Dreda Say Mitchell Books In Order

Gangland Girls Trilogy Books In Order

  1. Geezer Girls (2009)
  2. Gangster Girl (2010)
  3. Hit Girls (2011)

Rio Wray & Mac Books In Order

  1. Vendetta (2014)
  2. Death Trap (2015)
  3. Snatched (2015)

Flesh and Blood Books In Order

  1. Blood Sister (2016)
  2. Blood Mother (2017)
  3. Blood Daughter (2017)
  4. Blood Secrets (2018)

Big Mo Books In Order

  1. Dirty Tricks (2020)
  2. Fight Dirty (2021)
  3. Wicked Women (2021)


  1. Running Hot (2004)
  2. Killer Tune (2007)
  3. Spare Room (2019)
  4. Trap Door (2020)
  5. Say Her Name (2022)

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Dreda Say Mitchell Books Overview

Gangster Girl

A girl must reconnect with her outlaw roots in the second book of this gritty female thriller trilogy

Daisy Sullivan’s father was one of London’s most infamous gangsters. Haunted by his violent death, she vows to live a respectable life&151;until the day her mom, who abandoned her when she was young and who she barely remembers, barges back into her life unexpectedly. It doesn’t take Daisy long to realize that her mom is the queenpin of a prostitution ring with links to high society and the head of one of London’s most feared underworld families&151;the Kings. Soon she is drawn into their next criminal act&151;a bank job. Soon she is running for her life and the only person she can trust is up-and-coming gangland bad boy, Ricky Smart. Now she has to use every dirty trick her dad ever taught her to stay alive.

Hit Girls

Two kids are murdered and their gangland family wants revenge, in this violent, gritty thriller from a distinctive new voice in urban noir

Two 10-year-old twin sisters are murdered outside their school-but they aren’t just anyone’s kids, they are the daughters of gangster Stanley Lewis. When a rival gangster is arrested, Stanley vows to take revenge; but his dad, feared villain Kenny Lewis, thinks there’s more going on. Kenny contacts the one group of people who he trusts to help him find the truth: Jackie, Anna, Roxy, and Ollie are four women with shady pasts who take the cases people don’t take to the cops. They enter a world of easy sex and even easier violence where everyone, including the Lewis family, is hiding secrets. Then Jackie’s son, a friend of the dead girls, disappears.

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