Donna Huston Murray Books In Order

Ginger Barnes Main Line Books In Order

  1. The Main Line Is Murder (1995)
  2. Final Arrangements (1996)
  3. The School of Hard Knocks (1997)
  4. No Bones About It (1998)
  5. A Score to Settle (1999)
  6. Farewell Performance (2000)
  7. Lie Like a Rug (2001)
  8. For Better or Worse (2018)

Lauren Beck Books In Order

  1. Cured (2012)
  2. Guilt Trip (2016)


  1. Dying for a Vacation (2013)

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Donna Huston Murray Books Overview

Final Arrangements

Maiden’s Bay is a small, scenic town on the Oregon Coast where citizens get their number fix thanks to Liza Kelly Sudoku Maven with the Oregon Daily. Her challenging puzzles sharpen the mind, and her deductive skills unravel even the most enigmatic clues. Liza enters a Sudoku tournament in which her old friend and competitor turns up dead. Now, she must think outside the boxes to find a murderer.

The School of Hard Knocks

These days Ginger Struve Barnes, who’s been known to solve a crime or two on Philadelphia’s affluent Main Line, has troubles of her own. Her husband is acting very distant, and her teenaged daughter is flirting with an eating disorder. Now, Gin is nosing into the dark shadows of the community. What she finds will blow the lid of respectability from her upper crust neighbors’ lives and bring a killer too close to home.

Lie Like a Rug

Ginger Barnes is prepared for almost anything when she volunteers to shepherd Bryn Derwyn Academy’s most infamous student into the city for a ‘scared straight’ session with a Philadelphia judge. But she didn’t expect to discover her childhood babysitter, professor Charlie Finnemeyer, on trial for forging a priceless oriental rug or to learn that the expert witnesses against him were mysteriously dying off left and right. Even worse, her investigation soon turns up a gallery of suspects with scandalous secrets to hide and far too much to lose. With time running out, Gin must face off against an ambitious TV celebrity craftsperson; the formidable head of one of Philadelphia’s most prestigious universities; a hip art dealer; and Charlie’s suspiciously overprotective wife, whose skill at being in the wrong place at the wrong time isn’t helping her husband’s case. Now it will take all of Gin’s savvy to gather this case’s slender threads in hand if she is to trap one exceptionally crafty, ruthless killer. AUTHORBIO: DONNA HUSTON MURRAY is the author of other Ginger Barnes Main Line Mysteries, The Main Line is Murder, Final Arrangements, School of Hard Knocks, No Bones About It, A Score to Settle, and Farewell Performance. She lives in Radnor, Pennsylvania.

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