Douglas Hirt Books In Order

Riverboat Books In Order

  1. Riverboat (1995)
  2. Mississippi Pirates (1995)
  3. Assassination (1995)

Kit Carson Books In Order

  1. The Colonel’s Daughter (1997)
  2. Ghosts of Lodore (1997)
  3. Redcoat Renegades (1998)
  4. Keelboat Carnage (1998)
  5. Comanche Reckoning (1998)
  6. Blood Rendezvous (1999)
  7. Oregon Travail (1999)
  8. Mountain Demon (1999)

Boom Town Books In Order

  1. Cripple Creek (1997)
  2. Deadwood (1998)

Outcasts Books In Order

  1. The Outcast Brigade (2000)
  2. Black Justice (2000)
  3. War Hatchet (2000)
  4. Pistols and Powder (2001)

Cradleland Chronicles Books In Order

  1. Flight to Eden (2004)
  2. Quest for Atlan (2005)
  3. Fall of the Nephilim (2006)

Dream Doors Books In Order

  1. Adam’s Apples (2018)
  2. Noah’s Navy (2018)


  1. Devil’s Wind (1988)
  2. A Passage of Seasons (1991)
  3. Mc Kendree (1992)
  4. Able Gate (1992)
  5. The Silent Gun (1993)
  6. Colorado Gold (1993)
  7. The Ordeal of Andy Dean (1993)
  8. Brandish (1997)
  9. Shadow Road (1999)
  10. The Wrong Man (2000)
  11. A Good Town (2001)
  12. Ketcham’s Land (2002)
  13. Mist Runner (2009)
  14. Bone Digger (2015)
  15. Bill Riley’s Head (2017)
  16. A Deadly Shade of Rose (2020)


  1. Western Fiction 10 Pack (2016)
  2. The Best of Douglas Hirt (2019)
  3. The Outcast Series (2021)


  1. Six-guns and Slay Bells (2012)

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Douglas Hirt Books Overview


A spellbinding new series begins with the intertwining stories of the passengers and crew aboard the pre Civil War Mississippi steamboat Tempest Queen, including a charming gambler, a beautiful chambermaid, and a captured escaped slave.

Mississippi Pirates

Book 2 in The Riverboat Series In the golden age of the Mississippi, the river was a path that led to freedom, opportunity, and danger. Captain William Hamilton’s Tempest Queen was his life, and he would let no one take that from him. On board were the beautiful Miss Cora Mills, the kind of lady men fought over; Lt. Sherman Dempsey, delivering gold to Fort Leavenworth; and ‘Reverend’ Saunders a scheming river pirate.

Ghosts of Lodore

Kit Carson is in for the ride of his life when he finds himself trapped on a flimsy raft hurtling down the roaring Green River, straight into a mysterious canyon surrounded by impossible sheer rock walls. Kit’s first worry is finding a way out until he comes face to face with a primitive tribe of Indians.

Cripple Creek

Inspired by thoughts of wealth and a brighter future, a varied group of men and women, many recent immigrants, seeks their fortunes in the dangerous gold mines of Colorado.’


Perhaps Nathaniel Jones was naive. Or perhaps he underestimated the savagery of the frontier, a land very few had set eyes on, let alone survived. But as a newspaper reporter, he had a job to do. Little did Jones know, however, that as a special correspondent to General George Custer’s military expedition, he would not only witness the conquest of the West, but would also find adventure beyond his wildest dreams.

The Outcast Brigade

They are not wanted where they come from. They are not welcome anywhere. They are outcasts, rootless and friendless, until luck or destiny throw them together. A former Apache scout shunned by his tribe, an ex-Union Army major, a former Confederate captain, and two army deserters, all forced to band together to stay alive Can they bury their anger and work together long enough to do what they have to do? Can they make it to Mexico to rescue a band of friendly Apaches who have been captured and sold into slavery? It is no easy task, because even if they manage not to kill each other, there are plenty of others eager to do it for them.

Black Justice

LAW OF THE NOOSE They were a rootless bunch, friendless and unwanted, shunned by everyone except each other. They were the Outcasts, a ragged group of men who made their own way through an unforgiving West, and who knew what it was to be hated. And who recognized injustice when they saw it. So when they saw an innocent black wrangler framed for a murder he didnt commit, it stuck in their craws. Some of the townspeople called the sham trial Black Justice. To the Outcasts it was just a legal excuse for a lynching. Either way, an innocent man had an appointment with the hangman find the real murderer in time.

Flight to Eden

Cradleland Chronicles, 1.
A dark power is at work, intent on gaining complete control of the Cradleland, the birthplace of the still young world. All that stands in the Power’s way is one troublesome line of humans, descendants of Seth. They are of the only remaining clan clinging to an all but dead faith. And yet it’s from that faith that a prophecy threatens all plans of world dominion. A promise, spoken from the heart of Eden, warning of a human son yet to come. A man who would strike back with a crushing blow. The darkness is determined to stop that from happening. This redeemer must be born a human, so an incredible scheme is launched to prevent the prophecy from coming to pass. First, pollute the human bloodline; and second, kill the only one who could be humanity’s deliverance. Read by Micheal Taylor. 15 Cd’s 16.5 Hrs.

Quest for Atlan

Cradleland Chronicles, 2. The future of Noah and the remnant of faith are uncertain at best. Atlan has fallen under the evil infuence of Zorin, but the Gardner of Eden has other designs. He commissions Zorin’s brother, Rhone, to take back Atlan. There will be great obstacles to overcome…
some that surpass human strength and understanding. And some that even reach beyond the forces of evil, threatening the very heart of human love and hope. Enter into Author Doug Hirt’s fascinating world as he cuts through the mist of history and myth, creating a poignant tale of antediluvian culture, complete with biblical history, angels, and sheer literary magic! Read by Jerry Sciarrio. 14 CD’s 14.9 Hrs.

Fall of the Nephilim

Five hundred quiet years had passed, and then for only the second time within the collected memory of man, the earth shook. Footsteps froze and eyes went wide while birds exploded from treetops and filled the sky in frenzied flight. But ‘he’ knew. And he understood. He recalled the dark sentences uttered eons ago that had set these events whirling into motion. The waking-stirrings of the Tyrant! ”I won’t give them up!” His defiance echoed down the halls of eternity, but the voice said: ”They are mine and I love them.” The Tyrant of old was on the move again…
And Lucifer knew his time was running out. Enter into author Doug Hirt’s fascinating world as he cuts through the mist of history and myth, creating a poignant tale of antediluvian culture, complete with biblical history, angels, and sheer literary magic!

A Passage of Seasons

Cripple Creek, Colorado the most famous sinkhole of lust and violence in the Rockies. Its dens of vice and seamy bordello row where he could taste the pleasures of youth, and prove himself a man beckoned to Brad Medford across the long miles of the West. But when Brad interferes with a renowned gunhandler’s taste for beautiful young women, it turns out his first meal in Cripple Creek may be his last. Available only in Western 14.

Able Gate

Ruthless badman Barrister McClain had sworn to avenge his brother’s death and that meant nailing the hide of Able Gate. But big name gunfighter and secret cavalry agent Gate was lying low up Montana way, undercover as the mild mannered artist Abernathy T. Gatelatch. Even as McClain thundered into town with pistols smoking, the army sent Gate away on a special mission.

The Silent Gun

Reformed gunslinger Thomas Langley is eager to start over with a fresh slate, settling into the quiet life of a shopkeeper that is, until a gang of ruthless bandits tries his patience.

Colorado Gold

Harrison Mandell had come to the Arizona outpost of Yuma, on the bug infested banks of the Colorado River, to find out who was stealing money from an upriver mining company called Mina del Agua Mala. But from the moment a saloon girl came running naked into the dusty street, and a love crazed Indian was driven off with a shotgun, Mandell knew this was not going to be any ordinary case.

The Ordeal of Andy Dean

Outlaw Ben Masters and his bank robbing gang find little Adoreana Dean in the ruins of a Rocky Mountain homestead and bring her with them on the run, leading to a life or death decision for Ben when the law reaches out for the child.


At age 42, Captain Ethan Brandish has finally given up his command of Fort Lowell, deep in the Apache territory of Arizona. He knows there has to be more to life than constantly battling rattlesnakes and renegades, and now he’s going to find out what life has to offer. But the vicious Apache leader Yellow Shirt has another fate in store for Brandish.

The Wrong Man

A case of mistaken identity could prove fatal for a wandering cowboy who picks the wrong town to pass through.’Doug Hirt is a unique talent.’ Giles Tippette’A master storyteller.’ Fred Bean He is a Spur Award nominated author

Mist Runner

Jeffrey Quicksall has finally put the past behind him. Hes worked hard for his outfitters license, enjoys guiding off worlders on safari to hunt dinos, and generally looks forward to spending downtime either at the Safari Club bar in Elstadar City, or camping with his daughter, Kar, who lives at the local boarding school. Until the day dragons attack his mistrigger in legal hunting territory! Suddenly Magistrate Stemoplisen threatens to confiscate his outfitters license. An enchanting double agent coerces him into taking her to the forbidden Neutral Zone, and a luscious diaphanen hooker poisons his drink. Jeffs uncomplicated life becomes a nightmare before he knows it. Now hes face to face with a lethal enemy from his past, a fanatical diaphanen wizard bent on human destruction, and a thousand voracious dragons poised to annihilate Elstadar City. Only Jeff possesses the device that can turn them from their deadly mission. Can he get back with it in time to save the city and his daughter?

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