Donna Hill Books In Order

Sag Harbor Village Books In Order

  1. Dare to Dream (2004)
  2. Heart’s Reward (2010)
  3. Touch Me Now (2012)
  4. For You I Will (2014)
  5. My Love at Last (2015)

Pause for Men Books In Order

  1. Love Becomes Her (2006)
  2. Saving All My Lovin’ (2006)
  3. After Dark (2007)
  4. If I Were Your Woman (2007)

Ladies of TLC Books In Order

  1. Sex and Lies (2008)
  2. Seduction and Lies (2008)
  3. Temptation and Lies (2009)
  4. Longing and Lies (2010)

Lawsons Of Louisiana Books In Order

  1. Spend My Life with You (2011)
  2. Secret Attraction (2011)
  3. Sultry Nights (2012)
  4. Everything Is You (2012)
  5. The Way You Love Me (2015)
  6. For the Love of You (2016)
  7. Surrender to Me (2017)
  8. When I’m with You (2018)

Family Secret Books In Order

  1. A House Divided (2017)
  2. The Other Sister (2020)

Grants of DC Books In Order

  1. Strictly Confidential (2021)


  1. Rooms of the Heart (1990)
  2. Indiscretions (1991)
  3. Scandalous (1995)
  4. Deception (1996)
  5. Temptation (1997)
  6. Intimate Betrayal (1997)
  7. A Private Affair (1998)
  8. Quiet Storm (1998)
  9. Shipwreck Season (1998)
  10. Charade (1998)
  11. Chances Are (1998)
  12. Pieces of Dreams (1999)
  13. If I Could (2000)
  14. A Scandalous Affair (2000)
  15. Soul to Soul (2001)
  16. Night Winds Calling (2001)
  17. Through the Fire (2001)
  18. Rhythms (2001)
  19. An Ordinary Woman (2002)
  20. In My Bedroom (2004)
  21. Divas, Inc (2004)
  22. Say Yes (2004)
  23. Getting Hers (2005)
  24. Interlude (2006)
  25. Long Distance Lover (2006)
  26. Guilty Pleasures (2006)
  27. Moments Like This (2007)
  28. Wicked Ways (2007)
  29. Prize of a Lifetime (2009)
  30. What Mother Never Told Me (2010)
  31. Private Lessons (2010)
  32. Legacy of Love (2011)
  33. Dangerous Intentions (2012)
  34. Double the Pleasure (2012)
  35. Mistletoe, Baby (2013)
  36. Confessions in B Flat (2020)
  37. I am Ayah- The Way Home (2022)


  1. Spirit of the Season (1994)
  2. Love Letters (1997)
  3. Winter Nights (1998)
  4. Rosie’s Curl and Weave (1999)
  5. Della’s House of Style (2000)
  6. Midnight Clear (2000)
  7. Going to the Chapel (2001)
  8. ‘Tis the Season (2001)
  9. Sister, Sister (2001)
  10. Rockin’ Around That Christmas Tree (2003)
  11. Courageous Hearts (2005)
  12. Destiny’s Daughters (2006)
  13. Takin’ Chances for the Holidays (2006)
  14. Creepin’ (2007)
  15. More Than Words Vol 7 (2011)
  16. Heat Wave (2011)
  17. Holiday Fantasy (2011)
  18. Endless Summer Nights (2014)
  19. The One That I Want (2014)
  20. Harlequin Kimani Romance October 2015 Box Set (2015)
  21. Harlequin Kimani Romance July 2016 Box Set (2016)
  22. Holiday Temptation (2016)
  23. Harlequin Kimani Romance August 2017 Box Set (2017)
  24. Harlequin Kimani Romance June 2018 Box Set (2018)
  25. Christmas Ever After (2018)
  26. What the Heart Wants / Sealed with a Kiss (2019)
  27. Forever Mine / Falling for the Beauty Queen (2019)
  28. Harlequin Desire November 2021 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2021)
  29. Wedding Belles: Falling For Mr Right (2021)
  30. You Make It Feel Like Christmas (2021)


  1. Welcome to Leo’s (2000)
  2. Living Large (2003)
  3. A Whole Lotta Love (2004)
  4. Where There’s a Will (2004)
  5. Let’s Get It on (2004)
  6. Big Girls Don’t Cry (2005)
  7. After Midnight (2011)
  8. Approaching Footsteps (2016)

Anthologies edited

  1. On The Line (2007)

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Donna Hill Books Overview

Dare to Dream

An Essence Bestseller
A Blackboard Bestselling Author

Gallery owner Desiree Armstrong is lucky to be alive after a fire destroyed her SoHo art studio. But since then, she’s been unable to paint. With the pressure of an upcoming art show, she’s in a panic and getting nowhere fast until her best friend and sorority sister steps in. Rachel sends Desiree away for a vacation…
which backfires when it turns out to be at the bed & breakfast owned by Desiree’s ex fianc .

Heart’s Reward

Melanie Harte’s exclusive matchmaking service the Platinum Society can help any soul find their ideal mate. Because when love is perfect, it is a match made in heaven. Single, Savvy Businesswoman Seeking to Stay That Way Never get involved with a client. Melanie Harte’s reputation depends on her not breaking that golden rule. Yet suddenly the Platinum Society’s dedicated owner has two of her most eligible prospects pursuing her. Rafe Lawson is a senator’s son with a wicked grin and a player’s charm. Claude Montgomery is the senator’s ambitious, charismatic and very attractive special assistant. Both men are off the charts sexy and completely off limits. But as Melanie’s feelings for one of them deepen and their desire intensifies, it puts more than her business in jeopardy. Now, keeping her company’s name in good standing means risking the one thing she wants most of all her very own perfect match.

Love Becomes Her

Fate has one last zinger in store for Barbara Allen. His name is Michael Stevens, he is a basketball millionaire, he’s little more than half her age and he wants to spend the night! Does Barbara dare throw convention to the wind and enjoy her very own boy toy? It’s a decision she’ll need the help of her three best friends to make. But as the trio weighs in on whether Barbara should or shouldn’t, they come up with an outrageous plan that will mean a life change for them all.

Saving All My Lovin’

With a new job at Pause for Men spa and wealthy Sterling Powers in her bed, Ann Marie Dennis is about to realize her goal the perfect life. Then fate intervenes and her grown daughter moves in, crowding her once empty nest. Next Ann Marie’s ex shows up claiming he wants her back.

And just like that Ann Marie’s picture perfect life falls apart.

Now she hopes a trip home to Jamaica will help her reconnect with her only child and put her ex husband out of her life for good. But can she count on the support of her girlfriends and her new beau to make things work out?

After Dark

A reluctant member of the first wives’ club her husband left her for a woman half her age Elizabeth Lewis had sworn off men. Then sexy contractor Ron Powers charmed his way into her life and into her bed. With Ron, Elizabeth finally learned what it felt like to be really loved. But just when she embarked on her journey of sensual self discovery with Ron, misfortune rocked their relationship. Her ex wanted her back. And Ron’s radical past as a former Black Panther threatened their future. Elizabeth was torn between her past and present. She had to choose between two men who loved and needed her. But what about her needs? As always, Elizabeth will depend on her girlz Stephanie, Barbara, Ann Marie and newbie Terri to help her make the right choice!

If I Were Your Woman

Could she just say no?

After a messy affair threatened her career as a publicist and ruined her self esteem, Stephanie Moore swore off mixing business with pleasure. But when her work as the public relations manager for Pause for Men day spa brought her up close and personal with a sexy photographer, Stephanie was torn. She’d vowed never to mess with a married man again. And yet, her powerful attraction to Tony Washington, who she suspected was wed, had her rethinking her newfound scruples.

Should she put the past behind her and enjoy the loving interest of her handsome, hardworking, new beau? Stephanie would need the advice of her Pause for Men partners to help her sort out her moral dilemma…

Sex and Lies

She has a secret

The sassy sisters who hawk Tender Loving Care body products are on a mission that goes way beyond fighting wrinkles. These lovely ladies are also undercover operatives in The Ladies Cartel the flip side organization of TLC cosmetics. They are so deep under, even their families and spouses don’t suspect their real work or know their identities .

Executive assistant extraordinaire and TLC agent, sexy Savannah Fields gets her next assignment investigate corporate espionage at a construction site in NYC. But Savannah is in for the shock of her life when the trail of the dirty dealings, deception and adultery leads right back to her neat suburban split level and her hunk of a husband, Blake!

Seduction and Lies

The feisty women who sell Tender Loving Care body products are hiding a secret: they’re undercover operatives in The Ladies Cartel the flip side organization of TLC Cosmetics. They’re sworn to an oath to never reveal their clandestine activities, and not even their families know about their alternate lives. Danielle Holloway is the newest member of the group. Her first assignment: infiltrate a ring of identity theft criminals. With cool wit and seductive charm, Danielle uses her skills to piece together the clues, and she’s shocked to discover a cloud of guilt hovers over her beau, the very sexy and charismatic Nick Mateo.

Temptation and Lies

As CEO of an event planning company, sultry siren Nia Turner deftly navigates the corporate boardroom. No one would ever guess she’s also an undercover agent for The Ladies Cartel. TLC is a clandestine organization that operates under the guise of selling Tender Loving Care body products but their true mission is crime fighting. Living a double life can be stressful, especially when Nia is dating sexy architect Steven Long. As she vigilantly attempts to identify the players in what could be the biggest sex scandal the city has seen in decades, Steven begins to suspect that she is stepping out on him. Nia gets caught in a web of lies and scandal that threatens to tear her relationship apart.

Longing and Lies

With her sensual looks and free spirited ways, Ashley Temple is the perfect agent for The Ladies Cartel, a secret crime fighting organization. But her latest assignment breaking up an illegal baby trafficking ring is more than a job. It’s personal. The stakes go sky high when she teams up with FBI operative Elliot Morgan, a man so deep under cover he’s off the radar. Life in the field is nothing compared to the adrenaline rush of passion and pleasure Elliot feels with Ashley. And when they pose as a happily married couple to stake out a suspicious adoption center, he knows he’s in deeper than he’s ever been. He can’t risk falling for her the danger’s too great. But how can Elliot let Ashley go, when this sweet, sultry lady takes him beyond the point of no return?

Spend My Life with You

Descended from a legendary political dynasty, Lee Ann Lawson has been the glue that holds her sprawling clan together. But being primary caregiver has meant putting her own dreams on hold. Preston Graham is about to change all that. From the moment they meet-at an estate in Baton Rouge-Lee Ann can’t stop thinking about the ambitious, seductive junior senator from Louisiana.

All his life, Preston has focused on only one thing: rising up the political ladder. Marriage isn’t even on the ballot. Until Lee Ann. The passion she arouses is hot, irresistible…and all-consuming. Can he convince the senator’s daughter to toss her hat in the ring-by giving her heart to him and a love that comes only once in a lifetime?

Rooms of the Heart

Tempest Daily seems to have it all: a politically powerful husband and a daughter she adores until Braxton Thorne walks back into her life after six long years. Now she must confront the shadow of her past and a love that never died, only to discover that her husband’s power not only stretches to Congress, but to every crevice of her life.


Khendra Phillips is at the height of her legal career when the handsome, smooth talking attorney Sean Michaels bursts onto the scene and threatens to capture not only love with his irresistible, relentless charm, but her glorious reign in the legal profession as well.


Virginia state assemblywoman Vaughn Hamilton’s dreams of winning a seat in Congress are threatened by a desperate secret from the past and by her feelings for business tycoon Justin Montgomery, her opponent in the election.


If Desire Can Be Had For The Asking

In the lavish San Francisco valley, Noelle Maxwell unveils her secret. Liaisons is the ultimate fantasy a chic retreat where romantic dreams are yours for the right price. But Noelle has other secrets a past in New Orleans, a marriage to a powerful man who fulfilled all but her deepest longings and a vow to uncover the truth behind his mysterious death. Yet the only man she can trust is a stranger whose explosive sexuality awakens desire and fear.

Is Love Worth Any Price?

From the moment the man calling himself Cole Richards meets his partner’s beautiful widow, the stakes in a dangerous game rise even higher. But the closer he gets to Noelle’s seductive flame, the more he risks being burned and the more he must hide a shocking truth that could destroy the love he so passionately craves .

Intimate Betrayal

Reese Delaware is an investigative reporter with a burning desire to seek the truth. But one story eludes her-her own. Fifteen years before, she survived a tragic accident that robbed her of her family and left her with missing memories of her life. Now, determined to succeed despite the past, she accepts an assignment to profile Maxwell Knight, the millionaire computer wizard who is also fleeing a shadowy past of his own. The attraction between them is powerful, sparking a desire neither can deny. But it isn’t until they have gone beyond professional boundaries and come closer to surrendering to a need greater than their willpower that Maxwell and Reese begin to uncover the shattering secret that links their lives.

A Private Affair

Nikita Harrell’s drive and determination took her to the pinnacle of the New York publishing world. And it also swept her into the arms of Quinn Parker. A proud man with the soul of an artist and the strength to survive on the mean streets of Harlem, Quinn was everything Nikita had been taught to stay away from and the one man whose passionate courage ignited desires neither could deny. But when Nikita refused to settle for less than a picture perfect life, she lost the only man she ever loved. Now Quinn is back in her life as the author of a hot new novel that could propel Nikita’s publishing house to unimaginable success. To secure both their futures means confronting the differences that once tore them apart, and fighting the reignited desire that burns more fiercely than either ever dreamed. Now, as unexpected rivals and a sudden crisis force them to gamble for one last, desperate chance to reconcile their dreams, can they fulfill the love that has claimed them body and soul?

Quiet Storm

Deanna is beautiful and immensely talented. As a concert pianist and accomplished equestrian, she is constantly in the public eye touring the world. Many admire, yet envy, her beauty, talent and relationship with actor Cord Herrera. But in one moment, tragedy casts a dark shadow over Deanna’s bright future…
producing a Quiet Storm calmed only by an unexpected liaison.

Shipwreck Season

Sixteen year old Daniel is appalled at the prospect of spending eight months at the lifesavers’ station. And yet, in the autumn of 1880, Daniel finds himself on the train to Cape Cod, where he will live among the coarse, dull surfmen and take orders from his crude, unsympathetic uncle, Captain Alder, the man in charge. At first Daniel’s new life seems as comfortless and unrewarding as he had imagined, but the work is unexpectedly challenging, and to his surprise Daniel finds himself beginning to respect and admire the surfmen who risk their lives to save those lost in shipwrecks off the coast. Breathtaking adventure punctuates this lively, insightful coming of age story. An afterword traces the history of U.S. lifesaving from its origins to the present day Coast Guard.


Tyler Ellington thought a scholarship to film school was the chance to fulfill her lifelong ambition, but she never imagined her hardest lesson would be in love. Betrayed by sexy filmmaker Miles Bennett, the first man she’d allowed into her heart, Tyler flees home to Savannah, only to find another man intruding in her fantasies. Handsome photographer Sterling Grey has the sense of humor, unwavering patience and compassionate heart that are the exact opposite of Miles Bennett. Soon the wounded Tyler finds herself surrendering to the pleasure of his caresses. Even a perfect summer romance can’t dissuade Tyler from returning to New York, and to Miles. Working with him to produce her prize winning screenplay, she is moved by his humble apologies and swept up in his passionate kisses. Her long cherished dreams have indeed come true, but Tyler can’t forget Sterling’s warm, tender touch. Now torn between two men, she must decide which love is the real thing.

Chances Are

A test of passion

Dione Williams knew what it was like to be young and pregnant with nowhere to go. Years later, through hard work and sheer force of will, she had provided a good life for her daughter and started a successful home for teenage mothers and their babies. But from the moment television producer Garrett Lawrence began a story on the teen center, Dione’s hard won confidence was shaken. How could a man she found so attractive and intelligent be so cynical about unwed mothers? Battling her conflicted emotions, Dione would have to defend the work she believed in even if it cost her a love that promised a lifetime of happiness.

A test of love

Garrett didn’t think much of ‘irresponsible’ teen mothers. He knew firsthand the misery of being given away and searching for the acceptance he never could seem to find. Although he found himself drawn closer and closer to Dione because of her independence and passionate determination, his painful past kept getting in the way. Now Garrett and Dione must find their way to each other through a search only the heart can undertake and only love can bring.

Pieces of Dreams

Tragedy brought Maxine Sherman and Quinten Parker together years ago, but another woman stole him away from her. For as long as Maxine could remember, her nights were filled with dreams of his return. That was then. Now Quinn is back after another tragedy occurs in his life, and he wants things the way they were. But Maxine has a new life, a new man and a secret that binds her and Quinn forever. Common sense tells Maxine she shouldn’t put her heart in the hands of the man who once left it broken in pieces and risk losing the love and devotion of Taylor Collins, who not only brings her joy, but the kind of love she always longed for. Is Taylor her real love or a substitute for what she lost? As Maxine struggles against Quinn’s passionate pleas, and the old desires ignite between them, she must decide if what they have is strong enough to last this time, or if her feelings are only Pieces of Dreams.

If I Could

A Blackboard BestsellerWith a voice as vivid and sassy as her characters, Hill introduces readers to a gutsy, unforgettable hero*ine they will applaud from the first page to the last a woman who boldly, blindly, dares to trade a lifestyle for a life.

A Scandalous Affair

Washington, D.C., activist Samantha Montgomery faces the controversy of a lifetime when she agrees to help handsome civil rights attorney Chad Rushmore take on a landmark police brutality case. Not only does their sudden, fiery attraction endanger the already troubled lawsuit, but it puts Samantha at heartbreaking odds with her attorney sister, Simone. With both family and a cause at stake, Samantha must walk a dangerous line between passion and loyalty, duty and desire to discover the most fulfilling love of all.

Soul to Soul

Leon Weathers, restaurateur and nightclub owner, has her life together until her bandleader hires Ray Taylor, the ‘mouthwatering,’ womanizing sax player, for the nightclub band.

Night Winds Calling

Jessica MacDougall and her best friend Lori, head to Maine in search of evidence to support Jessica’s firm belief in reincarnation her own past life which ended tragically in 1772 according to the hypnosis sessions performed by her professor. Jessie thinks that she might just be able to find the fabulous jewels that her prior self ran and hid, minutes before she was murdered. However, what Jessie does find, on the foggy Maine road where she believes that she once lived, and died, is Kyle Davenport, a sullen man whose chronic and debilitating migraine headaches are somehow miraculously cured when they are close together. Lori hates Maine, and Kyle, but Jessie is determined to stay, even when the sound of ghostly screaming causes her to crash her car, stranding them briefly in Kyle’s disturbing company. Kyle doesn’t understand how Jessie can be his cure but he pursues her to town, where a rapist and serial killer is once again on the prowl and may have already targeted Jessie. It soon becomes apparent that past events may very well be on the eve of repeating themselves. Staying in Maine could cost Jessie her life.

Through the Fire

After a devastating tragedy left her convinced she’d never love again, successful songwriter Rae Lindsay sought refuge in the only thing that still brought her comfort-her music. But when Quinten Parker walked into her life, Rae suddenly found her peaceful solitude threatened-along with her heart. Now, torn between desire and painful memories, she must search the deepest part of herself to overcome the past and take a second chance at love-the chance of a lifetime.


It all began in 1927, in the small town of Rudell, Mississippi, after the sudden and tragic death of Cora Harvey’s parents. She has nothing left except her burning desire to become a singer. But her dream will never come true in Rudell, especially if she marries the man she adores, Dr. David Mackey. So when she sets out for Chicago, everyone in the close knit community, including David believes that the next time they see Cora, her name will be in lights. However, it’s not long before Cora finds herself back in Rudell and back in David’s arms harboring a secret she dare not reveal…
A secret that will cause her daughter, Emma to flee Rudell with no intention of ever looking back. And even when Emma finds the perfect man and happiness at last, she is determined to do whatever it takes to keep her family’s shameful past at bay. Then the dream that began with Cora comes full circle with her beloved granddaughter Parris whose melodic voice fills the dimly lit nightclubs of New York City. Yet, when tragedy strikes, opening a door to the past, Parris discovers the hidden truths that have ripped the family apart but which may ultimately bind them together at last. From the dusty roads of the Delta to the pulsing metropolis of New York City, Rhythms is a rich, unforgettable tale about loss and healing, redemption and love.

An Ordinary Woman

From bestselling author, Donna Hill comes an evocative, unforgettable novel about love, friendship, marriage, adultery…
‘You’ll find out soon enough. So I may as well say it now. I slept with my best friend’s husband. There is no explanation. Not a real one, anyway, not one that people will accept, especially people who know me…
But I want to tell my side…
Just hear me out…
‘Asha and Lisa have been best friends since grade school and they have always shared everything. A beautiful and accomplished photographer, Asha never seems to lack excitement or a man to share it with. Yet, for a woman who appears to have it all there is always ‘that something’ she needs to make her feel whole…
worthy. Lisa, ‘the good girl,’ has always dreamed of the perfect marriage to the perfect husband. Now she has both with Ross Davis and she has their future planned to the last, perfect detail. Ross didn’t want to believe that he and Lisa had married too soon. He didn’t want to believe that each day the man he thought himself to be was being stripped away by the woman he loved leaving him feeling like a kept man instead of the man of the house. And then betrayal. No one knows how it happened, how they could have done this to each other. But now, they each want to tell their side of the story. As Asha, Lisa and Ross travel down the road to discovery, you will root for them, hurt for them, hate them and love them. But you will never forget them. An Ordinary Woman is about the betrayal of the most sacred of trusts. It is about the that one moment when a single choice will change lives forever. It is a cautionary tale that dares to look deep inside the hearts and minds of the characters involved. Most importantly, An Ordinary Woman attempts to answer the question: How?

In My Bedroom

Rayne Holland seems to have it all: a handsome, successful husband, a beautiful five year old daughter, and a rapidly rising film career. What everyone doesn’t know is that behind closed doors, the picture isn’t so perfect. And in the recesses of Rayne’s mind she harbors a dark past that even she in unaware of. Then tragedy strikes, and Rayne slowly discovers that the story of her life is just beginning and nothing and no one are as they seem…

Divas, Inc

Diva n.: an extremely arrogant or temperamental woman. Delicious Diva Tip 13: When in doubt, just do it anyway. Tiffany Lane and Chantal Hollis are bonafide divas in every sense of the word. They’ve also been Margaret Drew’s best friends since they were children. Margaret has always been the plain Jane of the threesome, living vicariously through the exploits of her friends. But when Tiffany and Chantal head to Europe on an extended vacation, leaving Margaret to tend their apartments, Margaret decides to see how the other half lives. Co opting their apartments, their boyfriends current and past, their fabulous lifestyles and Tiffany’s very savvy pooch, Virginia, Margaret finally feels like she has found the life she has always wanted and deserved. But her double living begins to catch up with her and Margaret might soon be homeless, manless, and friendless all in one swoop.

Say Yes

Regina Everette never expected things to be simpler when to the shock of everyone around her she walked away from her empty marriage. Of course, she never expected to find real love waiting around the corner, either. Now that she’s with Parker Heywood, she knows what true happiness feels like. Still it comes with a price. Her children want their father to be the only man in her life, and he s determined to win Regina back. Parker has his own obligations too; a teen daughter who wants to be the first, and only, woman in his life. With everyone outside the relationship seemingly bent on pulling them apart, their love will be put to the ultimate test. But through it all, Parker s willing to stay by Regina s side forever…
if she would only Say Yes.

Getting Hers

Tess McDonald is a high priced madam running a lucrative call girl service, and whatever she wants is less than a phone call away.
Life can t get much better for Nikki Perez. She s young, beautiful, has one of the finest and most notorious men in the neighborhood in her bed, gets to ride in fast cars before she strips them down, and is making more money than she ever dreamed of.
Kim Sheppard is at the pinnacle of corporate success. She is the envy of men and women alike, with a handsome husband, a beautiful home, and a secret lover on the side.
Then Tess loses her business and everything she’s worked for, Nikki is convicted of a crime she didn t commit, and Kim is accused of corporate theft, potentially at risk of losing her fortune and her reputation. Fate truly intercedes when they meet in, of all places, their doctor s office. And from that day forward, they form a unique alliance. Not only will they bond together to reclaim what they ve lost, but in each other, they ll discover what they d been searching for all along.


Michelene Tyner has her finger on the pulse of the Louisiana elite, including criminal defense attorney Chase Alexander. Can their love survive his defending the accused murderer of Michelene’s friend?

Guilty Pleasures

Jake and Eva Kelly are masters at what they do. From the sex games they play with each other to the cons they pull on their unsuspecting marks, they are unstoppable. To the outside world, Jake and Eva are just another young buppie couple living their dream under the bright lights of New York City. Life is good, money is flowing, and living is large. They couldn’t ask for more until Jake gets greedy. Only this time they pick the wrong mark. The tables have turned and their addiction to the game could cost them everything even their lives. Now Jake and Eva are forced to pull off the sting of their careers. With the help of Jake’s brother Jinx and Eva’s look alike cousin Rita they board a cruise ship from Brazil to take down Xavier Suarez, one of the most notorious figures in the underworld. From the streets of New York City to the steamy tropics of Brazil, from the coast of Miami to the paradise of Hawaii, they hatch a plan with no room for errors. With the FBI hot on their trail and under the threat of Suarez’s unspeakable wrath, every trick they’ve ever learned comes into play. But it is their own dark past that threatens their future, and the secret that Eva harbors that could ruin everything.

Moments Like This

Has fate led her to a real life hero? Actress and model Dominique Laws has been living the Hollywood dream fame, fortune, a handsome and powerful husband, and adoring fans. Although her talent hasn’t faded, lately good roles have been getting scarce. When Dominique learns that her business manager husband has been cheating on her personally and financially she finds herself down and out in Beverly Hills. With all that’s happened, now is the time for Dominique to regroup and reconnect with what really matters. But a chance meeting with a Denzel fine filmmaker may just be the opportunity to play the role of a lifetime…

Wicked Ways

Tess McDonald has a score to settle. It was she who set into motion a series of events that caused the murders of two adversaries. Tess even turned complete strangers, Kim Sheppard and Nikki Perez, into partners of a deadly crime. With life good now that their nemeses are out of the way, they celebrate. But not for long. On the night that the three women reunite, Tess receives a phone call that has the potential to ruin everything that she has put in place. Vincent, the one man that Tess would have changed her life for, has found her and her cohorts and he knows everything. She agrees to meet him with the intention of silencing him for good. But Tess is shocked when Vincent asks her to leave with him and put her criminal past behind her. However, Kim and Nikki aren’t about to let her go so easily.

Prize of a Lifetime

It’s the Prize of a Lifetime: one million dollars and your own hotel. All Sasha Carrington has to do is beat the competition on the new TV show Heartbreak Hotel. The daily challenges test her creative flair and business acumen, but it’s fellow contestant Mitchell Davenport who’s pushing her emotions to the limit. Before they knew they’d be rivals, Mitchell and Sasha shared two smoldering, unforgettable nights in Antigua. Mitchell as fine as he is ambitious was immediately drawn to Sasha’s warmth and earthy sensuality. Now, winning is the only thing that matters to both but what are they willing to lose to get there?

Private Lessons

Under the tropical Antigua sun, Naomi Clarke flings caution to the wind! She’s caught up in a sizzling romance with Brice Lawrence, a sensual stranger she’s just met. For two blissful weeks they’re inseparable, even though they know their affair was never meant to last. Until the passion sated Georgia professor returns home and her hot summer lover is in her classroom! Brice is determined not to be tossed aside and forgotten. He wants Naomi and he’ll do whatever it takes to persuade his seductive teacher that they belong together. He knows he’s playing a dangerous game especially with a potential scandal brewing that could sabotage Naomi’s academic future. But Brice is determined to make the grade. Because this time the stakes are nothing less than both their hearts .

Legacy of Love

Superstition and crazy stories that’s how Zoe Beaumont views the unlucky in love history of her family. On their thirtieth birthday, the Beaumont women are said to come into a mysterious ‘sixth sense.’ And if they choose to give themselves fully to the wrong man, they lose not just their powers, but the family’s good fortune. Despite her doubts, Zoe has started having strange, intensely passionate dreams. Her fantasies feature a man who seems too perfect, too sexy, too mesmerizing to be real. Until, one rainy Atlanta evening, Zoe runs into Jackson Trem . Their attraction is as overwhelming in person as it is in her dreams. Though all of her ancestors have tried and failed, can she overturn a legacy of heartache?

Love Letters

In ‘Hearts of Gold,’ a jilted lover rekindles lost love; while in ‘Masquerade,’ a shy editor finds the man of her dreams on the Internet; and in ‘To Love Again,’ a revelation helps a widow let go of the past.

Winter Nights

Warm your soul with festive holiday tales from three of the most beloved Arabesque authors. Includes ‘Until Christmas’ by Francis Ray, Kwanzaa Angel’ by Shirley Hailstock and ‘Round Midnight’ by Donna Mill.

Rosie’s Curl and Weave

Rosie’s Curl and Weave: Four NovellasSTEP INSIDE FOR A DAY OF BEAUTY, LAUGHTER…
AND LOVE. Whether you want a cut, weave or braid; a facial, manicure, or massage; there’s always a helping hand and a sympathetic ear at Rosie’s Curl and Weave on 125th Street in Harlem. And sometimes, when you least expect it, love walks in the door. So sit back, relax, put your feet up, and enjoy, as four talented writers render four magical stories about the love of beauty and the beauty of love. Rochelle Alers gets the sparks flying, as a high maintenance banker finds herself falling, against her better judgement, for a handsome delivery man who walks into Rosie’s…
Donna Hill puts the assistant manager of Rosie’s in the path of a fine looking contractor, whose hypnotic honey brown eyes could be her undoing…
Felicia Mason helps the owner of Rosie’s discover that you don’t have to be young just young at heart to fall in love…
Francis Ray turns a timid, dowdy duckling into a confident, sexy swan and sends her into the arms of a handsome artist with the help of Rosie’s Curl and Weave

Della’s House of Style

AND PASSION. Rochelle Alers’ Sweet Surrender Manicurist Maria Parker can’t help but notice when a hunky financial planner brings his niece into Della’s for a manicure. And when he starts to frequent the salon himself for manicures from Maria, she’s pretty sure he has more than cuticles on his mind…
Donna Hill’s It Could Happen to You When Della turned Rosie’s Curl and Weave into Della’s House of Style, a few things managed to slip through the cracks and now she’s is under fire by the IRS. When a by the book IRS agent comes to investigate, Della is infuriated by his presence in the salon and reluctant to admit that she’s growing more than a little used to it…
Felicia Mason’s Truly, Honestly High maintenance investment banker Sheila last name needs some serious pampering. On a whim, she decides to get a shoulder length weave at Della’s House of Style, and afterwards, visits and salon’s lounge, where a sexy D.J. has a song in mind for her…
Francis Ray’s A Matter of Trust Single mother Hope Lassiter, once a critically acclaimed actress, is now a cosmetologist at Della’s House of Style. When a handsome director tries to woo her back to the stage, Hope has to wonder if his intentions are more than professional…

Midnight Clear

An Indigo holiday anthology by four of the most accomplished authors writing African American romance today. Rumor, folklore, town gossip? No one knows for certain. Perhaps you will discover the magic of love for yourself…
upon a Midnight Clear.

Going to the Chapel

Wedding bells ring for true love…
Rochelle Alers’ ‘Stand in Bride’ Savannah wedding planner Katherine Langdon agrees to coordinate the ‘wedding of the season’ between a spoiled debutante and her French fianc for one reason the gorgeous father of the bride. Now she hopes that the wedding won’t be the only occasion worth remembering…
Gwynne Forster’s ‘Learning to Love’ Working for the United Nations has given Sharon Braxton a passion for other cultures and for a Nigerian Prince. What can stand in the way of their love besides two vastly different worlds?The other bride his father has arranged for him to wed…
Donna Hill’s ‘Distant Lover’ Can anything be more glamorous than a job that takes career minded Mia to the Caribbean? Yes! A hot, sexy hunk from Barbados, who wants to sweep her to the altar,but his old fashioned values keep driving them apart. And the intense passion is too irresistible to ignore…
Francis Ray’s ‘Southern Comfort’ A bridesmaid for the eighth time and not the bride, political fundraiser Adrienne Summers is fed up. Worse, she finds a major problem at this wedding the Best Man. They’re fighting about her clothes too sexy, her behavior too flirty, and his macho views wives shouldn’t work. It sounds like they just might be falling in love!

Sister, Sister

Donna Hill introduces sisters long divided by their mother’s favoritism now reunited in Washington, D.C., one sister’s sudden illness is the catalyst for a long waited reconciliation. Carmen Green takes two very different sisters to beautiful Martha’s Vineyard, where a week in the warm and healing sun brings mutual understanding. Jamice Sims unites two estranged sisters in new York City where their childhood loyalty is tested, a new life is welcomed and a family restored.

Rockin’ Around That Christmas Tree

ll is not well in Denise and Edward Morrison’s marriage. For years Denise has wanted to open her own design business, but her dreams have always taken a back seat to her family and her husband. And Edward wonderful man that he is has always believed that it was a man’s total responsibility to take care of his family. A man who loves his wife as much as he does, makes sure that she wants for nothing outside of their home. So Denise informs Edward that she’s leaving him in order to pursue her dream, and she’s dropping the bomb when the children come home for the holidays. But when their children arrive, chaos ensues. Apparently, their well adjusted children’s lives are falling apart, and now the Morrisons must band together as a family. And as Denise and Edward stand together, Edward realizes the importance of his wife’s dreams and Denise rediscovers all the things that were oh so right between them. In the end, the Morrison family will be Rockin’ Around That Christmas Tree.

Destiny’s Daughters

In this powerful collection, three acclaimed writers put their talents together to tell the unforgettable story of three sisters separated as infants and how their paths finally cross in adulthood. Leticia, Jamilla, and Clarissa Holmes each know that they’re one in a set of triplets but that’s about all they know. Now they’re adults, thirty three year old women who are as different as can be. But they have one thing in common: they have never given up on the idea of one day finding each other…
In ‘More Than This,’ by Donna Hill, we meet Leticia, whose time in group homes sharpened her street smarts and taught her to use her good looks to her advantage. Now she’s on top of the world, ensconced in a lush apartment in the heart of New Orleans. Leticia knows what men want she runs the most elite call girl operation in the Parrish. But when she learns that the new sheriff in town is planning a raid, she decides to close up shop, have some adventures, and find her family. She soon discovers that one of her sisters is a jazz singer slated to appear at Lincoln Center. Leticia buys a ticket and gets much more than she bargained for…
Parry ‘EbonySatin’ Brown’s title tk follows Jamilla, adopted by an upstanding family who loved her like their own. But despite a life of privilege, Jamilla was always haunted by a sense of foreboding. As a way to escape her demons, she turned to writing. Now she’s landed a six figure book deal. But Jamilla’s joy is clouded by a series of disturbing dreams triggered by a woman she saw on television a jazz singer with her face…
In Gwynne Forster’s ‘The Journey,’ Clarissa Holmes Medford has finally decided to kick out her cheating husband and pick up her guitar. Maybe she can sing her way out of the unhappiness and poverty that have plagued most of her life. When she records a well received demo, it’s just the beginning of a fascinating journey that will take her far from home, and expose her to a captivating new world and an audience that may include the family her heart has always longed for…
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Welcome to a world of werewolves, vampires, demons and mere mortals, where, in the name of revenge, five women are about to live out their wildest fantasies even if it means crossing over to that other side Five of today’s most provocative authors invite you into a realm beyond the limits of your sensual imagination, where anything can happen and does. In these stories of bloodlust and payback, of scorching desire and otherworldly fantasies come true, you’ll encounter five women who thought they had it all, until a betrayal takes them on a feverish journey to the dark edge of vengeance. Fueled by lust and deception, these women are going to let their voracious appetites guide them as they take justice into their own hands.

More Than Words Vol 7

Each and every one of us has the ability to effect change to make our world a better place. The dedicated women selected as this year’s recipients of Harlequin’s More Than Words award have changed lives, one good deed at a time. To celebrate their accomplishments, some of our bestselling authors have honored the winners by writing stories inspired by these real life hero*ines. We hope More Than Words inspires you to get in touch with the real life hero*ine living inside of you. In Carly Phillips’s Compassion Can’t Wait, two high school sweet hearts are reunited years later, as if by fate, and discover that if you believe in yourself and each other, anything is possible. Donna Hill’s Someplace Like Home tells the story of how one woman’s dream becomes reality, as three special people learn that it’s never too late to form a loving family. In Jill Shalvis’s What the Heart Wants, an honorable man must learn to forgive himself to regain the trust of the ded icated teacher who is the love of his life.

Welcome to Leo’s

Welcome to Leo’s Where Anything Can HappenA proper lady lets loose on Open Mike Night and opens her heart to a different kind of man…
A Texas RAnger and a candy shop owner have a blind date with a deliciously unexplected outcome…
A widowed party planner meets a handsome doctor, but fears losing her heart for the second time…
A journalist runs into an old college flame she’s determined to be all business, but he ahs another agenda…
Welcome to Leo’sA stylish D.C. supper club patrons come to enjoy rich, savory gourmet food, sip intoxicating cocktails, and drick in the soulful sounds of live music. It’s the perfect place to dine, unwind, catch up and mayhbe even fall in love…

Living Large

A voluptuously entertaining African American fiction anthology about women who are livin’ large and lovin’ larger! Featuring all new novellas by: 1 Blackboard bestselling author Rochelle Alers, ‘one of the top 5 most popular African American romance writers’ Heart and Soul 1 Blackboard bestselling author Donna Hill, All Time Favorite Fiction Author Award winner Shades of Romance 1 Blackboard bestselling author Brenda Jackson, winner of Viewer’s Choice Best Multicultural Romantic Times 1 Blackboard bestselling author, Francis Ray, whose stories ‘are written from the heart and definitely recommended.’Eric Jerome Dickey

Where There’s a Will

Emotional and asorbing. 100 satisfaction guaranteed.

Let’s Get It on

Welcome back to Leo’s supper club, where seduction is always on the menu…
Rochelle Alers, ‘Love Lessons’Tyrell Hardcastle is knocked off his feet when he meets a local high school teacher. Now all he has to do is overcome her objections to him being the ‘younger man’. Donna Hill, ‘Lady in Waiting’Noah Hardcastle is engaged to beautiful Tara Mitchell. However, their relationship is threatened when Noah’s first love Rachel, returns to D.C. to prove to him that he is all she ever really wanted. Brenda Jackson, ‘Irresistible Attraction’Sydney Corbain never forgot her explosive encounter with Tyrone Hardcastle at her brother’s wedding. So when she runs into him in New York City on business, they both see this as an opportunity to explore their undenaible attraction. Francis Ray, ‘Blind Date’Ayanna Hardcastle pretends that she is dating wealthy businessman Tanner Rafferty, in order to get her matchmaking friend off her back. But, she never imagined that Tanner Rafferty would show up to collect on that claim!

Big Girls Don’t Cry

From the acclaimed bestselling authors of Living Large and A Whole Lotta Love come four romantic and sexy stories celebrating big, bold, and beautiful women.

On The Line

Joy Newhouse is the diva of the airwaves, a relationship expert who scores big with listeners for her jaw dropping, scathing commentary on men, women, sex no subject is taboo for this provocative radio shock jock. When she’s fired suddenly by new management, Joy isn’t happy off the air and out of the spotlight. So she writes a book that features her most titillating calls and letters, a bestseller ripe with the kind of gossip intended to put Joy back where she belongs: on top. Soon, however, negative and righteous feedback from those listeners she exploited in her book stirs up a media scandal, giving Joy a crisis of conscience and a taste of payback. Perhaps it wasn’t so wise of her to hitch her star to her readers’ most personal stories tales of secret affairs, office romances, baby daddy drama, cheaters, swingers, sibling rivalries, job infighting and more. Perhaps there’s a better way to reinvent herself?

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