the world’s first practical guide to booze: Just pick the occasion and we ll select the libation complete with recipes, secrets, and tips. Your daughter told you she s getting married? Drink this. Got a new job? Cheers, and drink this. Been a long day? Drink this, and make it a double. Traveling to London? Need to lose weight? Want to impress your co workers? Don t worry. Alcohol aficionado Duane Swierczynski will give you the recipes and rationale behind every mixed drink imaginable…
and then some.

Chock full of Margaritas, White Russians, Gin Rickeys, Harvey Wallbangers, Cosmopolitans, Hot Toddys, Jungle Juice, Eggnog, Sex on the Beach, and 142 other favorites, The Perfect Drink for Every Occasion is comprehensive enough to be the only bar book you ll ever need.

The Spy’s Guide

In today’s business world, information is everything and no one gathers information more effectively than spies. So why not bring real spying techniques into your workplace? The same tactics used by CIA and KGB agents can also be used at offices and corporations of any size and these techniques will help you get ahead fast! The Spy’s Guide: Office Espionage features illustrated step by step instructions on tapping phones, sending anonymous e mails, disguising your identity at a trade show, and much more. The authors also share real life stories about how these tactics have been employed by professional spies in the CIA, KGB, Fortune 500 companies, and other settings. Advance your career with espionage!

Big Book O’ Beer

If you’re looking for another stodgy, holier than thou ‘connoisseur’s’ book, you’ve come to the wrong place. The Big Book O’ Beer celebrates the wide world of beer in all its shameless glory from the highbrow to the Lowenbrau, from trendy Belgian microbrews to the famous ‘old man bars’ of Las Vegas. It’s packed with amazing photographs and fascinating beer related information about history, geography, science, arts, crafts, and more. Want to tour the ten biggest breweries on the planet? Interested in making dazzling arts and crafts from old beer cans? Need a recipe for beer flavored ice cream? Want to know the science behind beer bellies, beer goggles, and beer foam? The Big Book O’ Beer has it all plus drinking games, drinking songs, vintage cans, classic advertiseme*nts, an ‘atlas of beer,’ and too many other features to list here. It’s an inspiring tribute that every cervezaphile a.k.a. beer lover will cherish!

Bronx Noir (By:S J Rozan)

Brand new stories by: Thomas Adcock, Kevin Baker, Thomas Bentil, Lawrence Block, Jerome Charyn, Suzanne Chazin, Terrence Cheng, Ed Dee, Joanne Dobson, Robert Hughes, Marlon James, Sandra Kitt, Rita Laken, Miles Marshall Lewis, Pat Picciarelli, Abraham Rodriguez Jr., S.J. Rozan, Steven Torres, and Joe Wallace.

S.J. Rozan was born and raised in the Bronx and is a lifelong New Yorker. She’s the author of eight novels in the Lydia Chin/Bill Smith series, and of the stand alones Absent Friends and In This Rain forthcoming. Her books have won Edgar, Nero, Macavity, and Shamus awards for best novel. She’s at work on another series novel, Shanghai Moon.

Chicago Noir (By:)

Chicago Noir is a legitimate heir to the noble literary tradition of the greatest city in America. Nelson Algren and James Farrell would be proud. Stephen Elliott, author of Happy Baby If ever a city was made to be the home of noir, it’s Chicago. These writers go straight to Chicago s noir heart. Aleksandar Hemon, author of Nowhere ManBrand new stories by: Neal Pollack, Achy Obejas, Alexai Galaviz Budziszewski, Adam Langer, Joe Meno, Peter Orner, Kevin Guilfoile, Bayo Ojikutu, Jeff Allen, Luciano Guerriero, Claire Zulkey, Andrew Ervin, M.K. Meyers, Todd Dills, C.J. Sullivan, Daniel Buckman, Amy Sayre Roberts, and Jim Arndorfer. The city of Chicago has spent much time and money over the last decade marketing itself as a tourist friendly place for the whole family. It’s got a shiny new Millennium Park, a spaceship in the middle of Soldier Field, and thousands of identical faux brick condo buildings that seem to spring from the ground overnight. Chicago’s rough and tumble tough guy reputation has been replaced by a postcard with a lake view. But that city’s not gone. The hard bitten streets once represented by James Farrell and Nelson Algren may have shifted locales, and they may be populated by different ethnicities, but Chicago is still a place where people struggle to survive and where, for many, crime is the only means for their survival. The stories in Chicago Noir reclaim that territory. Chicago Noir is populated by hired killers and jazzmen, drunks and dreamers, corrupt cops and ticket scalpers and junkies. It’s the Chicago that the Department of Tourism doesn’t want you to see, a place where hard cases face their sad fates, and pay for their sins in blood. These are stories about blocks that visitors are afraid to walk. They tell of a Chicago beyond Oprah, Michael Jordan, and deep dish pizza. This isn’t someone’s dream of Chicago. It’s not even a nightmare. It’s just the real city, unfiltered. Chicago Noir.

Baltimore Noir (By:Laura Lippman)

Brand new stories by: David Simon, Laura Lippman, Tim Co*ckey, Rob Hiaasen, Robert Ward, Sujata Massey, Jack Bludis, Rafael Alvarez, Marcia Talley, Joseph Wallace, Lisa Respers France, Charlie Stella, Sarah Weinman, Dan Fesperman, Jim Fusilli, and Ben Neihart.

Laura Lippman has lived in Baltimore most of her life and she would have spent even more time there if the editors of the Sun had agreed to hire her earlier. She attended public schools and has lived in several of the city’s distinctive neighborhoods, including Dickeyville, Tuscany Canterbury, Evergreen, and South Federal Hill.

Los Angeles Noir (By:Denise Hamilton)

Brand new stories by: Michael Connelly, Janet Fitch, Susan Straight, Hector Tobar, Patt Morrison, Robert Ferrigno, Gary Phillips, Christopher Rice, Naomi Hirahara, Jim Pascoe, Scott Phillips, Diana Wagman, Lienna Silver, Brian Ascalon Roley, and Denise Hamilton. Denise Hamilton writes the Eve Diamond series. Her books have been shortlisted for the Edgar, Macavity, Anthony, and Willa Cather awards. The Los Angeles Times named Last Lullaby a Best Book of 2004, and it was also a USA Today Summer Pick and a finalist for a Southern California Booksellers Association 2004 award. Her fourth Eve Diamond novel, Savage Garden, is a Los Angeles Times bestseller and was shortlisted for the Southern California Booksellers Association award for Best Mystery of 2005.

Wall Street Noir (By:Peter Spiegelman)

Brand new stories by: John Burdett, Peter Blauner, Charles Ardai, Henry Blodget, Twist Phelan, Larry Light, James Hime, Jason Starr, Lauren Sanders, Tim Broderick, Reed Farrel Coleman, Jim Fusilli, Mark Haskell Smith, and more.

Peter Spiegelman is the Shamus Award winning author of Black Maps Knopf, 2003, Death’s Little Helpers Knopf, 2005, and Red Cat Knopf, 2007, which feature private detective and Wall Street refugee John March. Spiegelman is a twenty year veteran of the financial services and software industries, and has worked with banks, brokerage houses, and central banks in major markets around the world. He lives in Connecticut.

Mexico City Noir (By:Paco Ignacio Taibo II)

Brand new stories by: Paco Ignacio Taibo II, Eugenio Aguirre, Eduardo Antonia Parra, Bernardo Fern ndez Bef, scar de la Borbolla, Rolo D ez, Victor Luiz Gonz lez, F.G. Haghenbeck, Juan Hern ndez Luna, Myriam Laurini, Eduardo Monteverde, and Julia Rodr guez. Paco Ignacio Taibo II was born in Gij n, Spain, and has lived in Mexico since 1958. He is the author of numerous works of fiction and nonfiction, which have been published in many languages around the world, including a mystery series starring Mexican Private Investigator H ctor Belascoar n Shayne. He is a professor of history at the Metropolitan University of Mexico City.

Haiti Noir (By:Edwidge Danticat)

Includes brand new stories by: Edwidge Danticat, Rodney Saint Eloi, Madison Smartt Bell, Gary Victor, M.J. Fi vre, Marvin Victor, Yanick Lahens, Louis Philipe Dalembert, Kettly Mars, Marie Ketsia Theodore Pharel, Evelyne Trouillot, Katia Ulysse, Ibi Aanu Zoboi, Nadine Pinede, and others. Haiti has a tragic history and continues to be one of the most destitute places on the planet, especially in the aftermath of the earthquake. Here, however, Edwidge Danticat reveals that even while the subject matter remains dark, the caliber of Haitian writing is of the highest order.

The Best Horror of the Year: Volume One

An Air Force Loadmaster is menaced by strange sounds within his cargo; a man is asked to track down a childhood friend…
who died years earlier; doomed pioneers forge a path westward as a young mother discovers her true nature; an alcoholic strikes a dangerous bargain with a gregarious stranger; urban explorers delve into a ruined book depository, finding more than they anticipated; residents of a rural Wisconsin town defend against a legendary monster; a woman wracked by survivor’s guilt is haunted by the ghosts of a tragic crash; a detective strives to solve the mystery of a dismembered girl; an orphan returns to a wicked witch’s candy house; a group of smugglers find themselves buried to the necks in sand; an unanticipated guest brings doom to a high class party; a teacher attempts to lead his students to safety as the world comes to an end around them…
What frightens us, what unnerves us? What causes that delicious shiver of fear to travel the lengths of our spines? It seems the answer changes every year. Every year the bar is raised; the screw is tightened. Ellen Datlow knows what scares us; the twenty one stories and poems included in this anthology were chosen from magazines, webzines, anthologies, literary journals, and single author collections to represent the best horror of the year. Legendary editor Ellen Datlow Poe: New Tales Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, winner of multiple Hugo, Bram Stoker, and World Fantasy awards, joins Night Shade Books in presenting The Best Horror of the Year, Volume One.

The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Two

Legendary editor Ellen Datlow, winner of multiple Hugo, Bram Stoker, and World Fantasy awards, joins Night Shade Books in presenting The Best Horror of the Year Volume 2.

The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Three

What frightens us? What unnerves us? What causes that delicious shiver of fear to travel the lengths of our spines? It seems the answer changes every year. Every year the bar is raised; the screw, tightened. Ellen Datlow knows what scares us; the nineteen stories included in this anthology were chosen from magazines, webzines, anthologies, literary journals, and single author collections to represent the best horror of the year.

Damn Near Dead

Hard boiled story collection, featuring original ”geezer noir” tales by Jeff Abbott, Megan Abbott, Charles Ardai, Ray Banks, Mark Billingham, Steve Brewer, Ken Bruen, Milton Burton, Reed Farrel Coleman, Colin Cotterill, Bill Crider, Sean Doolittle, Victor Gischler, Allan Guthrie, John Harvey, Simon Kernick, Laura Lippman, Stuart MacBride, Donna Moore, Zo Sharp, Jenny Siler, Jason Starr, Charlie Stella, Duane Swierczynski, Robert Ward, Sarah Weinman and Dave White.

The Crimes of Dr. Watson

After the rooms at 221B Baker Street are set ablaze and a mutilated corpse is discovered in the wreckage Dr. John H. Watson is arrested and imprisoned at Coldbath Fields penitentiary. Writing from a cramped and dimly lit cell, Watson describes the mysterious events leading up to his arrest. Someone has been mailing him a series of cryptic warnings. His lifelong friend Sherlock Holmes has vanished in the raging waters of Reichenbach Falls. And Professor Moriarty’s criminal empire is expanding across Europe and throughout America. In a desperate attempt to clear his good name, Watson has compiled twelve clues that may prove his innocence, including: The front page of a newspaper from Thousand Oaks, California A catalog of Victorian fashions and merchandise An empty matchbook containing cryptic handwritten notes The complete text of The Final Problem, Watson s famous account of the death of Sherlock Holmes Plus a theater ticket, an arrest report, a railroad timetable, and more All twelve clues have been painstakingly reproduced for this volume, along with the complete text of Watson s manuscript and specially commissioned illustrations by Homes aficionado Clint Hansen.

Killer Year: Stories to Die For…

Killer Year is a group of 13 debut crime/mystery/suspense authors whose books will be published in 2007. The graduating class includes such rising stars as Robert Gregory Browne, Toni McGee Causey, Marcus Sakey, Derek Nikitas, Marc Lecard, JT Ellison, Brett Battles, Jason Pinter, Bill Cameron, Sean Chercover, Patry Francis, Gregg Olsen, and David White. Each of the short stories displaying their talents are introduced by their Killer Year mentors, some of which include bestselling authors Lee Child, Tess Gerritsen and Jeffrey Deaver, with additional stories by Ken Bruen, Allison Brennan and Duane Swierczynski. Bestselling authors Laura Lippman and MJ Rose contribute insightful essays. Inside you’ll read about a small time crook in over his head, a story told backwards with a hero*ine not to be messed with, a tale of boys and the trouble they will get into over a girl, and many more stories of the highest caliber in murder, mayhem, and sheer entertainment. This amazing anthology, edited by the grandmaster Lee Child, is sure to garner lots of attention and keep readers coming back for more.

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