Dori Hillestad Butler Books In Order

Buddy Files Books In Publication Order

  1. The Case of the Lost Boy (2010)
  2. The Case of the Mixed-Up Mutt (2010)
  3. The Case of the Missing Family (2010)
  4. The Case of the Fire Alarm (2010)
  5. The Case of the Library Monster (2011)
  6. The Case of the School Ghost (2012)
  7. The Case of the Pound Pet (2018)

Dear Beast Books In Publication Order

  1. Dear Beast (2020)
  2. Someone Is Missing! (2021)
  3. The Pet Parade (2021)
  4. Simon Sleeps Over (With: ) (2022)

Do You Know The Monkey Man? Books In Publication Order

  1. Do You Know The Monkey Man? (2005)
  2. Yes, I Know the Monkey Man (2009)

The Haunted Library Books In Publication Order

  1. The Haunted Library (2014)
  2. The Ghost in the Attic (2014)
  3. The Ghost Backstage (2014)
  4. The Five O’Clock Ghost (2015)
  5. The Secret Room (2015)
  6. The Ghost at the Fire Station (2015)
  7. The Ghost in the Tree House (2016)
  8. The Hide-and-Seek Ghost (2016)
  9. The Ghosts at the Movie Theater (2017)
  10. The Underground Ghosts (2017)

King & Kayla Books In Publication Order

  1. King & Kayla and the Case of the Missing Dog Treats (2017)
  2. King & Kayla and the Case of the Secret Code (2017)
  3. King & Kayla and the Case of the Mysterious Mouse (2017)
  4. King & Kayla and the Case of Found Fred (2017)
  5. King & Kayla and the Case of the Lost Tooth (2018)
  6. King & Kayla and the Case of the Unhappy Neighbor (2020)
  7. King & Kayla and the Case of the Gold Ring (2021)
  8. King & Kayla and the Case of the Lost Library Book (2022)

The Treasure Troop Books In Publication Order

  1. Mr. Summerling’s Secret Code (2021)
  2. The Hidden Room (2021)
  3. Summer Island (2021)
  4. The Final Treasure (2021)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Sliding Into Home (2003)
  2. Trading Places with Tank Talbott (2003)
  3. Alexandra Hopewell, Labor Coach (2005)
  4. The Truth about Truman School (2008)

Chapter Books In Publication Order

  1. Tank Talbott’s Guide to Girls (2006)

Picture Books In Publication Order

  1. The Great Tooth Fairy Rip-Off (1997)
  2. M Is For Minnesota (1998)
  3. ABC’s of Wisconsin (2000)
  4. F Is for Firefighting (2000)
  5. H is for Hoosier (2001)
  6. My Mom’s Having a Baby! (2005)
  7. W Is For Wisconsin (2005)
  8. Zack’s Potty (2006)
  9. My Grandpa Had A Stroke (2007)
  10. P Is for Police (2009)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Whodunit? How the Police Solve Crimes (2003)

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Dori Hillestad Butler Books Overview

The Case of the Lost Boy

‘My name is King. I am a dog. I am also a detective.’King has a very big mystery to solve. His family is missing, and he’s been put in the P O U N D. Why doesn’t his beloved human Kayla come to get him? When King is adopted by Connor and his mom, things get more confusing. The new family calls him Buddy!And just as Connor and Buddy start to get acquainted, Connor disappears! Buddy aka King has big problems to solve, but with some help from his friend Mouse a very large dog and the mysterious cat with no name, he shows what a smart, brave dog can do. Mystery fans and dog lovers will be swept up in Dori Hillestad Butler’s funny, satisfying story…
and left eager for Buddy’s next adventure.

The Case of the Mixed-Up Mutt

Buddy was adopted from the P O U N D and he likes his new family, but he’s still searching for Kayla his first family. What has happened to them? He hopes to solve that mystery soon, but right now he’s got another urgent case two dogs, Muffin and Jazzy, have been switched! How can Buddy get poor Muffin and Jazzy back to their real owners?

The Case of the Missing Family

Buddy has settled with his adopted family, but he’s never given up on finding his beloved human, Kayla, and his first family. One night he sees men taking things out of Kayla’s old house and loading them into a van. What’s up? Though his friend Mouse advises against it, in the middle of the night Buddy decides to make a daring move, leaving everything he knows behind. Dori Butler’s third case in The Buddy Files will entertain and satisfy the many fans of this brave, funny, and loyal dog.

The Case of the Fire Alarm

Buddy is starting his work as therapy dog at Four Lakes Elementary School, where Connor attends and Mom is the principal. On his very first day, he accidentally knocks down a little kid on the playground, convincing the first grade teacher that school is no place for a dog. Then the fire alarm goes off. The school is evacuated, but there’s no fire…
it’s a false alarm. Who could have set it?Buddy fans will cheer as their favorite dog detective solves another case with his own great doggy style.

The Case of the Library Monster

Buddy is in the school library and kids are taking turns reading with him. While Buddy listens to a ghost story, he hears rustling in the shelves behind him. He turns to look, but doesn’t see anyone back there. He hears a book fall. Something smells strange. Not human…
not canine, not like anything Buddy has ever smelled before. Could it maybe be the school ghost Buddy has heard so much about? When the child he’s sitting with leaves, Buddy goes over to the shelves to investigate…
and comes face to face with a mysterious creature that has a long, blue tongue.

Yes, I Know the Monkey Man

Thirteen year old T.J. always believed that her twin sister and her mother were dead because that’s what her father had told her. But Mom and Sam are very much alive. And now they want T.J. to be part of their family.

Life with Joe, her troubled but well intentioned father, is all T.J. has ever known. Joe s erratic lifestyle has meant lying to social workers and searching through garbage cans for food. But T.J. loves him and the grandmother who has provided stability in her life. When T.J. reluctantly visits her mom and Sam for the first time, she is stunned by how similar she is to her twin sister in many ways, even though their lives have been very different. But while she is drawn to her new family, she is also wary of becoming attached to them and hurting her father s feelings. When Joe suffers a debilitating accident and tries to ensnare T.J. in another web of lies, however, her loyalties are finally tested. Now she must confront the truth about her family, even if it hurts the people she loves.

In this thought provoking companion to the popular DO YOU KNOW THE MONKEY MAN?, author Dori Hillestad Butler has created a highly readable, complex portrait of a family in crisis. Her skillful portrayal of T. J., a conflicted adolescent struggling with her identity and reacting to family pressures, will resonate with readers.

Sliding Into Home

An adolescent girl learns that realizing a dream requires a good deal more than stubborn, steely resolve as she risks everything to follow her heart. IT’S NOT FAIR! Thirteen year old Joelle Cunningham is passionate about baseball. She loves to watch it, read about it, and, most of all, play it. But when her family moves from Minneapolis to the small town of Greendale, Iowa, she quickly discovers that there are strict rules preventing her from playing on the school baseball team. At Hoover Middle School, only boys play baseball. Girls play softball. It’s not the same sport! Joelle tries to tell everyone. But no one is listening. Not Coach Carlyle even though his baseball team is at the bottom of the league, he doesn’t want her on his team. Not Ms. Fenner, the softball coach she wants Joelle to use her big league swing to benefit the girls’ team. Not her new friend, Elizabeth, who is growing tired of her complaints. Not even Jason, her older brother, who is too busy at college to be of much help. But Joelle is determined to play baseball. And through some creative problem solving and surprising alliances she finds a solution to her dilemma that brings the disputing sides together and baseball to the girls of Greendale. Author Dori Butler has created a high spirited, indomitable character that young girls will admire and root for in this story of frustrated ambition and ultimate triumph.

Trading Places with Tank Talbott

All Jason Pfeiffer wants to do is finish his horror movie script about his sister, but lately his life is full of horrors! His parents are making him take swimming lessons at the recreation center and there’s nothing that Jason hates more than taking off his glas*ses and putting his face in the water. Except maybe having to deal with Tank Talbott. All Tank Talbott ever wants to do is beat people up. At least, that’s what Jason thinks. But Tank’s at the rec center, too because his parents are making him take ballroom dance clas*ses! There’s nothing that Tank hates more than dancing with girls except maybe being mistaken for a dork face like Jason. But that’s just what gives Jason a brilliant idea trading places! The mismatched pair make the switch, and along the way, they learn some surprising things about friendship and courage.

Alexandra Hopewell, Labor Coach

By the time Alex Hopewell breaks her third egg in her fifth grade class’s Family Life Unit she s earned the nickname ‘Alex Hopeless.’ Since Mrs. Ryder won t trust her with an egg, she has to write a report about child development. That s when Alex announces that she is going to be her mom s labor coach. There s only one problem she hasn t told her mom yet! Things don t always go easily for Alex. Her parents talked to Mrs. Ryder at the beginning of the year about her learning disorder, but Alex still thinks Mrs. Ryder hates her. Somehow Alex knows everything will be fine if only she can be there when the baby is born. Finally, her parents agree. Then Alex s mother goes into labor early, and Alex gets a chance to prove what a great kid she really is.

The Truth about Truman School

When Zebby and Amr create the website thetruthabouttruman. com, they want it to be honest. They want it to be about the real Truman Middle School, to say things that the school newspaper would never say, and to give everyone a chance to say what they want to say, too. But given the chance, some people will say anything anything to hurt someone else. And when rumors about one popular student escalate to cruel new levels, it’s clear The Truth about Truman School is more harrowing than anyone ever imagined.

Tank Talbott’s Guide to Girls

Tank’s summer is not shaping up the way he’d hoped. It’s bad enough that his three stepsisters will be sharing his cramped house for the summer vacation. Then he finds out that he has to work with a math tutor every day and fill a big notebook with his writing just to pass fifth grade!

Tank wishes he could just sell his friend Jason’s movie script to Hollywood. After all, Tank is Jason’s agent. But passing fifth grade is a big deal too and soon, inspired by his brother’s breakup with Jason’s sister, Tank realizes he can fill his notebook writing a guide to girls. It will be a bestseller!

Tank has plenty of material to work with his three stepsisters and Jason’s strange new interest in Kelly, the Mistress of Evil. What is up with that, anyway? Readers first met Tank and Jason in Trading Places with Tank Talbott.

M Is For Minnesota

Illustrated entries for each letter of the alphabet present information about the history, geography, natural resources, and important sights of Minnesota.

ABC’s of Wisconsin

Delightful illustrations show the everyday experiences of kids all over the Badger State. Children can count cows with Courtney, discover the Dells with David, and make maple syrup with Megan as they discover the wonder and magic of day to day life in Wisconsin. In this charming alphabet book, which includes a collection of fun facts, children can learn the ABC’s of Wisconsin, and adults will enjoy sharing the experience with them.

F Is for Firefighting

A popular career choice for most five year olds, firefighting conjures images of pump trucks, sirens, and ladders. This informative and fun ABC journey gives a bit of firefighting history with ‘B is for bucket brigade’and moves into the 21st century with ‘T is for thermal imaging camera.’ The colorful illustrations sport a spotted Dalmatian hidden on every page.

H is for Hoosier

Discover Indiana from A to Z! The alphabet is your guide to exploring the Hoosier State in this colorful, beautifully illustrated work. Elements from Indiana’s past and present are blended together to create a delightful text that will educate and entertain children and adults alike. Each letter is also illustrated with a sign for the hearing impaired.

My Mom’s Having a Baby!

‘Numerous books are available to prepare soon to be siblings for the changes that come with the arrival of a new baby in the house. Butler’s goes one better by candidly, and thoughtfully, responding to the question many such books ignore, ‘How did that baby get there?’ Joyous, splashy watercolors establish the warmth of a close knit family and introduce narrator Elizabeth, about five, a bundle of energy. Her delight and curiosity spill across the pages as she explains that her mother ‘has a baby growing inside her,’ and describes what she learns about the pregnancy and her developing sib.’
STARRED, Booklist

‘The playful and colorful illustrations add exuberance to the text, combining full page paintings, cartoon panels, word balloons, and free floating images, many of which are of the developing baby. The joy and love felt by all of the family members is palpable. This volume is an excellent choice for those readers who are ready to ask and be told some of life’s basic facts.’
School Library Journal

W Is For Wisconsin

Illustrated entries for each letter of the alphabet present information about the history, geography, natural resources, and important sights of Wisconsin and include the manual alphabet sign used in the Uniteds States.

Zack’s Potty

Potty Training is simple with Zach’s Potty and Zoe’s Potty. These folded books are portable and laminated. Open the Zack and Zoe packages and you’ll find a 3 dimensional doll that can actually sit on a potty just like a child. Inside is a charming story that gently teaches children to use the potty while acknowledging that accidents will happen. Both Zack and Zoe wear a backpack that contains a potty chart just like the one found in the book, complete with reusable stickers, and a parent guide with frequently asked questions about the potty training process. Take the stress out of potty training with Zach’s Potty and Zoe’s Potty.

My Grandpa Had A Stroke

What happens when a loved one suffers a stroke? Often, for a child, the experience can be painful, invoking feelings of anger, fear, and confusion. My Grandpa Had A Stroke is a story of Ryan’s relationship with his grandfather both before and after his grandfather suffers from a stroke, leaving both Ryan and his Grandfather to deal with the physical, mental, and emotional aftermath. After Ryan’s grandfather has a stroke, their close relationship has to change and with the help of his parents, rehabilitation professionals, and Grandpa himself, Ryan learns what a stroke is and the stroke’s effect on his grandfather, now and in the future.

My Grandpa Had A Stroke provides age appropriate explanations of a stroke, its short and long term consequences, and its treatment, including rehabilitation. It deals simply and compassionately with a child’s complex range of feelings when a loved one becomes disabled, and as Ryan adapts to his changing relationship with his grandfather, young readers too will be able to better understand their own emotions regarding any disabled loved ones in their own lives.

P Is for Police

If you ask a group of five year olds what they want to be when they grow up, one of the first responses you get is ‘a policeman.’ This exciting picture book goes through the ABCs of policing for young children, including A is for academy and D is for detective.

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